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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Spark

group MawrGorshin 2018-08-01

"I can't believe my eyes," Dr. Joseph Lennon said to himself as he looked up and down at Emma's naked body. He and Dr. Leona Luxembourg, his assistant, had to examine Emma's naked body thoroughly every day to make sure she was improving, with no relapses to the ghastly state that seemed to show immanent, certain death. Doctor," Luxembourg said with a start, taking her hands off of Emma and blushing. "We'll be back soon, sweetheart," Leona said, helping Emma get back into bed. "Well, Emma's sickness came from getting up close to a meteorite that had fallen from space; and after placing the Spark under the microscope again last night, I've concluded that it isn't like any life form known on Earth.


Vinessa's Plan

group smithjon1919 2018-08-01

Suddenly, I felt Vinessa's hand applying pressure on the back of my head as she ordered, "I want to watch you suck it." I laughed at myself lightly before I decided, "What the hell?" Then I felt Nickie swell against the inside of my mouth before her cock gave a hard twitch against my tongue. I watched Vinessa go back to playing with her pussy as Nickie took my cock into her mouth. I said, "Excuse me for a moment," as I pulled out of Nickie's mouth and joined Vinessa. Her legs wrapped around my head, her pussy pressing hard on my willing mouth, and her hands grasping at her breasts; she came harder than any woman I had ever seen have an orgasm.


Charlotte's Bet

group toocold 2018-08-01

Finally, after eight minutes, Chris decided he'd done enough to stay on Jane's good side and let go, pumping hot, streams of cum into Charlotte's mouth, before pulling out and wiping his cock rudely across her face, smearing her cheek with cum and spit. Initially, Charlotte was pleased that she was not going to have to swallow 12 loads, but then she reconsidered – with Frank still in her mouth and Garry in her bottom, the next guy would also be fucking her pussy – this bet was going badly! Now that the bet was lost, the three men in Charlotte had no need to temper their passions, and all started to fuck her in earnest, roughly driving in and out of her until, one after another, they emptied themselves in her, leaving her mouth, pussy and ass full of spunk.

While John is Away Ch. 02

group P3Driver 2018-08-01

If I am going to buy a dress for tomorrow night, I want to make sure it looks good with heels. And, I can tell you for sure that those old men I was playing with were checking out your sexy little ass every time you bent over or turned away." I ask the sales woman to bring me two different sizes and I instruct Analyse to stay out of my dressing room so that we can get out of here without being thrown out. A really handsome guy, probably in his late 20's or early 30's, wearing a nice suit introduces himself as Antonio and asks if he can help us, in what sounds like an Italian accent.


Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 03

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-01

I like the clean shaven look I think it's sexy." Emily crawled up to my cock, licked my balls, and then continued up my shaft with her tongue. "Does someone like the feel of my silky panties on his hard cock?" Emily raised her chest off of mine and slowly teased my nipples by dragging her silk covered tits over mine, just barely touching them. Emily pulled away long enough to slap my ass hard, "I knew you would like this, it feels good doesn't it baby. Jessica made a point to let Emily know, "See mom, James is watching Chris' chiseled body and big cock walk across the yard and it's turning him on.

Oral Fixation Ch. 4

group BostonBeans 2018-08-01

About a week and a half after that, on Friday, I was asleep in bed with a girl that I had picked up in the cafeteria. Amy led me into Bill's room where he lay upon his back, obviously half drunk. Amy said "Jeff, Bill and I want to have sex and he is too drunk to get it up. I climbed on the bed between Bill's outstretched legs and began to softly suck his cock. Amy rested a minute, Bill's cum leaking out of her and onto my face. "Jeff, I haven't cum yet, please fuck me." Not needing another invitation I moved over and plunged my cock into her.

The Poke-Her Party

group lyra5 2018-08-01

Adam tells the men, "For this first match, the winner will have a minute to play with my wife's tits." I notice some of the guys spreading their legs a little wider as they sit to give their swelling cocks more room. As Adam starts the timer, Josh massages my tits with his hands, his thumbs flicking across my nipples making them even harder. Adam tells him no and Josh frowns, but once I start stroking him, he is in heaven, whispering me how much wants to bend me over the table and just fuck me right now. As I set the rhythm, I feel his hands take a hold of my hair as he starts telling me to suck harder and calls him his cock-sucking whore.

Arrested Development

group romanticwench 2018-08-01

Sarg dove in yet again, this time moving his tongue fast and hard over my clit, his finger darting inside making me crazy, bringing me right up to the edge and then once again backing away. "I want your big hard cock inside me right now!" I managed between the grunts and groans of having my ass pummeled. The Sarg put a hand in between us to stimulate my clit as Tommy pulled my hair slightly to deliver his own red-hot kiss. Tommy withdrew my arms from his neck and his huge cock from my ass as the Sarg slid from my drenched pussy. The Sarg rubbed his still hard, still wet cock against my lips and I opened my mouth, letting it slip in between my lips.

Expanding My Sex Life Ch. 01

group Biglupe69 2018-08-01

On the way home Amy told me she didn't really like the way Caleb acted but she did love him and he took care of her sexual needs. I stopped by his office before I left for the day and told him I wanted the job and I would decide which attire that I would wear when I showed up. Eventually I started fucking Caleb faster and grinding my pussy harder, he was sucking my tits swapping the left and right, all the time grabbing and squeezing my ass. I started to fantasize about Gary fucking me and as much as I knew it was going to hurt, I told Caleb to fuck me harder, I told him I wanted him to pound my pussy.

Our Company's Employee Party

group RedBrenda 2018-08-01

I felt his cock pushing against my pussy, then his fingers opened my labia and he penetrated me, pushing really hard. Then I felt a spray of hot cum in my pussy and the man in my mouth pulled his cock out of my mouth: At one moment I lost control and opened my eyes just to see bunch of naked bodies : Fuck my pussy hard!" Half an hour later I got email with a few pictures of me, naked on sofa in my office, having cocks in my pussy, in my mouth and sperm on my face, close ups of my pussy with two cocks trying to get in and a little message: You don't remember it, but if you want to do it again, let us know!"

On the Dance Floor

group MidwestSiren 2018-08-01

Laura appeared less at ease with her body than Jen, but still looked hot in her fitted black jeans and a black top that was only held closed by a single button between her breasts. Jen soon began to grind her hips in time to the music then turned and pressed her well-shaped ass against my crotch. I moved my hands to Jen's hips and could feel Laura pressing her body tightly against them. Bending Jen slightly forward, I pressed the head of my cock against her ass, and she groaned audibly, pushing against me in a frenzy. I slid my hands down to cup Jen's ass, then slid my hand all the way forward until I could feel Laura's hot cunt through her jeans.

By the Time I Got to Woodstock

group furryfan 2018-08-01

"You should come back home with me," Kenny said as he lingered for what seemed like forever around the open door of the bus, while the other passengers boarded the Greyhound bus bound for Albany, New York. They had been in a booth inside the diner when my little drama went down, and when I got to the woman's side I saw the embers of a cigarette light up the guy's face, although the aroma coming from inside the van left no doubt as to what was being smoked. "Follow me," Grace said, and as she walked me down the hall to the bathroom, I followed close behind, enthralled with the way her long hair flowed as she moved.


The Temp Chic

group suckmyjuices 2018-08-01

we are both sitting on the couch, he opens both our legs apart..he gets on his knees...he begins to tease us both...taking turns rubbing our clits and lips apart letting our juices flow...mmmm...her panties are removed..i can see her sweetness...i want to taste it..i want to eat it..her smooth polished lips glazed with her own juices, but lover begans to tongue her pussy...devouring it ...mmmm....i join him...both of us...buried in the temps pussy...she is shaking quivering...i tongue flick her clit...and suck on it slowly as Lover tongue fucks her pussy hole...we kiss keeping her clit between our mouth..Temp has ripped her dress off she now is naked...we don't stop we are enjoying this sweet pussy too much..he pulls away giving me full control of this juicy sweetness...i'm sucking her clit fingering her face glazed i feel her shaking...she grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her pussy...she begins to grind my face...yes face fuck me with your pussy...Lover is eating my pussy...just like i love it just like he always does...

Party Games

group Norfolk Boy 2018-08-01

It had been Sarah's thirty-second birthday on the previous Wednesday - the 7th June - and her husband, Steve, had asked Diane and I, together with Dave, Holly, Pete and Rosemary to go over for dinner on the following Saturday evening. After a while Rosemary asked light-heartedly , "Are you sure that this isn't just a ruse to sample every man here, Holly?" whereupon Sarah, seeing the possibilities, pretended to reverse her opinion and said, "On second thoughts I think I could tell as well." "Well, it looks as if it's my turn," said my wife, Diane who stood and slipped off her panties where she stood affording everyone a good look at her pale white thighs and shaved pussy that was clearly ready for action.


Hotel Swinging Meeting

group 2018-08-01

I can’t take anymore, watching giving head to two guys whilst getting fucked by her is too much and my cock starts to shoot cum all up my stomach and chest. She tells us to assume the 69 position we me underneath, I run my tongue over you pussy and it’s so hot and wet, you start to suck my cock, getting it all in to your mouth as its soft from cumming twice. She’s sat on the sofa watching me 69’ing you as you’re getting spit roasted by these two guys, she gets up comes over and lubes up her strapon, lifting my legs in the air she slides her dick inside me, grabbing hold of my now hard cock.

Suzie Goes to College

group Zuz1818 2018-08-01

I had thought about going with a friend, but I was alone, since while I would have preferred a good-looking guy I was willing to take just about anything and I was not sure I wanted my friends watching. I was a bit worried what he meant by that, but I did not have much time to think about it, since he took my head, spread his legs a bit and slowly pushed his cock all the way in till my nose was pressed up against his hair. "Don't worry babe, I'm going to make you cum." Tom was behind me, feeling my ass, and I reached down and took Larry's cock in my hands.

Riley's Exploits Pt. 04

group RileyAriadne 2018-08-01

Naomi turned away from me pulling her dress up a little and slipped her panties off. "You liked sucking my boyfriend's cock now you're going to fuck it." Naomi taunted. "Little sluts like you let guys fuck them bareback," Victoria told me. I wanted to get fucked as I had been wanting to fuck Tony since I sucked his cock but was terrified at the idea of a guy cumming inside me. Naomi pressed my face back down into her pussy as her boyfriend fucked me. Victoria leant down and started to finger Naomi as she watched Tony fucking me. I swallowed what was in my mouth as Naomi and Victoria started to kiss me.

Adam And Sharon, Things Get Interest

group Aussiemale50 2018-08-01

Adam buried head between Mandy's legs and drank her juices while Scott enjoyed Shaz sucking his cock. Adam was particularly turned on by Shaz encouraging Scott to fuck her wet cunt and dumped his load into Mandy. Mandy admitted that during the week she and Sharon had enjoyed a girl on girl experience together; apparently they left work one lunchtime and gone to Sharon's place together; had sucked and fingered each other to several orgasms and had planned that night. Adam explained how turned on he was watching Shaz fuck Scott, and how much he enjoyed sinking his cock into Mandy. The high point came with Adam bringing Mandy to a climax with his tongue while she sucked Sharon's clit with Scott simultaneously fucking Sharon.

Hanging At The Beach Ch. 2

group Veronica Sweet 2018-08-01

"Well then, you can't have this getting in the way of the rest of your fun" and with that Derrick dropped to his knees in the shower and took Jon's cock in his mouth. Normally I can be quite a tease with my tongue and I often lick all around Jon's crotch and his balls in such a way that he's hard by the time I'm ready to swallow his cock. Kate and Jon gave me a good amount of time to enjoy Derrick's cock, which had thickened some more and had grown several inches. My mouth had rejoined my husband and Jon and I were now taking turns sucking Derrick's cock and licking his balls, which I noticed getting a little tighter in his sac.

The Scriptwriter

group bradley_stoke 2018-08-01

Desmond: And you think she could introduce me to someone from Heavenly Wind Studios who could get me a job writing film scripts for porn movies? Desmond fucks Sunshine in the following positions: doggie, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and anal. Herbert: Don't shit me, Des. No one's always wanted to write porn: at least not for pornos. None of you ever got into this game 'cause you wanted to write the bit of dialogue between sex scenes that keeps a porno together. Desmond: I'm sure I'll be able to give you exactly the kind of script your movies need, Mr Chin. Misty and Buster Beaver are both naked and fucking together on a large bed while surrounded by a film crew including Desmond.


Mrs. Claus Cums Once a Year Ch. 02

group Boxlicker101 2018-08-01

It was fun, sucking the elf's shaft in and out and caressing it with her tongue and lips but the pleasure she received from the stiff cock in her mouth was nothing compared to the bliss that flooded her body from the two that were fucking her ass and pussy. Between him and the next elf up, her head and body turned so her mouth could stroke the cock of another elf, Mrs. Claus was writhing from the intense pleasure, even approaching ecstasy, of the thick shafts plowing into her ass and her pussy. Mrs. Claus disengaged her pussy from the other softening shaft and rolled onto her back near the edge of the mattress, semen and her own juices dribbling from two thoroughly fucked holes.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 46

group SteveWallace 2018-08-01

Elsa, Greg, and Sean went out to the property many times and worked on finding the perfect site for our new home. Elsa immediately had a shale road and underground utilities brought into the property to the potential house site, and then instituted a planting program along the road so we would ultimately have a long, curved, tree-lined driveway in a couple of years as the plantings matured. The following weekend Greg brought Kim out to see the property, and to play with us down by our new clothing optional 'beach.' She too helped in the christening process in a unique way. Brita did want the semblance of a permanent relationship with us – Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC, and me. Ninety minutes later, Lucas came into the observation room where I sat talking through the intercom to Sheila and Melanie.


Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-08-01

Jill had shapely legs and a very round curvy ass, the kind that Gary would like to fuck if it belonged to a guy. Gary then let his hand close around the thick cock and began to slowly stroke Craig. Gary licked and sucked Craig dry relishing every drop of cum that Craig's cock spewed forth. Craig fucked Gary for what seemed to be hours, cumming in Gary's ass twice without removing his cock or going soft. Jill began to bob her head back and forth on his cock, sucking hard on his huge member and testing her gag line. Then Jill took the cock from her mouth and Craig watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 09

group TxRad 2018-08-01

Karen looked at Sue, winked, and said, "Honey. When I was reseated, Karen looked at Sue and then at me saying, "Well, do you want the good news or the bad news first?" You win," Sue said, getting up from the table and stepping behind Karen. Sue said, looking at Karen, "I thank you." Sue and I got the shower set and were washing each other when Karen opened the door and joined us. As I sucked and licked, I heard Karen, ask Sue to get the small box on the floor by the bed. Sue watched a moment longer and returned to kissing Karen. Karen raised her upper body, placed a hand on Sue's head, and stopped my hands.