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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My 1st time

group jahniannis 2018-08-02

about ten or so minutes before I noticed Ted's older b*****r, Tom, Once Tom saw I spotted him, he disappeared and I told Ted we might "You k**s don't know shit", Tom said as he pulled off his Once I braced myself, Tom's rubbings began to feel more like Tom's own ass, time to shoot his wad. Tom's cum, which seemed to stick to my skin like warm taffy, was now It was obviously clean-up time, and Tom shocked me by putting his was still in awe of the whole experience, as Tom began to chase Ted, trunks and used it to wipe Tom's cooling ejaculate from my ass. variation of Tom's big dick cumming all over my ass.


Sex with a stripper in the club

group adultvideochatsex 2018-08-02

While he danced he felt my body slipping looking hot as I felt how he naked me with his eyes, but not important because it gave him know that entertainers are not allowed to flirt with people in the club. When I approached him, standing up, I felt that he caressed me with his hand from the neck until he arrived in the most intimate area of my body. A few seconds left in me, kissing me passionately on the mouth and breasts, then we got up, we dressed and he told me: "Tonight I will not forget hot." And we went after the curtain, me going to my friends, and he continue to show ..

Our Girlfriend Ch. 04

group HalElle 2018-08-02

Behind her, my wife stood, an eight inch strap-on dildo buried to the hilt in the ass of Donna, Elle also looking into my eyes and biting her lower lip...waiting...waiting for me to say... She hit Donna so hard her body shook but the brunette gave no reaction other than to continue to look into the eyes of Elle's reflection. Elle let the door open, Achilles didn't run out or bark, he wagged his tail, recognizing Susan and Jesse, and turned and went back into the kitchen. "Girls like you, baby, you just need some confidence..." Susan let go of her son's face and in one fluid movement, she grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head and off.

I Like The Feeling

group imsally 2018-08-02

I let my legs open a bit, got some more glances so I did a couple of little scoots with my butt that made the panties slip a bit. I lifted up to button my dress, I knew he got a good look at my bare breasts when I did that. I lost some time after that, coming back to the here and now just as someone called out, "Kerry, where the hell are you?" We looked up just as two guys came down the trail, they spotted us and came to a dead stop. Fred started to mutter an apology, Kerry just laughed and said, "Relax, she likes being looked at." giving me a knowing smile.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 32

group Reindeer58 2018-08-02

As she walked up to Mary Claire she extended her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Gloria Graham, you look lost, may I help?" From the top of the stairs at the east end of the Quadrangle Gloria pointed out the Sam Fox School and reminded Mary Claire that she had found her at the corner of Graham Chapel. After about forty-five minutes of both professors browsing and asking her opinions on various buildings she drew, the Art School Dean came in with a sheaf of papers and asked Mary Claire if she would like to take the Mensa exam. "Yes, I'll call you soon, bye." As she walked up the campus she thought, What a gorgeous woman her mother is, I can see where Gloria gets her good looks.


Evil Clowns From Outer Space

group sandymonroe 2018-08-02

"I thought you liked black cocks." I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth like a big black snake!" It was kinda good kneeling in front of him and letting him fuck my mouth like an obedient slut... And he was fucking my mouth just like the other clown did... When his sack was dripping from my saliva, he pushed his cock back all the way into my mouth, and started fucking my mouth just the way the other clown was doing me from behind. I was on my knees on one of these huge guys, and one of those huge black cocks was fucking the hell out of my pussy, the other one was pounding my ass!"

Pam's Lost Hours at the Shopping Centre

group TallManReinvented 2018-08-02

There amongst the noise and the confusion of sour elderly ladies with slow plodding feet carrying shopping bags, I feel the eyes of French men mapping their routes around my body and imagining what it would be like to travel them. I lose track of time somewhat reading about all those black bodies and frantic couplings, then realise, not only that my cappuccino is finished and I am dribbling love juices into my panties again, feeling a growing urge for penile penetration, but I also need to pee.


The Market

group Dingy_Jo 2018-08-02

I know my own pussy was responding and I was just about to touch it when Greg brought me out of my trance by saying, "That's Tim and Alice, our store whore. Alice stood up, brushed her skirt down into place, looked at the door and smiled as Greg walked in. I was so lost in the feeling of her tongue fucking me that I didn't know Greg had come back into the room until I herd her grunt and felt a difference in the rhythm of the licks against my pussy. While I was in there I heard a loud, shrill moan from Alice and opened the door just in time to see her push herself against Greg in a wild orgasmic climax.

The Prisoner by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-08-02

"We do this all the time together," Hannah gasped, "Connie comes in and we masturbate for each other, or we eat each other's pussies, don't you just love thinking about Connie lifting her dress and masturbating for me, she has such a pretty vagina, I can't get enough of it!!!" That was it, the hot talking warden had succeeded in getting all three of them turned on, and while Connie and Hannah had the benefit of out side help, Beth's own pussy wrenched hard while the two other women groaned into each other's mouths as their orgasms peaked!!!

A Little Side Business Pt. 06

group flatliner 2018-08-02

We'd planned to confront her after work that night, but the call to come film meant we would all be in one place at the same time, so I'd texted Tamika, who agreed that we should wait until we were all out at Bateaux. We had a minute or two during the busy day to talk, but as usual, a VoltT store is like a high speed assembly line where customers come in one end, go through the sales-grinder and leave with a device and several hundred dollars less cash. Rita and I devoured the burrito, rolling down Skidaway Road, AC on high, as the sun set behind us, and we talked, reviewing the plan to simply form a solid wall of truth for Charlotte, to tell her we knew all about her and demand she seek help, for the sake of Chatterley if nothing else.


Princess Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-08-02

Carrie said that we have to talk a lot about how we're feeling, so asking questions like you just did is a good thing. We'd worked up a rough script with Marjorie, building on the questions that she would ask Carrie about how she felt and why she was doing what she was going. For her part, Carrie had revived the Princess image with a wig, a lot of work over the past two days to get rid of the rose tattoo on her neck, long sleeves to hide the remnants of the barbed wire tats, and some return to a way of acting and behaving she'd obviously been programmed for in her home country.


The Good Student

group xmas_vixen 2018-08-02

She had finally started to get wet and her own juices were mixing with his and running down her open slit to her clit, hanging briefly, then dripping to the floor below. She felt his fingers dig into her hair and her mouth was forced back down on his shaft. He looked down at the sexy girl on her knees; her eyes staring intently at him; her mouth dripping with saliva. She slowed her breathing and tried not to think about the rest of the class or how she was going to clean his cum from her face, hair, and blouse. She opened her lips and started using her tongue to clean his smooth balls as he fell back on his desk.

Home Cumming Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-08-02

"This will help pass the time as you hair dries," Phillipe said and then he took Kyle's cock in his mouth. Kyle said he continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his new lover driving his cock into the warm recess. Kyle said he whimpered under the assault of his first ass fucking but that he pushed back to try to get all of Phillipe's cock in him. As Carl slowly fucked Kyle allowing his cock to soften in the teenager's ass, Paul announced he was cumming. Once they got to the bedroom in didn't take long for Kyle to get in bed and turn his beautiful shapely ass up in the air in anticipation of Carl's huge cock.


Naked Pictures

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-02

I told Fred that I had taken nude pictures and videos of my wife, and asked if he would like to see them. At one point Fred walked over to the large TV set and started kissing the image of my wife's nipples, and as if he was playing with her tits. Fred then went back to my wife's tits and started sucking them. After a minute I put the camera down, lay down next to my wife and started kissing and tonguing her, stroking her breasts and playing with her nipples. When Tracy said she was coming, Fred pulled out and shot his sperm all over my wife's stomach. After she came again, I took some more video, this time of Tracy sucking Fred's cock.

A Bedroom Window

group tantricjim 2018-08-02

Mary Ellen said in a strangled voice, "No Marg, I want to try on the panties that you're wearing." I had just slid my cock into her; God is there anything possibly better in this world than that first stroke in a hot hungry pussy; and I asked "Did you and Mary Ellen try on clothes while I was away?" By this time the pussy rubbing was getting frantic and I could feel and hear Mary Ellen's wet cunt lapping my thigh." I lifted up quickly and looked franticly at Mary Ellen who smiled and told me to relax; that it was Doug and why not let him come in.


Krysta's Dare

group QuietlyMakingNoise 2018-08-02

“I just don’t think you’ll know how great your body can make you feel until you explore a gang bang with men and women helping you cum time after time.” Dave said letting the hook dangle just inside her mouth, making sure he had the perfect reaction before setting it, and with it setting in motion a very erotic set of events. The first feeling of explosion from Dave would hit the roof or her mouth she knew, and that would go right to her clit where Dave’s beautiful attention would build upon it and make her own orgasm trigger.

Crystal Clear Ch. 28

group Romantic1 2018-08-02

I started in a blunt academic voice, but softened my approach and language with each minute that went by until I spoke in a sexy, throaty whisper; "Which sounds sexier, my asking you outright 'Do you want to fuck?' or my adopting a whisper, kissing your neck, and saying, 'I can't wait to make love to you -- to caress every inch of your body, to do things to you that you'll remember forever, and to give you wonderful and countless orgasms." The first part of my statement had been intentionally crude; and the second part more seductive.


The Princess Bitch

group Cromagnonman 2018-08-02

"Trent thought that he was really going to score last night, I let him play with my titties and when I let him put his hand between my legs I thought that he was going to have a stroke, oops I didn't mean it like that," they all giggled at her pun, "what I meant to say was that he got really, really excited, and then I told him to stop because I was saving myself for when we get married, he had a boner that big that he couldn't stand up when he got out to open the car door for me, I just about wet myself when I got inside."


Love Tunnel

group Rollinbones 2018-08-02

A woman in a dark grey business suit made eye contact and licked her lips then smiled and bustled her way a little closer blocking Sues view of the African man's growing third leg. "You're already mostly naked Sue, you might as well just fuck him in front of all these people." Her inner voice has lead her into trouble many times before and she resolves to retain this last shred of decency as she rides the train in just her knickers with a strangers hard cock between her thighs. The slight back and forth of the train and the reciprocal back and forth of the strangers cock have brought her very close to a second orgasm and she knew the smell of her arousal must be quite evident to everyone in the carriage.


Try New Things

group ScarlettKisses 2018-08-02

"You said you wanted to try new things" Trent smiles and pushes Becca towards Vic. Becca instantly sets to work, pulling the man's head down to her so she could kiss him. She was tempted to roll over and open her legs for Jess, to tease Vic as much as for her own pleasure but she suddenly feels hand on her ass and a fat cock slide into her cut. Sweat beads Becca's body, making her shine as Jess eats her and Vic shoves his fat cock into her cunt. Emily ignored, Vic drives his huge cock into Becca's cunt from behind, instantly getting to work fucking her.

Camelot Ch. 01

group xena_gt 2018-08-02

His moans were getting more labored, Dusty pulled away from Sarah's hot mouth and lay down in front of her and said 'Suck my cock, babe.' The room was quiet except for the music in the background and Sarah's excited moans brought on by Dylan's fingering her hot, wet pussy. After swallowing what was in her hungry mouth Sarah began cleaning off Dusty's cock and balls in earnest, only stopping to moan loudly as she came once again from Dylan fucking her harder and his thumb now replaced in her hot ass by two fingers that were spreading her hole wider to receive his third finger.

Dr. Laurie's E-D Appointment

group fromthestarz 2018-08-02

"Perfectly healthy two hundred ten millimeter urethra, Paul!" And at that, the door pops open and through it comes the nurse that had led me to the exam room when I first arrived, hand out to accept the slimy laparoscope from Doctor Laurie’s outstretched hand. Nurse Marci is breathing heavily, excitedly, staring into my eyes, just inches from my face, while dutifully holding the plastic cup to the end of my solid erection using both hands. Doctor Laurie has caught up with Marci's constant rhythm, and every pass of her fingers over my prostate sends a throb from inside my ass out through my cock, which at this point, seems to have almost doubled in thickness and grown at least another two inches longer.

Fantastic sex party report submitted by my slutty

group BEACHCRAWLER 2018-08-02

You told the guys to get their pants off and sit on the couch, which they did and most had hard cocks by this time and I had fun watching them wanking while they watched me. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and started fucking my mouth, pulling my face into his cock until it was buried to the base. The guy behind quickly slid his cock into my cunt and told me to take it all like the dirty little cum slut that I am. You rammed your cock into my mouth and then pulled out before shooting streams of hot, creamy cum all over my lips and face.

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 05

group allnitediner 2018-08-02

"And how about the hostess?" Gina said as she approached fiona from behind rubbing her ass with one hand and her pussy with the other. Fiona showed the first signs of coming but Gina was only seconds behind as they rolled over on their sides and frantically continued the attack on each other's increasingly sensitive pussy. "Don't worry about these guys," I said to Vince and Fiona, "they're people we know pretty well and they're no strangers to nudity, believe me." "Just showing our good friends Vince and Fiona around the neighbourhood and we thought they might enjoy seeing the beach," I answered. Phil was definitely enjoying his view of Gina and Fiona as he sat crossed legged with his six inch cock standing straight up at attention.