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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Afternoon Threesome

group mikebray41london 2018-07-30

I quickly and rapidly rammed my fingers in and out of that tight, hot, wet pussy, hard and deep as I tongue fucked her hot cunt, as she shuddered and pulled my head into her twat as she reached orgasm. Jeff continued to fuck her mouth as I slid my hard, rigid cock deep in her tight, hot, soaking wet pussy. I laid back and she straddled me and rode me, as I leaned up and sucked on her large, firm 44 DD breasts and her nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling on them, as both her and I took turns alternating, rubbing her clit as she rode me and I spanked her ass and pulled her hair, until I erupted again deep inside her.

Should I buy a strapon? ( 3some, MMF, bi-male)

group pure_lust 2018-07-30

Once when my husband James finger fucked me as his friend Don kissed me and caressed my tits and secondly when Don nestled his deliciously thick and wonderfully hard cock in the cleft of my bum as he rubbed my clit and James sucked my tits. It was only a short time later that as I was kissing Don and he was rubbing my tits that James caressed my pussy lips as a prelude to shoving his fingers up me and finger fucking me to that first, ice-breaking climax. Don moved closer to James, ran the back of his fingernails across his chest, let his hand wander downwards onto his cock, stroked that and then looking right into my husband's eyes said quietly.

Ten Reasons Why Don's a Dick

group JustThisOne 2018-07-30

I love snakes – the way they coil in your hands, a flex of hard muscle – the sleek skin, the coolness. It's a mark of the nature of young love (stupid, stupid, stupid) that even when my head screamed at actually hearing the words "if you loved me, you would," my stupidity managed to hit the override switch and say quite soberly, "maybe he's right." Even when I was laying between her legs, drowning in the touch of her soft white thighs and the brush of her breasts against my head, tasting her and loving it – God, loving it – I was making the letters of the fucking alphabet. You were sitting right on the bed watching, and like every shade and description of fucking idiot I gave a shit about what you thought, and not about her.


A Surprise for Rob

group fantasyhunter2 2018-07-30

I started to pull my mouth from Sinaid’s pussy to implore Karen to untie the ropes when a second set of orgasmic moans filled the room. I broke the kiss and looked down to see that Karen was now finger fucking Sinaid’s tight pussy and sucking hard on her excited clit. Karen put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my face into Sinaid’s hot cunt as she withdrew her fingers. Karen eagerly lapped up the ample sex juices flowing from Sinaid’s quivering pussy even as her body was convulsing in an almost continuous series of orgasms. As if controlled by an unknown force I reached over and stroked my love, Sinaid’s beautiful ass as she fucked Karen’s face with her hot pussy.


Make Believe Ch. 02

group bunny2 2018-07-30

When I saw Steve start to lick her bare pussy, I couldn’t help slipping my hand under my skirt and stroking my cunt lips through my panties. With my back turned to him I asked, “Help Mommy get this bra off so you can really enjoy Mommy’s titties.” Steve fumbled with my bra strap while I watched Julie lick and suck the head of Bernie’s cock. Swallow Daddy’s juice!” and now as Steve rolled off me I looked over to see Bernie lift Julie over to the mat next to us, drop his pants and kneel between her legs to lick that delicious-looking bare pussy. Julie must have been cumming at the same time I was because I had heard her going, “Oh, ooh, ooh!” while Steve was running his tongue through my pussy.

My First Apartment Ch. 2

group T@nman 2018-07-30

When I pulled my car into the parking space at the apartment, I barely took time to set the parking brake and lock the doors before I bailed out and went to find Kathy and Frank. “Where is Frank?” “He was working on some light fixtures on the edge of the garage a few minutes ago.” I reluctantly took my arms from around Kathy, but I was able to give her ass a two handed squeeze before we released each other. “Neither of you know how great a hard cock feels when it is deep in your ass.” Kathy sat on the edge of the bed and continued to watch.


My first shemale

group Ankakalle 2018-07-30

Her hands opened my pants and pulled out my hard 8 inch cock and started stroking it. Fiona pulled away Katrin and undressed her. I undressed quickly and started carresing Fionas body while she searched the bag alongside Katrin. So I lay on my back while Fiona eased her hard cock into Kartins pussy. Fiona and I were rough from the start and fucked her hard. Eventuallt Kristina came and har ass clenched around my cock so I shot my load into her ass. So I kept fucking her until I shot my load up her ass. Fiona came first and shot her load dep inot my ass. I lay there panting while Kristina went over to Fiona and cumkissed her.

Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 01

group wetwordmixer 2018-07-30

And now, a few years down the road, I was working for a small little start-up looking/hoping to explode while she pursued her Ph.D in astrophysics at Berkeley. If operating correctly, the program "sensed" that the person who was given clearance was under duress then switch to a "deceit" mode which would mimic accessing the actual secure information, but change the data into harmless material. The test involved placing the owners in separate locals around the city, and the two marked owners would be hijacked by terrorists who would demand they access various secure areas of the company's servers. Then the real screen jumped to Mr. Rogers' company e-mail account and began going through this information.


MMF Hen Night Party

group Erotic Celt 2018-07-30

I picked up my pace, thrusting faster and faster, showing the other girls (and James) what they were missing out on, then I could feel myself harden so I grabbed my cock with both hands and squeezed my dick tight to hold myself from cumming. I moved my hand to Natalie's crotch and she continued to kiss me as I found her clit again, and rubbed it between my fingers, letting James control my fucking of the brunette by his pace whilst fucking me. The more I let out, the more she groaned, and I could feel my dick becoming sensitive, and yet James kept pushing me deep inside this fanny in front of me, and Natalie had her hand down around my balls, scooping up any escaped cum, and putting it in her mouth.


The Weekend

group somebody43 2018-07-30

I thought looking at the tits was just a split second thing, but maybe it was longer because I heard Megan again talking, "I know you have not been satisfied with our physical relationship lately and I love you so I contacted Daisy and Tara to see what would be your ultimate fantasy. As Tara Lynn was pumping furiously on my cock Megan put her mouth to my ear and told me she was going to lick the left tit clean while Daisy licked the right one clean and they fingered Tara Lynn to an orgasm.

Summer Ch. 10

group TheTyke 2018-07-30

"Tell me about it later," Jackie said reaching forward to pat Sue on her knee, "let me get you a drink. Jackie leapt forward and pushed Dave away but not before we had all seen the flash of blonde pubic hair which told us that Sue was naked beneath her short skirt. "Hey up Moby!" Dave said, sitting up and looking at him in surprise, "What are you doing here?" Pete smiled sheepishly and nodded at Gwen who was making her way unsteadily to the sofa. "Go on," Dave said, his voice quietly cajoling, "show us, we won't tell anyone we've seen it." Gwen turned her face to him and he smiled back at her reassuringly, "Go on, we only want to have a look at your scar.



group yutubeslut 2018-07-30

the crazy bitch said, then took my lube off the dresser. got on his knees and face fucked me. Mrs. Maglio squeezed my tits roughly and pulled on Sex juices all over me, the bed, my face reaked of Mrs. M's “Oh no, no, noooo...” I said out loud, “The walking zombie fuckers.” I slipped through the inner door to the house, got naked, I lubed my ass, sat on his cock and pushed the closest guy I took the guy's cock out of my mouth, holding The guy with his cock up my ass went over the edge The guy stuck his cock in my shallow little pussy “Just like a man,” Mrs M said, “They never last long enough.”

Angie's Adventure:...

group LT 2018-07-30

The only sound I want to hear right now is you moaning!" Angie said as she pulled his cock out of his pants and almost in one stroke, had his semi-hard eight inches as far in as it would go. Then with one foot up on the couch and one on the floor, Dan started rubbing the head of his large cock up and down Angie's pussy. How her boyfriend came on her pretty face and ran out the door, but that was ok because she met a new friend named Dan who made her come several times. "Now after hearing my story, do you think you three could help my weekend fantasy come true?" Angie asked, batting her eyes while she untied her top.

First visit to Libertine Club in Paris

group enjoythemoments 2018-07-30

My wife and I had experienced a similar club in Amsterdam the previous year where we had entered, watched some action and ended up playing with each other behind a curtain with one black chap who had started to touch my wife's leg but she had stopped it quickly. The couple went into one but I grabbed my wife's hand and said let's have a look around first. I told her there were 4 men watching now through the gap in the door and we became so engrossed in each other and I removed her black knickers from her short skirt leaving her with both legs bent and wide - I went down on her and started licking her with my cock near her head.

Giada Gets Even

group alupine 2018-07-29

"Let me squeeze in here," the guy who had first greeted her said as he sat next to Giada and closed the van door as she slide over a bit closer to Kyle. "He's gotta be a moron to give all of that up," Marlon said, looking Giada up and down while he bit his lower lip. "Hey Kyle, don't be shy," Marlon said, gesturing to Giada. "Hey dumb shit, want to hear your girlfriend sucking a big white dick?" Marlon said. "You're the fuckin' cheater, bastard," Giada said, and was going to hang up the phone, but Marlon took it and set it near the action. "Hey man you should fuck her ass," Tyrone said to Kyle.


Story Told to Lana: We Three

group Anothername_9 2018-07-29

You watch, you stare breathlessly, as you pull at your own nipples, making them hard, pulling so that you begin to feel a tasty pain overcome yourself, seeping away from the rigidity of your breasts' peaks, radiating down to where we lap and lick and kiss you, kiss your coming, kiss your sex, kiss her, kiss me, kissing tongues and clit and eyes kissing, breath kissing in the air around us, light upon our eyes kissing from one to another, my cock now spurting in my hands, as I keep sucking and licking, sweating, moaning, your body arching, nipples hardening, her eyes widening, watching me come, her body quivering, tightening, tongues still wandering, savoring, three bodies connecting at your V, moaning, gasping, rocking into each other, fingers grasping anything, holding, squeezing...loving this brief time turned to eternity.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 16

group oldhippie1949 2018-07-29

To tell you the truth, I'm pretty exhausted these days and very glad to be home with Amy again. Still, she likes to watch and last night, as Sally and Stevie decided that I need a good fuck, she held my hand as they brought me off. So now that I've passed along the good news, let me tell you about our summer of the best music of my life. We had a real nice time at the Belly Up and while we were standing outside after the show chewing the fat, Michael, the owner, came out and thanked me and Amy for coming down and for doing good works in his town.


A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill

group cblondie2178 2018-07-29

I saw some different guys that appeared to be from a road crew come in, looking like they were there to party hearty and a couple really took notice of me. As we got into the company pickup and I sat in the middle Don stated that as he looked around this morning there wasn’t a guy he saw that at some point during the night did not have his cock buried in my pussy, my mouth or in my hands.” And as we drove out of the motel parking lot I could see the guys still clapping and patting each other on the back.

Jake's Tales Episode 02

group JakeMorgan 2018-07-29

Crouching a little, I was able to line up the back of the last row of seats with the movie screen, enabling a quick silhouetted head count and confirming that GA3 had yet to arrive (Charlene would be easy to spot, she’s the kinda gal that draws a crowd.) Getting bolder (and remembering her admonishment from our first theater fuck, but deciding to push my luck anyway), I put my hands either side of her head and began thrusting my hips forward, to face fuck this hot cumslut. Some girls would be offended, thinking that their sucking wasn’t good enough, but Charlene knows better than that, and she knows what’s coming.

Jayne - Innocence Lost

group sinnermanuk 2018-07-29

Sue pushed me away slightly and spun us around so that I was now leaning on the worktop, then using both hands she undid the button on my jeans and slide the zip down before opening the flaps, she then pushed both hands into my underwear and cupping my balls with one hand she grabbed my hard cock, squeezed it and rubbed up and down a couple of times, looking down to exam my prick she said, 'I am going to have that inside me at some point tonight, I want to fuck you until you make me scream', before she bent down and took the head into her mouth, giving it a quick suck before putting it back and zipping me up again.



group justdoitgirl 2018-07-29

I am 24 years old. I have been married for two years. The place was now empty except for our two tables, the manager and the bartender. The manger and bartender now came over. Who was going to suck on them first? My mind was panicking* Why am I in this position? She must love this abuse. They came over. I was positioned on all fours. I did not even see or know who it was, but it felt great! When they had finished I collapsed in exhaustion. I collapsed in exhaustion. But my very favorite set is the grand finale. I LOVE THIS SET! Your agency would surely like to see all of them.


Mike, Pam, Pete and the Favor Ch. 02

group StackedAction 2018-07-29

Pam watched the cock disappear as the stranger stepped back from the gloryhole and slowly her surroundings came back into her consciousness, the sounds of the porn movies, the light flickering from the video screen in her booth and the neighboring booth. Pam smiled and chuckled "Sure, just give my knees a break and not cause you're turned on and want to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock, right? Her neighbor knocked on the wall and Pam prepared and sucked even harder on the strange cock and was not disappointed as another load shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down yet again. The men said yes, they were indeed up for fucking Pam so Mike told them to follow them and he and Pam walked back to the car.


Once in a Lifetime

group ednorton 2018-07-29

We laughed about some of the funny things that happened onboard, like how angry the parents with their kid from the other table in the dining room when he spilled at least one beverage per night, and when Chris asked the parasailing Captain to cut the line when Kim was flying high above the water. I laughed too and a few seconds later, Chris pulled me close to him, looked directly into my eyes, and kissed me. Chris gently pushed Kim back on the bed next to me, positioned his head between her legs, and began licking her. After Kim's orgasm subsided, Chris crawled between my legs and without saying a word, wrapped his arms around my hips and gently opened my outer lips with his thumbs and fingers.


Christi Goes to a Frat Party

group Maresy_Dotes 2018-07-29

Christi felt her face get hot, and she said out loud, "What the fuck, let's have some fun." She felt butterflies swarming in her stomach, amazed at what she had just agreed to do. Christi cried out and took big fist-fulls of the sheets as more hands returned to her, squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck while her thighs squeezed around the man bringing her so close to an orgasm. Chris grabbed her hair then, pulled her head back, and wrapped a hand around her throat. He shifted his hips a bit, adjusting her by her neck, and then began pumping again - this time hitting the most amazing spot and sending Christi into the strongest, longest, most mind-blowing orgasm of the evening.