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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She's Not Mine Tonight

group Boxoftreats 2018-08-03

You love his black dick too?' You stop sucking Marc and turn to face Jermaine, 'Yes I do, now stop talking and start fucking me faster!' He reaches under you and rubs your pussy quickly and hard - again straight outta porn - but it doesn't seem to matter, you come again after a few minutes and before it ends Raphael says, 'bitch you're gonna make me come!' as he throws his head back, his hips and ass twitch as he shoots right to the back of your throat multiple times. 'Please, fuck my ass now.' My free hand pulls my dick out of your pussy, glistening with your come and it rubs against your anal ring.

The Event

group Susy-Q 2018-08-03

I came and stood by his chair and watched the girl as she crammed the entire lenght of his hard rod down her throat, making little suck and gurgle noises with each stoke of her mouth. I found it totally strange to have another women kiss me but, my pussy turned into a torrent of hot flame with her touch. I reached out and grabbed his cock, and began to suck on his large protruding member, still tasting and smelling her hot cum on his cock. He continued to shove his hard member up my aching cunt and she knealt down behind him and began to stroke my ass. Soon she started running her tongue up over his asshole, while she continued to finger her hot juicy cunt.

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 04

group SpotInTheSand 2018-08-03

I heard her chuckle, but her real response came when she sucked my middle finger into her mouth, but this time, it wasn't to get the juices. Neither she nor I said anything for a long while, and while I had initially planned on offering her what Zia had just received, I heard her breathing get heavier a few minutes later. I would have been more than happy to be like the Army and institute a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy with Kelly, where I did whatever I wanted, she knew it was probably happening but didn't care to know the specifics, and I just went about my business.


Jackie Girl's Fantasy

group jackiegirl199 2018-08-03

I was real tired of playing the dating game and wasting time on guys that didn't fit my life style so I decided to find out right up front what Joe was like. One night while I was watching the video, my face already splattered with cum and my fingers working furiously at my hot, wet pussy Joe asked me if I wanted to try a Bukkake session of my own. The entire time Joe fucked me cum kept falling into my face from hot dicks around me. "Ok guy's", I heard Joe call out, "time to line up and say goodnight to our little cum slut." The turning to me he said," Slut kiss each dick goodnight and tell them thank you.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 30

group SteveWallace 2018-08-03

Elsa and Cindy seduce Lucas – Mark's bodyguard. "Mark, I was hoping you and I could take a walk down the beach." Marcia's invitation was not unexpected, although I had geared myself up to fuck on the small sailboat. By the time I got there to the right spot, Mark and Marcia were already laying on the blanket making love. You have to come out here and spy on someone else?" Lucas' voice was hushed so that Mark and Marcia wouldn't hear us. Moreover, the way we were standing I could look afar and see Mark fucking Marcia again. Mark and Marcia came up from the beach, and went into the pool.


Special School Pt. 06

group neutrona 2018-08-03

I was then pushed down and turned around to face the cock of the guy who had finger-fucked me. Hands reached down to play with my tits and my pussy but it was difficult with me at the bottom of the bus like that so they pulled me up. Not wanting our "guests" to do anything that wasn't allowed, they turned me around to offer my pussy to the same guy as before and he rammed his hard cock into me. The guy I had been sucking started sucking on my nipple and closed my hand over his cock and pumped it up and down. With my lover's cock in my pussy and two guys nibbling on my nipples, I was in heaven and I came hard, screaming my release.


Trained to Perform

group steve w 2018-08-03

Liked the look on his buddies’ faces when his next little slut walked in to perform for the first time. The other two were taking out their dicks, as she kissed the tip of Andy’s cock, then slowly slid her lips over the head. A couple of cums in Kelly’s tight little asshole, the chance to watch her choke on the end of your dick, was bound to sweeten the deal. Kelly climbed up onto Andy’s lap and slid her sexy little cunt onto his dick. Still Kelly kept up her slow, rhythmic fucking of Andy’s cock. The eager little slut, the friendly guys at the country club, the whole fucking deal.

Dinner and a...

group whybea10 2018-08-03

As the doors opened, Donna saw three young men, all wearing greasy, blue coveralls with a patch on the left breast that read "Maintenance". The men got on and the leader of the group removed the restaurant key from the lock in the elevator and handed it to David. David moved away to the side wall of the elevator, placing one of the men between him and Donna. She was annoyed and surprised that David had let the man come between them, even more so when the men grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the back wall of the elevator. The leader took the restaurant elevator key from David, slipped it into the lock inside the elevator and sent it back to the top floor.

The Poker Game Ch. 01

group kellycummings 2018-08-03

I figured it was going to be a long night if I didn’t start soon though and I took Devon’s dick in my hand and gave him a couple nice long strokes to get him ready. I began to bob up and down on his shaft and I used my hands to stroke his cock and massage his balls, trying to get him off as soon as I could, not because I wasn’t enjoying myself but because I didn’t want to be worn out before getting to all the other guys. I could tell that Brian had thought for sure that he had won because of the huge look of disappointment he got when he saw Devon’s cards.


Bi With My Best Friend

group birunner 2018-08-03

When he got back in the hot tub he said "It's alright, I never thought I could stand the idea but my girlfriend wants to see me with another guy and I just called her, she's on her way over." I immediately asked him what he was thinking about and he replied that: "She wants to watch and we're friends so if you're willing, why not? She slid into the bubbling water and said; "so, Brent, I hear you like to suck cock, Lester wants to and I want to watch you guys do it." At this Lester sat on the edge of the tub and, with his hard-on pointing straight up asked me to come over and suck it.

Triple Fuck Fun With Girlfriend & Wife

group 2018-08-03

After few strokes, his strokes became bigger and faster while I was enjoying his fucking dick fucking my pussy and Anju was sucking my boobs and teasing my clit, some time with her fingers. She was not a great sucker though, I had to teach her again and again how to tease his dick and she was following all that, but suddenly I pushed Anju aside and sat down on the floor and started giving a good and hot blow job on my husband’s standing dick. He held Anju’s one boob in his hand and started sucking it with pleasure, occasionally biting them hard at the areola and nipples which made Anju tremble.

The Awakening Ch. 2

group NavalWriter 2018-08-03

Faith leaned against Lisa trying to look totally relaxed and gazed unabashedly as Tim walked over to the pool, completely naked as were both of them The feel of Lisa's hand on her breast, still heaving with the passion that this woman aroused within her. He smiled at the two women, feeling no guilt at having watched his wife make love to Faith, only total excitement from the sight of Lisa and Faith, his wife still holding Faith's left breast in her hand. Tim caught up in the moment, the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of their beautiful neighbor and the kiss his wife was sharing with him, that he did not know how long he could hold back from cumming.

Orgy idea!

group bluemonkey1 2018-08-03

Cum glows in the blacklight, its running down womens legs and smeared around their lips, there is no time or desire to clean after a creampie the next man get sloppy seconds or thirds or fourths as everyone slowly gets covered in shared cum and pussy juice. Hours later when its time to finish the hostess enters the room and asks everyone to finish and stand with their back to the wall, by now the room is covered with glowing stains and everybody is smeared with glowing marks, the inner thighs of women are glowing brightly from the creampies they took, as they stand some women begin to drip and long glowing strings can be seen hanging from their pussies.


group FrankSinner 2018-08-03

I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard. I raised my head and watched Kim take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.

A Night at the Club

group UnorthodoxParamour 2018-08-03

The man wasted no time as he kissed her neck, James slid a hand up her thigh and gently parted her legs, his fingers sliding up and skimming her lace covered pussy. James told her to get on her knees on the couch, ass in the air, the strangers cock still in her mouth as he fucked her throat. James' tongue in her ass, pushing past her tight sphincter, his hand at his belt, taking off his khakis and exposing his hard cock. The strangers wife, not wanting to miss anything, moved down to her knees behind Autumn and sucked the cum from her, occasionally moving down and taking her husband's balls in her mouth.

Stag Party

group donaldelliott11 2018-08-03

After Wash slowly withdrew his now-slimy penis out of Mandy, she planted her swampy crotch firmly on my face and told me I'd better learn right now to eat pussy pretty good if I hoped to please a wife with "that limp little poodle-dick of yours." Wash came close to me and gently held my wrists in his one hand while telling me to relax and "enjoy your party, Billy." Then Jack dropped his left hand to my pecker and pumped it firmly as he taunted me again -- "we could have saved the money on Mandy and had you strip for us instead, Billy!" I was still thinking about how to get an arm free for a roundhouse punch at somebody when Chuck hit the magic button, Jack squeezed my erection just right, and my poor little cock exploded cum all over Mandy's shoulders.

Cum Slut Cabin Visit

group yellowdog46 2018-08-03

Let's get her on her back with her head off the bench and Steve you fuck her mouth while Stu straddles her and fucks those tits and I'm going to try this pussy and ass for a little to check it out before we make her airtight! Okay Cum Slut on your knees with your ass in the air I'm going to sit on the bench and you are going to suck my cock and Steve and Stu are going to tag team you from behind. So I'm going to sit on the bench now and have Stu and Steve stand on either side of me and stroke their cocks to keep them up while Cum Slut, on her knees, gets my cock good and wet to fuck those tits.

My First Apartment Ch. 6

group T@nman 2018-08-03

George and Frank were asleep on the futon where they had been fucking when Kathy, Connie and I left them to go to bed. I thought the two of them were oblivious to me watching them, but when I started out the door Connie looked up, "Bye, Rich." Kathy extended an arm above Connie's ass and waved a hand. We sipped the wine and talked about the privacy fence and the plans for the patio until Frank excused himself, "I've got a one day road trip, so if I'm going to leave early from here, I'd better turn in." When I was ready to leave for Lisa's, I went upstairs and looked in on Kathy.


Back Lot Ch. 02

group carnallust79 2018-08-02

Oddly enough for him the sight of this mans cock being that big and that hard made his own shaft feel even harder and ache even more, he didn't know if it was the pill the drink and pot or weather it was the fact that this guy had fucked and was going to fuck his girl a lot more with some thing like that...or was it that he himself was turned on by this guy's dick. Now she was working two cocks and her boyfriends she could suck a lot more of even a couple times she was so into it she swallowed most of him deep throating much of his long cock making him groan, moving between the two men she sucked them getting more excited and as she did she kept taking her man down her throat and giving Danny the best head job she could also making him groan.

Pidge's Story

group jshelbourne 2018-08-02

Goes well with the taste of you, too--" Mary tugged down his slacks and underpants; there was the sound of his stiff cock slapping against his belly, he grabbed Pidge for support but she wasn't expecting it, and he fell forward onto her as she rolled backward. Mary held nearly all of Ben's cock in her mouth, and Pidge was vaguely envious that she could deep-throat it at that angle, for that long. "--hmmmhmmmHMMMMhmmmhmmmhmmm--" She finally dropped it from her mouth to sing "--happy birthday to youuuuu!" Mary brushed at the string of saliva that connected her to Ben's cock and grinned up at Pidge. Mary grunted with every thrust; her grunts came closer, and the bed, Pidge's bed, bounced faster until Mary moaned, and then Ben groaned himself and said, "Stop -- unless you want to end this right here."

Niharika's Fantasy Cums True Pt. 01

group nihadeep 2018-08-02

Every time I touched her clit, she would give a jerk, and I would move away from her cunt, and start sucking and licking her nipples. With hand motions, I asked Vikas whether he would lick Niharika's cunt, and he gave a broad grin and vigorously nodded "Yes." Keeping her head down, I raised her ass, so that Vikas was able to slide under her and start licking her cunt, as Tushar continued to suck her toes. As I licked the back of her shoulder line she started trembling and jerking as she came again and again and after some time as her cunt became sensitive, she told Vikas "enough, enough."


group Gary_Alexander 2018-08-02

"Help me get her into the bedroom, okay?" Clair said as we each put an arm around Sue. Jennifer clicked a button on her cell phone, and Clair wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it. "Time," Jennifer said, and Clair let go of my cock. "Okay," Clair said, handing the phone back to Jennifer and stripping off her clothing, now comes the "fucking your brains out" round. She was just stepping out of her panties when, without a word, Sue climbed on top of me, said "I need to cum," and jammed her wet pussy down around my cock.

CvsN 23: Travel Benefits

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-08-02

It was a horrible idea. "Are you kidding me? Work went well, pulling together the last of our effort for our trip to Spain, including the updated software system, and directives for the team to be available for support and fixes while Chris and I were on-site. I tried to pull Amie into bed with me, hoping for an alternate form of exercise, but she fought me off, and before I knew it, I was back beating the pavement. It was rough, but not horrible. That seemed like a hell of an offer. "I'm just kidding, Ames." Plenty of time for planning," I told her, the idea, combined with sexy Debbie's actions working to get me overly excited.


Dreams of Reality

group CrackaJIM24 2018-08-02

John began to lick and suck at Hillary's soft opening as Jennifer leaned toward her, grabbing her in her arms and began kissing her. Jennifer pulled away from Hillary who was now thoroughly enjoying John's tongue deep inside her as he toyed and thumbed at her erect clit with his right hand. Hillary began to hump John's face as he moaned and desperately tried to please her dripping wet pussy. As her back arched, pulling her backward, John's dick was grinding hard along her g-spot on the top of her cavity and she rocked and convulsed in pleasure as Hillary leaned forward to suck on Jennifer's bouncing breasts. Jennifer couldn't stop shoving more fingers into her lap while Hillary closed her eyes and continued to moan loudly as John mercilessly fucked her tight pussy.