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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Party in the Poconos, Day 1

group eagermom 2018-11-25

I lost track of Briana and Hayley, of Jason and Leslie, and focused exclusively on what Gina was doing to me, trying to return the favors, but she got my clothes off first and soon her mouth was on my cunt. Leslie was reaching under his balls for his ass, his cock all the way into her mouth, when a now naked Gina climbed back on top of me, her pussy in my face. We were done, Briana and Hayley lay quietly in each other’s arms, Jason and Leslie were in the kitchen, and most of the others had finished whatever they’d been doing, although ironman Charlie was fucking Emma in the dining room.

Strip Trivial Pursuit

group BrendaHapp1 2018-11-24

We were effective too because by the end of our little Cole was sporting a pretty decent hard-on and Phillip’s might not have been completely hard yet but it was definitely awake and ready to play. This time, when we returned to the board, it took much longer for the heavy breathing and heated flushes to settle, and even longer for the hard-ons to shrink sulkily back into their little covers. My nipples were pebbled so hard they were painful, and Cole didn’t help at all by sliding a hand up to pinch them even tighter as he licked at my lower belly.

Amanda Starts The Threesome

group RevoltOrf 2018-11-24

Sliding her hand downward over her stomach then slowly in between her perfect thighs, she began to massage the lips of her very wet pussy then inserted her middle and index finger deep inside her. My hand slid down over her hips to feel her ass, then reached around to place my cock for the first time into her very wet, but erotic pussy. “I really hope you like it too,” she stated as she closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and moaned even more as Andy began to slowly push in and out of her ass. Andy and I did as she asked, and Amanda threw her head out as her body once again began to explode with her second orgasm.

Bare music part 1

group Hasabrain2 2018-11-24

Jennifer said, “I hope you don’t mind if Heather joins us.” Heather and Jennifer were interesting company --- certainly better than watching the Dodgers lose again. Jennifer took off her own shirt and laid Heather on the king bed. I got on my knees to offer Heather my dick, but she turned away. While most of my attention was on Jennifer’s pussy (and my aching cock) I was vaguely that of Heather got up and walked away. As Heather’s fingers were tending to my backside, my tongue and fingers continued their attention on Jennifer’s clit and the insides of her pussy. Jennifer said that Heather usually doesn’t fuck guys and I should feel honored.

Perfect Sunday

group candytales 2018-11-24

We chatted for a while and then Darren gave Lucy a hug and suggested, “ Why don’t we finish our drinks and go back to my place, it’s not far and I’ve got a great pool which, on a day like today should be real fun.” He was now deep inside Lucy’s succulent body and Ebony looked like she was welded to Darren’s back as she mirrored his position and hugged him tightly whilst massaging his smooth fit torso with her slender black hands. As though the move had been previously rehearsed, Lucy disconnected herself from Darren and all three of us lined up in front of him squatting on our haunches with our hands on our knees, heads tilted back slightly, faces pressed together and our mouths wide open expectantly.


group Sweetdreemz 2018-11-24

His hard dick had been waiting all day to enter her, and when it did, it was all he could do to keep from cumming on her immediately, but he tried to take his time, taking long, slow strokes the length of her cunt. Mike was at the shop early one morning, and Melissa was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when Jaws came in. One time he mentioned that he liked to fish, so Melissa convinced Mike to set up a fishing trip one day for the three of them. Davey was pulling her nipples the way she liked as Mike rubbed her clit, and she felt her climax building.

Our circle widens

group davidramsey 2018-11-24

After our last evening with Harvey and Jake, Sherry and I were at the kitchen table having dinner and she brought up that evening and said, "I think we need another woman in this group. I thought for a few moments and told Sherry that Pam and I had done a little flirting in the past so I wouldn't mind bringing the subject up when we see her. I decided to be direct and said, "Sherry is out for the evening I am horny, and I thought of you and maybe you would like to meet me for a drink and see what happens?" As I returned, I could see Sherry with her head buried in that red haired pussy trying to make her squirt again, and Pam sucking Harvey's cock.

Somali Femdom Power

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

Mistress Fatuma Suleiman decided that the new converts of her new religion would primarily be Muslim men, the most rigid and oppressive males on the planet, taught from birth that men were kings and women were slaves. Mohammed Mokhtar became her Dark Knight, the man who was destined to serve the magnificent Mother Goddess that Mistress Fatuma Suleiman was becoming through the spread of Fatumanism. To celebrate Sadiq's renouncement of Islam and his embrace of Fatuma Suleiman as His Mother Goddess, she allowed him to lick her pussy lovingly while her servant Mohammed Mokhtar fucked him in the ass. Mistress Fatuma Suleiman signaled Mohammed Mokhtar and he stopped, pulling his cock out of Sadiq's tight Saudi ass.


Black Cuckolding is Fun

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

I sat on the couch, stroking my cock as I watched my wife Wendy-Kiah getting fucked by our friend Donnelly "Don" Windham, a tall, handsome young man whom we met at a meet-and-greet for the Bisexual Community of New England or B.C.N.E. I admired Don's technique as he really put it to my sweet Wendy-Kiah. Your ebony slut wife loves white cock, Don said to me as he plunged his dick into Wendy-Kiah's chocolate booty hole. Don would have cried out for sure but his face was buried between Wendy-Kiah's thighs and I can tell you from experience that my dominant ebony wife is quite demanding when she's getting her pussy licked.


Den Of Debauchery Ch. 04

group sahebji 2018-11-24

You asked Arti to bring your sisters all the way from your home just to give us pleasure' MD said hugging me. Fabulous is the right word' Arti replied, 'Nitu come here and let me look at your gaand. 'No Ritu let me have the pleasure of telling him' Arti said, 'all of you sit down as it is going to take a while'. What I have come to tell you is even more interesting than a make belief rape of a stupid heroine' I said then going straight to the point added, 'Ashu kya tu ab bhi Lajjo ko chod raha hai? Listen my dear brothers this is not what I came to talk to you about' I said coming to business at hand, 'batao tum Ritu aur Nitu ko chodena chahoge?


Security Is On The Job

group bigbubblygurlnc 2018-11-24

“I do not think she is wearing anything under that coat of hers tonight.” Dwayne stated gruffly, as he punched a few buttons in front of him causing the security camera to zoom in on the woman. Penthouse elevator door is opening.” Dwayne said, “That was quick.” Phil sat back down in anticipation of the second half of the show, there always was one. She looked at Dwayne and said, “I want your big black cock in my pussy.” Then looking at Phil with a devilish grin said, “I want you deep in my ass.” Both cocks in her hands twitched. When Phil was buried to the hilt in her ass, the man sank to his knees beside Dwayne's head and tapped his ridged 9 inch cock on her cheek.

The Big Tease

group BadGirl76 2018-11-24

I sighed and said, "I was thinking how I wanted to tease you tonight, but you had other plans." my voice was low, but I smiled my sexy smile you love so much. Looking up into your eyes I took a deep breath and said, "Well I had made plans for tonight, it involved a phone call to a friend that I never made. You leaned into my neck, kissing lightly, breathing into my ear and said, "What was the plan or do you want to keep that secret for later? I felt a soft kiss on my cheek releasing me from my memories and thoughts to see your smiling face and gorgeous eyes looking down on me.

A Stepmother's Sin - Chapter 11 - We share the same room

group submissivemom72 2018-11-24

As bizarre as our conversation sounds as I write it, the feeling between the three of us was warm and relaxed. The three of us had become comfortable discussing Robert's and my intimate relationship, as well as the details of Elizabeth's evening last night where she was able to reassure her stepbrother that her engagement to Robert did not mean the end of their intimacies. Robert and Gary watched in amazement as this beautiful young woman humped against the strong, pulsating stream of water as I pushed behind her, holding her in place, bracing her and forcing her vagina into the pulsating water. Laying naked together with this beautiful athletic looking young woman, I opened my legs as Robert's fingers traced up my inner thigh, searching for my opening.

The morning after

group woreout 2018-11-24

I started to set up to see why the bed was moving but my wife put her hand on my chest and held me down. I heard the master bathroom door close so I opened my eyes and looked around. I started to answer then she said I have a freshly fuck pussy for you to eat if you are. She looked at him and said his cock is to small, yours opens me just right. She looked at it and grabbed it in her right hand, she squeezed it hard and said sorry babe it ain't big enough. Well that night I was able to ease my dick into my wife's right butt while she was setting on Tim's cock.

Command Performance

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-24

Come to my side of the bed, I want to see this up close," and as I stood there, her hand feeling my steely cock, swollen like a sixteen-year old's, she said, "I want this inside me right now, Jon, no oral, no play, just fuck me with this. I pulled out of Louise and as soon as I did, the blond asked, "Can I suck it a little?" I looked at the guy I thought she was with and he shrugged so I turned on my knees while she got down and took some nice slurps on my member.

Husband wanted to watch

group bitracey 2018-11-24

She was 22 years old and could very well be my twin so people tell us. After a few minutes Janie whispered in my ear that she wanted to take it to the bedroom, so we got out of the tub and motioned for Jack to follow. I saw him untie and remove Janie's bottom, then my orgasm hit me and I felt like I was passing out, the whole thing was so intense. So I was in mid orgasm and Jack tried pushing his cock into her from behind but she popped playfully down beside me on her back and reminded him that this was just for watching.

Jo and Me and Dave Makes Three

group ronniemcdonald 2018-11-24

“I can’t wait to get my lips on those hard little nipples, Jo. And after watching those boys fuck your tight shaved pussy, I’m ready to push my cock deep inside you”. With Dave’s semen running down Jo’s chin, Dave pulled out of her mouth and took a shot of Jo licking the sticky goo from her lips. With my hardness waning, I felt the hand on my balls release them and then a mouth went to the head of my dick as it limped out of Jo’s vagina. It was one thing to have a husband help me undress before he shot pictures of me eating and fucking his wife but to have him squeeze my balls, finger my ass and then lick clean my dick and his wife’s crotch……that was over the edge.

OHGirl & Velvet: Fucking Fans

group ohgirl1 2018-11-24

We were both sex addicted whores and even though my professional porn career and e****t services had probably kept me filled with cock and cum during the same period, the few hundred men that I had fucked paled in comparison. “I’m taking your black ass to my frat house when I’m done and you’re going to fuck a few of our freshmen pledges.” he told me matter-of-factly as he pulled me down on his chest and kissed me, continuing to thrust deep in my hole as he did so. Of course, Rudy had told me that girls who did extreme sex films had short careers, since most fans loved to see them do it, but after they had fucked so many men, the passion wears off and they’re tossed aside for another young porn star.

Sweet Eighteen Ch. 04

group sahebji 2018-11-24

'Nagma my pet, that was quick thinking,' Ruby said, 'now suck Sahebji's cock and make it hard.' 'Nagma, you suck Sahebji's cock and in the meanwhile I'll get some thing to eat,' Ruby said then winking at me, added, 'If I am not mistaken, Sahebji, you like to start of the day with a fruit.' 'My asshole cherry?' Nagma said perplexed then suddenly the coin fell, 'Oh my God, you mean Sahebji is planning to shove that monster cock of his up my asshole.' 'Abhi tau Sahebji ne ungali daali hai tab yeh haal hai soch jab woh apna lund teri gaand main gusserdenge tab kitna mazaa aayaega (Think if the fingers feel so nice then how will it feel when Sahebji shoves in his cock inside your ass hole),' Ruby said.



group mranonymous7 2018-11-24

I’d told Barbara earlier in the week that Tyler and I were going fishing Sunday morning and that he would be staying the night with us on Saturday, that way we could get an early start, about four in the morning. When they were done, Tyler stretched out on the floor and when Barbara went upstairs to clean Tyler’s cum off her breasts I followed her. It wasn’t long before Barbara was down on her knees licking and caressing Tyler’s cock before she put it in her mouth and started sucking it. As much as it hurt when Tyler started roughly kissing her breasts and biting her nipples, Barbara couldn’t believe how good it felt.


A Day on The River

group Banes1 2018-11-24

I continued to stroke my cock and caress my balls as Maggie moved her hands over her body then down to her pussy. Maggie was so turned on that she moved her hand from a breast, reached down to my shorts, and removed my cock. Maggie took my cum covered hand and rubbed it over her breasts and nipples while at the same time pulling her finger from her pussy and lifting it to my mouth. One of the girls introduced herself as Julie who stood five feet four inches at one hundred and fifteen pounds with shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, shaved pussy and a 34C cup. Julie had released my cock from her mouth and stroked the shaft with her hand until my load filled Maggie's mouth.

The Best Christmas Eve Ever

group bobjack 2018-11-24

While Diane was a real hot number in her early 40’s and a bit of a flirt, Scott was at least 15 years older and didn’t know when he had had enough to drink. I let go of his cock with my mouth and took the cloth from his hand to catch his ejaculate. Before Scott could cum, I turned my head away from his cock. While I am thinking he is not going to butt fuck me, Diane said to Scott. Diane sat on the edge of the bed and took my still hard cock in her hand. When he finished licking up my cum, Diane looked at my cock and nodded. Scott again took my cock in his mouth while Diane began to play with my nipples.

Mickey Triple D's

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-24

All four of us share the apartment," said Kyle, hovering over Josh's head to get a good look at Jessica and her gigantic rack as they jiggle slightly while she talked. "Lets take off her shirt and get a look at those big ass titties," said David, standing naked behind Jessica and his chubby stomach bulging out along with his huge fat 12 1/2-inch cock. "Holy Jesus!!!" Said Josh has his eyes bulged out of their sockets at the size of Jessica's bra-encased jigging tits after David removed the shirt. Jessica grab both Mike's and Kyle's dicks in on hands, stroking them while they sucked her tits and chewed her nipples.


Black BBW Anal Sex Chronicles

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

Some silver-haired, tall and dark-skinned old guy named Hank told me that this hood honey was the plump beauty known as Big Booty Malice. Kneeling before him was Isabel, the bald and plump black chick with a big ass in all of her naked glory. He began fucking Isabel hard and fast, slamming his cock into the big bald black woman's asshole. I winked right back and grabbed a handful of Malice's long hair, driving my cock deeper into her mouth. Damn old stud, he was giving the big white woman's ass the anal pounding it deserved. I began pounding my cock into Malice's asshole like anal sex was going out of style. So, how does it feel to take a big black cock up your ass, hood chick?