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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anyone Need Anything?

group WayneGibbous 2018-08-02

When he met Lola, I was already dating Nicole, now my wife, and it seemed that not only were Ethan and I good friends, the four of us also bonded. "Sure, they're friends, after all," I said and Nicole told them, "We could pair off, me with Ethan, Alex with Lola, if you want to. "Oh, what a great idea," Lola said, "Ethan and I've kinda wanted something like this for a while. "Not with you inside me, Ethan and my hubby sure looks happy," Nicole said and I agreed. "Looks like Ethan's still pretty hard, how's my hubby?" Nicole asked Lola. "Great idea, Nicole, that sounds fun," Lola said and Ethan agreed.

Beltane's Flower

group IamAlpha 2018-08-02

As the couples got into position, Jed struck his drum once and shouted "As Prometheus brought fire to man, so I bring it to Hillsboro." With that, Jed lit a torch and handed it to the Petersons, at the northwest pile, and as they lit their bonfire, Jed called out "All spirits of the Earth who are within our circle, come to this flame and then leave our circle." Taking the torch back from them, Jed carried it to the Watsons, who lit the pile in the east as Jed called upon the creatures of Spirit to come and leave the circle. Jed turned to Joe and Suzy and said to them: "As priest and priestess for this year's Beltane celebration, you will lead the celebrants in the dances and in the blessing our town with fertility for the coming year.

Drawing Down the Poon

group AuralSects69 2018-08-02

"Show me your love and I shall reward your devotion." Each attended to one of my hands and blessed the tips of each finger with a tender kiss before placing each finger in their mouths and slowly drawing it out, sucking each digit like a savory sweet lollipop and baptizing it in their saliva. After cleaning my hand of every last drop, she looked at me with her big, soulful eyes and like an orphan in an X-rated Dickensian novel said "Please, Goddess, I want some more." I smiled at the manipulative little witch knowing that I would give her a lot more later, but for now, I instructed them both to go back to their places.

The Weekend Ch. 01

group Runner2016 2018-08-02

For several weeks afterwards, my wife only had to look at me and I was ripping her clothes off and pounding my hard cock into her, taking her pussy, ass and mouth repeatedly. Pulling his shirt over his head and letting his shorts drop in a smooth motion, he walked up next to Taylor, his left hand pulling at what appeared to be a huge cock. I felt Randy's cock head push past the ring of my sphincter, and slide slowly into me, Taylor's earlier load of cum acting as a lubricant. I need those hard cocks in me first, Randy in my ass and Taylor in my mouth." She said, an impish smile on her face.


Mr. Intruder

group Lance Hardrock 2018-08-02

"Sherrie, I simply have to tell you about Mark and me and I've got a favor to ask you, honey." Julie whispered as Sherrie fondled and suckled her tits. "You want me to stop?" Sherrie smiled, while her hand found Julie's lovebud and rubbed it hard and fast. "Oh God, honey, you make me cum so hard," Julie whispered as Sherrie slid up beside her. Julie kept up her tongue lapping and worked three fingers into Sherrie's open love tunnel. "Yes you do honey and you are well-rewarded for it." Julie slipped her hand off the wheel, fondled Sherrie's thigh and up under her skirt to her crotch. Mark saw the incredible beauty of this toy as Sherrie worked it on Julie.



group erotiquill 2018-08-02

'That's better,' he said softly with a smile, 'you are going to like it, I do know what sluts like and I'm going to give it to you and soon you will thank me, thank me every time I lick and eat your pussy, let you suck my cock and especially when I fuck you.' He chuckled, got on his knees and buried his face in Nikki's pussy. Jimmy stood and looked at me while Nikki lay panting, her legs still spread wide, 'I told you I know how to treat a slut, sonny boy, and that's just my tongue, wait 'til she feels my dick inside her.'


Old Flame, New Game Ch. 05

group soflabbwlvr 2018-08-02

Just as I was reaching for my money to pay him, the bathroom door opened and Sharon walked out, completely naked. By the time I got out of the shower, Sharon had finished fixing her hair and was putting on her make up. Looking around the room we saw an island bar with a stage in the center and a naked girl dancing on the pole. Sapphire then sat on Sharon's lap, reached for her hands, and placed them on her tits. By the time that nine songs had finished Sharon was in her seat panting, but I was starting to get annoyed. This time she put her hands in Sapphire's hair and pushed her face against her pussy.


Members Only

group Lyn Schwid 2018-08-02

"I'm gonna go through men like I go through bras," I said, taking a big bite. "First of all," said Doreen, "I thought you should know what eight inches REALLY feels like!" "Mmmmm, Pam, Bob here will be ready for another round in a few minutes if you'd like!" purred Doreen, opening her mouth to take in his cock. "Sam is a full foot!" giggled Doreen as she showered both Jim's and Bob's cocks with kisses. "Doreen?" I said as I raised my ass to a standing position, tingling my tits with both hands as I stood. "Charge?" said Doreen, mouthing the man's big balls. "Wow, I never thought of that," said Doreen, letting her big blonde friend hog the man's hog.

Louise and Her Journey Home

group JonfromEssex 2018-08-02

His cock grew to its full seven inches and stood out horizontally from his body its head pointing at Louise's face in line with her pink painted lips. She licked her lips and smiled at each guy in turn and was about to reach for her dress when the suit who had sat down on the bench seat took her by the waist and lifted her onto his lap. Suit reached under her and adjusted his position then slowly but with increasing pressure pushed his still erect cock up into her tight little rear puckered hole! Louise wigged and tried to resist briefly but gravity and the hands holding her firmly from behind slowly and steadily lowered her down; inch by inch; the Suits cock gradually filled her anus.


Tom and the Neighbors Ch. 01

group Leftahead 2018-08-02

You're just lucky that I like our neighbor here enough to wear this thing." Ann said with a self-conscious smile for Tom "It's not obvious, but man oh man Tom, that suit is worth its weight." Gary quickly added "Ha- yeah! Ann smiled, but was still unable to look at him "Good God, that sexy as hell." He paused "Fuckin-eh, now I really can't wait to get in that tub!" Tom smiled at both of them, and again, unconsciously squeezing his swelling member through his shorts. Without taking her eyes off of Tom, Ann reached over and started squeezing the inside of Gary's thigh. Gary stood to help her into the tub, giving Tom a view of her large breasts hanging and brushing against his hefty penis.


I Bared Myself for Daddy's Camera (Part 2)

group 2018-08-02

As the man behind pushed hard, the doorbell rang again, and my eyes opened to see more men walk in, and stair at what was unfolding before them, daddy was apologizing, 'We had to start, my daughter could not wait', and as the men filed in, they began undressing, as the man behind me started grunting, his cock was inside my bum, it felt warm and tight where it went into me, all the rest felt like I needed a shit, but he was clearly loving it, By the time daddy had closed the door, I was completely naked, the few pieces of fabric lay feet away from me, and the man I clung to was now trying to put his cock into my vagina.

University Sex Ch. 02

group Benny024 2018-08-02

Wendy's cheeks felt like warm pillows as I began to wet her pussy with my tongue. Wendy quickly and eagerly engulfed my cockhead in her mouth and greedily sucked and licked the precum that was oozing out my swollen cock head. I puckered my lips, but Wendy began wildly feasting on my face - sucking and licking her pussy juice off it. Wendy instinctively wrapped her legs around me, locking her feet together in the small of my back as I maneuvered my cock, until I felt the entrance to her warm, wet cunt. A couple of seconds later, Wendy's tight pussy began easing down my stiff cock. I placed both my hands under Wendy's ass and held her cheeks firmly as I moved my mouth directly over her now drooling pussy.


More Than a Cookout

group lizzybella 2018-08-02

As I moved my head and started sucking his cock while cupping his balls in my hand he moaned and said "Oh yea, this is hot." My boyfriend came onto the bed and knelt on the other side of me and I took turns sucking and rubbing each of their cocks. Ryan moved in front of me on the bed and I again began rubbing and sucking his hard cock while my boyfriend fucked me. As my boyfriend fucked me and watched me suck and jerk Ryan off, Ryan moaned and said, "Fuck yea, I am going to cum!" Todd and my boyfriend come closer together and put both their cocks in my mouth and sucked them both at the same time.

Accidental Threesome

group FiftySomething 2018-08-02

I wound up having to play for time when I got home from work on a Friday, because she was ready to go the minute I stepped in the door and I'd told Mike to be at our back door around at 7:00. Two things happened then at exactly the same time: Mike's eyes got wide as saucers when he saw what I'd done, then he closed them tight and stiffened and I knew he was filling up her pussy with cum. I took her head in my hands and held her firmly onto my cock, shoving it back down her throat and making sure the blindfold stayed in place while he pulled out with a long splatterey sound.

Summer School: Breaking-Up Party

group Libertine 2018-08-02

The old broad had summoned the two adult women Karin and Lisa and the four girls together in late afternoon and we had heard them talk and laugh behind a big boulder surrounded by bushes. Her butt muscles flexed and tightened her butt hole real hard against my thumb just the same as Lisa's butt did when she felt Lars' cock head poke her. Lars started to fuck Lisa and I put one finger in Elsa's pussy and the rest over her clit. "Your cock feels so good inside me, it stretches me and fills me up just like the girls said it would. "Well, suddenly the old broad said it was time to go fuck and she led the way.


Swinging in France: the Sauna Club

group Mentor de Lyon 2018-08-02

Jen pushed back against him and I watched as his swollen purple cock-head split her open and then slowly eased deep into my wife's ass. RC pulled out, slid off his condom, and I watched as his hard cock spat rope after rope of his white hot seed onto my wife's back and ass. By the time she switched and began to suck the dark-haired gentleman's cock they were both fully erect, and I watched as their thick cocks, slick with Jen's saliva and precum, fucked my wife's mouth again and again. The young man fucked my wife's ass slowly and gently, but I knew that she wanted to be pounded, so I placed my hand on his butt and pushed him hard into her.

Warren's Women - Nancy & Judy Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-02

Eppy turned and smiled at him just as Judy, with a low, piercing groan, lowered her face between Nancy's widely spread legs. They all laughed at that and Nancy snuggled up against Warren, while Judy leaned against Eppy's chest and held his enormous cock in her hand, looking at it in wonder. Nancy felt another orgasm approaching and increased her pace, lifting her buttocks, she began to move so fast Warren lost his rhythm and almost slipped out of her, but managed to salvage his penetration as she rose and fell like a piston in a racing engine. Judy squeezed Eppy's full-sized erection, at the same time noting how as Warren pulled out Nancy would push in.


Carrie's Cumming Out Party

group sexcellentfun 2018-08-02

As Angie and Sam came up to the drivers side and Whitney and Bruce leaned against the passengers window Billy shot his load deep into her mouth. In addition to Whitney now rubbing Bruce's cock, Sam had unbuttoned Angie's blouse and was now feeling her tits inside her bra. Sam had no intention of stopping as his tongue licked Angie's clitoris with a fervor that was driving her wild and the couple did not hear Billy and Carrie approaching until they climbed on the opposite side of the bed. They had been removing each other's clothing as they watched Sam lick Angie's pussy and as they lay down Billy went right for Carrie's tits, gently squeezing the nipple of one while sucking the other.


The After Party

group H0LLYW00DxWH0RE 2018-08-02

Sliding two fingers into her tight pussy he begins fingering her hard and fast as he sucks on her clit, making her moan even louder as she grabbed the back of Dan's head. Dan fingering her harder and faster, making her moan even louder, with Scott's cock still in her mouth grabbing his cock with her hand, she starts jerking him off, as she sucks on his head as she looks up at him. Pulling his fingers out of her pussy, bringing his fingers to her mouth, Jenna grabs his hand, slowly sucking each finger clean, one at a time, as she looks him in the eyes seductively.


The Senator Ch. 06

group imageone 2018-08-02

His hands firmly planted on Angie's hips, Dan Michaels began a slow fucking motion into the young girl's hot gushing pussy, feeling his cock speeding along the entire length of her tingling narrow channel and listening to her soft moans of pleasure. But this was not all he had wanted of her, and boldly, after once more assessing the sounds coming from inside Nancy's bedroom, he began to push forward into the room, carrying Angie along with him still firmly attached to him by the penetration of his pulsing cock inside her tight clinging cunt. Nancy could hear Angie's mounting moans of utter pleasure, and she guessed that Dan was touching her body in such a way as to alleviate the rising pain between the young girl's cock-spread asshole.


Our Dinner Date with Mark

group Perfect_Pervert 2018-08-02

"The meal is delicious Laura," Mark says and I nod my head in agreement. My cock has been aching to escape my pants all evening and with Mark beginning to kiss my wife's neck I believe that time has finally come. He's placed one hand on her back, while his other hand looks like it's worked his way up her thigh and has found her pussy based on the look on Laura's face. Suddenly she shrieks around my cock and I open my eyes long enough to look at Mark and the sight is almost enough to make me blow right then and there. I look into her beautiful green eyes and she finds enough strength to smile at me, "Do you like watching your wife take someone else's cock?"

Cupid's Wish

group pixiesjuice 2018-08-02

"Well if you've left some hot water, I think we'll go make ourselves beautiful Dan." Nikki got up from the table, taking her drink in one hand and her bag in the other, just managing to balance on tip-toe long enough to brush her lips against the side of Dan's cheek on her way through to the lounge. "I spent all day trying to figure out the same thing Nikki, and I think I have the perfect outfit all picked out, bear with me a sec and let me know what you think." The vodka had made me a little braver than normal, but I took a long swallow of my drink before diving headfirst into my walk-in wardrobe, hunting around in the deepest recesses for the kiss of cold leather against my fingertips.


Fire Island Ch. 04

group cherrygrove 2018-08-02

As we approached Fran and Susan, I wrapped my arm around John's waist and with my other hand I cupped his cock. After kissing and hugging and feeling Fran, Susan and Lisa, I really thought this was a very good ritual to have. As we headed through the house back to the beach, John said, "Pete, I think you may be a natural." My cock got a little more blood when I heard that... I kissed Susan again and ran my hands down across her butt cheeks in a soft caress and then walked over to the spa where Lisa was sitting with her breasts above the water line and her arms spread out across the edge of the spa.


Serving Your Country

group eroslit 2018-08-02

So it shouldn't shock anybody that on a recent Saturday morning, as Traci began her four mile run at a nearby park, her attention was diverted by the sight of several young Army reservists struggling down the path under the weight of huge backpacks. Traci felt the tip of O'Neil's cock hit the back of her throat. Traci put her hands on the tent floor next to O'Neil's head and dropped her right breast to his lips. O'Neil licked the bright pink nipple several times before finally placing as much of the breast in his mouth as he could. Still wet from O'Neil, Traci's pussy easily accepted the new officer's cock.