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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Country Club Lifestyle Ch. 03

group RibaldAmusement 2018-08-01

Tony had other ideas and wiping a glob of spit from his hand onto the thick throbbing knob of his hot Italian cock, pressed his dick between Karen's ass cheeks and finding her slit, pushed his urgent desire deep inside her soaking wet box. Tony helped Karen into place as she slowly pressed her tight rosebud against the head of my cock and slid down my shaft until my dick was firmly wedged in the tight canal of her ass. It wasn't until the small figure let out a sharp gasp as orgasm approached, that Karen looked up, my cock still deep in her throat and realizing who she was seeing in the dark corner of the room pulled out my dick and gasped

Judy and I plus Mike

group dep258s 2018-08-01

I asked her if she had enjoyed the double penetration, as that was a first for us and she said that it had been a bit uncomfortable at first and that when Mike got completely into her ass she felt as though she had to shit, but when he sawed back and forth the discomfort went away and she liked it. Judy was getting excited and was bucking herself, but she almost had to be held up by both of us, or she would have fallen over and been asl**p in an instant, Seth moved over to her and as she started to get closer to climax, he reached over and took both of her nipples with each hand and began rolling them between his fingers.

Truth or Dare (Cinema) Fictional...

group SmoothWriter2912 2018-08-01

Eventually, I reached across and unbuttoned her coat; aware of the man next to her was watching every move we made, my cock was throbbing with excitement as she sat there, not moving a muscle, and I opened her coat, I heard a sharp intake of breath as the guy next to her realised that she wasn’t wearing anything under her coat, and my heart started beating uncontrollably as she actually began helping me take her coat off, revealing her lovely body. He stared at my naked wife as she sat there playing with a complete stranger, and then quickly nudged his mate to let him know what was going on behind him.

Meeting Kristy: The Threesome

group sprmbnk 2018-08-01

Amber headed to the shower, while Kristy turned on my CD player and began looking through my CDs. I was handing Amber her drink when Kristy walked out of my bedroom just as naked. Having already fucked Kristy earlier that night, I decided to help her get Amber off. Amber let out a long moan, and began to beg me to Fuck her nice and hard. Once I was fully out, Kristy replaced my penis at the entrance to Amber's hole with her mouth and began to suck my cum out of her. After pulling Kristy close and giving her a huge kiss, we wasted no time in joining Amber in the shower.

House Party

group SFbayGuy 2018-08-01

Once again Ed noticed my surprise and said, "I guess you didn't get the memo." Ron looked straight into my eyes and began to talk about his son's little league team while he gently began to stroke my, now, semi-hard cock. She slapped him on the shoulder with a giant-sized rubber cock and said, "What's taking you so've been talking about sucking this guy off for ages!" Ron grinned and then popped my hard cock into his warm mouth like a kid munching a banana. Ron and Betty began to take turns sucking my cock while Jill, Ron's wife lubed up her giant rubber cock. Soon, Ron was sucking my cock in rhythm with Jill's pounding of his ass.

Anne's Temptation

group B_Couric 2018-08-01

"Ouch ouch ouch!" yelped Anne, and Erik turned and picked her up, like a little girl in his arms, as he hustled her down to the sand that was still damp from the ocean tide. "Nice room," Joshua said as she led him inside where Erik sat, rising to shake his hand. Anne gave Erik her dirtiest look, but he shrugged and as Joshua turned to her she quickly smiled ear to ear. Joshua surprised Anne a little bit, getting into a conversation where he said things like, "Norwegian girls are so hot, why would you come here?" Joshua held her up as she walked, but she kept thinking about Erik, and she said, "Maybe if you both hold my hand I'll be okay."


Four to Tango Ch. 01

group unwritten 2018-08-01

Tell me you're ready to be fucked," he said. I want to feel another man fucking me," and, with that, I came. Usually the conversation began with "Tell me you want to get fucked." In all honesty, these weren't deep intellectual conversations about the ramifications of fucking other people or other couples. These were horny, hot conversations about role playing and imagining what it would be like to fuck somebody else, together. Very detailed conversations about what type of man I would like to have fuck me. Like saying to the world (or just those one or two people there that you recognize), "Yes, I'm horny and love to fuck!" It's just not something that usually comes up in conversation, at least not vertical conversations.

Business Trip

group Koreangal 2018-08-01

I closed my eyes and thought of Marc and how wonderful he made me feel when he was inside of me, and soon my fingers had found their way to that spot between my thighs. The two men spoke briefly to each other and I felt soon Cal pressing his lips against mine and telling me to have a wonderful evening, then with a smile he faded and I heard the door close. "Mmmm I know you'll like that..." I let out a drowsy giggle and felt Marc pull out of my pussy and guide the tip of his cum covered cock up to meet my coated back door.

84% mfm

Happy Birthday to Me

group DirtyFucker 2018-08-01

I had just gotten this double dildo from Good Vibrations, you know, and was itching to use it." You reach over and grab a big fake cock, with heads on two ends, like the one we saw in that porn video. She looked up at me, closed her eyes, and shoved her face forward, thrusting the first inch into my pussy." You're sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth now, and I'm rubbing oil into her naked slit, making it shine. "So, anyway, Mr. Interruptus, I just threaded my fingers through her hair, and pulled her face into my pussy, sliding that cock right inside me. Which was pretty fast, looking down at her, with her head held between my hands, grinding my pussy against her face, and feeling that big cock sliding up inside me.


Experimental Stage.. Three's a party.p

group 2018-08-01

They both take turns kissing my mouth, arms, and neck and M starts to massage my stomach and breasts. Im making out with B again when I feel M pull my left breast out the top of my spaghetti strap and begin to suck my nipple. B likes what he sees, and pulls my right breast out and begins to suck my other nipple. M is still to my left sucking my exposed nipple and kissing my neck, when I grab his erect penis and begin to stroke him. He begins to penetrate me and I tell them both they need to pull out when they cum, although I was still on the pill.

Carley Ch. 01

group JapleinViera 2018-08-01

It looks like the last one and I don't want to drop it." She was a nice looking girl, medium height, with short black hair, but even if she'd been a crone, I still would have helped her. "Do you want me naked?" Carley asked, smiling. Carley reluctantly pushed my hand away and lowered her legs. Now, over forty years after the GermZapper came on the market, there's more fucking going on than our grandparents would have thought possible. It looked like she was going to cum pretty soon. "We're going to meet some people later," said Ken, wiping his dick. One, a good-looking blond, was standing in the pool sucking a guy who was sitting on the side drinking a beer.


A Case of Revenge Ch. 06

group WifeWatchman 2018-08-01

Since there are new people there, they only recognized him after they were shown a picture of Ned. Secondly, I want to hear your views on these three women that just escaped and what's going on with this thing." "I'm not even going to ask how you find out little tidbits like that," said the Chief. I continued: "The relevance about Gloria, Chief, is that I'm trying to determine the reason that those three, and only those three, were broken out of the Asylum, and your information about Ned being the driver gave me an important clue. "By the way, our new Lieutenant wants you to drop in before you leave." said Robinson. That was a good job, but I always wanted to teach." said Hanson.


Confessions Of A Facilitator Ch. 01

group tinman69s 2018-08-01

We rode for a while making a lot of turns and then when we stopped, the privacy window came down and three black hoods were tossed into the back and the driver said “Put these on Lady and gentlemen and I’ll be right there.” Then I went on down her body, over those great tits and nibbled a little on the nipples and got some good moans out of her for that. I leaned over and braced myself with my left hand on the floor and reached under her with my right and got a tit and nipple and started to work on her.


The Foursome

group jim313 2018-08-01

As soon as he finished saying that, Tyko walked over and got comfortable between his legs and began lightly licking his cock and balls as Lisa got up on the couch and had him lay his head back on the cushion as she fed him her pussy to suck. Joe walked over and took Tyko's place as he fed the head of his thick cock to Brian who eagerly took it into his mouth and began sucking feverishly on it as my wife was enjoying his huge, thick penis filling her vagina.


Two Of Them

group dvlinblue 2018-08-01

Natashia's nipple rings are glinting in the sun as she takes quick breaths and closes her hand around Kristine's and holds it on her thigh. Natashia lets go a big moan and tells me that "Ohhhhhhh you're are on the right track!" I pick the tempo up of my fingers and press them into her pussy right to the base of my hand. Kristine's got her by her hair at this point "You like that little man boy fucking your pussy with his fingers. We don't want this little fox cumming too soon now do we!" Natashia says as she runs her hands into my hair and pulls my face harder into Kristine's pussy.


An Uncommon Massage

group tension1972 2018-08-01

"I'm going to work down a little lower," I said softly and I slowly rubbed above her butt area and around the sides of her hips. We enter the hallway, just before the bedroom and I whisper, "Remember don't say a word." Taking off the blindfold, the client's eyes took a second to adjust to the difference in lighting. "I'm going to let my associate pamper you for awhile," I smile, rubbing her back and moving my hand to her ass with a gentle tap. "Do you want me to shave your pussy clean," the client asks, now inserting four fingers inside of her and rotating in and out in a circular motion.


Goody-Goody Two Shoes

group Southernfire 2018-08-01

Sam must have been thinking about our dinner conversation, because she turned to me, out of the blue, and asked me if I masturbated all the time since I didn't have boyfriend. I wanted to tell her that I masturbated all the time, and could think of nothing but having Stephen sweating on me as he pounded into me. I had an empowering moment, and reached across Sam. I took Stephen's cock in my hand, and told him that I wanted to help. Sam didn't want to be left out, so she took his hand and put it on her breast, and told him to touch her too.

The Hunt Ch. 15-16

group i_would 2018-08-01

Ashley felt the man's hands rub over her body, cupping her breasts, moving down her ass. Feels good." The man walked over to Phoebe who was felt up just like he did to Ashley. Ashley did not really look forward to having to receive those dildos in her vagina, but on the other hand she did like the idea of getting relief, as she really had gotten worked up during the musical girls game. Ashley started to feel really aroused now, from the whole erotic atmosphere, thinking of all the other girls and specifically Phoebe being masturbated near her, and of course the feel of the huge dildo in her pussy that was moving in and out rather fast now.


Threesome Fantasy Becomes Reality

group quietdreamer3 2018-08-01

"Jeanne, your breasts feel fantastic," I breathed into her ear as my hands worked their way under her shirt to find the warm, soft skin of her belly. When she got to the last button Cindy leaned into Jeanne's right ear and whispered, "You have magnificent looking breasts Jeanne, I can't wait to taste them," and with that she finished unbuttoning her shirt and we removed it. As I watched, Cindy continued to suck and tease her nipple while my pointer and index fingers searched and finally found their target as they slid easily over Jeanne's clit.


Unexpected Desire

group frankie j 2018-08-01

"If you have time I need you to run these tapes over Uncle Jim's house," he said, holding the tapes in his left hand. "This movie is fucking great." In the porn movie, two guys were getting their cocks sucked by a black woman who had titties about the same size as Jane. Jim was fucking the little eighteen year old schoolgirl doggie style while she sucked on Dirty Joe's cock. Joe was standing up on the couch now, fucking little Jane's mouth. Jim announced was going to cum a minute after Jane swallowed the last drop of Joe's cum. At the same exact time Jim blasted deep in her ass, Jane experienced an earth shattering orgasms that soaked her panties to the flesh.

The Screamer Ch. 09

group Liquor69 2018-08-01

He kissed Ronnie and she trotted off to organize the rehearsal of the various dance routines Mark asked her to put together for the party tomorrow. Damn girl, I am going to love designing for you." Shannon kissed Gary and his women passionately. Her long slender legs looked lovely as they parted and rose bringing her moist swollen lips to Ainsley's hot tongue. Mark walked over to Shannon who reached over and wrapped her tiny hand around his hard cock. Mark looked down and watched Ainsley in the heat of passion as her wet face craved the nectar that he knew all so well. Mark stroked Ainsley who lovingly was face first into Shannon's hot twat. How about Michelle, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay.


Bridie and Lucy - A Student Fantasy

group STEPHENA 2018-08-01

'Jake, I'd like you to meet Lucy and Bridie, they're both looking into the Viking era at the moment and I thought it would be mutually beneficial.' 'I like your accent Jake.' Said Lucy. Accustomed as the other male students were to the attractive girly students, a number of heads were turned as Lucy and Bridie made their way through the refectory to Jake's car. Lucy took the back seat, poking her tongue out at her friend when Jake wasn't looking. Bridie looked round at Lucy and pouted and rolled her tongue along her bottom lip. While Bridie went to fetch Jake, Lucy put her hand up her skirt and pulled the thong to one side and dipped her fingers into her cunt.


Very Good Samaritans Ch. 02

group SimonRellion 2018-08-01

John broke the kiss with Duke, though he continued to stroke his hard cock through his pants. John kissed Duke again, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. At the gentle push from the hand on his head, John took the cock back into his mouth. But, between the mouth on his cock and the sounds coming from his wife inside, he just couldn't stop himself. But, it looks like you need the attention, now." He nodded down at John's cock, which was still waving from his open zipper. Liz watched her husband come, feeling both joy at his pleasure and, she had to admit, some jealousy that it came at the hand (or, well, cunt) of another woman.

My Road to Swinging Ch. 01

group Dagoth 2018-08-01

"I actually wanted to do this before now, but you had started going out with Elizabeth and so I didn't try, now though..." she slammed down hard again, then started bouncing faster and faster on top of me, riding me hard, "I..ooooh...I think you and me will have to do this regularly, Chris never felt this good inside of me." She laughed and then moaned loudly, "Of course, he wasn't..oh god..yes yes big as you either!" "Yeah I'll see you there." I said, trying to keep my voice even as Sarah took my dick completely into her mouth and throat, her face buried in my groin, moaning lowly so that her mouth and throat vibrated along my entire length as her tongue worked all over.