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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

In the Locker Room

group BananaAnn 2018-08-03

Jennie reached a hand up to stroke her fingertips around the damp skin of her Missy's breast and teased the nipple between two fingers. Missy squirmed against Jennie's hand, letting out deep moans and moving her hips back and forth. This was how they were when Joey pushed open the locker room door, calling after his girlfriend, "Jennie, are you still in here? Jennie spied him and tore her mouth from Missy, calling him over, "I think she's close and could use a big Joey dick to help her on her way." Just as Jennie had with her, Missy placed Joey's tip inside, then moved back as he groaned and pounded away into his girlfriend.

The Mystic Adventure Ch. 03

group smugmug 2018-08-03

Kelly could have easily disguised our little "moment" and made the whole thing look like a continuation of the kind of playfulness we'd all been enjoying since day one but she didn't. Yeah, he gave me some time to get all emo and fall in love with this girl but you know he wasn't going to just wait patiently down there for some kind of written invitation right? She looked straight back at me as she did it and I flashed back to this morning when I had my dick in Kim but I was actually *fucking* Kelly.



group Phreaky1 2018-08-03

“The problem is, I never lost the fat of having Morgan, and although my belly is not big my tits are huge.” I think it must have been the wine, but I blurted out “I like them, sometimes I can’t help but stare at your chest.” Linda slapped my arm, but Lynn looked at me and smiled. Linda sat on the table top as Lynn got between her legs and began kissing her. Lynn bent her head down licked at my wife’s pussy. Linda used her fingers to spread her pussy apart so that Lynn could get to her clit. Linda the bigger of the two and obviously the more aggressive, bent Lynn over the table and spread her ass cheeks apart.

Jennifer Too Pt. 02

group ofloveandlust 2018-08-03

I was trying to count the glasses when her fingers that had been tracing circles on my belly moved lower and she was gently running them up and down my cock. In cat my cock moved further inside of her, in cow it pulled back, nearly out, and I could feel the muscles teasing just the head for a moment before she rocked back into cat sliding me inside again. I didn't think I was out of turn or springing the idea of a discussion on her, it seemed like a natural transition, the ring was linked with last night in my mind. Get it ready for your cock." I licked her with a new intensity as I moved my hand; two fingers fucked her pussy as my smallest finger probed her ass.


Friday night at the Cock & Ass Tave

group nomad86 2018-08-03

He smacked her across the chops with his prick several times, Erica smiling and laughing all the while, then pulled back his foreskin and proceeded to rub his well-lubed dickhead hard over her top lip, giving her a moustache of cock-slime. Soon, the boy had grabbed a tit in each hand and was thrusting his cock between them with full-force, as Erica used her arms to squeeze her cleavage even tighter and pursed her lips to receive the very tip of his bell-end on each up thrust. With one final, hard thrust, the man in her mouth plunged his prick as far as he could down her throat, and Erica felt the balls crushed into her nose tense as he shot a giant load directly into her stomach, letting out a loud groan as he did so.


Club Visit

group Johnandtilly 2018-08-03

I had taken her top off while she was kneeling – she stood up, pulled up her skirt so it was like a tight wide belt, got on the bed and lay on her back with her boots and holdups still on, opened her legs really wide and pushed three of her fingers deep into her cunt, she took then out, licked them off then held her labia lips open – Nick said "That is one horny woman you have there" and knelt between her legs and gently fed his cock into her very ready cunt. Next thing I know, Rob has pulled Tilly off Jane and is fucking her doggy – her lovely "D" cup tits swinging back and forwards with the nipples brushing against the bed under her.

Lisa Ch. 09a

group JadenL 2018-08-03

"Oh yes, you may want to watch this." Earl said and nodded to someone else who brought Mark over to kneel right in front of Jessica, eye level to her crotch. stop!" she screamed but when Earl pulled the rod out covered in blood and two men forced Mark onto his knees, holding him while Earl rammed the rod in again, Jessica threw up. "Clear her mouth." Earl yelled and one of the men who'd been holding Mark came and yanked her head to the side, tilting the chair so Jessica was able to expel the bile. "Get the fuck out of the way." The man growled and pushed Jessica to the floor, lifting the gun to Mark's head again.


Sandy's Plan

group nikki_2020 2018-08-03

Sandy too, moaned around the cock that she was sucking as Greg, deciding it was time to get a little more active in what was going on, took hold of her breast and rolled the nipple between his thumb and finger and then squeezing and kneading the breast. Phil decided to be the first one and moved forwards, ready to push his erect cock between the silky smooth lips of Sandy's pussy. While Phil's tongue continued to please Sandy, licking up and down her lips and circling her clit, she took Greg's swollen member into her mouth, sucking up and down its length, licking a little glob of precum from it drawing away so that it suspended between the slit of his cock and the tip of her tongue.

Complicated Relationships

group tutunamo 2018-08-03

I had never done this before so I did not really know the moves – I loved sucking his cock, but I did not want him to cum and for it to be over either. I reached my hand up to his chest and pinched his nipple – he liked that – I could feel his cock give a little jerk. He sucked it a bit like a girl and I felt a tenderness for him, I stroked his long blond hair as he ran his mouth all over my cock. She started licking the end of my cock while I masturbated with my hand – I came hard and drowned her face in cum.

84% mmf

Tuying around with my husband (4th story from my w

group anthony93033093 2018-08-03

Even though I am enjoying the feel of his teeth gently tightening, I stop him by saying “I really want to clean all of my sticky juices off of his hard cock and balls so that when you cum I will be able to taste both of us.” Doing exactly as I said, I started sucking his balls then licked my own cum off of his base before putting him in my mouth and blowing him until he came down my throat. Knowing he wanted in her ass, I asked Tuy to roll onto her hands and knees so I could lie underneath her and clean up all of Sam’s cum and taste their mixed juices.

Ukrainian girls rough gangbang

group analadmirer 2018-08-03

As they go to the door Katya says to Andrea " We look like a right pair of horny cunts!" With that Andrea pushes her younger s****r against the wall and starts kissing her pushing her tongue deep into her mouth while getting her hand up her skirt to finger her shaven cunt. Then Serena gets fucked in the ass by Natalia with the strapon as Katya sucks her dick til Serena cums in her mouth and over her face. Natalia fist fucks Serena's ass as sucks Serena's cock til she explodes shooting loads of cum into Natalia's mouth followed by a stream of piss. Natalia then obliges by squatting over Serena's face and pissing in her mouth as Serena gives Natalie's ass a good fist fucking.

New Found Swingers Ch. 2

group Drifter014 2018-08-03

She took the head in her mouth and was moving up and down on my cock, taking it deeper in her mouth with every thrust. I moved back out of the way and watched Vivian and Dave; she was going wild with every flick of the tongue, the faster he would lick the more she would buck her hips. After she orgasmed Dave moved up from his licking position and slapped Vivian in the lips with his cock, she took him into her mouth as if he had just said the magic words. I continued to fuck her for all I was worth when I heard Dave start to moan, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked it off all over Vivian's face.

Honeymoon Delights

group shashi_a2010 2018-08-03

The first time Madhu and I were in bed together, she after making me suck her cunt, got me to kiss and lick her anal area. BB mostly wanted his wife to suck and suck his cock, before he mounted and entered her cunt and fucked her long and hard, banging his body into hers until he came. I have never experienced so much cunt juice in my mouth, never from the two women I had the occasion to suck, Seema and her sister Madhu, now my wife. Madhu just giggled like a schoolgirl and put her arm round, pressed her body against Viv and kissed him on the mouth plain in front of us.


Swinging on the Fourth of July

group WuLiMaster 2018-08-03

Fran smiled at Rod with that impish expression she used in their most intimate moments and said, "I think Rod would be willing to lose a few hands just to be polite." They'd played strip poker a few times by themselves when they were first married and it had lead to some very passionate evenings. Rod thought to himself, "As long as I'm not the first man to get naked, it can't be all that bad." He was sure he would have the smallest penis and was more apprehensive about getting an erection being exposed to Sally and Alice then actually being naked. Fran had lost her panties and Sally, winning twice in a row, got ready to remove Ron's slacks.


Party On Ch. 04

group Sensualist2 2018-08-03

I asked if I could bring a date and Clete sounded a little odd, so I shrugged although he couldn't see it and said I probably wouldn't bother, unless something came a long that was too good to turn down. Clete and especially Marci have told me much about you." I can't wait to know you better." She leaned in and her full lips touched my cheek. "You know we decided not to do a round robin because Greg's a single, so I guess it's okay." Marci smiled at me and said, "the last time we welcomed anybody into the party all the guys had Collette and the women tried out Dan, her husband there."

Rendezvous – Canadian Weekend

group Stephen7Redo 2018-08-03

"Mmmm, well, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to experience the cocks, tongues and hands of two different guys simultaneously making love to me." Both men watched her lick her lips seductively and they separately, but in tandem twitched in their pants under her palms. Don looked up a moment later and for a second felt jealous when he not only saw Ed madly sucking on Carla's lovely breast but he saw she had taken a firm hold of his cock in her left hand. He raised his head from between the crux of Carla's sexual core and after wiping his face with the back of his hand, with great agility was over his lover and easing his cock in her in a flash.


Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 01

group geronimo_appleby 2018-08-03

I unfolded my long legs and stood, noting the thin lipped old bitch again and the look of sheer delight upon her old husbands face as he saw my gusset flash when my tiny skirt rode up high. I locked eyes with the old man as I came and as my body convulsed and trembled I saw the old boy pull his cock from his trousers and begin to wank it. I pushed my now slack cocked lover to one side and pulled the old man into his place. The old man gulped as I placed the big dome of his cock between my dainty labia and pulled him deep into my squelching, spunk filled pussy.

The Vault

group Girl Friend 2018-08-03

Mr. Hardgrove spread Meghan's pussy lips wide open with his fingers and he instructed one of the men to insert one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers and finally four fingers deep within her cunt. "Don't worry it will be spanked again." Mr. Hardgrove said as he went to the door of the vault and let the three men that had stuck their fingers into Meghan's cunt exit out of the vault. "I want all of you to fuck my pussy realy good!" Meghan begged the men as they started to position their cocks at the opening of her cunt hole. "You taste even better upside down." he commented as he continued to lick and suck at her pussy delving a few fingers into Meghan's cunt as well.

Mykonos Vacation Pt. 02

group twowords 2018-08-03

It was fine that he had wanted a threesome with Dan and Perla while Jane was a supposedly clandestine observer from outside the room – she grinned as she realised she had been spotted from the very first moment and that Erik had shown her his thoroughly yummy cock through the window in the full knowledge she was there – but she only had a few hours before leaving what had suddenly become an island of opportunity, and she was damned if she was going to waste any of them in threesomes or foursomes.


The sl**pover, part1

group 2018-08-03

Not even I had closed the door of the room or my girlfriend rips my jeans open and starts to suck my hard cock. The nipple pinching makes my girlfriend even hornier, she pushes me on the bed and starts to suck even harder and deeper. 'Finally, I lick your balls.' The next moment he takes my dick out of my girlfriend's pussy and puts it into his mouth. I have to do my best not to come, especially now my friend is licking balls and has started to go down on my asshole as well. So my girlfriend is still sucking my dick, that's getting harder and harder and my friend is licking...

Stiff as a Board

group Geyserlicious 2018-08-03

shhhh Sonya, the dead aren't supposed to speak." Aimee peeked open her eyes to look down Sonya's dress at her breasts, following the same sweat drop as Damon and licked her lips. Sean's other hand slowly strokes his dick while Sonya begins to lick his head that hovers over her, feeling his warm pre-cum drip out as she widens her tongue. They're juicy wet as Damon slips his tip inside, but Aimme's pussy is tight and he pulls back to play, listening to the sucking sounds her lips make on his dick. Sonya looks at Damon, who's holding his dick just like Sean, half hard already and dripping with hot Aimee juice.


group shelbakk 2018-08-03

We raised our glasses and toasted Labour Day. I glanced over at Jennifer as I took a drink of wine and noticed the clear outline of her now hard nipples through her dress. I leaned back breathing hard, my feet still in the water, my rock hard cock sticking straight out, and Jim now kneeling in the hot tub with both hands on my thighs. I felt Jim's hands under my ass cheeks squeeze softly and his hot breath on my cock. Jim slipped his right hand from under my ass and began to gently squeeze my balls as he continued to suck my cock. Jim slapped Jennifer hard on the ass and yelled at me, do you like my cock slut wife?

A Very Different, "Three's Company"

group walterio 2018-08-03

Jack began eating Chrissie's tasty pussy while Janet sucked on his big dick. Jack lay back on the bed as he recovered slowly from the fantastic blow job and watched Timmy fuck Tammy until Timmy's body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. Jack leaned over her body and grabbed her small firm tits and let the rock hard nipples slip between his fingers as Tammy continued to use her vaginal muscles to milk Jack's cock dry of every drop of cum. Jack wanted to stay in Tammy's beautiful ass forever but he felt his cock soften in her rectum. Jack was hard again so he moved up and slipped his cock into Timmy's ass and fucked him.


Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 01

group dchapleaux 2018-08-03

While your orgasm rides over you, I keep massaging your clit, trying to help you keep the sensation going, and you keep sliding up and down on my cock. While you are leaning forward, I grab your hips and hammer my cock in and out of your pussy furiously, making you moan loudly and almost try to devour me with your mouth. You begin to slide up and down on my cock again, starting slowly, and then getting a little faster as you feel ready. You begin to slow your pace on my cock until you drop yourself one last time onto me, letting your orgasm wash over you with me buried deep inside you.