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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

John Billionaire Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-04

I turned my own head to follow Kaitlyn's line of sight, and I thought of Taylor in there still taking a shower. Still, I couldn't help but watch like a hawk as Taylor stretched out her arms to pick up various food items with her purple-splotched wrists exposed. Taylor, this is Kaitlyn and Lindsay." I gestured towards each girl in turn. Taylor just grinned and Kaitlyn and Lindsay didn't look about to budge from their seats. She wore only my muscle-T-shirt while Kaitlyn knelt next to her, holding Taylor's face as she softly kissed my friend like only a woman knows how to do. Uh, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your playthings." Kaitlyn just shifted her head and began kissing at Taylor's ear and down towards her neck.


9 Lisa’s Big Farewell

group SidTheSexist 2018-08-04

I asked “Well you know what I’m like when I get horny – and if I didn’t have a bloke at the time I’d phone Pete, sometimes only a real cock will do the trick – I knew he wouldn’t say no, Cathy didn’t mind – and he is quite good in bed too” she explained “Strange thing is though that he only got into the swinging scene once he met Cathy – and she reckons it was his idea in the first place“ “Maybe he thought the k**s were too young when you were together “ I surmised “Yeah perhaps” said Lisa “Shall we go and join Cathy now?” she continued “She’s straight you know” I told her as we headed upstairs “I know but I love a challenge” Lisa said with a smile.

In The Night

group B59001 2018-08-04

Ingrid stepped out the door and turned right and headed down the stairs it was about midnight and even quieter. Soon she was on the ground floor and instead of traveling through the gap, she instead climbed the wall which was easy as it was constructed from cement blocks with conveniently placed holes to grab and rest one's feet and hands. "Ingrid, we are going to have some fun in the construction site," Anna said, in a rather commanding way. Ingrid got on the floor under Anna and began to suck my balls. Ingrid put her hands around my neck and then hopped on my cock and I fucked her vertically and Anna watched all the while fingering herself.

Sara's Addiction Ch. 2

group Tom Donner 2018-08-04

"John, captain Howard is here to talk to you." Sara's voice came from behind. Anna began to undo Greg's trousers once again as he watched Sara and his captain approach each other. Greg suddenly wondered why Sara was trying to talk Anna out of taking his cock when he realized she was right. He turned to watch the blonde deep throating his partner's prick as John pumped forward into Anna's mouth. Greg continued to watch as John blew his load into Anna's hot mouth, come leaking from the corners of her lips. Sara turned her attention to Greg's cock now and began deep throating him once more. The captain began to moan and Greg knew he was about to shoot his load into Sara's hot mouth.

Bang with a Gang

group sandoula 2018-08-04

The scene we were shooting required one guy to lie on the table with the girl lying on top, arse up, with his cock inside her. Her ample breasts were resting on the guy underneath which meant we did not have support her too much and we prepared to thrust, be sucked and enjoy ourselves. The feel of her mouth on my cock was amazing and especially in such a situation. Her boyfriend of course could not move from his position but he soon looked as if he was enjoying the situation. While Janine massaged my back, I knelt and sucked off our guest (after removing the condom of course!) and experienced a guy cuming in my mouth for the first time.

A Neighborhood Full of Surprises Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-08-04

"I want you to fuck Fay first but don't cum in her pussy yet because I will be eating it later," Molly directed and it was very clear that she would run the show. Molly lifted her face off of Fay's pussy long enough to say, "I love the way you feel in my ass." Molly moved to my side and stroked my cock back to an erect state as she coaxed me to fuck Fay's ass again. I then placed my big erect cock back between Fay's beautiful smooth round ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole. Fay's beautiful body radiated heat as Molly continued to lick her pussy and I pumped cum into her ass.


Jasmine Ch. 02

group lolitalacedjezebel 2018-08-04

"I need you to head over to Club Elicit, pick up this girl Marisa, and then bring her and yourself to my place for some fun. Marisa set delicately on the edge of the bed, her supple frame looking picturesque, her jacket lay across her lap and her hands clutched the fabric. Pressing her breasts against my chest as she kissed, removing my hand from between her thighs, I unhooked her bra and slid it off, tossing it on the floor. I felt her orgasm begin to crest and as she got closer her mouth worked furiously against Charlie's cock. Once he was done I pulled Marisa closer and Charlie slid between her legs, his mouth taking over for my hand.

One Night Four Women

group Angelscuck 2018-08-04

One particular night, after making love to one of my girlfriends, Sandy, a dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty who was a "once is enough" lover, and feeling especially horny, still under the influence of diet pills and weed, decided to slip from her sleeping arms and go visit another girlfriend in Hollywood, Gloria. Janis, who had a key to my place, loaned it to Stacy, who quietly let herself into my apartment, undressed and crawled into bed with who she thought was me but soon discovered, much to her surprise, was Sandy. Stacy, as she dressed and headed for the door said, "Sorry sister, I can't help you there," and beat a hasty retreat back to Janis's apartment.

Fantasies Can Become Reality

group adele.darkstar 2018-08-04

Finally when I rocked my ass invitingly, you again moved it a bit further, but now your fingers crept down the soft inner surface of my thigh and made contact with my weeping pussy. Your hot breath gave notice that you were going to take my nipple in your mouth, and as your lips closed over its taunt and swollen surface, I let out a little gasp. My instinct was to put it in my mouth and suck, sliding my pursed lips up and down, seeing how much I could take, but your hand began by fondling and massaging my breast. I felt your knees touch the globular cheeks of my ass, then the sensation of your cock probing the slippery valley of my pussy.


A Noisy Professor-Student Threeway

group professor_jim 2018-08-04

Anna went on and on like this for a long time, occasionally rubbing Melissa's hair, praising her, asking her to take me just a little deeper in to her mouth, then returning to whisper to me, and taste my lips, teasing my skin with her tongue. Melissa looked at me, smiled, and moved her mouth, first nuzzling, and then lightly tonguing my testicles and brushing them with her lips with her hands gripped my legs. The horny Professor likes to be scratched," Melissa hissed, with her mouth open, looking at me with suddenly very naughty and determined eyes. Now Anna's mouth moved to Melissa's cheeks, kissing and sucking up my cum from her face, swallowing it.


First Gangbang of a new year!

group trumptight85 2018-08-04

They took turns fucking her pussy and mouth, and at all times there was at least one cock in both my wife’s mouth and her pussy. Imagine walking into a bedroom and seeing four guys (three strangers plus me) standing in line to fuck this bound, spread-eagle wife. The first to cum did it while my wife was on her back with her legs spread wide; she was taking a dick in the pussy, jacking off another dick, and sucking on a third. Shortly after that, the guy in her pussy pulled out and cummed all over her clit and stomach. As the guy in my wife’s pussy began to reach climax, he asked if he could cum inside her. Then I asked the other guy to fuck my wife’s pussy.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 37

group wolfdragon76 2018-08-04

"I think it's time to start then, although I feel a bit bad knowing my husband will be off working while I'm in bed playing all day." Master told you he wanted you to have his child when you became his pet, would it be any easier to tell your parents if it had happened next year instead of now?" Remember, I wouldn't play with Master until I was sure, and I know you remember how wound up I was the last few days as I waited for the doctor to confirm it." "If you don't mind, Master, My parents are going to have a hard enough time with me being pregnant and knowing I'm not getting married.


I want to go

group heretic1139 2018-08-04

“No...” she breathed quietly nuzzling my cock against her cheek, she shuddered again and I looked over and saw the stranger was pawing her ass, softly digging his fingers into her flesh, trambling they began to inch hesitantly downward, seeing no resistance, his fingers brushed her drpiping sex. She continued to massage his balls, and shot the other hand out of the window and grabbed his buttock, trying to pull him closer, but the car was in the way, instead he flexed his hips, andshe swallowed another inch. I hadn’t realised that I’d been holding my breath whilst she was taking the mans cum, I finally exhaled in a gasp, my cock throbed and ached for release, looking at her she seemed stunned, frozen, like she was unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Halloween Suprise

group The_story_writer2003 2018-08-04

Phil was the first to drop his pants and it was obvious that the girls were having the same effect on hip, his semi-hard cock was already 6 inches long and steadily growing, Tom's was the same, Greg was slightly shorter but a lot fatter and I was glad to see that mine appeared to be the largest, nothing like flattering the ego. I looked over and saw Claire with her lips around Tom's shaft bobbing her head up and down, working his shaft with her hand as well whilst her other hand was slowly playing with Phil. I hear Claire mutter a similar statement as she keeps working both Tom and Phil's cocks by mouth and hand.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 08

group PenLightStories 2018-08-04

He knew the dock worker would help them set off and then dock when they returned but he didn't want to look stupid in front of Sharon's friends while they were out on the water. Max watched Tom slip a small stack of green bills to the dock crew after they'd helped load up the group's supplies into the yacht. The boat accelerated gently, nearly unnoticed by the seated passengers behind Max. As they reached the open waters that led to the Gulf, Sharon relaxed into her chair. "I guess that means Mikela and I are watching Max," Sharon said, accepting that Pete and Erica made a defacto team.


The Hot Tub

group amandablaze 2018-08-04

"Come on in," said Shane, his eyes following my bouncing tits as he moved over to make room. "I like the color you painted your toenails," said Shane, grabbing my leg so my toes were out of the water. "Fuck," murmured Rick as one girl pulled out his cock from his shorts and began stroking it while the other trailed her tongue down his neck. "Oh, God," I moaned as Shane stuck two of his fingers into my pussy and began wiggling and fucking me with them. I was ready to cum, as it was, especially now watching Lisa riding Rick's cock while Monica played with her pussy on the ledge of the hot tub, watching all of us.

Ella's Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

group billy69boy 2018-08-04

"You see, love, your friend Nick here isn't the only one around who adores beautiful young ladies such as yourself," Nora went on to explain, as she discreetly placed her hand on Ella's knee and gave it a little squeeze. Ella didn't have time to think about it, because she could feel Nora's hand drift further up her leg and disappear under the hem of her dress. The crowd got more animated as they marveled at Ella's perseverance and determination to take what she was getting: the two women who held her cheeks open also contributed their other hands to fingering her pussy and teasing her clit.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 93

group SteveWallace 2018-08-04

I heard Elsa speak through my Bose headset, "St. Croix ground, November One Mike Whiskey ready to taxi, IFR to City Airport, with information Delta." Elsa promptly called in after switching frequencies, "San Juan Departure, November One Mike Whiskey with you off St. Croix climbing through two-thousand on Snooz Four." While all this was going on, Julie talked to me about taking a few hours off around the lunch hour on Wednesday to teach a child development class in the Cyesis Program at one of the high schools in the city. Those couplings and groups that formed not only didn't bother Julie, I got the distinct impression that she welcomed them and wanted to be part of whatever sexual activity was starting -- the more public the better.



group kenkx 2018-08-04

Kathy must have said something amusing, because Vickie laughed aloud, adding, "You're a devil, you know that?" There was a long silence, during which Vickie sat and listened, nodding now and then. Al watched as Kathy and Vickie put Bill in the chair and proceeded to wrap Velcro restraints around his arms and legs, binding him to his chair. "Turn up the music, Vickie," Kathy said. "Start the music," Vickie told Kathy, as she slowly strutted over to the smooth pole. The first song had a provocative beat and Vickie felt herself flush with pent-up lust as she used the pole to support her as she enticingly moved her ample ass toward the two husbands. Vickie slid slowly down the pole and sprawled on the floor, legs akimbo, eyes closed, a smile on her face.


Fun With The Whole Fam In The Hot Tub!!

group imornery81 2018-08-04

Jenny has always had a killer body and while she dresses modestly in public, it is hard to hide your form when you have a 27 inch waist and boobs as big as hers.  She works hard at her figure, practicing Yoga and Pilates and her legs are even more incredible than her tits!!  She grabbed my cock and gave it a couple tugs “I see you are enjoying the show.  All I ask is that you don’t cum yet.  I want to heat things up for you a little.”  And with that, she set a large Caribbean punch drink on the table next to me, kissed me, shook her ass in my face and left the room the way she had come.

Not Worth the Price

group WFEATHER 2018-08-04

The Web site had been Jayne's idea, a site dedicated to the sexual triad between a husband and wife and their longtime best friend. Claire eagerly wrapped her arms around our friend, tilting her head to give Jayne better access to her face. Claire and Jayne were clearly the stars of the Web site – after all, female sexuality sells, and in particular, female-on-female sexuality sells even more. Then one Saturday evening, shortly after we had finished filming a new scene for the site, Jayne returned home and Claire and I decided to go out for ice cream.

My sissy son,by his dad and lover Part 7

group chocandres 2018-08-04

explored each other's naked bodies..was a shock that a lady like Carol would rim my arse,push her tongue up my bum then the back door opened and Cal and Lucy came out,in robes..holding a drink,and holding hands too.They kissed and the 4 of us got in their Jacuzzi and talked about how things had gone so far.Cal kept on kissing Lucy..and she I was a total submissive now..sucking my boss's cock..and letting his wife use a strap-on Cal put his bum in my face,and spread his arse cheeks..and I found myself tongueing my bosses arsehole! and I let out a moan..and I shot my cum into the Lucy erupted all over Carol's face and hair! still licking Cal's arse..and I knew I wanted more..much more.

Mrs. Martin Ch. 16

group Tom Davis 2018-08-04

"Linda, I am going out tonight and will need you make sure the boys get unpacked." The younger woman was at the top of the stairs and when Susan reached the last step she placed her arms around her and held her tight as she said, "I am so glad you came to the beach with us this week." Looking down into Linda's brown eyes her head bowed and Susan's lips met the full lips on the head that arced up to meet her. Nancy had felt Susan moving around but now lying still beside her, suddenly she felt her suit jacket pulled open and hands start to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Cherry's Birthday Wish

group nochance69 2018-08-04

She said she wanted me to be the second man." Rebecca licked the head of my dick as she continued her slow stroking of my cock. As she swallowed my cum she stood up and turned around and bent over."Fuck me now!" she said as she spread her ass cheeks apart. As I continued to fuck Cherry hard, Jay looked at me and said, "She's never been this wild before. His cock is fucking huge." Jay just smiled and said "Happy birthday baby." Jay looked at me and said, "I think that is about time." With that, he pulled his cock free and pushed Cherry forward.