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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Angel's Work Ch. 04

group slutbunny 2018-08-02

As I lay on the table getting fingered and eaten while I was rubbing two loads of cum in to my tits, one of the guys said to the birthday boy. As I was sucking this cock another guy began to cum on my face. As I began rubbing all of the cum in to my tits, and licking it off my fingers he pulled his cock out of my cunt and came over my stomach. I felt my own cum spilling out of my tight twat and rolling down the huge black cock in my pussy. The guy I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and as I screamed in orgasm he shot his cum over my face and in to my mouth.

Skinny Dipping Cheerleaders

group DonP 2018-08-02

As Mitch pulled out his cock and sprayed Kristie's bald beaver, she turned and kissed Steve's cum into Marla's mouth. Marla continued to bounce up and down on Steve's dick, watching with delight as he crunched his face up each time her pussy came down on over his cock. Steve, now spent, moved around to Marla's head, pinched her nipples, squeezed her tits, and tried to time her reactions to Kristie's tonguing with his hands on her breasts. Kristie, who had slowed down on the tongue work, now mostly drooling into Marla's open cunt because pleasure was building in her too, taking on Mitch's fast fingers over her clit while he banged her tight little asshole.

Leaving the Navy Ch. 10

group Scorpio44a 2018-08-02

Della said, "You know I love massage." Della sensed how tight Donna's ass still was and she knew we needed to stretch those muscles. We moved her very slowly and Della kept reminding her to breathe as she used her hands to help the leg and butt muscles relax. Donna pumped more lotion into her hands and got it warm then she came beside the table and spread Della's ass with her hands. Donna came back out and climbed onto the table facing Della's ass and the backs of her legs. I watched and when Donna's finger started back towards Della's clit I said, "When she touches your clit, cum for us."


The Babysitter

group aksarben 2018-08-02

As my wife went to go taste Hannah's pussy, the babysitter pushed her away and said she wanted to taste my wife's first. I lay down on the bed as my wife slowly moved down the babysitter's body, coming to final rest between her legs, admiring the well shaved young pussy. Eventually, my wife looked Hannah in the eyes and said "it is your turn to fuck him." Hannah looked at her and even though my wife had suggested it, the babysitter still asked permission. The babysitter pulled on her own nipples and massaged my wife's head as I continued to slowly but deeply drive my hard cock into my wife's wanton pussy.


group homaster 2018-08-02

Crawl up to me, bitch,' Kent ordered, with the trollop doing as told, and him tilting her head back with her chin in his left hand, after which he said, 'Sit there on your haunches like a dog while I whip your fucking snout!' - and he began swatting her face with his dick in his right hand. Once the younger man had shot his load into Beth's oral gape, however, he and his dad took a break, after which Kent lay back on the floor and ordered the slag to drop her cooze onto his dick, with Tommy next starting to have his way with her smell-pipe.


Explorations Ch. 06

group Manny2314 2018-08-02

Emily had quit pumping on me when Laura started cumming. Emily leaned in between Laura's legs and started licking her pussy. As I watched her licking Laura's pussy more, I pounded into Emily's cunt more. Emily was struggling with her stimulation as well, with my cock inside her, my fingers rubbing her clit hard, her mouth in Laura's cunt, and now I noticed that Laura's hands were clasped onto Emily's tits. I was still on my knees with my dick half erect, bouncing in the air, watching Emily curled up in the fetal position and Laura leaning her head back against the headboard, her arms hanging limply to her sides and her legs spread wide, her cunt staring straight at me.

How I Got Him to Propose

group The Swan 2018-08-02

After a few minutes and before we got to the point of no return Sean said to me, "I invited Jack to join us for lunch, he is in the living room, do you want me to invite him to join us?" When Sean said to me, "Don't ignore our guest." I opened my eyes to see Jack standing next to Sean with his tennis shorts also around his ankles and a rapidly inflating penis in his hand. I had never been anally penetrated before and when I felt the pizza guy's finger gently slide into my ass as he lubed me more with the baby oil I tensed up and could feel my anal spinster muscle tighten like a vise around his finger, but after a few minutes I began to relax.

Another Visit to Mon Chalet

group Atrampboy 2018-08-02

This went on for a while and I was loving it of course but it was clear I wasn't going to get to the edge but wasn't going to be able to finish it off this time so we took a break and as we were chatting Tes noticed our friend was slowly stroking himself so, subtle young lady that she is, asked him 'whatcha got going under your towel there?' and lifted it off of him to reveal his hard cock shiny with precum.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 22

group SteveWallace 2018-08-02

I set up Brady and Edie to attend a weekend retreat by the same workshop leaders as the sessions I'd gone to on Cape Cod. The couple went down to Colorado Springs to the Broadmoor Hotel for a long weekend to go to the workshop, and Brady came back all smiles with what he'd learned and eager to start practicing on Edie, Ivy, Robyn, and the rest of the women in his swing circle. "Give me a few minutes, and I think we can do everything you wish - the cuddling, the talking, and the loving." I ignored the obvious taste of Jane, Martin, and Brady in Ivy's mouth and just focused on the French kiss.


Bitchin' Birthday Bash

group Hullo_nurse 2018-08-02

I love the way your hands slide over me, teasing me, making my pussy so wet," Emily admitted as Amy's palms grazed Emily's jutting nipples. "Mmmmm," Emily moaned as Amy's hands slid under her panties and her fingers teased Emily's back door. Amy shrugged off her robe, knowing the roughness tantalized Emily's exposed nipples, but wanting to tease her more before bringing her to release. "Cum my sweet, let it carry you to the top of the mountain," Amy said just before she attacked Emily's clit with renew vigor. Just think, every move you make on the dance floor is gonna get you hornier and hornier!" Amy slid the second ball in place and massaged Emily's lips back together.


Moving Story

group fiik_gremlin 2018-08-02

I licked and sucked on the puffy lips of her sex, I opened them to revel the access to her cunt, I eased my tongue into her, I turned to her clit and sucked on her bud till she started to buck and push her pussy into my face. So in a second she was telling me to fuck her hard as I did it to her while hanging onto her full arse, pulling her cheek apart so I could see my cock slide in and out of her still tight pussy, or pulling on her mane of dark hair, forcing her neck to snap back and her cunt to push back onto my cock again, or reaching under her to pull on her swinging breasts, twisting her nipples till she gasped with pain and pleasure.


Turning Tia Out

group juniysa 2018-08-02

"With each new episode, you seem to be turning into a black cock manslut." I watched Jeff's face, hoping to get a disgusted or offended expression from my casual remarks, but instead a calm blissful state curved his lips, relaxed his eyebrows and closed his eyes. I wasted another two hours watching porn clips, some featuring women getting fucked in the ass by a big black cock, while others included scrawny white men sucking off their larger endowed partners. The two men didn't kiss themselves, but instead ran their hands up and down Jeff's slim body, pinching and twisting his sensitive brown nipples and occasionally spanking his round bubble butt.


Back Rent Gets Paid

group PhilLusty 2018-08-02

Amber’s husband Randy just sat there looking at the floor and Amber pleaded through tears to let them have some time to come up with the rent. Amber wasted no time in taking it all the way in, I stopped my thrusting and watched Randy fuck her face for a few, before I resumed ramming her hard. I moved up and began fucking her face furiously, I really was amazed at how adept Amber was in taking cock into her mouth. I grabbed her hips and slowly inserted the head of my cock past the tight muscles of her ass, once past I slammed my hardened member all the way in and began to fuck away.

Joe and Lisa's Vacation

group Joe Peters 2018-08-02

Diane was getting very worked up over this show and went over to Jack to kiss him and tell him he was going to enjoy Lisa's big tits and that she wanted to watch his cock ride in and out of Lisa's pussy. Diane sensed what was happening and told Jack that Lisa was ready for him to fill her with his cum as she disappeared under his ass and started to suck on his balls and lick his shaft when it came back on each thrust. Lisa made her way over to where Ron was sitting, slid up between his open legs, dragged her tits across his cock a few times before she kissed her way to his mouth where they stayed locked in a passionate kiss for a couple of minutes.


My Slut Weekend

group zimabean 2018-08-02

After another thirty minutes these five young good looking married men invited us up to their room to party some more. I looked over at Anne and her man was fucking her missionary, her legs in the air as he hammered her old pussy. The sound of his hard cock slaming in and out of Anne's wet pussy made me even closer to cumming. Her mounted me and my man mounted her, the sound of hard cocks slaming cum filled pussies soon filled the room. I no sooner spread my legs that the man fucking Karin pulled out of her and buried his cock in me and exploded.

More Big Black Cocks For Beverly

group Nemesis84 2018-08-02

Beverly’s mind when to thoughts of what was to come, she tried to imagine what it would like to be used by three hung black guys, she already knew what it was like to have Tyrell fucking her hard, the pleasure his big black cock had brought her, and all the nasty thoughts he had put in her head when he told her that he would be bringing two friends next time so they could all use her little white pussy. Otis watched as Beverly sucked Tyrell and rubbed Sammy, it turned him on seeing her white hands all over their black cocks and spurred him to thrust harder and faster into her, the feeling of her wet pussy on his cock exquisite as he made her take more of the thick shaft.

Making a Whore Pt. 06

group dna27fog 2018-08-02

I would be on the sales floor at work and suddenly get a text that said 'MMMM, guy says he wants to pound my pussy while I suck his friends cock' I would get off work, go home, eat dinner, watch porn while looking for guys on the internet, and then fuck. I tried to fuck her ass with my tongue and greedily sucked her asshole like I was French kissing a bride on our wedding night. She had fucked him after not telling me at all, and not texting me at all while I was at work, and had sent me downstairs to be alone when I had gotten home.

Shared Wife

group petercee 2018-08-02

In the hotel cocktail bar Brett did a double take as she walked into the room along with a couple of other guys, on reaching him Anne gave him a welcome kiss and led us to a booth at the back of the bar where we sat either side of her and enjoyed pre-dinner drinks. The young guy had stamina we stayed at the beach three days and every day Rod and Anne fucked at least six times it seemed if you fed the lad it went straight into his cock.


group MrNothing 2018-08-02

Mira was rubbing her bra with one hand with the other spread her pinks lips wide, letting the musky scent of her cunt fill the trailer; Peter was the first to get his cock out, a 7' inch skinny.. The officer had enough; he dove into her pussy mouth first, yanking aside her panties to delve his tongue into the folds and slurp up her juices like a greedy child; he plunged a finger into her hole, wetting it up, before roughly poking it against her asshole-- it didn't go at first, but Mira spread wider and wider, lifting her ass until his thick finger could fit. "Shit...." Peter grunted and the shot came like fire, spraying globs of warm cum all over Mira's fleshy titties; he drained every drop, humping her jugs roughly before he rolled off...

I got caught prt2

group tmpafla 2018-08-02

Took my hand and started to walk towards the door. "Paul is already puttinng some drinks out" I looked out the window nd he was gone."we will be upstairs if u want to play" she said to me as she turned around and started to head towards the door. But u look like the kind of guy who willl really get into the way we play" she turned her head. I took my other hand nd started to pull on his balls. As Paul took a step back she attacked my cock like a wild a****l. She took the tie off the base of my cock nd I felt a lil bit of cum shoot forward.

strangers masturbate for eachother

group simonthe1st 2018-08-01

I slowly climbed up the slippery slope, to enter the quarry between two standing stones.l Head turned to one side one arm laying high on the Rock,the other free to explore, between her legs. Her hands quickened and fingers slipped deeper, intense low moaning, turning into stifled screams. Fingers trained to tease the last tremor out slowly came to rest, her juices left to trickle down her thigh, and dripped onto the blanket. She pulled her self to the edge of the rock and sat looking towards the stone I was hiding behind...........heart in mouth, cock in hand, Well she did not scream, but smiled one of her hands cupped her breast, lips puckered she blew a kiss at me.

Running Dreams

group tdallyn 2018-08-01

Janine, her husband Mark, me, and my wife Tina were part of a running club. You think that you're the only one who has fantasies?" Her words hit home and I admitted to myself what I already knew deep inside; that my amazing wife had desires and flights of fancy just like I did. "Now that definitely looks outrageous to me." Tina wrapped her fingers around my rigid cock and broke my reverie. Tina and Janine were piled up on the bench seat behind us, intertwined like a couple of teenagers, earphones tightly in place, eyes glued to the TV screen mounted on the back of the driver's seat. Janine turned to Tina, "Wouldn't you like to know?" My wife's ears glowed red.


Minding The Baby-Sitter

group TheOxRocks 2018-08-01

Stephanie then licked my ear while Chrissy tongued my balls, then deep-throated me like her sister had. Chrissy and Vicki are going to get to have you for the whole time their parents are gone." This, by the way, was news to me -- the first I heard of their intentions. Oooh, yeah!!!" She wrapped her strong arms around me and held me close, kissing me hard on the mouth and all over my face as she let me know how much she was enjoying me. I felt each one of them in turn, with their various styles of fellatio -- Vicki's deep-throating, Stephanie's slow-but-steady rhythm, Chrissy's probing tongue and sensuous lips, and Regina's no-nonsense piston-like motion.


Valentine's Day

group Sinara 2018-08-01

Even so, Jani was working with these half-naked, chatty and giggling girls around him, and it felt like he was living with them more than me! This beauty looked about 18...I couldn't imagine she was older than 20, but as she smiled at me my heart felt like it would leap out of my chest. As they said to me later, it hadn't been hard work for Jani to convince Esti to take part in our passionate night together. Esti still caressed my pussy with her tongue, while Jani took my bra off and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth. I saw Jani at the edge of the bed, smiling as he stared into my face, eyes gleaming.