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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Doctors Office

group fuzzycarebear 2018-11-25

doctor walked to the desk and waited. mind wondering if his cock was shrouded in the same mass of black hair. The younger doctor slid two fingers into my hole and pressed at my My new doctor looked down at me with a grin on his face then turned to The older doctor reached a hand to my The older doctor raised his head up and reached for his slacks, The older doctor walked to the end of the examination table. They changed places and the young doctors cock met my pussy. I grabbed the older doctors cock and licked my He placed his hand on my head and pushed me against his cock. The older doctor finally spoke, "Do you enjoy feeling like a slut?"


Venus School of Sex Ch. 19

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

"I think she could use some distraction," Mr. Flood said behind her, and Jessica shivered as his fingers brushed her hair over her shoulder and began to rub the tense muscles of her neck. "So you like a lot of hands on you," Mr. Flood said in her ear, and Jessica shivered at both his words and the intimate low tone he was using. "Open up, little one, I want to see your pretty mouth sucking my cock," Mr. Flood said, reaching under her torso to grip her breasts as Mr. Fire continued to finger fuck her from behind. She sucked hard on Mr. Flood's cock, grabbing at his hips with both of her hands, wanting to touch him, feeling him, get as much of him inside her as she could.


Blondie's Wild Ride - Part I

group sprite 2018-11-25

Instead, she simply stood still, an unsure smile gracing her face as Geronimo began caressing her ass through her shorts, re-igniting the lust she’d felt earlier while riding behind him on his powerful bike. Taking a deep breath, she set herself upon the cushion, feeling suddenly self conscious, her thighs squeezing together as she took the shot and tossed it back, the whiskey burning its way down her throat like liquid fire. She nodded, managing a soft smile, her eyes a little wild as she turned her gaze first towards King, and then Jack, making sure her voice was heard over the jukebox.

Wife fucked by three in one night

group woreout 2018-11-25

I stood up and looked around , I saw my wife walking down the sidewalk coming to the pool. I told Mike that I'd meet him back at the pool, I didn't want him in the house in case I got to see my wife fucking Eric. I was about to go back to the pool when Mike came in, he said Eric is on his way in and they where going. I said I want to fuck your pussy with Mike's cum still in it. I was headed toward the house when my wife came to the patio door and said if you want to eat my freshly fucked cunt you had better come on.

Ivy, Barbie and Me: Part Three

group Tryingit50 2018-11-25

Part two describes a fun, but for me frustrating at the time, interlude we took between our major sex sessions that ended when the girls finally rejoined me in the living room after taking a long, hot shower together, where they put on their best faces and then slipped into seductive lingerie for my viewing pleasure. Ivy turned to face me, her pink lips a little puffy from the mauling they’d been receiving from Barbie’s deep kisses, her cheeks flushed and her eyes a bit unfocused. Ivy giggled, reached between our legs and grabbed my hard cock, which she tugged into position at the entrance of Barbie’s tiny, tight, pink, wet pussy.

A Night Out

group baddad53 2018-11-25

Diane looked down at her chain connected to her boobs, set the bottle on the display shelf, reached up and pulled on the chain which exposed even more of her beautiful breasts than had been previously exposed. Kenny had slipped his hand under Diane’s loosely tied blouse, freed her right boob and started tugging on the nipple piercing. After a couple of minutes of grinding, Diane took her hands off of Kenny’s sides and was reaching between herself and the young man dry humping her. Diane was still working on Jahab’s dick, mostly with her hands but taking the head into her mouth and apparently giving it little love bites. Diane pulled her head free and began giving Kenny directions on how to bring her to a climax.

An Unplanned Threesome... Ch. 02

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-25

Jesse was between Rob and I in the tub, her hands stroking our cocks, casually, sensually, as we watched the porn, allowing the herbs to take us to that 'place'. Without missing a beat it seemed, Jesse rolled onto her back and guiding Rob's head with her hands, she pulled him until he was between her legs, her cum-filled pussy offered up to his mouth. He hesitated only a second before he lowered his head and mouth to suck and lick her freshly-fucked pussy, Jesse's eyes closing in pleasure as he began eating her with increased fervor. For the remaining time that Rob lived in town, before he was transferred, our threesomes took on a new dimension, one that Rob pushed eagerly, enjoying sucking cock as well as fucking Jesse.

Black College Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

Like me, Rick is a tall young black man. I'm a tall, good-looking black college man. I looked at Rick, who was getting his cock sucked by Deanna. The white chick really knew how to suck some cock since Rick really seemed to be enjoying himself. The petite blonde was sucking the young black man's cock like there was no tomorrow. Deanna screamed as Rick's thick black cock filled her snatch. As for me, I continued to pump my cock into Alicia's asshole like there was no tomorrow. I finished Alicia off by shooting my load deep inside her fat ass and then making her suck the cum out of my cock.


Della's dirty secret night of many men.

group Double-deviance 2018-11-25

Sadly Della felt like she was withering away, she may as well have turned celibate… Yet there was another underlying fear and that was at the overwhelming urges that threatened to boil over and spill out from her. The man began to fuck her face hard, forcing his member right into the back of her throat making her gag and heave on it. The men were grunting and groaning as they watched and waited their turn to face fuck her mercilessly. She could hold back no longer and sank all her fingers deep inside her sopping wet cunt, crying out with pain and pleasure as she did so, fucking herself hard watching the men intently and waiting for their cum.


group ErotikWriter 2018-11-25

She said she thought she’d be embarrassed when she came, but Ellen told her how she’d put her pillow over her face to shut down the noise and both girls sailed off into gales of laughter once again. Jen’s tears were still coming, “It’s not fair!” Ellen held her close and without thinking a single thought she reached down between Jennies parted thighs and began to massage Jennie’ clit just as she rubbed her own. “Come on” Ellen said, pulling Jennie away from Greg’s jerking cock and pushing her into a kneeling position on the little single bed. Ellen lay on her back and slid under the pumping, grinding couple until her face was directly beneath the place where Greg’s cock stopped and Jennie’s pussy started.

Goldy Locks and the Three Behrs, Finale

group Kim 2018-11-25

Mama watched Max fuck Goldy's mouth with the cucumber. Adding a third finger, Mama used her whole arm to finger fuck Goldy hard, then pulled her fingers out quickly to watch clear juice squirt out of the plump pussy. Goldy, oblivious to everything, kept sucking and slurping on Max. Seeing what Mama had, he pulled from her mouth. You're gonna eat my pussy now,” Mama said, pushing Goldy's head down. He ran his hand over the red, and very warm, cheeks, while he watched Mama's fingers work in and out of Goldy's cunt. Mama pulled her fingers out of Goldy's contracting cunt, as Rock felt his softening cock slide out of the girl's ass.

Big Black Couple Strapon Games

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

My Haitian-American boyfriend Tyson Guillaume is drilling his long and thick black cock into my tight asshole while I suck on his best friend Jerome Etienne thick, uncircumcised black dick. Jerome screams as Tyson begins to give his sexy ass the serious pounding I know it deserves. Tyson screams as Jerome's cock stretches his asshole. Jerome is really good at eating pussy and Tyson's cock fits so well in my asshole that you would have thought it was its natural dwelling place. I squirt hot girly cum all over the place as Jerome's dick fills my pussy with his manly seed and Tyson's cock floods my ass with its sweet nectar.


Cuckold with a view

group woreout 2018-11-25

She said the reason I had you put on the device tonight and showed this video is that Marco has a gang bang set up for Saturday afternoon and he told me he wanted you to attend. She said you are the cuckold and I'm the hot wife being fucked by twelve well hung black guys. He said are you excited about watching your beautiful white wife being used over and over by all that thick black cock? He said that hot little body is amazing how it can take that much fucking from guys that try their best to beat your cunt up. She said are your ready to watch your sweet bride get her cunt totaled by twelve black cocks?

The Second School. Part Three.

group 1941aaa 2018-11-25

My own cock felt thick and heavy as it throbbed beneath my sarong as I watched her being humped by this boy and I actually came without me having to touch myself as I saw him finally spend his load inside my darling. You having other men fuck you, and so I think you would feel the same to see me do it to these other girls.’ She saw the anguish in my eyes and said that she would speak to Peter for some advice. I can’t say that the whole thing backfired, you know, me not wanting Ann to see me fucking other girls, but it turned out that Penny saw me see to most of her class.

The Perfect Match

group BlueyedSlut 2018-11-25

I heard the sharp intake of his breath as my hand slowly traced up and down the length of his cock and gently squeezing the head each time. I had his cock out and was now stroking both of them slowly, hearing them both starting to breathe heavy, feeling their touches getting more urgent. I was thrown to the filthy alley floor as they both started running their hands all over my body, ripping my blouse open to reveal my tits completely to their stares and hands.The one leaned down and started slowly licking and nibbling on my nipples, sending me into a frenzy of wanton lust and when his mate slammed his fingers in my cunt while sucking on my clit, it sent me over the edge again.

Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

Right now, I'm in bed with my wife Patricia Solomon Jones and our friend Janice Brunswick who's visiting from the state of Maine. Patricia grabs my hips and slams the dildo deep inside my asshole. Having one woman sucking my cock while another woman fucked my ass with a dildo was turning me on like you would not believe. Having my big black cock deep inside a big white woman's tight asshole while another big white woman fucked me in the ass with her big strap-on dildo. I fucked Patricia, slamming my cock deep inside her asshole. Grabbing hold of her long dark hair, I fucked her ass like she was a cheap prostitute.

Sometimes Fantasies Do Come True

group longrider9 2018-11-25

I looked at the front of the boat to see Jill now had her legs spread and was slowly rubbing her clit as she continued to sip from her wine glass all the while watching Terri playing with my dick. Terri took my dick out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “You ready to fuck my wet cunt now?” “Oh hell yes I’m ready.” Terri turned her head to look Dan in the eye as if to say, “here it comes babe, this is what you have been wanting.” I looked at Jill with a questioning look for approval and she looked back with a smile, took her fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices.

Given by the Campfire

group JuneFernan 2018-11-25

While Martin and I were still looking at each other, I moved my body up the bank once again, this time revealing my nipples to him for a split second, then settling back under the water. Even after Seth got the fire going, and Martin and Chris helped me spread all my clothes out on the chairs we had, there wasn't much warmth spreading from it to help them dry. Seth gave me a towel and mentioned I could wear some of his clothes if I wanted, the tone in his voice quite hesitant, but I said, "No. I don't want to wear stupid guy clothes."

Hot Tub Fuck Machine

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-25

My wife obeyed and Conner repositioned himself on the edge of the tub so Amanda would have an easy time sucking his cock as she got fucked by another. She took Conner's cock out of her mouth and said, "Fuck yes, harder, deeper, please fuck me deeper." Conner grabbed my wife's hair and pulled her back onto his cock as Aiden moved one leg of his onto the side of the tub and then pounded into her deeper and faster. I looked up and saw the facial expressions of a guy close and said, "Slut, swallow another load." She quickly turned around, her just fucked pussy in my face, as she engulfed Conner's rod and sucked it desperate to retrieve his cum.

Please Part 3

group RichardScott 2018-11-25

Isabella used her fingers to spread the lips of the blonde’s pussy, exposing her clit, stroking it with her tongue, sucking it between her lips. She swallowed his semi-erect cock, tasting both his cum and Isabella’s pussy, trying to relish every drop, as he began to acquire another hard on. Isabella’s husband withdrew his dripping cock, leaving the blondes pussy open, her lips remained parted like a blossoming flower, nectar seeping slowly from it’s pink center, her clit throbbing like a tiny white pearl begging for cultivation. She began to get wet thinking of getting another cock in her mouth, feeling the warm, sticky glaze on her skin, sliding her tongue into a freshly fucked pussy.

Hot Tub Fantasy

group Sicarium 2018-11-25

My free hand reaches for your chin and I turn you to face me, “Do you know what I want right now?” I’m sorry, baby, but sitting there with you so close to me...fuck, you make me so damned horny. I pull you up and into my lap as she backs away, “I need my dick inside you.” You reach for me, taking me in your hand, guiding me in. I take you in my arms and whisper in your ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass.” I turn you around and push you down onto the edge of the hot tub. I’m fucking your ass with everything I have, her fingers are in your cunt, her other hand on my chest, her lips on my nipple.

Jim And Kay - How We Started To Swing

group luvdr 2018-11-25

“I dare you to touch and play with my penis for one full minute.” Doyle said while looking directly at Margarete.  Doyle stood again and, this time, his cock was hard, the purplish mushroom head engorged and looking as if it was going to explode. Eventually, It was Lisa, Sid, myself, Kay, Doyle, Margarete, Deon, Tom, Jane and Carl. As with most things, couples moved on, some newcomers seemed less friendly and our play group came down to Sid, Lisa, me, Kay, Doyle and Margarete. Margarete didn’t blush but said, “Doyle, you will pay for this.” She got out of the pool, not covering herself, and sat on a chase lounge. Kay and I continued to play with Doyle and Margarete and, eventually, added the new owners of Sid’s old home.

Bisexual Black Man and His Woman

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

He introduced me to Louisa Shay, a five-foot-ten, black-haired, golden-eyed and brown-skinned sistah with a pretty face, large breasts, thick body, wide hips and plump ass. Focusing on the task at hand, I began licking Ebony's pussy like oral sex was going out of style. I mean, the woman sucked my cock and licked my hairy balls like oral sex was going out of style. The big beautiful black woman known as Louisa was on all fours, her plump black butt cheeks spread wide open. I fucked her good, sliding my long and thick black cock into her tight anal cavity. A big beautiful woman who loves anal sex is a rare delicacy in today's sexually adventurous universe.

Passionate Times at Carleton U

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

"You're so different from the women in my homeland," Aziz said, smiling faintly, and Rana nodded, and then kissed the Gambian Muslim stud while giving his cute ass a firm squeeze. "First dibs, brother, no offense," Jefferson said, laughing, as he maneuvered past a slightly slower Aziz and grabbed Rana's big ass with both hands. "Don't fret, Aziz, come here, I'll take care of you," Rana said to a forlorn-looking Aziz who sat nearby with his big dark dick in his hands. "Thank you, Aziz, I know my ass is fine, now don't just stare at it, fuck it," Rana retorted, and a grinning Aziz gave her big booty a firm slap, then pushed his dick into her asshole.