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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Old Friend, A New Friend

group bigmikey357 2018-08-04

His monster made a definite print in his black dress slacks; he almost let it all go when they joined forces, Samantha reaching from behind him to unbutton his shirt, Bianca nestling his dick between her ass cheeks. Sam was accessing Bianca's figure, curious to see if her body looked as good in the nude as it did in that sexy dress. Ty can screw anyone he wants, as long as I get a sample first." Bianca began stroking Samantha's pussy, her index finger circling her clit in a manner that was both wonderful and extremely frustrating. Still Bianca teased and tickled, looking into Samantha's eyes as she worked, relishing her moans of pleasure and frustration.


Al Fresco Threesome

group 2018-08-04

Through his binos the watcher could see the man trace around the woman’s pussy, slowly and tenderly, before moving forward just a fraction, clearly sucking on her clit and then pushing his tongue into her wetness. He could hear the sound of a thick cock in a slick pussy, and then he heard her say “Oh Mike that is so good! Mike pulled out, took his purple cock in his hand and said “Right Di! Diana started to squeeze her pussy muscles but Mike said 'Hold on - I want to add my cum to that!" While I'd been banging away at her, Mike had been stroking his old boy until it was purple and erect and covered in saliva.

Truth or Dare 01

group dansouthwest 2018-08-04

As luck would have it, last year when I met my present girlfriend Sophie, Pete hooked up with her best friend Camila. How's my girl doing tonight?" said Pete planting a kiss on Sophie's cheek and running his hands behind her back. "Stop it you pervert," Sophie giggled, slapped Pete's arm and gave Camila a quick hug. We quickly decided we were not going to rush anything but to let the girls do all the talking and we'll just gently push them in to the right topics. "Girls, let's get this party started," announced Pete as he grabbed a couple of Sophie's famous pigs in a blanket and popped them into his mouth. "Truth or dare Dan?" asked Sophie forcing me to stop admiring Camila's boobs.


Awakening Sexually Ch. 01

group sangovese 2018-08-03

Before we could ask any questions, Tim said, "I think it is time for me to take this one home and put her to bed, she has obviously had a little too much to drink." I asked Molly if she was sexually attracted to Amy or Tim, it is one thing to say someone is attractive, but a completely different thing to want to take that attraction to a physical place, especially our best friends. With that Molly took another gulp of her drink and was starting to slide out of our booth when the gorgeous woman at the bar walked over to us and said, hello, my name is Kate, you two are a very attractive couple, do you come here often?


The Birthday Party

group AlexisD 2018-08-03

Reaching across the table you wrap her long fingers in your hand, "Pleased to meet you," I hear you say, laughing to myself as I watch your eyes stray to her tits. "Well Jennifer, so nice of you to come meet us but Alexis and I need to go home now," you tell her, rising up and grabbing my hand. "Are you ready for your birthday present, Alexis," she asks, lowering her lips to my neck as she places a trail of kisses down to my swollen tits. The sound of your balls slapping against her cunt, the sucking noises of your cock as it slides in and out of her as she pants against my pussy, it's almost more than I can stand as I feel the first contractions start deep in my hole.

Mother decides to act like a slut on a wedding par

group Jeesus 2018-08-03

As we were making eye contact with her when suddenly the cop put his hands around her armpits, stick is fingers through the top of the dress and fully grabs my mom's tits. Before they took us the cop talked with the boys in the car: "Next time you want to have fun after a wedding just stay with your girlfriends. "Hey k**, what you think your mommy is trying to ask me?" he was putting is left hand way in my mom's thighs and kissing her on her cheek. My mom kept sucking the other's cop cock but the look on her face was like she was anticipating the black cop to penetrate her.

A Change In Lifestyle

group GrantaMason 2018-08-03

"And now that your beautiful tool is me, Mitch has been waiting with his raging hardon, he comes up and spreads my ass and slides his well oiled cock into me.... "Would you be interested in a threesome where you first start off with you sucking a cock till he comes, the join in as the women is being fucked and take her ass?" My straight as arrow cock, all seven and half inches stood bobbing a few times then pointing towards her lips like it was the compass needle and she the north pole. Like in a daze I got up to my knees, scooped some more of the cum oozing from Rhonda on to my cock and directed it to Mitch's ass.

The Adventures of Demon & Doll Ch. 01

group prozacboy666 2018-08-03

As Divinity slid between Demon and Doll, moving her firm round buttocks mere inches from Doll’s face, she slid a hand up Demon’s leg, stopping just short of his now raging erection. While Doll slid her soft full lips up and down Demon’s shaft, licking it as her head bobbed, Divinity fondled her heavy breasts and felt her ass. Doll wrapped her small hands around his massive cock hungrily took him into her mouth as Divinity slid her long, slender fingers over his body, licking him all the way up. Divinity snatched his cock in her hand and began licking it, sucking it and pushing it deep into her mouth getting it slippery and wet before guiding it into Doll’s warm, soft hole.

Needing it - badly

group 2018-08-03

One day I was wanking away with nothing but a pleasant sensation and a dribble of pre-cum to mark the event and the next I was pumping out great spurts of the creamy white stuff, very nice, but messy if you are not suitably prepared. Two young men were taking turns to suck each others cocks at the far end and took little notice of us. I bent over and gave his cock a short suck and then offered my rear end having quickly inserted a finger full of Vaseline. The two young men took a turn at me, at my invitation and I was able to suck my original lovers cock clean for him whilst being buggered the second time.

Louise and Simon Visit Pt. 03

group Annatartywife 2018-08-03

Peter was the first one to slam his hard cock back into Louise's cunt, as Simon her husband urged her on to fuck the two guys. He was telling Peter to fuck her hard as he pistoned in an out of her squelching pussy and for the young lad to ram his cock deep into his wife's throat Louise was now in full swear mode as Simon began to spunk up on his wife as she was still climaxing on the tall guys cock. The last few jets shot up me as I eased my dripping cunt off the guys prick and quickly got to my knees to finish licking the last feeble spurts and dribbles up from his engorged, spewing cock.

Luann's Revenge

group EasySpirit 2018-08-03

You know I'm not wearing any underwear right now either." As she said this last part she rested a hand on the knee of each guy. The guy closest to me began to move but Luann held up her finger and he obeyed like a good little boy. Over the next half an hour or so both men ordered me in various positions, showing them my ass, pussy and tits." At this point Luann stopped rubbing the guys' legs and looked up innocently. My boyfriend was whispering something to Andre, who said 'Oh, hell ya, just don't get my face.' I knew right away what was going to happen. 'Luann, do you want to suck Andre's cock?' Oh, yes I said.

Trucker Fucker Ch. 01

group Master_Supercock 2018-08-03

Slipping the cock inside you now as instructed in one long, hard, deep thrust, you almost lose control and try to stop, but I tell you to control the orgasm not the play, and again you pout. Sitting up now as you are told, you grind your ass into the seat to get all the cock deep in your tight ass, and I can hear you cumming again, your body starting to shake and a low long growl escaping your lips. It is usually about this time that you will slip into one long stream of orgasm with the right stimulus, and I know just how to keep that going, instructing you to remove one of your huge tits from your top and suck and chew on the nipple.

Sharon Models for Porn Shoot Ch. 02

group SharonMWF 2018-08-03

"The guys and I were chatting at the hotel last night and they told me that you had a pretty hot session yesterday, but that you had to finish so that your husband could pick you up," Peter said. When I pulled away I looked into his eyes and said, "You like fucking other guys wives and girlfriends don't you?" Peter's hands moved under my ass to support me, I wrapped one leg around him and enjoyed the sensation of his cock stretching my pussy while filling me completely. After what seemed like minutes, I felt Peter's cock twitch for the last time and he lifted his body up off of me.


First Time at the Glory Hole

group bigcplforfun 2018-08-03

The guy immediately had his wife naked and her ass was right up against the hole. My wife and I were beginning to think that this hole glory hole thing sucked. She went right back to her knees and started sucking my cock again. He stuck his cock back through the hole and both of us went back to sucking him off. I was playing with my wife's pussy while the girl next door was sucking my cock with everything she had. She turned around and stuck her ass against the wall and my wife immediately started to finger this girls ass and pussy. I bent my wife over and started to fuck her doggystyle while she was finger fucking the girls pussy.

Enjailed. Chapter 1. Road Trip

group 2018-08-03

I must have had my eyes shut for a long time, cos the next thing I felt was the cop behind me pushing his hands through my stomach, up to my throat, going all the way through my body. I would never hurt a sweet little boy like you-slowly he advanced towards me and now he was lying on me from the front, he grabbed my hear and pushed my head back, slowly he got his face very close to mine and slightly licked my lips, then he kissed me on a chin and moved down to my neck. He looked at his partner and as if knowing what he meant, the younger cop set next to me in the car and closed the door.

Jane and Patti at the Beach

group foxywoman 2018-08-03

Now both women knew what was going on and just to let Patti know she didn't want her to stop, Jane finally let out that long stifled moan of pleasure she'd been holding in all morning. Jane was not a novice herself at sex toys and she immediately sense what Jane wanted to do with that long slim dildo so as Patti rubbed some lubricant on it, Jane got onto her hands and knees and moved so that her ass was right in Patti's face. Hearing Patti cum and feeling the man's tongue on her clit so vigorously instantly sent Jane into another series of mind blowing orgasms herself and for a moment, all three of them were cuming at once before they fell into a heap on the blanket.


group HotScribe2 2018-08-03

Georgia released me, playful pouts on both our faces as we looked at Pamela. I pulled her buttocks gently over Georgia's head so that she could raise her mouth to Pamela's cunt and continue her tonguing of the clit. I felt Georgia's hot breath on my cock as it slid in and out, then the wetness of her tongue as it flicked from Pamela's clit to my balls and back again. Pamela groaned loudly as the triple stimulation of my cock and finger and Georgia's tongue caused her to explode. I pulled myself from Pam's cunt just as my cock began to squirt its load, the hot white cream jetting onto her bum and cunt lips, and onto Georgia's mouth and chin and neck.

Frank's Barn

group 2018-08-03

I said something and Mark told me this friend of Frank's had been there six times already. I watched those tits sway as the fat man drove his surprisingly large cock all the way into her cunt. "I said, I'm sorry not to be able to talk to you more Dee, but my friend Mark is going to fuck your mouth. When I finally took a while she was so slippery from cunt juice and jizz...she said I was the nicest man she had had that night. "Hey dude," he said, I think she's in love with you." I shook my head and said don't be fucking crazy." I did tell Frank that Dee asked me if I would request her card.

The Sunrise Club

group dipperyslick 2018-08-03

We started talking about taking a couple of ocean cruises, and one day, while Helen was at the center, waiting for the visiting travel agent, she got to talking with some of her tennis buddies and learned about the Sunrise Club. "Just go with the flow." Said Brad, chuckling, "But you are the new guys and folks are going to swarm around you for dances. "Joe, you need to find Helen some kind of stick." Said Sue, She is going to be beating men away from that pretty yellow sundress." "It looks like someone agrees with the dance routines this morning." She said with a smile. As Bill looked around, brad moved around his right, took Helen's hands, and danced her away from Bill.


Better Than Steak

group manyquestions 2018-08-03

Your capacity for pleasure is so tiny compared to that of a sensuous woman, someone lucky like me, that you guys obsess over it." "A lucky woman like me can start every day by giving myself more pleasure than you will ever know in a lifetime. Harold replied: "If you feel this way about the male body, why don't you become a lesbian?" "Ann Marie, what if making love to someone with a chest like yours would be even better than steak? While the thought of sucking your hairy chest is silly and yucky, the thought of kissing an fondling another woman's breasts..." Don't call me, I'll call you." Ann Marie silently got dressed, and kissed Harold goodbye.

Guess Who Wants More

group PirateIre 2018-08-03

Beth could feel Karen's hand kneading her husbands cock right there on the subway. Karen pushed Claire onto Marc and Beth's bed, ordering her to strip. She grabs her pussy and looks over at Marc and Beth, almost shyly but wanting to fuck Karen. Beth looked over her shoulder to see the young mouth of Claire sucking hard on her husbands cock. Biting her lower lip as one hand went up to Claire's pussy and the other reaching under Karen as she laid on top, massaging her big tits. As Beth swirled her tongue all around her pussy, Claire got up..Laid down side-by-side to Beth and motioned for Marc to fuck her pussy as she looked into the eyes of Beth as she sucked on Karen.

Meeting Steve & Lucy

group Zorro69 2018-08-03

When Lucy joined us she handed Steve a bottle of sun lotion and asked him to rub it into her skin for her. After a couple of minutes Lucy announced that if she was going to have to watch the footie then she expected Steve to give her shoulders a rub. As I walked up the stairs I looked back into the living room and saw Steve lean forward and begin to kiss Lucy. Lucy continued to massage my shaft before leaning forward to place her mouth over the tip of my cock. Turning to Steve she said, "Originally I was only doing this for you, but now you could not stop me honey!" They grinned at each other then she kissed him.


The Opening of Shanni Ch. 3

group Jonesfalls 2018-08-03

I asked why I haven't met Keva yet and Shanni told me you will, and make sure your dick is rock hard because she doesn't like foreplay just straight fucking. I came in Helen and Shanni quickly pulled out my cock and got down on her knees and sucked me clean. Shanni loved this and let both of us know by saying, "Yea Ryan, that's it baby, fuck this bitch hard so her tongue can go deep in my pussy and make me cum. Shanni said, "Put that big thing in my ass, I haven't had any butt fucking in a long time." My dick got really hard seeing Helen's pussy and Shanni liked the increase.

A Sugar Cube Melts

group JimBob44 2018-08-03

"Ooh, I'll let you practice on me," Cherry said, thrusting out her thirty six Double D breasts, smiling flirtatiously at Murphy. Within seconds of her wrapping her lips around his cock head, Murphy was blasting a white hot stream of semen into Cherry's mouth. Troy came home thirty minutes after Cherry had dressed and left Murphy's bedroom. When he'd reached Troy's feet and was rubbing them, lifting them up to work on the arches, Troy's cock gave a few jerks and Murphy bit back his groan of lust. "Dude, got paid today," Troy said when Murphy came home from his Biology lab class. "Let me know and I'll put it on for you before you leave," Murphy said and worked Cherry's upper arms.