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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cannonball Kate (Amsterdam)

group Mag58 2018-01-15

After a minute, I tapped her on the arse and motioned for her to stand up; and when she did I pulled her trousers and knickers down and gave her bald, juicy cunt a real good fingering as she sucked and titty-fucked her third stranger's cock of the night; until she gasped and began trembling as an almighty orgasm made her deep throat the cock, which in turn made him cum deep down her neck. Katie was now sweating as she got a real good fucking; until Aaron pulled his cock out and straddled her tits, before wanking his cock in front of her wide open mouth; where he splashed jet after jet of hot spunk; which she gratefully swallowed.

Campfire Chronicles Ch. 01

group BlueFish11 2018-03-10

The women exchanged glances and giggled, and they headed up the driveway to their site - Beth and Sam walked to the campsite across the street from their campsite. "Girls -- they boys across the way said that there is a concert tomorrow night -- a sort of grateful dead type deal that the campground puts on every year. "Sam, suck on him, you have to feel the ring in your mouth." Beth said in a tone full of wonderment. An hour or so later, after many more drinks, the arrival of the boys and some more smoke -- it was all the trio of Sam, Di and Beth could do to stifle their laughter as he once again asked, ""Do you ladies have any piercings or tattoos??"

Camper Girl Ch. 01

group Dr_Hotspur 2018-03-08

I played with myself and imagined the hot blond one was doing it while his dreamy eyes took in my big boobs, his lips wet and his hard cock about to do a better job than his fingers were doing. George squirmed back out of the way as Mac pushed at the backs of my knees, raising my arse up off the sheet till I was folded right over, the backs of my thighs and pussy facing skywards, my feet over my head. He picked up my feet and lifted them high and wide, then with little alternate motions of his kneeling legs he got his cock-head an inch inside me.


Camera Friendly

group Justtoold 2018-09-30

I was now taking close ups of her exposed charms and the wife was acting like a real slut as she started to finger her pussy for me while I continued to take pictures. Of course a few months after we started going outdoors we got surprised by a guy on little used trail just as the wife was getting to the point of cumming with her favourite dildo. I then watched my wife kissing his body everywhere as she was slowly stoking Allen's cock the whole time. One of Allen's hands was alternately gripping my wife's ass or slapping it as Angie slowly started to move up and down on that hunk of hard meat he had.

Cam Couples

group ck3891 2018-01-10

Andy kept the camera trained on Mel's face as his penis went in and out, her mouth keeping steady light suction. Trained on the lovers, Em slowly circled the bed to capture Mel in profile astride his head, one hand holding her loose hair, the other resting on Andy's. Em drank in the deliberate display, from Andy's wide-spread legs and heavy balls beneath the steely shaft that was sinking into Mel; from her cunt lips, displaced and pushed aside by his cock, to the visible hood over her clit; up over the taut stomach and small flushed tits, topped with darker nipples pointing skyward; to her ecstatic face, eyes captivated by the camera.


Call of the Wild

group InYo 2017-10-24

You watch as the man's thrusting becomes more urgent, and them at some signal you can't discern the woman turns around and drops to her knees just as the man's cock explodes a thick stream over her face and breasts. You are so turned on by the scene, the slow pumping from your unseen lover, her tweaking your nipples that you moan and snake your tongue out and scoop some of her boyfriend's cum off her face. He holds your head and begins to make love to your face, slowly and intimately, while his brother still pumps into you. You feel so naughty that it pushes you over the edge, and you cum loudly, collapsing onto the girlfriend, your face slipping between her spread thighs.

Caden's California Ch. 01

group DeeperDown 2017-10-17

It may seem like a stroke of genius to people who've been in the restaurant business for a long time, but it seemed pretty simple to me when I started as a twenty-three year old entrepreneur. There was no way that I would have been able to expand to a second building without Ben and Selena taking care of things here. Six months ago I started looking around for a great location to open a second restaurant nearby. Nobody understood and respected the culture we had built at like Ben and Selena so I knew Cravings would be in great hands. For the past two months we'd hired extra staff with the goal of having them up to speed by the time the new restaurant opened.


Cabin Fever Pt. 02

group kellyjojo 2018-03-05

I have a perfect view of Josh's cock as he slides inside Julie's pussy, she leans back into him, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, pure ecstasy on her face. Josh does the same with Julie, when he pulls out she moans in disappointment until I see his wet cock peek out and slide up her pussy to her clit, a smile splays on her face and she bites her bottom lip as she moans in appreciation again. Brian and Josh take a few more hard , deep strokes and both pulling out at the same time and letting their cocks slide up our wet slits one last time, their cum squirting on our pussy lips.

By the Time I Got to Woodstock

group furryfan 2018-08-01

"You should come back home with me," Kenny said as he lingered for what seemed like forever around the open door of the bus, while the other passengers boarded the Greyhound bus bound for Albany, New York. They had been in a booth inside the diner when my little drama went down, and when I got to the woman's side I saw the embers of a cigarette light up the guy's face, although the aroma coming from inside the van left no doubt as to what was being smoked. "Follow me," Grace said, and as she walked me down the hall to the bathroom, I followed close behind, enthralled with the way her long hair flowed as she moved.


Busty Jessica's Pool Party

group Boxlicker101 2017-12-13

If asked to name her favorite sex act, unless her mouth happened to be happily busy with a cock or pussy or licking someone's ass, she would say it was whatever fun thing she was doing or whatever was being done to her at the time. Busty Jessica and her friends and George all believe that, when you are putting on a sex orgy, the more horny, naked people there are in attendance, the better it is for everybody. Another person George called was Candace, a very attractive young black woman, whose most favorite thing is sucking cocks, and she also loves to have a man's face between her thighs.


Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

As Mrs. Keibler started to undress Brittany, Mr. Moore had his camera ready to take pictures of Brit in her underwear. Just like Mrs.Keibler, Mr.Moore had to use both hands to squeeze and massage the huge tit while sucking on it like a vacuum. Mrs. Keibler got up and sat on Brittany’s face, back towards Mr. Moore so Brittany could lick her very first pussy while being fucked. Trying to hold them stead to suck on but Mr. Moore was fucking Brittany really fast and so her big tits keep moving up and down Mrs. Keibler’s face and mouth. Mrs. Keibler moved down to lick and suck on Brittany’s pussy while Mr. Moore was thrusting his dick harder and harder inside.


Busted Ch. 03

group psymonkros 2017-10-09

That, and two naked women together look like two thirds of a three-way already in progress (Hey, I can dream, can't I?). It might be two thirds of a three-way already in progress I was watching, but this time I thought it would be impolite to intrude, but I couldn't take my eyes off what I saw. Somebody over there was into all sorts of color lights from Spencer's Gifts, and their room looked like a disco as they got it on. I had almost finished myself off when they climbed out of the pool together and necked a little more, the water on their bodies making them look like silvery statues in the moonlight.

Buddy and His Buddy...

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-01

The next set of slow songs started, and Tracy got up and headed to the dance floor, this time followed by the other guy. I had a pretty good view of Tracy's face now, and as much as she was enjoying gulping down Steve's cock, she positively beamed with lust when the other guy entered her from behind in one quick move. Watching my wife on her hands and knees with her face covered in cum, and getting fucked from behind had my cock rock hard. Steve started taking pictures of the blowjob that Rich was getting from my wife's mouth, then turned her around and started fucking her pussy.

BtB: Turnabout

group Edge23 2018-07-31

She tilted her head at me and smiled, scribbling down 'Maria Cortez - the understudy.' She handed Sarah the paper and pencil, a smirk on her pretty face. As Ashley and Sarah leaned together and started whispering, Mandy took the pencil and started moving it in and out of her pursed red lips, causing my penis to start to stiffen. "I said that I've never had a man do...this for me before." She looked each one of us in the eye, my jaw dropped as I assume Ashley and Mandy's were too. Mandy closed her eyes and nodded, her hand moving quickly on her clit again. Make me cum on your face!" She reached back and grabbed my hair, pulling my head up, my chin pushing into her clit, making her groan.


BtB: The Contest

group Edge23 2017-10-15

Ashley screamed and tried to pull her foot away from Becca while squiring against me while smacking me on the shoulder, all of which made us tickle her more. After several minutes of this exquisite torture, she pushed Ashley's hand away and slid her soft lips down to the base, sealing her lips their and working her tongue from side to side along the side of my cock. As Becca raised her mouth back to the head, Ashley slipped her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock, making an 'ok' sign, jerking slightly as her other fingers remained on my balls. Becca and Ashley were kissing again and I felt their hands moving around on my groin, but I couldn't see who was doing what.

Brotherly Love

group WayneGibbous 2018-03-27

I think I got some pre-cum out of both of you and I couldn't tell any difference." Now you can show me if you eat pussy the same way, and she led Eric by his cock to our bed and lay down with her legs apart and knees up. "OH, Eric, mmm, OOH, OOH, oh, mm, mm, oh, wonderful, you make me feel so good, my pussy's so good, mmm," and I reached down and pulled him up over me, his hard cock now pushing between my legs, as I kissed his face over and over. "Do me doggie, hon, so I can suck Eric," and I knelt on my hands and knees as Adam's cock slid right into me and he began fucking me.


Brooke Ch. 03

group eroslit 2017-11-16

Like he'll not want to do this," Brooke said, kissing me passionately and moving her hands onto my breasts. Bob's hands engulfed Brooke's tits and it didn't take long for her erect nipples to appear. Bob removed the bottom of Brooke's bikini and lingered around her pussy long enough to swipe his tongue over it several times. As we stood together, I said to Kelley, "Brooke and I find this time of day to be the most relaxing. At the same time I put a hand inside the top of her bikini, Brooke slid a finger inside the bottom and found Kelley's pussy. I began to suck on those big tits while Brooke licked and sucked Kelley's clit and drove her tongue inside her pussy.


Brockton BBWs Need Anal Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

The big black chick was sucking some dick. His long and thick, uncircumcised black dick unleashed a torrent of hot cum all over Darlene's face. Joel put Darlene on all fours and spread the big black woman's gigantic butt cheeks wide open. Then, without further ado, the sexy Cape Verdean stud set about fucking the big black woman in the ass. Joel pushed his cock into Darlene's asshole, and placed his big hands upon her wide hips. Joel began pumping his cock into Darlene's asshole. The big black woman squealed as she got fucked. The loudest, meanest and most outspoken big black woman in a hood teeming with big, loud chicks was getting fucked in the ass.

Brighton Hall Bi Boys

group Shade_Colbourne 2018-01-18

Colin got down on his knees on the floor in front of Marissa's mouth, slid one hand under the back of her neck, and slid his cock neatly in, all the way down her throat without any resistance. I could feel Marissa's pussy walls clamping down on my cock even harder as I pumped blast after blast of hot milky cum into her, her body heaving with the force of Colin's cock impaling her throat and mine plunged deeply into her cunt as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. Colin slowly pulled out of her to let her breathe and a long trail of spit and cum remained suspended between his cock and Marissa's mouth.

Briget Ch. 03

group velvethammer 2018-05-23

But Tuesday night we talked about our days, then she asked me if there were any hot chicks working there that I’d like to fuck. I’m drunk and horny and it’s all your fault, boy, telling me those stories about sucking cock and fucking all those girls, so you better call this Briget and you better call her quick.” Then she smiled. I kissed her on the cheek she demurely offered me, and then turned to Anya, who sat there with somewhat stunned look on her face. “And I just want to say,” said Briget, looking between Anya and I, “that I would really enjoy sucking and fucking, being fucked and sucked by the two of for the rest of the night.”


Bridget's Three Bi Studs

group libidinal 2018-04-16

"Then I took hold of the guy's cock and worked it into Kenny's crack, helping to ease his thick nine inches of steely male meat right up Kenny's hot, lubed hole, Kenny pushing back on it, hungry for a cock up his ass, just beggin' to be fucked like a cock-crazed slut. "I almost lost my mind watching that, strumming my clit like a maniac as now I got behind Kenny and started slurping up the cum that was leaking out of his ass, both of us loudly slurping cum as it spilled out of two well-fucked male assholes, me reaching down between my legs and getting myself off so nicely as I just kept lappin' away, lapping up every drop of cum spilling out of Kenny's hot, sexy, well-fucked ass."

Bridal Dance

group Michael142 2018-04-11

All I had to do now, was to get married, get to the hotel where our wedding reception and my bridal suite was, and be pawed and felt-up by every male friend, uncle, friend-of-a-friend, and every adenoidal twelve-year-old male relative, who had ten bucks to pin to my dress (or hand off to Megan) for a chance to paw me at the 'dollar dance.' It seemed like every time David and I turned around someone was handing us a drink, or a beer, or me a scotch with very little water. David didn't know and I had forgotten that I wasn't wearing panties, and he lifted up my dress and the petticoats high enough to allow a pretty fair view of my bare little clamshell snatch, to quite a lot of the onlookers.


Brian's Story Ch. 02

group velvethammer 2018-03-29

Looking back with almost twenty years of hindsight experience, I hadn't been fucked like an adult until Gary and Irene. Irene asked if I liked the room and I said it was great. I told Gary and Irene that I had a date with Dianne and Irene winked at me and said they weren't going to be home until very late. So I told her that it was like sliding into tight butter when I slid my cock into her and she was so tight and I wanted to fuck her ass all night long, and stuff like that. I guess I looked at her strangely and she said Dianne sounded like I was fucking her to death.


Brenda's Discovery Ch. 02

group RomanCEisdead2 2018-08-05

The lust inside her made Brenda want more, she wanted to feel the man's ass cheeks, so she extracted her left hand and began to tug at the button, the last thing holding his trousers up. He appeared in two minds, partially because he had been told by John to leave as soon as she had done her job, partially because he really wanted this woman who was lying on the ground in front of him, legs spread wide and come and juices dripping from her gaping vagina. It was hurting Brenda, but as the cock made progress she managed to turn around far enough that she could reach the door with her hand and finally swing it shut -- just as her lover became fully embedded.