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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Beautiful Wife: A Delicious Slut

group jasonluvsit8 2018-08-05

Maria was lying on her back, completely nude, with her long, gorgeous legs spread wide for me while I teased her clit with my tongue, one finger gently massaging the g-spot inside her clean-shaved and super wet pussy, and the other hand rubbing, teasing and entering her hot, tight asshole, all while 7 other hot men watched closely, waiting for their own turns with my beautiful wife. Maria was always a loud slut, and the sounds of her moaning and telling us to "Fuck that hot pussy and tight ass harder and deeper." brought the other two in that room to the door, and then out into the hallway as they all carressed and rubbed this beautiful hot lady all over.

Visions of a Shared surprise

group Kelly Louise 2018-08-05

I wriggled my fingers out of her's and dipped my head, hand lifting, cupping her right breast, she stood and let me, I kissed, I flicked my tongue over that stunning dark nipple then suck it into my mouth, I held it, I felt her body push against my mouth, I sucked harder, her moan getting louder as I used my teeth to hold gently as I moved them from side to side.


Cum drenched Mom in the middle - An Adult Story

group thebigboobbbwlover 2018-08-05

I’m sure your Aunt would give you a hand.” I said as I moved my hand in the air simulating a hand job to Tim. Don’t want the birthday girl to be mad at us.” Said Tim’s Aunt. Tim’s mother eyes got big as she saw us coming closer to the circle jerk/orgy. Tim’s Aunt reached down to jack his small cock. My hard naked ass clinched a few times as Tim’s Mom gave me a nice blow job. “I want your young hard cock.” Said Tim’s aunt into my right ear. Did you like your birthday party?” said Tim’s aunt. He did tell me to stay and have some more fun.” Said Tim’s Aunt.

Tales of a Friendly Escapade

group Vanessa_Belle 2018-08-05

"Ohh baby..." Video Ellie began to moan as the hand guided a long finger in and out of her tight little pussy, and Adam finally came into view. suck it hard..." In the video Adam's voice was heavy with need as he grazed his hands through her hair, guiding her head forward until her pretty lips parted around his throbbing cock. Adam must've known what was going to happen because he let out a loud grunt and buried a hand in Ellie's hair, holding his cock down her throat until I was comfortably laid beneath her waiting pussy. Adam came first, a loud and almost animalistic moan passing his lips and his hips grinding his cock in circles inside Ellie's tight pussy.

The Diva

group Tattletale 2018-08-05

As soon as the dresser and makeup girl left, Martin pulled his cock and balls out through his fly and began to stroke. Miss Drake snapped her fingers and her lackey immediately rushed forward to stuff his cock in her mouth. As soon as her assistants were finished and left the room, Carlos pulled out his cock and balls and began to jack. Miss Drake carefully pulled off, swallowed hard several times, and then turned to the others and said with a sneer, "He gave me more than both of you combined." That was as close to a compliment as she had come. As soon as we were in Miss Drake's lavish apartment, she led Martin and I to her bedroom.

Hanging At The Beach Ch. 1

group Veronica Sweet 2018-08-05

The sun was harsh on my naked breasts so I turned on my stomach after a few minutes and I was looking at the man I had noticed earlier with the large, smooth package. They suggested we take a swim and as we left Kate turned and asked Wilhelm to keep an eye on our things and he smiled and in a heavy accent (German perhaps?) said that's exactly what he's been doing for a while. "Of course, I do plan on fucking the hell out of Kate if you get Derrick" and I gave his hardening cock a squeeze under water and told him I wouldn't have it any other way.

What Chocolate Mousse Can Do

group carsonshepherd 2018-08-05

At first Shannon stuck to a table, but after two cocktails Kyle ordered called Purple Panties, she was out on the dance floor moving to the music. While she and Eva moved across the dance floor, oblivious to the stares that followed them, Shannon glanced up through the smoky darkness at one point to see Kyle, off in a corner near the bar. Because she couldn't think of anything else to say, and she didn't want to be rude, Shannon told him, but she was more interested in looking for Kyle and his little friend, to see what they were doing.


Another Side

group falcon29 2018-08-05

Jerry slipped my cock out of his mouth and licked it all up and down. What was weird though, was that when I masturbated, I remembered the feeling of Jerry's tongue and lips surrounding my dick and the feeling of his fingers prodding my ass. Molly had her own house with a pool and Jerry lived with her. I remembered to wrap my teeth with my lips and felt his cock slide on the roof of my mouth. Molly leaned forward and kissed me, swirling her tongue around my mouth for the taste. When Molly dropped down and sucked me into her mouth and I hardened I felt better. I felt Jerry coming up to us and his hand on my hip.


Silky Adventures #07

group OneSilky 2018-08-05

We had these seats that rotated flat, like a bed, and immense amounts of food & wine (George said while we were in Europe we were old enough to drink). Jess whispered to George, and I saw them both scuttle into the lavatory. As I kissed him, I wrapped my little hand around his huge cock, and began to squeeze and stroke it. As soon as I was able, I joined Jess & George back at our seats. George pulled my shorts down and repeated his prior fucking from behind. Jess and I held hands until she began to snore, and I just drifted away, thinking First Class is the only way to fly!

Kim, Lynn, and Me Ch. 01

group john-the-author 2018-08-05

Kim, in turn, seemed to get off on Lynn and Honeybare's directness, which I said was probably something that had developed by being practicing exhibitionists themselves and that I could see Kim getting more like that herself. She had double-checked that I was still willing to teach her to squirt (yes) and that it was completely okay with Kim (definitely; Kim got warm every time she thought about watching me teach Lynn to squirt right in front of her). There was a brief pause and then Lynn said in a much quieter voice "I just got the strangest looks from everyone near me, you know." Kim and I exploded laughing and I said "I think we'll recognize you, Lynn.


Pool Boy Ch. 06

group BigZeke13 2018-08-04

The "MMMUUUMMMPPPHHH" sound alerted Deirdre and she opened her eyes to see Alexis with the bulk of my cock buried in her face with lips stretched wide. I lifted my head and sure enough Alexis was handing my cock over to Deirdre, who picked up right where she left off. Alexis began furiously tongue-fucking her step-sister and Deirdre was now whimpering around my cock. Alexis pulled her tongue out of Deirdre's pussy and said, "You go ahead but save me some, if you know what I mean." Deirdre's mouth went back onto my cock and her lips clamped below the ridge.


Cum With Me To The Party

group pixandwords 2018-08-04

He let go of Carol's face and stood still, hands on hips, allowing the urgent thrusts of the man across the table to push Carol's mouth forward and back on his shaft. Penny noticed that the two men who were simultaneously penetrating Carol's body were making eye contact, and Penny suddenly guessed that they were trying to time their orgasms to coincide. Penny noticed that the group of naked men and women surrounding the table were all looking down at the black man's groin. Carol turned her head and looked at Penny through glazed, half-closed eyes. As Xena began her merciless thrusting, Penny silently backed away from the table, melting into the crowd of naked men and women.

The Inner-City Kinky Boutique Pt. 04

group BondGrl 2018-08-04

"Yo bartender can I get a double shot of Patron, pronto?" I sit down at the bar looking around, fixing my hair, reaching into my purse to get my compact, opening the mirror, putting on some red lipstick, all while waiting for my drink to come. I wrapped one arm around his neck, and started kissing his lips, I eased off of the desk my other hand searches for his hardwood, and whispered softly, "Because Frank, I'm feeling Kinky, and a little naughty, and I have a need for speed, and that's why you are going to lease me the 2018 Tesla model 3."

The Story of Debra Ch. 04

group Karien3474 2018-08-04

She felt Johnny move up behind her as she slid herself all the way down on Chris' engorged cock. The feeling wasn't exactly uncomfortable as he slid one and then two fingers into her ass in unison with her thrusting down onto Chris cock, who was moaning loudly as she sat deeply onto his balls. Johnny's hands circled her hips, and she felt his cock against her hole. The two men pumped at her and as strange as the feeling of having Johnny's cock in her ass had been, the two cocks working in unison between her wet pussy and tight ass sent shocks through her and she came over and over. Debra looked down at Chris, he had a grin on his face.

Another Business Trip - Continued

group bigpapa0u812 2018-08-04

If I win, you can have all the money, but I want you to eat my cum from Ginny's pussy as I fuck you from behind." Then, Ginny and Jinny started working on Craig, taking turns sucking his cock. "I want to see him cum in her mouth," said Jinny crawling over putting her head on Ginny's lap, and a three fingers up her pussy. In the three days before we had left, I managed to have dinner with Craig and his wife twice, both times helping her satisfy her craving for a white cock in her ass. Danny expanded his horizons, DPing my wife Laura with Hank (Ginny's BF), while watching Pumpkin finally pay her debt by sucking my cum out of Ginny's pussy while I fucked her doggy style.

A Time To Work or a Time To Play

group WileyAttitude 2018-08-04

Crystal was a pretty little blonde with great bedroom blue eyes and Reny was a tall brunette with a nice set of tits which she was displaying a lot of cleavage. I went into the restroom and jacked off thinking of those beautiful eyes of Crystal and the huge tits of Reny as I exploded like never before on the mirror in the restroom. One day Reny and I were alone in the stock room, and I finally reached for her and pulled her to me, and started to kiss her deeply. She starts to say something about Reny being there when she slaps her ass and tells her to do what you're told.


Truth or Dare

group KayVamp 2018-08-04

I hear the librarian's groans as the girl sucks his cock down her throat, his head turns and he catches me watching. I watch her swallow the librarian's cock while lining myself up with her tight hole; I give her no warning as I shove into her with one fast stroke hearing her moaning muffled by the cock in her mouth. I nod and start sucking the librarian's cock back into my throat while the stranger pushes two fingers deep inside me. The girl falls forward into me as he starts ramming his cock into her, pulling her hair once again just to sink his teeth into her shoulder bringing another cry of pleasured pain from the beauty between us as he fills her tight ass with cum.


group newdaddy7777 2018-08-04

now i want to watch u please her pussy so u get up and move to where she is and both u move tords the bed moving laying her so i can see every bit of u pleasing her pussy u slowly caress her muff with ur mouth and tickle her with ur tongue as i watch ur tongue walk all over her pussy u move in and out as her crème drools down her twat , i order u to stick ur cock in her be a good boy don’t disappoint me i order,,,, u do as i say as u look at me am pleasing my pussy with the wand making her all nice and wet while watching ur cock enter in and out of her u moan she moaning am moaning ur so turned on i slide closers so u can get a taste of my crème delight on u r figures u can’t help but want to play as well so i keep the wand on as u dive ur figures in hitting all my right spots still cock thrusting away in the other pussy i sit up on my knees and move closer so i can kiss u as ur figures are working a way and ur cocks occupied i kiss ur lips and nibble just lil bit on ur bottom lip then i move to ur jewelry where i nibble more u moan ..........

The Two Emmas

group RogerArcher90 2018-08-04

It didn't take long for Young Emma to begin kissing back, and for tongues to get involved, and even less time, it seemed, before they had to stop and head downstairs, Nadine's call interrupting them. "You judge for yourself, mostly, but if the rest of the group thinks you're taking too long, they can tell you to stop whenever they like," Nadine paused for a moment, inviting more questions, "Okay, now if Martin could shuffle the deck, and pass it on to Simone for secondary shuffle, we can get started," Beth took her turn, drawing a club, "I think that I..." she pondered a brief moment, "...and Emma should each remove a piece of Greg's clothing!"


Pool Boy Ch. 15

group BigZeke13 2018-08-04

She looked around the room and said, "Good choice." I move my hard cock forward and gently pushed it into her sopping wet pussy. She asked, "Do you like it, or is that a sock in your pocket?" She looked around again and when I pulled her close to kiss her she unzipped my pants and reached inside and struggled a bit to pull my hard cock out. She pulled her head back and said, "Baby, I want to cum on your cock and you'd better hurry because I can feel it coming." I spun her around in my arms again and with my hands on her ass-cheeks I lowered her pussy down onto the head of my cock.


Me and Dave and She make 3

group cockednredy 2018-08-04

"Never seen a guy suck another in person" she said, "I've watched some porn and thought it was hot but I'd really like to see you two do it here in front of me" Dave smiled and stood up his cock getting nice and stiff. "Oh my" Terry said, "that is so fucking hot" her hand slid to her pussy and she began to rub it slowly spreading her lips apart. This time Terry came off the chair and grabbing both our cocks and began to suck each one then trying to fit both in her mouth. Terry spread her legs slightly as Dave thrust his cock deep into that wet pussy.

Jack's Discovery

group BlackJackDavy 2018-08-04

I gently lick and suck her pussy, bringing her to many powerful orgasms, then fuck her for hours at a time, Jeannie moaning with pleasurable wanton abandon. She began to kiss Jeannie’s hair and face, and stroked her body, as the girl bobbed her head, her lips sliding up and down my glistening, hard shaft. I looked up into her face, smiling widely, and said “Jeannie, that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced, and,” I began to work my finger in and out slowly, making sure to rub against her clit, “I just want you to know that your relationship with Julia is ok with me!”

My daddy Bill Part 2 (Bi)

group biazbottom 2018-08-04

By now I am getting pretty wasted on tequila and beer and I started to focus in on Marias big lips, my gosh she had the biggest lips I've ever seen on a woman. I was abit worried about Maria walking in but in my d***ken state I got on my knees in front of Bill and started sucking his cock like a hungry cock slut. I must have sucked him for about a half hour when Bill said "Guess what?" Huh I said, Bill tells me that Maria has been standing at the door to the living room for the past 20 minutes rubbing her pussy as she watched me give Bill head.

The Joys of Losing It

group lacerezareinita 2018-08-04

Without you." She slipped it off of his head and as soon as he saw Jenna naked and Ashley in her little t-shirt sitting next to each other on his bed he got harder than he even was before. He obviously needed some relief, and FAST, so Jenna said, "I want to watch you suck Chris's big cock, Ashley. Ashley took her mouth off of his throbbing cock and started to lick around the head in slow circles. He shoved his hips upwards and his cock slid hard into Jenna's soaking wet, pink, virgin pussy lips. Jenna pulled her hand to her face and licked one of her fingers clean and gave the rest to Chris.