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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Orgy with Kaushiki

group redheat69 2018-07-31

As we finished and lay quite catching our breaths Kaushiki whispered " I have always had this fantasy of making love to a black man." Do you want me to ask John and Linda to join us the next night for a party". Linda held Kaushiki's hair and pushed her to John " Here John fuck this bitch hard and give her a taste of what a nice thick black cock can do to a slut like her while I enjoy this Indian stud here." Boy the night was going to be hot.

The Policeman's Ball

group David Phillips 2018-07-31

Detective Steve Harding traversed the small room looking for clues. unprofessional, Detective Harding," Cynthia pursed her crimson lips together, and waited for the next question. Cynthia was left alone under a bright light, while Harding went to get other officers to assist in the questioning. "Miss Graves, may I call you Cynthia?" A slight nod and a tiny "yes" allowed the new face to continue. Please refrain from your present course of action, these men are trained police officers, not trained seals." He took out several evidence bags and leveled a smouldering glare at her, "The fingerprints on this lipstick case match the ones on the baseball bat, and the color is the same as what's on the body.


A Wedding Day to Remember

group magas911 2018-07-31

I thought for a tiny moment and said, “Sure, OK, yeah, I can do that, that’s all you want is for me to be naked under my wedding dress and after today when I leave on my honeymoon with Peter, you will give me the rest of the pictures and the negatives?” Terry still holding my panties to his nose said, “That’s right, Tracy, but the is just one more thing. I said, “NO, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me.” I heard Terry say, “I want to watch you suck him off Tracy, suck the k** off, come on, honey you know you want to, you can play with yourself the way you like to as you suck him, baby.” I pushed myself up with my tired arms and kneeling in front of Charlie as he came in front of me I sucked him in my mouth.

Tammy's Tattoo Ch. 2

group Jonesfalls 2018-07-31

Tammy saw this and said, "Hold on baby, don't blow yet, this bitch can really suck some cock and I told her she better give you one of her best ever." Linda grabbed hold of my ass and thrust my cock deep in her mouth. Tammy said, "Good job Linda, you nasty cunt, now you better get him revived and ready to go again just like I told you." Now I know that Tammy told her that would bring my cock back to life the quickest and Linda was on top of it. Linda then looked back at Tammy and said, "You were right, that is some good dick." Tammy said, "Linda fucked my boyfriend without my knowing and now she owes me big.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 12

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-31

With the ongoing lull in the story as Jeremy continues to rehab his back, I become the fifth and final guest author of an "Island Fever" chapter. Lindsay touched on this briefly last chapter, but things were not quite as rosy and picture-perfect as the way Jeremy portrayed them to be during the original "Island Fever". Pamela was battling a serious case of Postpartum Depression following the birth of her daughter, Piper, while Trish and Lindsay were preparing for their mega wedding to take place in Cincinnati (Jeremy did a beautiful job describing their wedding in chapter six, by the way).


Christmas Holiday, part 3

group redders74 2018-07-31

From the way Mark was dancing with his bird it looked like he actually had his cock inside her but I think that was probably me just seeing what I wanted to after too many beers. Nathan was too horny for a cab and since his bird was clearly a fucking slut, he took her up an alleyway and got his knob out for her. Pushing her legs back I told Lorna to take hold of the dildo and to keep working her cunt with it while I started to get ready to fuck her shithole. Lorna pulled my mum’s dildo out of her twat and guided my dick up her slimy pink hole.

A Much-Needed Vacation...

group Well_hung_Well_off 2018-07-31

Once I found her clit with my middle finger, Claire arched her back and threw her head back onto my right shoulder, eyes closed and mouth opened, gasping and moaning at the same time. I placed the open palm of my left hand onto the back of Jackie's head and gently started to 'fuck' her face, while I noticed Claire was pulling and twisting Jackie's exposed nipple, now fully erect and extremely sensitive, as foretold by Jackie's moans now vibrating through my cock into my groin. Claire broke our kiss, grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards the bedroom, which 'popped' my cock right out of Jackie's mouth, eliciting a groan from both of us.


group BrettJ 2018-07-31

I thought if Nefertiti and Ron clicked professionally, she might see that there were other ways of getting through life than by living with a rude, controlling idiot like Ken. I didn't know what she saw in him. "You look beautiful sweetheart, you're a natural." I was going to get copies of each photo and masturbate like crazy when Ron wasn't home. "Oh God, oh Christ, Addie baby, do you know what she's doing to me, what this feels like?" Ron gasped as the sexy bitch bobbed her eager head up and down on his cock. I kissed her and told her she was welcome to fuck Ron any time she liked.


My First Threesome

group FifthAngel 2018-07-31

He continued to fuck her with slow deliberate strokes he would completely withdraw from Sandi's cunt and tease her clit with the tip of his cock. I watched the expression on his face, he stared intently at his cock as it moved in & out of Sandi's bare pussy. She attempted to suck on my cock as I licked her clit and he fucked her, but all she could manage was to moan and cum. After several minutes of sucking & licking my cock, I attempted to maneuver myself to lick her clit, but I was unsuccessful - the force of his thrusts and her location on the bed made it impossible for me to get under Sandi.

My Wife's First Orgy

group Heironymous 2018-07-31

“And then a man comes up behind me and starts stroking me lightly on my butt and sides and breasts while I watch.” Tom was rubbing my entire pussy by now, taking long, slow strokes from the bottom to the top, lingering around my sensitive clit. “And then I kind of push back against him and feel that he’s very hard, and that really turns me on.” Tom slipped his soft finger all the way into my pussy and I couldn’t contain a little gasp. We never repeated the exact same scene again, but Tom kept talking about my fantasy until one night we were in a motel, and were starting to make love, and Tom asked me, “Do you think you’d ever like to really be in an orgy?”


Foursome Fun

group prickasso 2018-07-31

Dawn turned around to sit on my cock, while facing David and Bridgette, who were also going at it. As he did this, Dawn picked up her tempo, splashing more water as her pussy slapped down hard on my soaking cock until she came. As I lapped at the dripping pussy and worked her hard clit, a new situation developed, as a stiff cock suddenly slipped into the cunt I was licking! She fucked hard on my face until she had another orgasm, releasing more of her fluids into my mouth as Bridgette sucked her nipples, and David slid his long cock into her mouth.

Sorority Party 1955 Ch. 04

group highclassic 2018-07-31

Margaret looked for the fire chief while Frank went downstairs and struck out toward town to find breakfast for all of them. As they discussed where to move the furniture Joel and Sue showed up with a change of clothes for Frank and Eddie. Eddie and Frank helped Margaret and a few other girls rip up the wet, sooty carpet on the main floor and haul it outside for disposal. Eddie grumbled, but he went along with the idea of getting another room, and Joel thanked him profusely. Sue and Joel headed back to the rooming house and Doris called after them "Remember, Mrs. Kennedy goes to bed at nine. Margaret was quick to answer "I don't know about anyone else, but I have said I would personally thank Frank."


BtB: Turnabout

group Edge23 2018-07-31

She tilted her head at me and smiled, scribbling down 'Maria Cortez - the understudy.' She handed Sarah the paper and pencil, a smirk on her pretty face. As Ashley and Sarah leaned together and started whispering, Mandy took the pencil and started moving it in and out of her pursed red lips, causing my penis to start to stiffen. "I said that I've never had a man do...this for me before." She looked each one of us in the eye, my jaw dropped as I assume Ashley and Mandy's were too. Mandy closed her eyes and nodded, her hand moving quickly on her clit again. Make me cum on your face!" She reached back and grabbed my hair, pulling my head up, my chin pushing into her clit, making her groan.


The Bet

group im_invisible69 2018-07-31

I barely opened the door, making it look like I was glued to the game; however, in reality I could barely suppress my desire to continue my tease. I quickly forced my hard cock back into my pants, hooked the head behind my belt to lessen my obvious arousal, and went back in to watch the game. He obviously got whatever he needed when our eyes met, because he then went right over to Deanna and started kissing her. He was completely fixated on Deanna's mouth stroking Pete's cock, in a way that displayed intense desire to have the same done to him. The look of complete happiness George had on his face was mirrored by Deanna as she licked the final drips back into her mouth.


Happy Birthday Jane

group mystyk 2018-07-31

I got over to Amy's just in time to help set up for Jane's surprise birthday party. Some of the other guys liked that Jane kissed Mike as if she were giving his tongue a blowjob, so they wanted the same thing. Mike came out of the bathroom and told Randy about the amazing blowjob I just gave him. Randy told Mike to keep finger fucking Jane as he went to go see me. He told Mike that he would let him know when Jane and I could cum. By this time Amy had a face full of Bob's secret sauce and so they both watched Jane getting fingered by Mike. Amy did wake up in time to feel her pussy flooded with Mike's cum.

Radha : Bewitching Adultress Ch. 02

group sajit 2018-07-31

Radha started with Sonika's mouth and continued downwards and stopped at the sexy bosom, and began licking and sucking Sonika's breast, suddenly she felt Ripu who had quietly come from behind and had touched her tender behind, the vibrator was working slowly, but surely in and out of her pussy, and had her sailing on the cloud '9'. Radha moaned softly as her body flowed gently back and forth on the wide bed, with her mouth on Sonika's pussy and a vibrator in her own ass, they all looked a real sight, her eyes were closed with nostrils flared as her swollen breasts jogged lightly with the nipples becoming stiff and hard, the gold chain around her neck started shining more against her sweaty but sexy skin.

My Boyfriend

group Fantasy Girl 2018-07-31

She started to moan with his cock in her mouth and I knew that she couldn't keep quiet any longer so I gently grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head in order to ask Billy with my head right next to Lisa's if he wants to feel my tight little pussy wrapped around his cock now. Lisa moaned and Billy Groaned as I grabbed his cock and pulled down on the bottom exposing his swollen mushroom, licking it with the tip of my tongue I asked Billy if he wanted to taste her pussy and lick her hardened clit. Billy grabbed her ass and fucked her like a rabbit as he sucked my pussy and I wrapped my arms around him looking at the look on his face and Lisa's screaming was driving me crazy.

A Friend in need again

group maturemancock 2018-07-31

I unclipped the back of her dress and pulled the zip down, soon Donna pushed it off her shoulders, as I kissed her shoulders Donna had discarded the top half and was feeling her ample tits through her blue bra, after a few minutes I unclipped it from behind, as Donna slipped her mouth over her nipples I ran my tongue down her back. "Feel Donna's box" I said to Maggie, she looked shocked as I grabbed her hand and placed it on Donna's cunt, "Rub her" I ordered, and soon both girls were sat rubbing each other, what a fucking turn on I was as hard as I'd ever been.

my 1st time as a cuckold

group hotbttmboy 2018-07-31

so if you got 8 inches or more come and get this pussy!" 5 guys quickly surrounded her and after a few minutes of Bonnie's sucking , i saw 2 of 'em were about 8 ", 2 were about 9", and one guy had a fuckin' huge cock- almost a foot long and thick as Bonnie's wrists! come and clean the cum out of my hole so this big, fat cock can have a nice clean hole to stretch and fill!" i didn't move , but Bonnie got up and casually walked over to me, put a leg on my armrest and grabbed my head and smashed my face into her sloppy wet hole.

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 02

group temp171 2018-07-31

"Let me see for myself," said Dorothy with a lascivious chuckle, and leaned across me to placed her hand on Ingrid's cunt. I didn't know who these hands belonged to, but then Ingrid's head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in its mouth, and I knew then that it must be Dorothy's fingers that were pinching Angela's nipples. Tell me to eat her pussy." I was a bit distracted, but Ingrid continued to insist, "Tell me to eat her." As I felt the sudden imminent pressure of my orgasm, I gasped to her, "Eat Dorothy's pussy," and then I began to shoot deep into Angela's cunt as it spasmed tightly around my cock.

masturbation club - 3rd time

group NYLooking100 2018-07-31

There were two cars in the driveway of our hosts and when I got out of the car, one of the married guys that I saw last month said hello as he rolled his window down. The usual playing and stroking took place and guys were moaning in pleasure as they stroked themselves and others around. We decided to go in one of the rooms as the hosts always accommodated some of the guys who wanted to stay and play. We stayed for a few until the guy shot his load and the three of us with dicks in hand walked back to our room. The two guys wanted to do oral and as soon as we got in a cock filled the other guys mouth.

A Spa Köming Near You

group Sexy_EVE 2018-07-31

He was wasn't however pleased about her timing, the men had just gotten in a grove going and calling them over now would mean another 30 minutes of them dicking around before they got back to work, at least. She turned to stand right in front of him and just when all the other men thought she was going to let him have it as she lifted up her hand, she clamped on the back of his neck and pulled his mouth down on hers. Miguel had dropped to his knees with Beverly's legs still wrapped around him and lowered her onto her back on the gravelly rooftop as the men had walked away, still keeping his kiss with her.


Busy Body Blonde

group Boxlicker101 2018-07-31

Seconds later, Kyle crawled out of the way, leaving Stan and Eric using their mouths to pleasure her breasts while I continued eating her pussy. My tongue also sluiced all the nectar from the outside of her pussy, but left it inside the lovely pink hole that was its source, because I knew our sexual fun had just begun, and it would be needed as a lubricant. While her hands continued holding her ass open, I knelt between Stan's legs and guided my cock to the small, pink hole. I continued driving forward until my cock was all the way inside Keri's ass again, and I could feel the soft skin of the insides of her cheeks against my pubic hair.


A Gift Between Friends

group chimicawriting 2018-07-31

Tyler was grunting in the background as his orgasm hit him and his cum fell into Maxwell's open mouth. There was pure lust in the air as Eva moved her hips slowly to match the movement of Roxanne's finger, pushing deeper inside of her. She didn't stop screaming even after Roxanne made her cum a handful of times just from her tongue alone. Maxwell grunted loudly as his cock slid deeper into Tyler and he began to cum hard. "Crazy shit, right?" Tyler said, holding onto Roxanne's arm, trying to keep warm. "Such a sweet Christmas gift that would be," Roxanne said, pushing him away and laughing,"If only Carly and I weren't already married."