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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gangbang Initiation

group joesal 2018-07-30

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" moaned the older man as Jimmy's ass finally gave way to his cock. By this time Jimmy was ready to cum again and the two members could tell so they flipped him onto his back as they both took turns tugging furiously at his wet hard cock, until it finally shot a stream of hot come across his chest as he took his mouth away from teh big thick hairy cock to let out a moan of excitement His jaw dropped as the member took of his pants to reveal probably the thickesst and biggets cock he'd ever seen "holy shit!" cried Jimmy "please take it easy" he pleaded "no fucking way" siad the bear as he approached his ass.

Sunday Brunch

group BonnieBee 2018-07-30

I can tell his cock is extremely hard, and I slide my fingers under the waistband of his shorts and begin to tug. I feel his hands tightening as faster and faster I take his cock into my mouth, letting my tongue slide over the length of his shaft up the underside of his head. As Eric grabs my head and begins to thrust his cock deeper and faster into my mouth, Bill's pace quickens. Eric is taking his cock all the way out, the guiding it back into my open mouth for me to suck hard on it as he pulls it all the way out again. On his knees, Eric parts my legs, grabs my ass, lifts me, and pulls me into him, sliding his cock inside.

Davie and Trina Story Pt. 03

group WickedDrX 2018-07-30

She sat the plate of fish on the table near her, urged me to stand, removed my shirt, knelt, and took my still hard prick into her soft mouth again while Trina, Haley and even Tom watched. It took very little time for Tom to reach his orgasm, and Haley had barely backed away from him before he began to spew her and the plate of meat with his creamy cum. "Hanna?" he said, and his beautiful wife rose to her feet and approached him, spread her lovely legs wide and began urinating into a cup that Tom held under her naked pussy. Trina reached under Hanna's ass pulling her legs further apart, opening her vagina wide ramming her tongue deep inside the redhead's body, sucking her distended clit.


Liz and Jen: Roommate Threesome

group bluedog67 2018-07-30

Although she was good looking herself, Liz didn't have nearly as impressive a body as Jen. Her prized asset was her face, and it had given her some luck, but she felt like guys only truly cared about a good set of tits and a big ass. Liz gave a meek smile and continued eyeing the dick that was only moments ago filling up Jen. She couldn't find any words to say, so she just stood there in awkward silence. "Here, just watch us for a second." Suddenly, Derek pushed his dick balls deep back into Jen's pussy. Liz watched in awe, and slight alarm, as Derek pounded deep thrusts into Jen. Even with her big thighs and ample cheeks taking most of the shock, his dick easily bottomed her out.

An encounter at work turns into the best fuck

group 2018-07-30

"Hmm seems like you have a big problem" she said, and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them with my shorts to my ankles. The big titted one was now moving up and down on my cock and her pussy felt really tight. She lifted herself off my face and stood up , undressing completely, meanwhile i was met with the site of big tits bouncing in front of me as continued to move her pussy up and down my shaft. "I want you cum she said, pump it in me!" She went faster...and faster, reaching down and rubbing her clit. she writhed and moaned and as she reached her climax, pippa moved her face rubbing Jeans pussy with her hand.

Danger Ch. 1

group snowsquall 2018-07-30

As Kara bounced up and down and rotated her hips around his cock, Danger started to massage Becky's ample tits. As they reached the top of the stairs, Danni looked into Becky's bedroom and saw Danger's back and Becky's legs spread lewdly revealing her swollen pussy. "I hope you're as tight as these two," Danger said motioning his head towards Becky and Kara who were still at the head of the bed pleasuring themselves with the vibrator. As Danger and Danni humped furiously, the vibrator in her pussy caused Kara to cum again. Danni covered Kara with a blanket and then she and Danger left her there on the bed to rest and went looking for Becky.


College Days

group lauraluvs 2018-07-30

Unfortunately Laura was in love with her bisexual dance partner Alex who was my age, hung out in the same group of friends as I did and was more interested in boys than girls and treated her like his annoying little sister. I lean in to try to kiss her and instead met Alex's lips as Laura moved her head out of the way. Getting lost in the moment of Laura's hands working magic on my hard cock I began kissing Alex back. Alex pulled out of my mouth leaving me gasping but wanting more and laid on his back next to us, his hard cock sticking straight up like a flag pole.

Kiss Me Kate & Come With Me

group chrisfromlondon 2018-07-30

Kate went to the door and looked in; Claudia was lying on her back naked, her breasts quivering, legs wide open. As he reached his point of no return, he suddenly pulled out and released one long white spurt all the way over Sue's hair, face and breasts, followed by two or three smaller, thicker deposits over her breasts, tummy and down to her shaven pussy where his juices mingled with hers. Kate needed no encouragement, as she flung her robe off and joined Sue on the carpet; she rubbed her breasts against Sue's and then licked and sucked the juices off her face and all the way down her body.

Wild DPP Dream at Beach

group buffbody 2018-07-30

I run far where the coconut trees cover the area with the dark-haired man still pursuing me. Feeling that I have enough distance between the dark-haired man and me, I stop. Suddenly, the dark-haired man appears from nowhere and pulls the blonde man away from me. I suck on the blond man's cock, making nice and wet, then I do the same with the dark-haired man's cock, still laying on the sand. The blonde man thrusts his still hard cock in my pussy harder than before. I hump the dark-haired man's cock (still hard as well) until I climax again. The blond man empties in my pussy the same time the dark haired man does.

Finally Letting Go Swinger, Group, Dp

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-07-30

He was trying to wipe the remaining dog fur off of his flight suite, he brushed at his stomach, which has become a little bulge the past year or so, his crotch, which got me thinking about his fat cock and how good it felt in my wet pussy, his legs, as he was bending over it reminded me that he did still have a really cute bottom, not what it used to be, you know the dimples on the side expressing power and masculinity. He grabbed me by the back of the head and said, "I want you to gag on my cock; Gag on it bitch!" I felt like I was going to hurl but he pushed my head forward so hard that I couldn't.

Double Your Pleasure

group loneguy01 2018-07-30

The girls were a bit giddy and Crystal began rubbing my neck and telling me I looked too tense and needed to relax. I then kissed each girl in turn, raised my drink and said "to new friends." The girls both giggled and I turned to Sharon and said "how about a nice kiss for your new friend." I lifted her chin with one hand and started to gently kiss her lips. I took my turn kissing her while Crystal started to play with my cock. Sharon watched for a while, but soon began to play with Crystal's boobs. Sharon took the hint and played with Crystal's love button as I pounded her pussy.

Fi's Office Party

group intimateoutlet 2018-07-30

Another guy joined at the other side and the two pumped at the huge wobbling mass of breasts, meeting in the middle and sliding their slippery cocks under her tits and against each other's throbbing heads. As Fi concentrate on the pummelling her tits were receiving, and the intrusions of the man between her legs, now filling her pussy to stretching point with his enormous member she was shocked to find another cock poke at her cheek. The heads of the two guys cocks, trapped within the warm recesses of her mouth, shafts surrounded by Fi's jiggling body burst almost in unison filling her mouth with a mixture of the two men's hot creamy liquid.

The Princess and the Whore

group BrettJ 2018-07-30

As she looked back at him, Jeannette wondered if Brock had other qualities besides money that could keep someone like gorgeous blonde Stacey attached to his hip. "I've always wanted to play with a woman's tits, but if anyone back home in Indiana learned I liked girls, my family would have made the rest of life hell," she grinned as Jeannette turned her head around for a hot kiss. "I've heard you know what to do with a man's dick, let's see if what everyone says about you is true." Jeannette looked at his massive tool and took it in her mouth while Stacey got back on the bed with her and sucked her gorgeous tits.


Cheerleaders Four

group Ashson 2018-07-30

After a practice the girls would all tend to break up into their little groups and go wandering off to the change rooms in little sets. The coming and going evened out and by the time Michelle and friends were entering the change rooms they were the only occupants. The boys and I strolled casually over to the change room, giving the girls a bit of private time before we entered. With one last furious look at me Michelle moved closer to the other girls and started talking. I don't think that things were going quite the way that Michelle had expected, but honestly, the girl's reactions didn't really surprise me. Mind you, her squeal got a little louder when Andrew replaced his hand with his erection.

It Pays To Be Smart

group MrSteve 2018-07-30

"Oh God, you're so good..." I managed to moan before she took the entire length into her mouth, bobbing up and down her left hand holding my ass and her right hand inside of her skirt, rubbing her pussy. Laura took her mouth off my cock as Carla grabbed her face and pulled Laura towards her, kissing her full, silky lips. Looking down, I saw Laura's head pop in as she took my erect cock into her mouth. "C'mon baby, make me cum," Carla said, pulling my head into her pussy. I looked up, prying myself away from that wonderful pussy to see that Carla was sitting straight up now, holding and licking and tasting Laura's breasts.

Wild Oats - Waterskiing

group twistedgraygoat 2018-07-30

Hank lost his balance and for some reason held onto the rope and was pulled until Jason slowed down. Next thing I know I am on my back on the opened up boat seat with Hank's tool poised at my love tunnel and Jason's tool dripping pre-cum on my lips. I wrap my legs around Hank and pull him into me and I use my tongue to spread pre-cum around Jason's cock head before taking him into my mouth. We knew that since Hank had no pants, we would not be able to take the boat out of the water until after dark, so we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer, swimming, and making love.

Our First Threesome

group LeatherAndCassok 2018-07-30

After a couple of minutes Julia's hands started to explore her new play friend more - gently massaging Pipas ass. I smiled and leaned across to kiss her, but it was Julia who set of the tone clearly as she lifted up Pipas T-shirt, pulled her bra down and started licked her nipples around and around, breaking only to pull off her own top. Pipa pulled out my dick and turns back to kissing Julia, and slid one hand down under her tiny g-string and began to play with her friends clit. Sensing the moment Pipa pulled herself off my dick, and moved up to sit on my chest so she could have one had rubbing Julia's clit above my tongue, whilst still fondling her tits and kissing her.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 34

group SteveWallace 2018-07-30

As the conversation wandered around to plans for the day, Ned said to me, "Steve, I've actually got something to show you about your future living arrangements, if you're interested. Ned said, "In square footage, one half of this is a unique twentieth floor condo unit in a Cambridge building called Harbor Towers. After a few minutes of questions, and various changes in conversation, Fran whispered in my ear, "Steve, let's go make love to Zoey. She said, "I want to thank Ned especially for designing this beautiful place and acting on our behalf with all the contractors to make it happen in record time. Zoey continued to stand as Fran extended her hand to her sister Sheila who then stood and kissed her.


Wife's Night Out

group Roscoe0829 2018-07-30

In the last room I passed I saw Gina in the center of the bed with her huge tits swaying as she was getting fucked very hard doggie style. The room that Chris and Mike lead me into was a large bedroom that had a king size bed in it and another door that I guessed led to the bathroom. I felt the bed move, and out of the corner of my eye saw Chris putting a condom on his rock hard cock. Mike could not hold out any longer, I felt his huge cock start to pulsate and knew he was starting to come too for he let out a loud scream as well.

Executive Relives Her College Days

group KissedMany 2018-07-30

Fuck not wanting to look like a horny slut. "Sure Greg but why don't we get undressed and we can feel each other much better on the bed." I'm thinking, my god this young man must be a virgin or something. "Sweet Jesus, Greg that feels so good." I said truthfully. Becka soon appeared beside the bed looking down at Greg. She looked into his eyes and said, "Phil says you told him you always wanted to try doggy-style. I looked down at Phil's cock and reached down to stroke it as I watched the action in the next bed. It was nice sex, but I must say I like a hard dick and a horny, virile guy attached to it, much better.


Love Lessons Ch. 04

group KenJames 2018-07-30

"You looked so hot fucking Diane, Ken" the coach murmurs as he pulls you onto your side and into his arms. take me" you whisper as the coach starts kissing and fondling your body, working his tongue down until with a groan he takes your stiff cock, wet with both our juices, into his waiting mouth. "He's tight as a virgin," I say as I push him back down onto his hands and knees and begin thrusting more aggressively, "but he's going to be a real anal slut when we're through with him." I'm pounding his butt now, slapping my balls against his buttocks as I drive into his asshole. Kat films me pulling my cock out of Oscar's ass and spraying cum over his back.



group dysartish 2018-07-30

For a few seconds, Jack stood just outside the doorway, suspended in an orange neon penumbra, sinuses contracting so fast in the cold air that his eyes teared up, duplicating the bartender in salty tears. A surly looking fat man came out from the backline, wiping his lobster-red hands on his apron and eying Jack like one more chore that needed tending. As the Harley glided silently backward, tire-flattened beer cans glittered up at him from the asphalt like a collapsed Milky Way. An overloaded dumpster swept by on Jack's right and he turned the handlebars left, angling the softback into the darker shadows.


C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 11

group loving_hubby 2018-07-30

"The scenery is just an excuse," Morris said in a lowered voice, "Actually, Alicia wants to have a word with your wife to make sure she's ready, and to clear the air about what to expect." Morris gave a knowing smirk when he saw my hand resting on Alicia's knee, but he soon became too engrossed with Tina to notice my fingers sneaking a little higher up his wife's thigh. There was some physical contact across marital lines, like Morris wrapping his arm around Tina, and me allowing my hand to stray over Alicia's thighs, but generally we maintained a respectable level of decorum and preferred to err on the side of caution and patience.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 80

group SteveWallace 2018-07-30

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. While the club is being renovated Mark prepared to surprise his friends Anna, Vanessa, Monica, and Felicia with the trip to Denmark where Brita is helping locate the right people to make an adult film there. She told me she loved being a Super-Slut again and planned to do more videos until she was too old and withered to be attractive to anybody." She pointed at the screen, "Oh, look, Mark has moved to fuck Vanessa, and the other man is doing Brita ...