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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Unknown Pleasures

group Northern_One 2018-08-04

Or, as it is for the weekend, our festival of Unknown Pleasures." Daniel and Marie's faces must have spoken for them as Marcel frowned and shook his head. He turned to hold out his hand to Marie who, having turned to shrug at Daniel, allowed Marcel to help her into the boat. "I can promise you there is no mud, my friend!" The silent speedboat rounded a point and into another cove then slowed to approach a wooden jetty and Marcel leapt off the boat to tie it off. "Just because I once said I thought Mark Ruffalo was good looking doesn't mean I..." But Marie was already on her way to the bathroom for a shower, giggling to herself as she went.


A Night To Remember

group Betty Boo 2018-08-04

Fee felt his hot mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking her, his tongue flicking across her stiff little clitty, darting between her lips and probing her wetness. She was moaning with pleasure as she sucked on Gary’s swollen, throbbing dick, feeling him twitching in her mouth as her pussy was being licked by another man’s tongue. She moaned out loud as she felt Gary’s fingers enter her swollen cunt and start to pump in and out of her wet hole as she sucked on Bill’s dick. Fee was sucking passionately as Bill let out a cry and started to shot hot cum into Fee’s eager mouth, at the same time Fee started to cum too, her pussy throbbing and pulsating around Gary’s solid dick as he pounded into her shuddering cunt.

I seduced my stepb*****r. (PT 2)

group jnthn1 2018-08-04

Yes. Just like before we were sitting on the couch and Sandy came and sat next to me. Why don't you fuck me with your nice hot dick that makes me feel so good & cums for me at the end. Chrissy told me Sandy & I are going to put on a bit of a show for you. Sandy bent over to eat me out giving Johnny a unobstructed view of her pink pussy. I wanted to try to include Johnny as much as I could by telling him what Sandy was doing to me. I bent over sucking Johnnys dick as Sandy fucked me. Johnny said fuck him good like you did Chrissy. Johnny removed the plug, spread my ass cheeks apart & tongue fucked my asshole.

Birthday Surprise

group joetgm 2018-08-04

Dani licked at the end of the shaft in her hand sucking deeply whilst staring at Kim. Joe was holding Dani's head pushing her deeper onto his cock, thrusting occasionally with his hips. Joe lifted her hips giving greater leverage as he finally pushed his cock completely into her pussy; Kim felt like she was being split in two (a feeling she got every time she had sex, but one she associated with extreme pleasure). She felt a hand now rubbing her swollen clit which tipped her over the edge; her pussy tensed around Joe's shaft and she let out a series of gasps for air before hitting total climax, throwing her head back, Kim let out a huge moan.

Cheating Times Two

group ljmwriter 2018-08-04

How could anything possibly top being able to regularly fuck a woman like Jane, an intelligent, vibrant piece of pussy whose body is the envy of all women who come in contact with her? So, the bottom line is that by fucking Vikki, I'm cheating on the woman (Jane) that I'm cheating on my wife with. Little did I know that I would ever be fucking two at one time, especially two that are sexual animals in bed like Jane and Vikki. "Yeah, Vikki, Tom's trying to fuck Jane and I'm trying to fuck you," I said. Vikki may have been wearing me out lately but that didn't stop me from wanting to fuck Jane.


Cumming to the Rescue

group CheriSM 2018-08-04

Maddy turned to Joe, saying, "I want to get fucked. Maddy was moaning and groaning as I fucked her face and Joe fucked her pussy. Maddy was slamming her pussy onto Joe's cock like there was no tomorrow. She clamped her mouth around me, moaning against my cock as Joe pounded into her and continued to stroke his thumb in and out of her ass. When Maddy told me to fuck her pussy I felt my cock pulse. My cock tightened when I saw Maddy's mouth cover Joe's cock, sucking it clean. As she sashayed out the back of the ambulance, tits and ass bouncing, she looked at Joe and me saying, "You boys can come to my rescue any time you want."

The Dinner Party

group JimGrinsted 2018-08-04

"Care for aperitifs, gentlemen?" Marsha served a dry vermouth -- per Stan's instructions, of course. The Chief got the first girl, the Principal the second, Stan came in third, while the Mayor brought up the rear. Whatever Marsha may have thought, she'd lose a lot of money if Miss BBW backed out now. "My name is Miss College Girl, Sir. Here is your first course. Miss College Girl sat next to Chief, who clearly thought himself lucky. "Marsha, please have the servers clear the dishes and prepare for the third course." The girls hopped to, and in a few minutes the table was cleaned and reset with fresh silverware. Miss College Girl succumbed to Stan's embrace.


Wild College Days Ch. 05

group Lionheart72 2018-08-04

Liz gagged as his dick pressed into her throat, but she pushed the reflex aside, swallowing convulsively around Gary's shaft. With a deep breath, Liz settled herself and then turned her attention to Kevin's long, hard shaft, still gripped in her other hand. Kevin grabbed Liz's head, pulling her face toward his dick. "I said fuck her, not choke her, Kevin." Becky's voice penetrated Liz's lustful daze. Becky, probably without thinking, reached out to hold Brad's thick dick in her hand, rubbing it slowly as her eyes devoured Liz. Remembering what Becky wanted, Liz quickly flipped over onto her hands and knees, presenting her wet pussy to Brad. The force of Brad's wild thrusts was enough to force Kevin's dick down Liz's throat.

My wife and her sister.

group zleis 2018-08-04

As Cindy was laying there still catching her breath, Amy laid flat on her tummy, and said, "C'mon, give it to me, I can't stand it anymore!" I scooted up behind her and eneterd her hot, tight vagina from the rear like I had so many times before-we both groaned as I entered her, and she immediately put her butt slightly up in the air to make the angle of my thrusting perfect.

Going to a Party

group johnfromjax 2018-08-04

Her high heels were still on and the look of bare legs wrapped around him and his head deep into her made me excited for what else is to cum. She then stood up and gave him a deep French kiss and then whispered, “ thank you dear, you have a nice cock.” We walked away from him and balcony and left the party. On the way down in the elevator, she gave me a nice soft kiss and with those lovely eyes looking at me, she whispered, “thank you master for my birthday gift.” I patted her on her ass and held her next to me as the door to the elevator opened to the lobby.

My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 08

group Sunraj 2018-08-04

She then climbed on to me, with a leg on each side and started running both her hands along my chest, saying Ken had no hair, so I said of course he will, at least in one place! At this, I pulled Ken by holding his dick, and brought him close, so I could suck him, and Christy recovered enough to do the same – we were kissing with Ken’s dick in between, and he began to move. Pulling her knees back to her chest, and spreading them, both Ken & I made place to kiss and suck each lip of her pussy at the same time, getting her all steamed up again.

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 04

group Splatouey 2018-08-04

Marcus was the guy with the nine inch cock that Janice had been afraid of at her gangbang and it was he who had a finished basement with a bar and pool table. Ronnie knew them both and, after a kiss and a hug, the guy I recognized came over to my wife and hugged her and said "Hey girl, good to see you again." My wife missed her next shot but when the balls stopped moving Linda noticed that there was a group of four sitting close to one of the corners. The other guys gathered around watching Linda take Marcus' giant while my wife worked on Jeev.


Ms. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 04

group Cappadonna 2018-08-04

"Damn girl, how big is he?" Sheryl asked, looking back over her shoulder at his long dick wedged between her ass cheeks as I measured him. "Mmm you better take this big white dick, bitch!" He said, pushing that long cock up Sheryl's pussy without warning, "This fat ass is mine! Come on and bounce this big ass back at me," he said with his hands clasped behind his head, and his long dick stuffed in her a pussy about a good 7 or so inches. "It's not even half the way in yet," Tyler said with cocky laugh as Sheryl's little pussy tried to work his long cock, "Here, I'll help you."


A Good Secretary's Job

group midnightfalcon 2018-08-04

Fifteen minutes passed as I kneaded his hard shaft, taking brief moments to lower my head and slide my pursed lips over its head to suck and taste the salty pre-cum, when suddenly I felt him go rigid. "Cumming baby, Take it Del. Take mee now!" And as he convulsed and his cock began to spew warm milky fluid into my cunt I let Teddy go so he could move into position as soon as Blake pulled out. As I leaned forward, my breasts hung low and my nipples brushed his bare chest, then I felt Teddy standing behind us and suddenly his slippery shaft pressed at my ass. My cunt throbbed and twitched around Blake's cock as Ted began to draw his waning shaft from my ass.


Ch. 06: The shower

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-08-04

She watched his cock leap in her hand and said, "Whoa, you're ready for more pretty quick!" He found and pulled on another condom, several packets having been left around the bathroom from the night before. While he stroked his cock within her sugar walls, he clutched her shoulders and pulled her hair. She moved her lips and teeth along the side of his cock like she was relishing corn on the cob, and then she allowed her saliva to pool in her throat, drooled copiously over his cock, and began to suck and lick with intent, as her hand encircled and squeezed and stroked his beautiful, creamy white cock.


Hiking Fun

group Jadesabre9 2018-08-04

And I definitely noticed that one of her hands had dropped to her crotch to begin relieving herself of the sudden tension she felt in her loins upon discovering Jesse and I in our passionate embrace. HotGirl knelt down next to Jesse and began fondling my other breast with one of her hands and hungrily pressed her lips to mine. Not to long after we started this, Jesse stopped fucking our mouths and pumped his dick the last few times it needed to send a shower of cum shooting out of it and onto our faces and breasts. She immediately began massaging the man juice into my tits, while I started to lick his cum off her face. I opened my eyes and noticed that another hiker, a guy this time, had stumbled upon our little cave shelter.

First Foursome

group Peter Palmer 2018-08-04

As Chuck left the last streetlight and headed for the house, Sharon told Bev to lay on her back on the coffee table with her knees pulled up and outward, pussy pointing toward the door. This gave Sharon a perfect view the way Bev's cunt lips stretched out and followed Chuck's shaft on the way out, and how they folded in as he pushed it back in. Condoms would be necessary for Chuck when he fucked Sharon, but not for me when I fucked Bev. From what little I knew at that time, this arrangement was tilted distinctly in my favor. Shortly after Bev's first orgasm, both Sharon and Chuck had wedged themselves into the top third of their half of the bed, causing it to start to fold.


what we did that night

group tunemaker 2018-08-04

the car containing julie and carly pulled into the long driveway leading to courtney makers house. the club was packed and sure enough as promised, julie watched courtney slip out the front door with a beautiful young boy...he was in his twenties or he wouldn't have gotten past the bouncer but he looked a lot younger...julie felt her cunt tingle watching and knowing what julie would be doing soon...julie liked to suck on cock. in horror, she saw that courtney had snuck down stairs and had witnessed the whole thing...courtney had watched her jerk herself off in front of her own father, watched her lying in his lap, looking up into the man's eyes while she frigged herself to a gasping wet orgasm.

Couple's Sexfight Ch. 02

group BikerT 2018-08-04

Hanna steps behind him and slides her hands below the towel and grabbing his cock starts to swing it slowly from left to right letting his cockhead form a tent as it grows to full erection. I am so aroused from their show and how he kissed Peggy that I just moan loud and against my will I start to shoot stream after stream high in the air, letting Michael drain me until the last drops of my cum dribble on his hand. But as Peggy was working her pussy faster and deeper Hanna managed with her left hand to grab Peggy's hair and pull hard as at the same time planted her left foot to the thick carpet and jerk her body upwards violently.


Purple Passions

group Barnaby 2018-08-04

"Yep, purple is most definitely your color," said Stan as he sat back on the sweaty, well used bed idly twisting the vaguely violet strands of his just waking lover's hair. With you, since we were already so close, I...I guess I want to really make YOU feel good and the fact that I feel better than ever doing it is just a bonus." Sensing the mood was getting heavier than she liked, Bethany added, "Hey, you know we coulda dyed my hair way back when we worked together if you hadn't always been beating off to Carrie!" "I think...,"stammered Bethany between laughs, "I think we'll all enjoy dessert back at my place, thanks." The waitress handed her the check and she passed it off to a still relatively clueless Stan.


First Day of the Rest of My Life

group Eros5150 2018-08-04

"Hurry up, it's my turn and I've got to finish getting ready or we will never get out of this house." Laurel took her line and handed the bill to me. Also at the table were Jimmy, an older guy with a bad porno moustache, who I later found out was the department supervisor; Dale, an EMT; and Matty, a baby-faced, young fireman, fresh out of college. And I've got the perfect way to do that." Jimmy jumped from the table and headed to the bar. Dale laughed, "Honey, I would love to, but I didn't do late night routes through the worst areas in town, just to lose my job and my license by fucking you in the firehouse." Jimmy and Matty nodded in agreement.


Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

group kirstymia 2018-08-04

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty's fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn't really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple. Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

Spring Break Ch. 05

group HLD 2018-08-04

Neither girl was dressed, although Katie clearly had a more eventful night than Melinda. "I know," Katie looked like she had been up for a while and had been searching for the right things to say. Unlike their first kiss, Katie took control and pressed Melinda back on the bed. Melinda took Katie in her arms and pulled the other girl on top of her. Bringing her back up, Melinda kissed Katie again, and then pushed her back, holding her up by her small breasts. Katie looked like she was riding Melinda. "How'd it go?" Melinda asked when Leah finally looked like she had gathered herself together. "You and Katie sounded like you were especially enjoying each other," Melinda said, trying to tactfully broach the subject.


Two At The Office

group BiffBurns 2018-08-04

You are wearing a dark blue sweat suit and I've got the jacket's zipper in my hand – I try again to pull it down. My mouth is on your chest – pulling your breasts in deeply; swirling your nipples with my tongue. At the same time, to almost the same beat, Bruce jabs his cock in and out of your mouth. Bruce's load fills your mouth and seeps out the corners, his hands dig into your beautiful hair. Taking your shoulders, Bruce pushes you onto your back – your jacket falls open revealing your breasts, pale beneath the florescent lights. With my still hard cock hanging near your face, I lean over and caress your tits – pushing and pulling at them lovingly.