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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Having Two At Once

group rockinshell 2018-12-03

I began to rock my mouth harder on his cock pulling him deeper and deeper into my throat, as his hands grasped my long brown hair just a bit harder. I sat up slightly and pulled Rocks dick out of my mouth and moaned “Someone has to fuck me!!” Not knowing who that someone would be, and who’s cock I would be sucking next was half the excitement of the night. Tasting his cum and my juices all over him, having Rock slam me hard, grabbing my hair slightly and pulling it lightly, it sent me over the edge and I came all over Rock’ s cock.

Let the Best Man Win

group michellehanover72 2018-12-03

“Come here, Ron,” Lena said but he was already moving toward them, dropping his shorts on the floor on his way. Lena gasped dramatically when Ron finally shoved it in and Jeff knew she was giving a show and he grinned. Jeff blinked and stared when he saw that Ron was on Lena, fucking her. Lena’s eyes were shut tight, her mouth a tight ‘O.’ He knew that face – that was her ‘not faking it’ face – and moments later Jeff groaned loudly when Lena’s hand tightened around his cock as she came. Jeff looked at Ron and saw that a large grin covered his face, and he kept going at the same steady pace, not too fast or too slow and minutes later Lena came again.

Brockton's Favorite Chickenhead

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

Right now, I'm in the bathroom, calling upon all of my training as a bona-fide chicken-head as I suck the dick of my friend Andy, a tall and slim black guy I've known since my high school days. I sucked his long and thick cock and licked his big hairy black balls like my life depended on it. After sucking Andy's dick, I got ready for some more fun. Being on all fours, face down and ass up, with a big black dick buried inside me, deep down where the sun don't shine. Ever since Dell put me on all fours and buried his cock up my asshole, I've become an anal addict. Andy hammered my ass with powerful thrusts of his cock.


Bisexual Thugs in The Hood

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

The two dudes were in a dark alley, but instead of dealing drugs like regular gangsters, they were kissing. I was watching those two black dudes kissing and for some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off them. He spread Jose's sexy-looking ass cheeks wide open and pressed his dick against the other man's back door. Jose winced as Antoine squeezed his snake-like cock out of his ass. Jose pulled his pants back up and looked at Antoine adoringly as he readjusted his clothing. The dude looked seriously hot and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a piece of him but there was no way in hell he could be able to take me right now.

The Thieves

group smiler77 2018-12-03

“Get on with fingering her already!” Simon said and they both ceased kissing to look up and Sarah and Simon who were watching and waiting for the show. “Oh fuck!” “Oh yes!” Simon said and this encouraged Sarah as she pushed her tiny finger all the way into her friend. “You ready for me Ellie?” Simon said, and his tone made him sound like a stranger, his face in the light made him look like someone she didn’t know, the expression on his face had been one she hadn’t seen before, it changed him. Sarah felt a pang of jealousy towards her friend now and as both the boys said they were ready to go home and sleep, Ellie already dressed and standing, bid the thieves goodnight.

Threesome Fun - Richard’s Story

group DarkSide 2018-12-03

“After fondling Martin’s balls, Richard let his hand slide between Martin’s thighs and he slowly but surely grabbed his cock with all the intention of making it hard once more. “With Richard’s cock so fucking hard, Richard pulled Martin to the edge of the bed. I looked at Kelly, she started to put the paper down, she knew the story by heart anyway, and she was staring intently at Richard. “Enthralled with their fucking, Kelly eventually mounted the bed and started to suck on Martin’s erect cock. “The story’s changed,” she continued, “I want to watch your cock spurt all its cum over your stomach as Richard fucks you really hard.


group Susan 2018-12-03

My pussy is getting so wet right now I can’t help but take my hand and start rubbing my clit back and forth. Well this sucks I think to myself as I watch Richard and Michelle start kissing. Stuart walks up behind Richard and tells Michelle to stop for a minute as he slowly pushes his cock into Richard. Maybe Michelle won’t notice, right now I don’t care as I watch Stuart fucking Richard as Michelle continues sucking his cock. I watch as Stuart continues to fuck Richard as Michelle leans back a little so Richard can do as he was told. I see Stuart fucking Richard as hard as he can and then his body stiffens for a moment and then thrusting inside Richard’s ass as he cums.

A new way to play Cupid -Part Two-

group RoyaL_BeaT 2018-12-03

As I dove into Zoe's waiting cunt I heard Kyle groan out "Oh God" before his hands found my ass again. I felt Kyle move away slightly and stand, his hands moved from my ass to my hips. I returned my mouth to Kyle's cock, I used one hand to begin jacking him while my tongue rolled against the underside of his dick. I moaned at his touch, vibrating Zoe's pussy, she imitated Kyle's action with hand, but her other moved down to play with my clit. As we all came down from the pleasure Zoe fell to my right in exhaustion, Kyle laid to my left and pulled mepossessively into his arms to hold me close.

Wedding Seduction: Episode Two

group xhardx13 2018-12-03

Lisa knew nothing about boxing, but she loved the sight of muscular guys like Marquis. Lewis changed positions, and stuffed his cock into Lisa's mouth, so that she was servicing three guys all at once, one in her hand and two in slippery holes. The Asian was getting sloppy seconds, and Lisa loved the feeling of Weiyung's hard cock sliding on Marquis' cum. Lisa and the girls danced with each of the men until midnight when Frank said to Lisa, "Paul really likes you. It was more like fifteen minutes before Paul arrived and said, "You're name is Lisa. Lisa wondered if he was too old to cum, because he had been fucking her for a long time without the happy ending.


group Susan 2018-12-03

Mike slowly moved his hand down my stomach as Chris was stroking my thighs. I love a man to suck on my neck and Chris starts sucking on my neck right below my ear and soon Mike joins him on the other side. Not to be left out Chris kneels between my legs and starts licking my clit as he fingers my wet pussy. Chris gets in front of me and roughly shoves his cock in my mouth at the same time Mike thrust his hard cock in my pussy. Chris grabs my head and starts forcing his cock deep in my throat as he cums in my mouth.

The Principal's Slut

group Jasmine_x 2018-12-03

Immediately, Patterson began to play with my pussy whilst Peters ripped my blouse open and pulled my bra down slightly. With each stroke of my mouth, Patterson groaned more and more as Peters continued to lick my pussy. I immediately felt Mr. Peters’ tongue pull away from my lips as Patterson’s cock still engorged my mouth. “Good girl, now suck Mr. Peters,” Patterson ordered as he began to pull me back up his shaft by my ass. As he pulled my lower body back down his cock, Peters slipped into my mouth. Immediately Patterson began to move my hips on his shaft and Peters started to thrust. Carefully, Patterson removed his cum covered cock from my pussy and helped Peters as he brought me back to the couch.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 10

group sahebji 2018-12-03

'Meera gave Randy his first fuck and Amba turned out to be her daughter, so our dear Chief Cherry Popper of Maidens, Mr. Randy here thought he owed her one and therefore let the daughter go with her bloody hymen intact,' Seema said sarcastically. 'Yes I know that but can't you do it for old times sake,' Meera asked with tears in her eyes, 'my Amba is still a virgin'. 'Haan maine hee usski choot phardi thi jaisse main ab teri choot phardene wala hoon (Yes it was I who popped her cherry and I am going to deflower you now),' I replied still grinning, 'remember Amba no fuck no job.


Servicing Two Dirty Old Men

group Slusky 2018-12-03

We had already had a lot of good times, I really liked coming over, blowing him and swallowing his load before his wife came home. My technique was getting pretty good and I could deepthroat quite easily now (the trick is to breath through your nose!) He grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat, while Lou came over and started rubbing his cock on my face and against Dave. Dave lay down on the bed and I bent over the end of it and started sucking his balls and licking around his hairy ass as Lou slid my pants off. Lou fucked me hard against the end of the bed, each thrust forcing me to gag on Dave's thick member a bit.

Inside The Cube

group sandymonroe 2018-12-03

“Hell yeah!” the black guy said, kneeling down behind me and started opening the zip on his uniform. The black guy grabbed my ass cheeks with his huge palms and pulled them apart in front of his face. I let my head hang low, pushed my ass high and enjoyed the hot tongue working its way into my tight asshole. She got the huge head of the black rod between her lips and started kissing and licking it. He probably felt like the head of an ancient tribe with his legs spread apart and his cock and balls being licked by two women. ‘Ann’ jerked his huge cock to milk every last drop of hot thick cum out of the black rod.

Angela and Britt's Wild Plan

group Marina 2018-12-03

Laura talked about plans for Friday evening at the new happening restaurant/bar in town called O’Neill’s. We wanted to get to O’Neill’s early so we could have a drink or two before Mark got there and so we could sit where Laura could get the best view. Britt pulled Mark to the dance floor and moved just for him. I smiled at Laura as I put my head close to Mark and rubbed my hand down his chest to his pants and slipped my fingers inside. Britt still moving in and out of me, Mark started to rub my clit gently until he found the place that would send me into quivers.

Vignettes: My First Threesome...

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-03

"I need to make a phone call," Marv said to us, "You two go on out there and get mellow; I'll be out shortly." Taking me by the hand, June led our naked bodies back to the tub on the deck, the steam rising from it as the night air moved in from the mountains. "Marv did this for us," she said as she pulled me into her bed with her, "and he'll watch us as we make love, you and me, okay?" her hand stroking me as I lay next to her, my mouth dropping to her breasts as she pulled my head to her chest.

Home from the Road

group Tanksdad 2018-12-03

“No worries girl you can stay right here in the guest room until your mom feels better,” My wife said hugging Danny into her chest. “Honey, we have way to many things to try on for modesty,” The clerk said sternly as she pulled the tiny top away from Danny’s chest. The clerk reached into the pile and produced a bra with the nipples exposed and slid it onto Danny’s breasts securing it from behind, She reached up and pinched both nipples making Danny gasp and her nipples hardened immediately. She held them at Danny’s feet and as Danny started to step into them, she leaned forward and clamped her mouth on Danny’s sweet young pussy. The clerk reached up and started flicking Danny’s clit making Danny moan even louder.

Feels Like - 16. Untitled

group JM_fantasy 2018-12-03

I could tell just from the look in her eye that she felt like she was dancing, but her body didn’t move much. Her head swayed with the tempo and her hands found my shoulders. “You’re always dancing in your head after you get enough wine in you, you always do,” I said. I pulled away from Tegan’s dance, handed her the earbud, and fell back to my position on the bed. Every time I slept since we left Navarre, I’ve had dreams about a girl and I wasn’t sure who it was until now. She lays her head on my chest, arching her abs each time she pulls forward, flattening out on each return.

A Swinger's New Years 2010/2011

group RMarkTroy 2018-12-03

When I returned to our seats in the smoking room and handed her her first drink, I found that Lee had made friends with almost everyone in the room, including a young guy named Tony. Returning to the smoking room about eight minutes later with Lee's second drink, I found that Tony, whom she had just met, had seated her on his lap and was feeling her up. Returning from the bar carrying Lee's fifth drink, I noticed a lady named Van and her husband, a couple I had met at a previous lifestyle event. I look down the bar again and Lee has finished her drink, her dress is gone and she is now on her knees sucking off two guys.

We get by with a little help from her friend

group pinkysurprise 2018-12-03

I was standing a bit awkwardly, with my legs parted to leave room for Julie's head so she could lick Alice's clit while I fucked her. My cock throbbed at the sight, and I pushed deeper into Alice's cunt, feeling her friend's tongue tickle my shaft as I did. Alice bit her lip at the sight, but Julie grabbed her chin and started kissing her urgently. I heard Julie moan, whether from the loss of Alice's tongue or the sight of my cock pushing into her friend, directly above her face. I was already cumming as she wrapped her lips around my head and sucked hard, her tongue flicking against the opening.

A New Married Couple

group Dazzleme04769 2018-12-03

After a few minutes of Tammy sucking on John while stroking my cock, we felt that we were good to head upstairs to continue to fun. I looked up to see John kneeling near her face as Tammy sucked on his long cock. John said he could smell his wife's pussy on my breath, and I could smell and taste traces of John's cum on Tammy's lips when we kissed and nuzzled. By this time, I felt Tammy's mouth leave my cock and heard her say how hot she was feeling watching us. I looked at her, smiled, and said, "Okay, my turn." I went up to the head of the bed, stroking my wet cock, and motioned for both of them to come to me.

You wanted it

group smiler77 2018-12-03

The first guy, he looked quite short, climbed on top of me and immediately shoved his cock into my wet pussy, he put his arms around me, squashed me with his weight as he held himself close to me and fucked me steadily. He climbed off embarrassed a little now that his arousal had subsided and moved away from the bed smiling a smug, ‘I got the first fuck, sort of smile. He rubbed the tip of his cock along my pussy, it felt good as it rubbed across my clit, and I began to look forward to actually feeling it inside me. He looked excited he removed the now warm bottle from my pussy and began rubbing the dildo over me.

Ramu & Neha

group sahebji 2018-12-03

You have come to see Mr. Lal Kishen in connection with Babloo's studies', she said interrupting me and laughed merrily and added, 'See I know who you are and why you are here. As we lay resting Neha said, 'Ramu I had heard that fucking is very enjoyable but I had never dreamt that it would be soooo fantastically great'. Then that day when you kissed me and pressed my tits saying you wanted to see them naked, I thought things over and decided it would be nice to make love to you. As soon as my cock entered her dripping choot she said, 'AAAHHHhhh Ramu it feels so good to have a really hard cock inside me again' and started to ride me at a gallop.


Big Guys and Big Girls Anal Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

The big Irishwoman shuddered, but did not scream as her sexy black man began to gently pound her ass to kingdom come. She held Sarah's plump butt cheeks wide open, exposing the big black woman's tiny asshole. While fucking Matt in the ass with the dildo, Michelle bent over and took the black man's cock in her mouth. Sarah held Leilani's plump butt cheeks wide open while Luke shoved his cock up her ass. Luke fucked Leilani until he came, sending his hot cum deep inside the big Asian woman's stretched asshole. The big black woman continued to suck the black man's cock while the Asian chick slid the dildo deeper into his ass.