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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Ride Ch. 04

group fantasyhunter2 2018-08-01

Then Sally and Joyce drop to their knees and begin sucking the cocks of two of the men. The two men Sally and Joyce were sucking are cuming on you. Then Sally and Joyce begin licking the cum off your face shoulders and tits. You begin to squirm as Joyce expertly licks and sucks your clit. Just as your body explodes in orgasm, Sally straddles your face and lowers her pussy to you. You squirm under the intense stimulation as you fuck Sally’s hot pussy with your tongue. When your orgasms finish Sally moves and Joyce straddles your face. You lick Joyce until she two is flooding your face in sweet pussy juice.

Bath house gang bang

group joker621 2018-08-01

The 1st guy then lifted me up and throw me on my back on the bed the second guy got up on the bed on his knees f***e me to let him throat fuck me as the 1st guy lifted my legs on his shoulders and started running thr tip of his 8inch cock on. He flipped me over and started fucking Mr hard and fast from behind then he stopped and pulled out spining me around and came on my face I then grabbed his cock and sucked the rest of his cum off. He then pulled out and I took his cock deep in my mouth feeling his load shoot down my throat.

The Tricks She Plays

group dearmisterfantasy 2018-07-31

She plunged her head down again and repeated this exquisite treatment four or five deliciously slow times until my dick was nearly as hard as it gets -- and until I noticed George standing in the kitchen archway holding his drink with the subtle suggestion of a smile on his face. His cock is delicious." She went down on me one more time while looking at George and, releasing me finally, said, "Why don't we move this party upstairs?" She jumped up from the couch and took me by the hand. George's lips began to curl up ever so slightly in a wicked little smirk and Michele lifted her head up to the end of the shaft and took the head inside her mouth.


Backdoor Man Ch. 03

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-07-31

Finally, of course, Sherry said something guaranteed to get Rich to come, "I think that maybe I should move in after all, so I can bring Sanjay with me into the guest bedroom and we can both be available to fuck the three of you. Sanjay's rules will be set by you, though I will expect a certain level of respect for me and my role as head of the household, you know," I declared, as Rich got up from between Sherry's thighs. Yes, I do want him as my personal pet, and I appreciate that you are thoughtful enough of my need to possess him, body and soul, I shall naturally defer in some obvious matters to your role as head of the household, as you said...and I shall take pleasure in having him serve you to whatever extent pleases me.

Sexual experience on the subway

group rextian 2018-07-31

Returning from a long day of classes and social service was very tired and just wanted to sit down but no, never no place in the transport and less time -odd was going , so I resigned just settled me near a railing to grab and stay near the door . Suddenly the package back began to grow considerably and felt longer between my buttocks , I stood over the ass (which is quite round ) and he must have realized that so seconds after I grabbed my belt and pulled me he . He began to carve his fingers in my vagina but on the pants, I did not know how I was already surrounded by all my hip, try to open the lock but not let him.

Wet Ch. 02

group Windstalker 2018-07-31

Brent could hear Ryla groan as Brooke forced a strap on dildo into her cunt. He continued to rub his cock and watched as Brooke dragged herself between Ryla’s legs and began to lick at her sopping cunt. Besides, you’re fucking hot and your cunt smells so good.” Before she could utter a word or lap at Ryla’s pussy one more time, Brent had lifted her up and bent her over the stool by the counter. That’s right baby, fuck yourself harder.” Brent and Brooke both watched Ryla as she impaled herself with the dildo. You like being fucked like this don’t you?” He thrust harder into Brooke’s wet fiery hot pussy and mashed her clit with the palm of his hand.

The Board Room

group musclehedz 2018-07-31

Cami blushed, but was caught off guard when Michael ran his hand up the back of her leg, under her skirt, over her garters and her black thong. "I think we should show Cami our appreciation for all her hard work and effort." Michael said, standing, but keeping his hand on her ass, causing her skirt to lift up. Handing the material to one of the men behind him, Michael slid two fingers into Cami's pussy, which was soaking wet, clit sticking straight out, lips swollen and open. Cami could feel a guy on either side of her jerking off against her tits as her mouth continued to be fucked, her clit sucked hard as she was finger fucked. Cami felt a finger enter her ass just as she could feel Michael's cock swell.

Just Sit and Watch For Me Ch. 02

group Kawaii Anime 2018-07-31

Randall risks a long look around, the blond had gotten matters in hand and was casually pumping his cock in sync with Lotus' fingers in Cassie. He smiles as he runs her through with his cock, her eyes narrow and she bends forward to watch the dark-haired kid fuck her Cassie. Lotus shakes violently as she is coming on the blond's dick and in Cassie's mouth, she is moaning as she removes herself from the situation; up and off the bed. Cassie is so fucked and wide open as he pulls her to the edge of the bed, setting her long legs to the floor and ramming his very hard dick in her pussy, which is so wet and warm now.


group holepuncher69 2018-07-31

He didn't last long as he said he wished his 25 year old girlfriend was as tight as she was.When he pulled out another guy took his place he was a bit larger with around 8 inches he buried it completely with one shove making Beth scream out loud saying you hit bottom so go easy. She recovered and when she climb off her pussy was open with cum leaking out The young girl got under Beth as licking her pussy as she cleaned his cock off getting it hard again so he could stretch the young girl. He did as asked as one of the guys said he wanted to fuck Beth again as she was the best he had in a long time.

Sex Toy

group No Panty Girl 2018-07-31

Barnes went on to say he missed having someone curvy around to look at and asked Vicki if she would mind wearing outfits he would buy for her. Day to day she would parade around Barnes's apartment scantily attired sucking the old guy's cock when he asked. Cooke's cock felt twice as big as Barnes's in her mouth, her lips stretched to fit around it. Barnes's familiar cock was like an old friend in her mouth and she knew she could easily get him off. While Cooke explored her naked body with his hands and fingers she lashed her boss's cock with her tongue. Vicki swallowed Barnes's cum, her pussy aching for Cooke's cock.


Houseboat Weekend Ch. 01

group Sweetcheekss 2018-07-31

A few days later we got a letter from Kyle and JoAnn along with several pictures of the houseboat. Russell told Kyle and JoAnn that the other couple wouldn’t be joining us till the following morning. I put my hands on the steering wheel, feeling the force of the water as it passed underneath the houseboat. Kyle pulled the throttle levers back a little and told me to turn the wheel hard right and head straight into the bank. Kyle pulled the throttle levers all the way back and instructed me to turn the wheel hard left. Kyle maneuvered the waverunner away from the houseboat and out to the mainstream of the lake. Kyle took his hand from my breast, put it over mine and throttled the waverunner a little.


Backstage Blast

group Serenata 2018-07-31

I’m not a 10 as far as the body comes, but the tailored suit made me look damn good. The drummer blurted after the pause, “Well, my name’s Phil and this is Ashur. The guys laughed a little, then Phil leaned over and whispered to Ashur. Ashur and Phil came backstage and found me by the vending machines. As I took off my clothes slowly, I danced around the room, giving every guy a good lap dance. Phil was barely out when the black guy punched his impressive cock into me. I still wasn’t completely clean, so Ashur and Phil escorted me to the shower and I cleaned off. When I came out into the dressing room, Phil and Ashur were the only ones there.

A Groupie's Fantasy Ch. 3

group Isabella Thorne 2018-07-31

I feel freer than ever before - shamelessly exposing my tits, my ass and my cunt, which Janlis always makes sure is shaved smooth for her pleasure - except for the little tuft of hair she likes to leave on top. She eagerly licks her lips and silently mouths out to Timi while the band is playing, "Fuck our hippy slut hard baby - make her take that big cock nice and deep." One, two, three long strokes and he shoots his hot cum into my mouth, crying out, "That's it, baby, that's a good li'l slut - swallow, swallow it all you - I know you love the taste of my cum you cock-sucking hippy."

A Fortunate Delay

group sugarlips 2018-07-31

He groaned and as the head of his cock almost left the pull of her lips he thrust in deep and shot his hot creamy load deep into her mouth. The man on the left pulled out his hot cock and as she slid her hand up and down his length, he sprayed hot streams of creamy cum across her tits. Adams cock was still deeply embedded in her hot pussy, and when she felt the stranger's finger start to penetrate her tight little ass, she whimpered. He slid his finger in and out, loosening up her hot hole for his big cock to be buried inside. The stranger bucked strongly, and he came inside her tight ass, filling her love holes with hot creamy cum.

GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #4

group imornery81 2018-07-31

But as Tina slid past Amber and gave her mother a passionate kiss, Amber dropped to her knees and with the spray form the shower raining down on her, she aimed my cock at her lips and she began sucking me like I was bowling ball to be sucked through a garden hose! He knows how to fuck a woman right!” I heard her mother telling Tina as they broke their embrace to watch Amber go to work on me. “Here baby, Suck on Mommy and Amber while he fills your tight little cunt!” Tina’s Mom said as she raised my girlfriend’s face to her tit and helped her latch on.

In God We Trust

group Cromagnonman 2018-07-31

While this was going on Matthew, Pastor Andrew's son leaned close to me, "A group of us are going to Justin's family's holiday house at the beach for a barbecue after church, I want you to come. "Wow, they're really nice." His hands were free and they moved between us and he began to touch me, to circle my nipples with a finger, teasing them and causing them to puff up and all the time this tingly feeling was coursing through my body. Let's go back to the house." Matthew tucked my breasts back into my top and started to walk back to the beach with me still clinging to him, his hard cock rubbing between my legs making it harder for me to say 'no' if and when the time came.


The Widow’s Gift

group carboncopy 2018-07-31

I began to wonder how I would look to her, how she would respond to Robert's touch, how he might handle two horny women at once, and my passion deepened noticeably. As we laid her on the bed, she closed her eyes, and we began to cover her glowing skin with our kisses and our caresses, Robert taking the upper half, and I the lower half. As I kneaded her slender calves and thighs, I could see Robert doing the same to her arms, neck, and shoulders, her chest gently rising at the touch of his hands, and I wondered how he was encountering her skin, the first skin besides mine he had caressed in a great many years.


Hotel Frolics Ch. 02

group Lovepotion69 2018-07-31

I resist moving a hand down to touch the now trimmed pussy, but all inside all I want to do is open those swelling lips and push a finger in. While working up a rich lather and running my hand through Frida's trimmed pubes, I see Anna touching Frida's pussy lips, her fingers teasingly gliding along the gash. I take a break from licking Frida, but keep my fingers inside of her for playing while watching Anna and Sara. By now Sara's index finger on the other hand finds its way to Anna's asshole and begins to play with it lightly. At one point I swear Sara's looking at me provocatively before taking out her middle finger from Anna's soaked pussy.


Beach Day

group exquisit_taste 2018-07-31

Stroking lightly the tops and inside of my thighs, I lean my chair all the way back, the sun radiating down on the crotch of my bikini, its heat penetrating the thin cloth, arousing me further as I think about my tongue swirling velvet saliva touches around the head a mans cock, and the feel of it in my throat. Our moaning sings a tune of rising arousals as my dark handsome ranger stroked my head, face and hair as I suck him, then he focused his hands to my breasts, caressing and pinching my nipples, causing me to suck stronger on his cock.


The Party Girl

group Gabriel 2018-07-31

One of the guys asked, “So, what should we talk about?” Everyone just looked at each other dumbly but John, the instigator said, “Lisa, why don’t you just show us your tits?” At the same time he reached down and pulled my dress’ thin straps down and my dress fell away exposing my breasts. I took a beer bottle, laid back placing one hand on his knee for support, and running the bottle down my neck, finally holding my dress up and pouring a little bit of the beer through my small patch of pubic hair onto my pussy lips and his pants. As he slid his cock in and out of my mouth I felt one of the guys, Cass, spread my legs wide and up, my knees almost touching my shoulders.


More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-07-31

Bill seems to take great pleasure in 'getting one over' on Mike, he seems to be thrilled at the thought of me having had sex with him and talking dirtily about arranging the next time he will 'fuck the arse off me'. They really get along, and now that Mike has relaxed a little about me having fun with the old guys, all is pretty rosy at the moment! Mike was going away on the Saturday night himself so we parted with him giving me a really sexy send off, a great fuck session at home. After a few minutes of me giving Bills cock a good licking, sucking, drooling and chewing he informed me he wanted to taste my sweet cunt.

A Family Ritual

group ladyellen 2018-07-31

"Why, John," she said, her face lighting up in a smile, "is this the pretty Laura you have told us so much about?" She took my hand and pressed it gently. I am going to take this lovely young thing and get to know her better." John smiled at me as his mother led me away. "I know John has not said anything to you, Laura, but we have a family ritual that takes place here with all the proposed brides. I balled my hands up gripping my fingers tightly together and I felt a shiver of excitement as I was now displayed totally naked before the two elder members of John's family.


Orgy At The Brolins

group that9inch-Boy 2018-07-31

Nadine, not suspecting that James also had access to the bathroom, entered the shower, which was completely open and began to sponge herself down. When James entered the bathroom naked, Nadine was still leaning over the basin. The Brolins, wanting to get a full blown orgy underway, were completely naked and Bruce was furiously fucking her from behind as she leaned on the fireplace mantel. Everyone in the library was so busy fucking everyone else they didn’t even see Nadine plunging James’ dick into her mouth. The next morning at breakfast, the couple were smiling and holding hands under the table while the other guests looked completed fucked.

Twins - A New Year

group rnebular 2018-07-31

After dinner I went home, with the twins promising to come visit with me in the next day or two, before they had to head back to school. I wanted to come tell you how sorry I was, for leaving things the way that I did." I had no idea what she wanted, but it was starting to sound a lot like she had an agenda. Since it was a day before New Years' Eve, I figured the best way I could repay the twins would be to have a long celebration of the coming new year. "John, I love you, too..." Katie managed, as tears welled up in her eyes. They looked at me, like they were in deep thought trying to figure out what I meant by that.