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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lake

group love24x 2018-07-31

I looked up and saw Eve's daughter standing watching us intently, one hand on her breast pinching and teasing her ripe swollen nipple the other between her thighs, her fingers moving among the sparse hairs of her pussy, parting her lips and pleasuring herself as I abandoned myself to the sensations of her mother's mouth. Her cool fingers caressing my shaft and balls while the warmth of her lips and mouth surrounded the swollen sensitive head, in my intense excitement I could feel the sweet clear nectar running from the tip of my cock onto her tongue as she savoured my flesh.

Soccer-Mom: First Swap Party Ch. 02

group KissedMany 2018-07-31

Frank is pretty good looking but this man was attractive in a whole different way. Mark, this is my husband, Frank." I cannot believe that this man is still keeping his hand on my leg. Frank says, "Dorothy, Mark and I have had a nice chat and I asked him to watch over you tonight. He whispers in my ear, "I want you feel how you are turning me on." He takes my hand and moves it to his manhood. Your husband is such a lucky man." His hand is still on my stomach and I can feel it tremble a bit more. "My dear, how the fuck am I going to feel your pussy if you close your legs like that.


Every Man's Fantasy

group Sanzamour 2018-07-31

She handed a margarita to Rosie, a mojito to Sheena, Jill got a dirty martini, she gave me Import beer, took a sip of her White Russian and set a Bourbon and coke in front of Stacy. Tasha returned with a shot for everyone but Jill and Rosie and handed Stacy her new drink. Jill knelt down and cupped her hands over Rosie's ass cheeks then pulled her floral panty covered crotch into her face. Sheena buried her face in Tasha snatch and I pulled on the string watching her tight hole stretch as th ball tried to rip through. Tasha and Rosie started making out in the corner and Jill got down on her knees in front of me.


My Best Friend Emily Ch. 05

group FerdGerfel 2018-07-31

On the other hand, I thought, my mind jumping, what if Lisa confronts me in the morning and says either Emily goes or I go? That part of me that held onto my deep feelings for Emily all these years, the part of me that hurt a little every time she told me about another guy, the part of me that felt betrayed when she went away to college and thought she was never coming back. I rankled at the thought of Emily saying something like 'you're the guy I should really be with.' I'd heard it a couple of times in my freshman year of college, while Emily was off flunking out of NYU, before I met Lisa.


Seek and Ye Shall Find

group ukwriter 2018-07-31

With the attention Phil and Dom were giving to her nipples and the expert fingers and tongue of Jamie, Claire started to moan more loudly. Phil stopped sucking and biting Claire’s nipples and tits, to reach down and spread her pussy lips wider, allowing Jamie even better access. Claire stopped licking Phil and Dom for a second to fully enjoy the feel of her first cock of the evening. Phil released his grip and began thrusting up inside her in time with Dom. The three bodies found a rhythm and Claire moaned as yet another orgasm built up inside her. As the camera panned back out, I could see that Jamie was standing over Phil and had given Claire his cock to suck.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 33

group SteveWallace 2018-07-31

Melanie added a couple remarks to her introduction about how she happened to have background in marketing, logistics, and manufacturing, by way of an industrial management degree from Northwestern, but hadn't been able to find a job when she got out of school, so here she was now as an executive secretary. Armed with my relatively new knowledge about how to please a woman I loved, I stood in front of Melanie and teased her pussy with the head of my cock. "Time for you to return the favor." I got on the edge of the bed, so Sean could kneel on the floor and his mouth would be at just the right level to eat my leaky pussy.


Angel & Amanda

group vicioussid 2018-07-31

You see the shock & amazement on Angel's face she even mouths "OMG" after watching you while she has her hand lightly wrapped around his dripping wet cock fresh from your attempted deep throat. Walking back over to the couch Winston returns from Angel's room and pushes you to the floor he then positions himself into standing doggie with his hands pressed down on your lower back holds nothing back driving every inch he has inside of U.. your moans are unbelievable your body starts to quiver uncontrollable I could tell you were cumming really hard but Winston didn't stop fucking you till your eyes rolled back into your head and You bite down on your lower lips moaning the words "OH MY GOD" .

The Ritual

group Coltrane 2018-07-31

She nodded to a couple of her Amazon buddies and they stepped behind me to hold me just a breath before the leader began to shave the hair from my chest with her knife. The leader kicked me in the back of the knees so I would drop, and the woman quickly scurried over to place her pussy within inches of my shamelessly growing cock. Before instincts took over and I entered her, the leader pulled a jar of red salve from behind her and began to smear my cock with some kind of pungent smelling stuff. She squatted there as her fingers pulled blue salve from the jar and began to smear it over my cock and balls and pubic hair.

The Bridges of Chapel Hill

group candi_hotte 2018-07-31

When I got to the other side, I pulled my miniskirt off and walked back the whole length of the walkway wearing just a G-string, thigh high stockings, and 5" hot pink "fuck me" heels! All it took was one last thrust from Frankie, one last pinch of my nipples from Danny, one last massage of my clit from Frankie, one last deep push of Brendan's hard member down my throat, and one last smack on my left cheek from Tim's throbbing dick and I was screaming out loud, "Ooooohhhh, ssshhiiitt!!


Scanning Pics

group clownie7 2018-07-31

After about 30 scans, I started on pictures of her and Larry together, there were pictures of him fucking her cunt, and her ass, of Denise sucking Larry’s cock. I went and got the camera, and returned to find Denise on all fours, I started snapping pictures of this hot woman, getting close ups of her ass and her wet cunt thinking how much I love these digital cams and the fact they can take 500 pics or more without an upload. Denise turned her head and looking at my still hard cock, smiled a wicked grin and told me to fuck her ass.

I licked her b*****rs cock as went into her

group 2018-07-31

I could hear her gasp as she started riding my nose, her smell was intoxicating, and I lapped her up like a bitch in heat, swallowing hard, feeling her tighten up on my nasal cavity, she was building up for an orgasm, her own devouring of my own sex organ, was in proportion to the love two girls felt for each other, both locked into our special sex, touching myself was the norm for me every night, but touching another female, her buttocks, her breasts and nipples, and slipping my fingers inside her, just blew my mind.

Holly's Awakening Ch. 03

group hotdm69 2018-07-31

She told Holly that they might be able to go backstage also, so she talked Jim into getting his friends together to go to a strip bar the same night that she and Sonya were going to the male strip show. Sonya could tell he was one of Holly's favorites as she had tipped him more than the other dancers, once getting his semi-hard barely covered cock an inch or two from her face the last time she tipped him. Rocco said, "Come over here, Johnny." They talked and came over to the girls, while Holly filled Sonya in to her kinky plans. The rotated a couple times, both getting a chance to fuck Sonya's pussy, then Johnny pulled out and said, "I'm about to cum!"

Doing Jessica and Getting a Big Surprise

group Tommie_tomm2 2018-07-31

Shocked at first, but unable to stop accepting this new pleasure, I enjoyed slowly pushing my cock into her, while Ted moved behind my ass and started rubbing up and down my ass crack with his hard shaft. As I continued slowly pumping her wet cunt, she removed her finger from my tight ass, only to quickly be replace by Ted’s cock rubbing around in circles all over my tightened hole. Feeling my sphincter pulse on his rock hard cock, Ted started shooting into me as well, filling my now wide open and willing ass with his creamy, salty cum.

Skinny Dipping in College

group pantymarathon 2018-07-31

We were sitting in the same chair at the end of the bed and Kyle opened a beer and handed it to me without breaking his view of Laura now on her hands and knees, with her bare ass up in the air right in our face, as she moved down and took his cock into her mouth. I was holding on to Ryan's leg, and he was looking right into my eyes as I lowered myself onto his best friend's cock and my roommate was pushing her hands down on his chest and grinding her pussy hard down onto his cock. Kyle lifted me up, without pulling out, and set me face down on the bed, across Ryan's chest, and he grabbed my hips and started fucking me as hard as he could.

Summer Heat Ch. 01 - Surprise

group marriedheat 2018-07-31

Jeanie looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and nodded in agreement and said, "UH GUTH UH BID." We laughed knowing she meant to say, "I guess I did." Jeanie's mouth continued moving up and down on my cock head as her tongue started swirling around the tip. Heather was cuddled up to me, stroking my chest while I watched my cock going deeper and deeper into Jeanie's mouth. Jeanie again came up off my cock, caught her breath, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I'm not sure I can cheat on Rob by fucking you, but I had to suck this awesome cock. I reached over and slid a finger inside Heather's wet cunt, finger fucking my sweet wife while lapping at her best friend's clit.


Three Generations at Once

group famousthree 2018-07-31

I told him, "how does tonight sound?" He got this big smile on his face and asked me if I was being for real. I took his big, hard cock in my hand and started stroking it. Then I took his cock in my hot, wet mouth and started sucking it. He told me that he wanted to make sure that I got satisfied this time so he had invited his nephew, Jon over to help him please me. When he got really hard, I moved over to Jon's legs and took his long, hard cock into my hot mouth. His father (Jon) got so hot that he came and stood beside the sofa and slide his cock into my hot mouth.

Something Unexpected

group CoolSign 2018-07-31

Holding her hips in his hands, Mark began to fuck Sarah with long, deep strokes, burying his big cock right into her. "Just that, that's great, just a little longer!" she gasped, loving the feel of Jakes's hands and Mark's long, fat cock. Mark was about to tell her that he didn't have much longer, but the feel of Sarah's hard nipples, the sight of a big cock squeezing itself into her little body and the eager wanking of his cock suddenly became to much for Jake, and before he knew it he was orgasming so hard that big, hot streaks of his come were splashing off Sarah's face and onto the floor before he could even warn her.

The Not-So-Secret Swap

group dinstigator 2018-07-31

At the same time, Erin began licking Randi's clit, the hair on the top of her head brushing against my stomach as I slowly thrust my cock in and out of Randi's pussy. I didn't think Matt could last much longer since he'd already had Erin sucking his dick for at least 15 minutes, and I knew I was getting close, and being a guy I couldn't be sure but it seemed like each of the girls had probably cum once or twice already since we'd been fucking them. I had never been in an "orgy" before, and wasn't sure what kind of protocols there were, and all these thoughts began racing through my head when I heard Matt yell "I'm gonna cum" as he pulled his cock from Erin's pussy with a "pffft" sound.


Unexpected Evening

group wishfulthinker 2018-07-31

'Fine,' I said getting up to get a video - Robert's face was a picture and despite the film finishing and our conversation Jennys t-shirt was still allowing me a glimpse of her knickers and her nipples were rock hard and very prominent. Shortly the girl on the movie moved on and let go of the two cocks and positioned herself to slip one deep into her cunt whilst the other guy slowly massaged his member to keep it hard. We all knew things between us had changed and it would not be the last time Jenny enjoyed my cock and looking at Robert's rapidly hardening cock I wasn't sure that it was even the end for the evening.

Jemma and the Party

group PamperedLinny 2018-07-30

The stranger flipped up her skirt and began massaging her ass while Charlie pulled her mouth to his and began to kiss her passionately. Jemma didn't really know what to do but she was feeling so many things all at once that she didn't seem able to stop and pull away. The feeling of his cock pushing against her thigh felt good and hard. Charlie was just under her and she could feel the probing head of his cock trying to slide into her juicy cunt. She could feel him bouncing off the back of her throat and decided it wasn't so bad after all, especially not with Charlie playing with her breasts and beginning to move in and out of her pussy.


group 2018-07-30

Then he enjoyed fucking her cunt and ass and making her suck his cock and swallow his cum. Two hours later his face was covered with cum as he sucked her clit and fingered fucked her cunt and ass then he decided to cock fuck her ass. He then fucked her ass and filled it with cum and then shoved his cock deep into her mouth making her suck and lick it. Today after he ate he took her to the play room and tied her hands to the hooks in the ceiling and then got his leather strap and gave her ass forty whacks then her tits twenty and her pussy another ten.

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 12

group Artist1 2018-07-30

It must have been highly coordinated because each one had a different color of toe nail polish that complemented their coloring: blue for Ulrika that matched her eyes, tropical orange for Farah, deep red for Carmen, strawberry pink for Yara, hot pink against Bilan's dark toes, and brownish eggplant purple for Chhaya—the same color as her fantastic nipples. Yara and Farah each placed one of my feet on their own hairless pussies and began to stroke their toes up my thighs to my cock. Chhaya took her time, first stroking her feet up my legs and around my cock before sliding her brown bejeweled toes up my shaft.


The Circle Ch. 18

group SteveWallace 2018-07-30

As the two women kissed, Alice ran her hand up Marlene's leg, under her robe, across her beautiful ass, and up her bare back, before coming to her front and resting on a breast with the nipple between two fingers. "I am making love to you." Alice pulled open the robe, and sucked on one of Marlene's breasts until the nipple was white hot with passion. He laughed and said, "I'm breaking in my soon-to-be new secretary." He energetically fucked Marlene, but not without a lot of hot words of passion and love. 'No plot, but who cares.' 'Great character development,' 'Traditional porn.' 'Great stroke film.' 'Wish I could fuck her.' 'Hey, she likes girls too – that means we can play together too.' 'I want to eat that pussy.' 'I'm in love.'


One for the Road Ch. 06

group jeffee27 2018-07-30

I watched June's tight ass as she handed Ingrid her coffee. "Why don't you fuck her?" June asked as she looked up at that monster prick, "Ingrid's begging for cock." Steve looked at me but I just shook my head. "Maybe the trip is over?" June said as she looked knowingly at Ingrid. June moved closer to me on the lounge as we watched Steven climb onto the bed. We could see between their legs as his Steve's cock disappeared into Ingrid's pussy. Steve started moving his cock in and out of Ingrid's pussy. Steve, still naked, hugged Ingrid as June settled into the bed. As Ingrid and I walked past him and into the hallway I heard June tell him to get his cock out.