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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Boys At The Bar

group eroticawriter_1 2018-07-30

She slowly circled the head of his cock with her tongue as Andrew rocked softly behind her, fucking her with just half of his shaft and Steven licked and rubbed her clit. When Andrew started fucking her harder with his whole cock, she took every inch of Michaels cock into her mouth and throat, throwing him into pleasures he’d only imagined. Michael was rubbing in fast circles now and her body tensed up again until she started to quiver, her cunt pulsating around his cock as it grew tighter still. The sounds of her moans and the sight of Michael ramming his cock into her pussy got Steven hard again immediately. “Oh yeah baby, I want your cum,” Amanda said as she started massaging her clit in circles.

Astrid's Threesome

group moodcouple 2018-07-30

"God, even her clit is huge," Marion said, making me think it wasn't just Richard who had a thing for big women. Holding it between our faces, Marion said, "Girl, your pussy is so wet." I could see my cum coating her fingers. "I think she likes it," Marion said to Richard, who still had his fingers in me. Richard then pulled his hand out and offered his fingers to Marion, who proceeded to suck them clean. "That feels so good." We kept licking him and sucking each others tongues for a while, then Marion started kissing down the Length of him and I moved until he was in my mouth. We kissed again, his cock-head between our mouths, then I moved down and Marion started sucking on him.


Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 02

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-30

"When I was pregnant with Piper - all the way up until the time I gave birth - it felt as if I was on top of the world," Pamela explained to not only me, but Kristanna and Scarlett as well, as we flew somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean at a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet in our private, family jet. Don't you want to feel better, Pamela, and get back to your normal self?" Kristanna looked my way and continued, "I think we should not even wait. I don't enjoy seeing you feel all miserable like this." When I released her from my arms, Pamela immediately went to Kristanna for a tearful, emotional embrace.


Blowjob Revenge

group Brittni4u 2018-07-30

I know, why don't you go over there and suck his cock right now and reminisce about that," Lance blurted out before slamming the house door, getting in his car, and squealing out. I fondled the guys low hanging balls before putting my mouth on his huge light skinned cock. When I began deepthroat sucking this monster cock, Susan was giddy with excitement and the guy stated, "I've never had anyone that could take it all the way. I say we let two in at a time that way the next guy in line can watch and stroke and will be ready when you finish," suggested Susan. Susan hung up on Lance, then turned it off just as Sanjeev started cumming in my mouth.


I Never Knew Her Name

group MarkHughes 2018-07-30

My husband and I," - she nodded towards a tall, slightly older but athletic-looking man who was standing a short distance away, watching impassively - "we live the lifestyle, you know? I think she went to talk to her husband, I turned to the barmaid to mime another order for water, and when I turned back, the woman, her husband and one of the guys who had been sitting at the bar were no longer there. As he retreated to the back of the room, the woman stood up, smiled at those of us watching through the grille and said, "You wanna come and play?" She had let her hair down, literally, and her slim but womanly figure was displayed in all its glory.

Jill's Adventures Ch. 02

group Cherrie 2018-07-30

She could see the tiny bush of neatly trimmed hair around Sue's 'Mons Venus' Jill also noticed that her friend appeared to be impaled onto Boris's cock. With her free hand, Jill dipped the fingers between Susan's legs, and coated them in her friend's pussy juices. She removed her sopping fingers from between her legs and held them up to the light, inches away Boris's face. Jill looked down between her friend's legs, in time to see his seminal come, slowly oozing out of Sue's fanny. "Sue, you can be quite the dirty little slut at times," Jill sniggered, watching Boris deposit the tissue in his top jacket pocket. "Takes one to know one," replied Sue, "I'm going for a pee, you keep Boris busy till I get back."

Cycling Swingers

group marleymusic2002 2018-07-30

When Sheila got to the part that had her watching David fucking Joan as Joan ate her, I was furiously stroking my cock and came all over my stomach and hand. I smiled as she handed me a tall glass of iced tea and felt my cock twitch a little thinking about what Jake had just told me. Jake looked at me and then said to Roxy: "Let's have a little bet on whether he comes out in a bathing suit." We all laughed when Roxy said, "Let me check," and once again her hand found my cock.

The First Time I shared my wife

group seniorchief 2018-07-30

Time went by but that never happened, what did happen was we started talking about what turned me on a single woman with two men or two woman with one man. We both agreed two men on one woman turned us on, So I asked if she would ever let Bobby join us she giggled, So the next time we were all at my home having a little party I told them to go out on the couch and talk. Then I lifted my head up and said Babe its time, I want to see Bobby fuck you she said nothing just got naked as did Bobby he climbed on top of her and in one swift push he was deep inside her hairy pussy.

My Surprise Party

group FreakSlave 2018-07-30

Once I had completed my tasks as ordered, I returned to the bedroom, where she had laid out a pair of jeans, and a white tank top for me along with the black and pink panties she had selected earlier, instructing me to get dressed and be quick about it. I leaned forward, this time one hand around the nape of each of their necks, and I drew them to me, kissing each of them passionately as each wrapped an arm around and felt my panty-clad ass cheeks before letting them relax back into the couch.


Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 03

group dchapleaux 2018-07-30

You moan loudly while licking and sucking at Sandra's delicious pussy, loving the feel of my cock pushing into you. You lick and suck at her pussy, sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her, making her moan your name loudly. I feel you pull up, then move forward and notice Sandra sliding herself onto my cock. Sandra begins slamming her pussy down, making the sensation of the thrusts even more heightened from the vibrations of the contact. With one swift, violent thrust of my hips up, I begin shooting cum deep inside Sandra's wet pussy, filling her with all the cum I can. When Sandra's orgasm stops gripping her in waves of pleasure, she lets herself fall forward and roll off my cock.

After the barbeque....continued

group 2018-07-30

He reached over and slid two fingers into my dripping pussy, slowly moving them rhythmically in and out of me, matching my friend’s thrusts as she fucked his black cock with her sweet lips. He grunted each time he slammed his black cock deep inside of her until he felt her pussy tighten down hard as she let out a scream, lost in her own orgasm. It was all he needed, the feeling of her wet, warm pussy walls massaging his black cock as she came, to send him over the edge and he shot his hot cum deep inside of her.

Gorgeous cousin

group 2018-07-30

She said "we have to get him to stay overnight with the guys so we can get him in the middle of the night." When Jean wants something she will not stop until she gets it. He sat on the bed with his mouth hanging open as Jean spread his cum all over my tits and started to lick my tits. Jean said "come on Stan don't you want to lick Steph's tits?" Jean decided to teach him how to eat pussy so she got down on me showing him how to lick a women's clit. Stan fucked her to at least three climaxes and without any help he pulled his condom full of cum off dumping it on Jean's asshole.

At the Opera

group Hislittlefucktoy 2018-07-30

Sigrun's fingers started rubbing slow, gentle circles around her clit, causing Tanya's breath to come in ragged heaves. Sigrun took a hold of her hair again, and started forcing her head up and down on his cock, as if she was fucking him with her mouth. Tanya was in full view as she licked and sucked Sigrun's fingers clean a second time. With the girl on her back, Tanya could lick both her pussy and her ass, and she went at it with a vengeance, knowing that her own ass was pointed directly at Him. Siggi kept coming, almost silently muttering in German. Sigrun kept having her little, silent orgasms, until finally he grunted quietly, and sprayed Tanya's insides with his come.

The Perfect Cocktale

group Tasoka 2018-07-30

When she was sure he was done she ran her tongue one last time around the tip of his cock to lap up any remaining cum and took him deep into her mouth to polish him off. It was a little awkward at first as they all got into a rhythm with each other; William's cock pounding her from behind and Dahlia's mouth and tongue working Michael's cock. As if in a hallucinogenic state, her body exploded with pleasure precisely at the time that Michael's cock exploded in her mouth, the hot cum dripping down her chin and neck and William's cock exploded in her pussy.


My Dream

group hornymuse 2018-07-30

At one point we were sitting at a table having a drink and the girl asked what we thought of the women on the beach going topless. I said "I think you two would put all these women to shame if you removed your tops." Nothing happened that night except I did see you girls talking and giggling a few times. Somehow, late that night, we ended up in a hot tub near the beach with our new friends. I said "I'm sorry, but I have never see her do this before and I'm more interested in watching my wife them having sex with you right now." She moved closer and started to play with your tits while she fingered her own pussy.

The Beginning Of A Friendship

group sidhuputt 2018-07-30

Julia stopped nursing David's balls and stroking his cock; she took his erection into her mouth and began sucking it again. As David's shudders of bliss subsided and he sat up and looked at Julia's face, she let his member — which had started to lose its hardness — slip out from her mouth and looked back at him. Julia lay down on her back and, holding David's head with both her hands, brought his face close to hers. As David revived from the intoxication of rapture, he saw Julia beaming a gleeful smile at him in satisfaction, her face radiant and her eyes glistening in the afterglow of the orgasm.

The Staff Party

group Darktrain 2018-07-30

With confidence now, his left hand moves up to dresses' cup of her left breast, and slowly and lightly, he runs his hands over it as his kisses move up to her ear, and he whispers again, "They feel so real. Again, she moans gently, and his left hand to more fully feels her left breast, occasionally circling her hard nipples ever so lightly with his fingers, teasing them with his attention. His sweaty hand slides up the silky material, and my heart almost stops as his index finger snakes into the left cup of her dress and begins to pull it down, gradually. Taking a good look at her breast, his mouth engulfs her nipple, and he begins to gently suck her left tit.


Truth But Mainly Dare

group lomu 2018-07-30

I had just completed fifty sit ups, and was out for some revenge, I looked at Jane, and in a slightly slurred tone, I commanded: "Take off your top and bra and keep them off for the rest of the game.", now I half expected her to tell me to fuck off, but she nimbly tore of her top and slowly removed her white lace bra, revealing the hooters I had whacked off over for the last year. Once Jane had returned to her seat on the couch, with pussy juice dripping from her lovely face, lo and behold it did, and I waited for my dare, Joan eventually found her tongue and commanded me to suck Pats cock, I flatly refused, claiming unfairness, and Joan called for a vote. Joan then said if I wouldn't suck Pats cock then I had to fuck Hannah up the ass as hard as I could.

From Kendra to Kyle, with Love

group BrettJ 2018-07-30

"Oh well darling, I guess I'll just have to show you what you're missing." While Kyle's eyes widened, Kendra went over to Prynzzess and opened the coat to reveal a very sexy black negligee with garter and stockings and heels. Kyle got there first, taking her in his arms and kissing her and tenderly exploring her body, while Kendra ran her hands up the girl's long legs and under her negligee to tantalize and tease her already-wet pussy. Kendra was now feasting on Prynzzess' moist little cunt and she could see the girl now had Kyle's cock buried deep in her throat.


Country Hotel

group TheAmericanDream 2018-07-30

She slowly began to wank me, but the helmet was so fat, the foreskin wasn’t able to roll over it so she gently rubbed her hand up and down and over the hard cock end. Haley was already close and as soon as Charlotte slid a finger inside her, she came hard and fast and rather noisily. I wasn’t too far away from cumming myself and after pulling out of Charlotte I laid on the bed and beckoned the girls to suck me. I tried and tried to piss as hard as I could but eventually I couldn’t stop my come and instead of a few bursts of spunk, a thick jet of white liquid poured in the air from my cock.

on the beach

group ianman30 2018-07-30

I tugged the bikini bottoms down and slid 2 fingers into my pussy working them quickly in and out reaching to find my G spot and starting to build towards an orgasm, I sank into the water and let my nipples rub against the rocks, just the thin material between my soft 36C boobs and the hard rough rocks, my nipples hardened and pushed out through the soft cotton, my fingers still working my pussy quickly and accurately hitting my G spot time after time, my whole body tingling and shaking with excitement, my head thrown back, my mouth open any moaning as my body tensed as I brought myself nearer to cumming.

The Red Dress

group MaxxSteel 2018-07-30

Steph pushed Max against the wall, pining her lithe body to his hard form, almost oblivious to Trevor, quietly watching the show before him. Max fell back against the wall as he felt the warmth of Steph's mouth embrace his cock. She pulled his hand off his cock and took him in her mouth, sucking even harder than on Max. Trevor's knees buckled as he exploded in her mouth. Steph's whole body rung with electric shocks as she spread her thighs further to pull Max's tongue deeper into her pussy. With the flurry of hands squeezing breasts, tongues licking at her clit, her own hands pulling Max's bald head into her sopping cunt, it wouldn't be long before they dragged a body wracking orgasm from this young beauty.

What Naughty Daughters 3

group Johnnytames69 2018-07-30

Missy bucked like a wildcat under her father's cunt-splitting prick. watching her father slam his cock into Missy's pussy. cunt flooded with her pussy-cum, bathing her father's stabbing prick. Tammy licked her father's prick, tasting the juices of Missy's pussy. Douglas jerked his hips, his cock filling Tammy's mouth. With Missy gone, Tammy feasted on her father's cock. Douglas groaned, jerking his cock through Missy's fingers. Missy tugged on his cock, pulling him closer to Tammy's jiggling ass. Missy creamed as she watched Tammy enjoy their father's prick. "Fuck her, Daddy!" Missy shouted as she mashed her ass onto Tammy's Douglas eased his cock from Tammy's tight pussy. with her father fucking her pussy and her mouth plastered to Missy's

Our Family Physician Ch. 01

group AuthorApril 2018-07-30

Being the last to arrive, as I made my way to the two women, I couldn't help but look at both my wife Diane as well as Susan, both of whom had their back to me. Susan looked at Diane and then at me, however we both had our eyes focused on the breasts of our former physician, now standing in our bedroom wearing only a pair of panties and a smile. May I have the pleasure of finishing the job of undressing both of you?" When neither immediately responded to my request, I stepped forward to Diane, kissing her passionately and dropping to my knees as I reached to her waist and pulled the elastic waistband away from her skin and down in the same motion.