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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Camping Out

group theo_minor 2018-08-01

When we returned, the ladies went for their showers, while Jack and I headed to our respective tents, eagerly anticipating some passionate sex when our wives returned. I was about to come back with some witty response, when suddenly we became aware of Tracey wailing and Jack grunting from the other tent, no more than a dozen feet away from us. In our post-orgasmic quiet, we could also hear contented-sounding low voices from the tent next door, where Tracey and Jack were. She sat up, and I cupped my hands over her breasts, softly kneading them, savoring their soft firmness, while she continued to grind herself soulfully on my cock, her eyes closed, and a dreamy look on her face.


The Initiation Ch. 1

group SEX4FUN 2018-08-01

"We were so hot from Susan and Bob telling us about how they belonged to a swing club where they previously lived, I had fantasized about the scene, and pardon me Susan, with Susan getting royally fucked by Bob and other men at the same time, that by the time we got home, I was all over Ray. I ripped his clothes off and then began first to suck his cock, and then I impaled myself on his 10" masterpiece. I shove my cock into a very soaked pussy and began to fuck her in earnest when I heard Marie say to my wife, "Susan, I am going to make you have multiple orgasms in the next few minutes.


Discovering Lynn Ch. 05

group bluedog485 2018-08-01

I live with my two lovely women, Lynn, and Gina. So the plan was for the girls to live together in Lynn's house until we had all come to terms with the arrangement. The girls jumped on the bed and Gina chose to straddle my cock while Lynn straddled my face. Lynn was allowing my mouth to ravage her pussy and tease her by running my tongue from inside her all the way to her clit which I would trap lightly between my teeth and pull slightly. Gina continued to give little shudders as Lynn's tongue touched her clit and inner pussy lips.

My Carrie Pt. 02: Home Intrusion

group CeasarBoobage 2018-08-01

Carrie bit her lip and took a deep breath, staring directly into her husband's eyes She knew he could read the look on her face, and the fire in her body was intensifying as she felt PJ's cock pressing into her ass. Since you can't talk very well, I want you to think about how I'll be seeing and feeling her married pussy in a minute, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it." He turned to Carrie and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek before reaching up to grab her breast. He stroked her wet pussy, holding his hand flat so Paul could see his wife's nether lips parted by his finger, and he pulled her arms back so Carrie was grabbing his thick shaft through his pants.



group yekim02 2018-08-01

Mandy told me that she never saw Jenny in such a good mood and so talkative. When we got back to the room, I was expecting to be told that I was going to sleep on the outside, then Mandy, then Jenny. Jenny untied the blindfold and told us that she enjoyed the show and she wanted a massage just like that the next night. Mandy was wetting her finger with her saliva and touching Jennys pussy lips. After a couple minutes she got on top of me and gave me a big kiss and rubbed her pussy on my dick. Mandy told me the second thing Jenny wanted to learn was how to give a better blowjob.

Banging Buds 2 for the money...

group biguy52x 2018-08-01

Pretty soon John had coaxed her out of her jeans and blouse and she was sitting with us in just her bra and panties. She told John she didn't want to do this. Shelly walked up to me and told me she was sorry about bailing the other night. Shelly looked down and asked if I knew what John wanted? We walked into the apartment and John was sitting there drinking a beer and watching TV. She started kissing John and then stopped looked back at me and said fuck me. After we had both fucked her and gotten blow jobs John said he wanted us to both cum in her pussy. John told her that she was our girlfriend.

He Said She Said Ch. 01

group Erlikkhan 2018-08-01

She fucked me like an animal pivoting her ass up and down and driving my cock deep into her cunt on each thrust. I slammed my juice coated meat between her lips and grabbed her head, fucking her face hard and fast just the way I know she likes it. I finally pulled my cock from her mouth, grabbed her arm and threw her hard into the surf. Marsha had no complaints about the thirty minutes it took of fucking and sucking before I finally generated another load of cum to fill her cunt. Seconds later I felt a hard cock slide between my ass cheeks and push into my pussy.


Fuck Me, My Husband Doesnt

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-01

She says I guess you are going for fuck your brains out option.Karla asked if I had been formerly introduced to Darren and I said not by name but I know his hands and cock by touch. I feel a finger in my pussy from behind and this time it is Karla and I cum and my pussy spasms as my legs buckle under me and the only thing holding me up is Darren’s cock in my mouth. The one that fit Tom was Cuckold and I’m going to tell him what we did tonight and if Gary will give me a copy of the video he made of us fucking and sucking, I will show him.

One Pleased Woman, Two Happy Men

group RefinedBadBoy 2018-08-01

She had to resist an urge to say something inappropriate like "Yadira, I'm going to borrow your husband one night, I hope you don't mind." Of course Claudia would never say such a thing but the thought percolated in her mind as she looked over Justin as a lion looks over an antelope. But I would rather have a massage on a tropical beach like you guys did!" Claudia was steering the conversation back to Justin and Yadira's Jamaica vacation. "Oh Mark, the water is wonderful and so warm!" Yadira's long hair was behind her back as she looked up at the group standing by the pool.


The Network Ch. 02

group JackieH2 2018-08-01

"Sounds like the party's already in full swing," thought Jayne, standing dripping on the doorstep waiting for someone to answer her insistent ringing of the bell; music, lots of laughter, some shouting, occasional applause, from the depths of the house -- such a contrast to their first visit. Jayne gave the pussy she was feeling a last, deep, slow thrust, then pulled out, looking with satisfaction at her slimy fingers; she would have licked them if it had just been Gail's cream there, but the thought of those half-dozen men who'd been mentioned made her pause. Seconds later she was on her way to explore the house's offerings while behind her Gail had just hoisted herself onto the kitchen table, pulled up her skirt around her waist, spread her thighs and was holding her pussy lips open for David to slide into.


Private Venice for Three

group battleaxe_babe 2018-08-01

The dress moves with my steps like a bell, red and gold attracting envious looks from the other ladies in the hall. My right hand helps out my mouth moving along his cock while my left hand fumbles with my gowns, eagerly reaching for my clit. As I let his rod slip out of my mouth I see two pairs of balls getting closer; both my hands pump quickly on his cock. My hands pump quicker, enjoying seeing the tension in his face, the last straw before his asshole gives up to the invasion, tensed lips, closed eyes and a final grunt of pleasure. My lover screams a desperate moan while my Husband fucks him harder, I can see his cock moving out then disappearing from my sight.

Him, Her, and Me

group w.b.p. 2018-08-01

As I stroke and fondle my penis I think about sucking erect nipples and licking wet pussies and about having my cock sucked by horny nude sluts. I make myself have an orgasm by thinking about sticking my penis into wet, ready vaginas, fucking like a goat until I made my imaginary nasty naked girls cum. Men were wildly fucking the girls' pussies and mouths and asses and sucking each other's cocks and licking and fingering and fucking each other's assholes. Every now and then, as he fucked her and I licked her, he'd let his penis slip out into my mouth and I'd suck his cock for a little while before putting it back into her vagina.


My First Real Porn Movie

group 2018-08-01

Sara and Susan were working on Steve's cock, taking turns sucking it. Since Susan and Sara were working on Steve, Heidi came over and joined Roxie sucking my cock.I looked over and saw that the other 2 girls stopped sucking Steve's cock and he was now eating Sara while Susan was licking his ass. As Heidi was eating Roxie, I slid my cock into Heidi's dripping wet pussy and started to fuck her. She started licking Heidi's pussy and also my cock as it slid in and out of Roxie's ass. At my turn of sucking his cock, Steve gave out a loud moan and shot his massive hot load of cum over my face and the 2 girls.

Bartender and Strangers

group SouthenDaisyBelle 2018-08-01

The bartender, Noah his name tag said, slid my double vodka tonic across the bar, "Open a room tab?" He asked. Noah took a step forward and I released one hand from your cock and worked off his boxer briefs. I took your now limp cock back into my hand and began working on both of you again. Noah started fucking my mouth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper. The motion worked and he exploded into my mouth just as I felt the tip of your cock spread my lips open. Noah grabbed the lotion and said, "Ass." Noah fucked my ass harder and rubbed my clit even faster. As Noah's hand left my pussy, yours took over.

Buddy and His Buddy...

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-01

The next set of slow songs started, and Tracy got up and headed to the dance floor, this time followed by the other guy. I had a pretty good view of Tracy's face now, and as much as she was enjoying gulping down Steve's cock, she positively beamed with lust when the other guy entered her from behind in one quick move. Watching my wife on her hands and knees with her face covered in cum, and getting fucked from behind had my cock rock hard. Steve started taking pictures of the blowjob that Rich was getting from my wife's mouth, then turned her around and started fucking her pussy.

Playing Hookie from school

group d4david 2018-08-01

Bruce said 'you were right Dan, this ass is tight.' Charlie said 'fuck that ass like it's a bitches pussy.' I couldn't believe what was happen to me, Bruce was trying to push all his cock into my struggling butt, Charlie was squatting over my head and shoulders shouting encouragements to him and Daniel was stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen. Charlie told Bruce 'you ain't fucking that ass right, come hold this bitches arms and let me show you how it's done.' I felt Bruce pull his cock from my wrecked anus and move to my head, Bruce was naked from the waist down and took control of my arms from Charlie.

The First Time

group SpiceBoy 2018-08-01

Janice looked to her husband and put her hand between his legs to feel where she knew his hard on would be and gave him a loving squeeze, shivering her pleasure as she felt Carlos move to discard the tray and then run his fingers gently to trace their way from her thigh to her arse above the coarseness of her denim skirt, She looked to Johnny as she rubbed him in tandem with Mandy, her face was blushed with erotic expectation and something like guilty shame at being wanked by another man in front of him, but her husbands smile of approval and kiss let her know that he had no problem with what was happening- and she was glad because she had decided to go all the way with him on this and knew she would be cumming all over before much longer.


Locker Room babe fuck

group jtl121 2018-08-01

"I never knew you had such big cocks Tucker and Scott" she said this probably because she saw our cock getting hard through our compression shorts. Then she came over to us and started rubbing our dicks though our shorts and then she pulled them out and stuck both our now throbbing veiny cocks in her mouth at the same time. She was exhaling fast ly this Scott came up behind her and slid his hard dick in her ass, which I am sure was tighter than her pussy, and she let out a little yelp. After awhile she started orgasming and spit Damien's cock out and started yelling and panting but Scott rushed over and stuck his cock right back in her mouth to shut her up.

Playful Becomes Passionate

group Katthrynn 2018-08-01

K had her hand resting casually between her legs and when she thought know one was watching she slipped a finger under her silk jockey shorts and tickled herself a little. Jasmine moved her hand onto his cock and stroked it through his pants. Stephen ignored the movie and watched the two women’s tit play - the younger girl with her tiny, succulent tits and his wife large voluptuous breasts – heavy, ripe and firm. She slid down and kissed each nipple lightly and then suddenly swallowed one entire breast like she was deep throating a cock. Stephen gripped his wife’s ass like he owned it, and pointed his cock at to her open dripping pussy.

Beach Boy For Two

group libidinal 2018-08-01

So I take hold of Steve's rigid shaft and fist it slowly, pressing my lips to his ear, whispering that It would really excite me if I could watch the kid suck his cock, I just know Drew wants to. "Oh fuck, look at him go, he's a hungry boy," I tease as I gaze at Drew pressing his tongue against Steve's anus, holding him open, Steve's big balls and thick nine inches so vivid right above where he is getting rimmed. Then I ask Steve if maybe he'd like to work a finger inside himself and see just how tight Drew is, to check out the spot where any minute he's going to be burying his big stiff dick.


The Lord of the Manor Ch. 04

group opels 2018-08-01

He saw the playful look in her eyes and replied with a sly smile, "I want you to suck my cock." At his friend's surprised expression, he continued, "I found out that she's rather taken with you." He led Marcus to his bedroom and pushed open the door, revealing Suzanna still asleep on the bed. Something about you having luscious lips." Beckoning him into the room, Lord approached Suzanna and gently spread her thighs. Hours later after Marcus had left and Suzanna had retired to her own room for the night, Lord lay in his bed pondering her. When he finally pulled away, he said softly, "Good morning." He gently caressed her cheek, watching the puzzled expression that appeared in her eyes.

The Barber

group nasstygirl 2018-08-01

"It's work, for sure," replied Larry, "but no matter how she tries, no woman will ever be able to shave herself that smoothly. "No way Larry, I know my wife would never subject herself to waxing, can't stand the thought of it. Suddenly, Don said "Larry, wait a minute. I love the idea…oh man, the thought of a female clientele, special appointments, one pussy after another. I mean, think about it for a minute, is your wife gonna come in here and say, 'Hi Larry, Don sent me here for you to shave my pussy"? He assured Larry that all he would have to do is free up a barber chair, something they could permanently modify to accommodate the delicate female form.


group green_eyed_lady52 2018-08-01

Around 8, Teddy finally said it was time to get ready and I followed her into her room where I saw 2 costumes laid out on the bed and between them a green crystal orb with a golden chain attached. I felt her shifting and lifted my head to see Frank turning her upper body toward him and then feeding his hard cock into her open mouth until his balls touched her chin. I buried my face back into Teddy's' pussy thrusting my tongue deeply into her, drinking in her juices and the sounds of her moans as he fucked her mouth. Teddy suddenly shoved her hips up hard against my mouth and I slid two fingers into her and stroked, matching the cock moving in me to push her over the edge.


Business Lunch Bitch

group English Bob 2018-08-01

He knew that his erection had been strong throughout the day - Jane and Mandy had seen to that - but the sight of his own lingerie clad wife with her legs wide open and another man now appearing from between her thighs, had him harder than he could ever remember. "Let me see that big cock of yours!" Julia's voice sounded harsh and gasping to Jack as he peered through the crack in the window, he was still having some difficulty believing all this was happening. Jack looked on in a sort of rapt fascination as his wife began to suck on the other man's hard cock. His eyes couldn't decide weather to look at Jane's wonderful breasts or watch his wife sucking off her new lover.