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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How I became a sissy.

group 2018-07-29

When he didnt come back after a few minutes i got worried and started to look for him, when i walked past the upstairs living room i saw feet covered in frilly white socks..i found him. It just started to run down his dickhead as he still laid there tremoring, but his dog made it there first, f***efully licking the syrup from his cock's maple hole. Without knowing it my hand was already wrapped around my dick and it by the time i realized it was there i was about to i watched him slowly stop moving sprawled out on the carpet breathing heavily, and his dog still licking the rest of the sap off of his deflating member, i knew i was next.

Crystal Clear Ch. 14

group Romantic1 2018-07-29

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia live together. Every time I scanned the crowd, either attending the surrounding events or the sidewalk spectators watching us arrive or leave, I searched for a familiar face – a face that might be intent on blackmail; a face that wanted to either embarrass me or get five million dollars of my wealth. Margo didn't offer any value judgement about the orgy; she just asked, "Do you recall any person at the event speaking with a British accent ...


My Visit With Tony Ch. 4

group Salsa105 2018-07-29

Ronnie wasn't sure if Tony knew what was going on or not, or how he would take it if he did. Ronnie couldn't stand this any more and I could see that Tony was affected also even though he knew what was going to happen. Tony leaned back, not taking his hand away from my cunt, gave a loud roar..."THIS IS PAYBACK, RONNIE! While Ronnie was gone, Tony leaned over and said this was a fantastic way to start the night. Ronnie looked kind of embarrassed when he came back, but Tony told him he was just paying him back for not telling him that he and Judy had planned a threesome without telling him about it.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

group Marla B 2018-07-29

As James got hard in my mouth, I noticed the other guy stroking himself slowly. I slowly moved back and forth but, at some point, I guess I wasn't going fast enough because the guy grabbed me on either side of my head and started "face fucking" me hard. It was getting kind of hard to breath out of my nose only, so I tilted my head back and let the two loads (or probably 1 1/4 loads at that point, since I had lost some) slowly run out either side of my mouth and down my cheeks. The guy went back to the "rave" and James and I headed across the street to his van.

The Drive

group rdgnyc 2018-07-29

The cop walked up to the car and said, "I clocked you at 90 mph and I don't think you were paying attention to the road. In what almost seamed like a scene out of the "Twilight Zone", Jill got out of the car and walked around to the male cop, unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. I looked over and Gordon had Jill bent over the hood of the car and was fucking her from behind. Every time Gordon pulled out of Jill, I pushed into Penny. Seeing us all come set Gordon off and he pulled back from Penny and sent his come arching over her breasts toward Jill who picked her head up in time to catch a mouthful of it.

A New Friend

group chicouple60608 2018-07-29

I vividly remember he had worked his way slowly down her body, the warmth of his tongue was exploring the softness of her pussy. working over the head with her tongue, he moaned his hands slid up his body and begin fondling his nipples. I did not hesitate and slammed my cock into her depths, she gasp for breath, I felt a gush of warm liquid rush out of her and drip from my balls. she moved back to his cock we embraced in a kiss with his cock sliding between our two mouths we continued this for a few minutes before collapsing next to each other on the bed, our bodies breathing heavy and glistening in sweat.


group bruce_chaos 2018-07-29

"Um, guys..." I looked into the eyes of my teammates, Amy, David, Jerry, Donna, and Michelle, "I have a confession to make." Our team was pretty gung ho, and I knew they wanted to tackle this mission to get to the prize, and I wanted to also, but I knew that being naked with three very hot girls would make my pole extend to its fullest. After a couple of strokes on Jerry, she finally put David back into her pussy, and sat there a moment, watching and listening to both boys breathing hard, feeling both dicks so far up inside her.

Luck of the Draw

group BuckyDuckman 2018-07-29

"Yeah and the tan goes all the way down," Stacey said, noticing the tent being pitched in the front of Shane's shorts. While Shane kept bouncing his quarter into the empty blue Solo cup, Stacey noticed Brandi was in the kitchen by herself mixing another drink. "Shane said Craig told him Kelly goes both ways." "So, what do you want to do Alex?" Stacey asked, unable to resist playing at Shane's expense. "Can we have a second?" Brandi asked the group, pulling her husband into a corner for a conversation that worried Stacey. "Do I look like someone who's going to be afraid of a little man-on-man action?" Everyone laughed and Shane managed one more round of cards before needing to collect them for a reshuffle.


Surprise Threesome Ch. 01

group blueeyes8960 2018-07-29

(But not "talking shit" drunk, just a "pleasant buzz" drunk, lol) I kept noticing a cute blonde sitting at the bar alone that kept staring at Vic. Every time I turned her way she was looking at him. Susan is staring at his big hard long black dick, so I tell her to go for it, suck it good, and don't forget the balls. I could tell my baby was loving this, so I decided to help out by putting my tongue in his ear and playing with both his hard nipples. Susan started jacking his dick with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other hand, and licking the head of his dick with her soft pink little tongue.

Proxy Fuck

group HornballPiglet 2018-07-29

We got to the shop, and Mr. Sing's assistant Amie helped me guide Jolyn to a secluded back room, where we managed to lay her down on her back on a large padded massage table. "Now just relax, Jolyn," he said, "you should start feeling in a moment." He started massaging Amie's left leg, right where Jolyn's cast was, like any other masseuse. "Mr. Sing, there are other touches Jolyn likes..." Before I could say more, Amie interrupted and said something to her boss in Chinese. I didn't do it, I was enjoying the slow pace, and I could tell Jolyn was too, so I smacked Amie's ass hard enough to turn her pale skin bright pink, and told her I'd speed up when I'm good and ready.


The Vibrating Panties Ch. 02

group blondekats_lover 2018-07-29

Still stroking my cock, you move me closer to her body until you can feel the wetness of her pussy beginning coat your hand and the head of my dick. Fully awake now, Kelly and I begin moving more intently, leaving you free to suck on her clit and lick her pussy juices from the shaft of my cock as it enters and leaves her body. When I ask you if she's ready for that you tell me she LOVES a good cock in her ass and was wanting last night to try mine. By the look on my face you know I won't last long and you begin to urge me on; telling me to cum in her ass.

step b*o takes control

group dirty_little_minx 2018-07-29

He uncuffed the girls and told them to switch places before recuffing them and he repeated everything he did to Peyton on to Brooke and once she had cum a few times and his cock was soaked in both their cum he uncuffed them and Brooke got up and went over to a chest of draws and pulled out a big double ended strapon and she stepped into the straps and eased it up her legs till the head of the toy was pressing agains her pussy and she eased it inside her and then tightened the straps and she came back over to the bed where Seth was already laying on the bed with Peyton on top of him riding his huge monstrous cock and as Seth saw Brooke approaching he instructed Peyton to lean forward and as she did Brooke positioned herself behind Peyton and she slowly pushed the head of the strapon into Peyton’s ass.

Nadine's Night Out Ch. 02

group redking99 2018-07-29

He reached down to her pussy and gently begins to rub her clit before his other hand suddenly lifts her butt and slams two fingers deep inside her wet cunt from behind causing her to whimper and whelp, then moan uncontrollably as pleasure overcomes her. Her sexy ass and cunt as if waving at the crowd as she slowly makes her way down to completely engulf his fat cock and bury it deep inside her yearning pussy. Nadine groans out loud and buries her head in Gabriel's shoulder while her ass moves back to continue to swallow the seemingly limitless cock driving deep into her well-lubricated, open rectum.


Fun with Stephanie & Mark Ch. 03

group Raze18 2018-07-29

She pulled Mark's dick from her mouth and sucked his balls, running her tongue around them as she felt herself come hard on the cock she was fucking. The men grasped at the straps of the swing and held on as Stephanie felt the loads shooting into her and came again, which squeezed the cock from her ass and made the other man shudder and fall down to the ground from the sheer pleasure. He got up and sat down on the couch to regain his bearings while the girl before Mark stood up and walked over to her man, led him to sit down on the couch, kneeled before him leaving her pussy exposed again, and began to slurp and clean all the come off his cock.


Back in the Saddle Ch. 08

group WhatIKnow 2018-07-29

Kaitlyn made sure she had a seat right next to me and Cheryl took a spot closer to Mary and Sean. "I think I'm going to grab something to snack on." She looked at Kaitlyn, "Care to come with?" "No, thanks, but maybe Johnny can go with you?" "I bet I know a way to get him going again." With that, she took Cheryl's hand and started walking away from the crowds. Suck my clit now and make me cum." Kaitlyn must have done what she asked because the next thing I knew, Cheryl was screaming into my sweatshirt and started bucking like a rodeo bronco. After what seem hours, Cheryl finally sagged back on the bench and pushed Kaitlyn's head away.


Lori's Night Out

group harry_and_lori 2018-07-29

I kept telling myself: patience, we know Lori always gets erotically hot and bothered after a night of dancing and drinking. When I finished, Lori took her time and got up from the bed. Curiously, I stopped what I was doing to look up and all I got was a view of Lori's lips wrapped around Lance's cock. In a matter of what seemed like seconds, Lance sucked on Lori's right nipple, I began to suck her left nipple. As I backed off for a while to get an eyeful, I began pumping my fist around my dick, caught up in the spectacle of Lori's delight with Lance and what she may have been dreaming about.


lifestyle Resort Breeding, PART 4

group milf4bbcstretch 2018-07-29

Janine with her new found insatiability walked over to Anthon, lifted her veil he leaned forward, and placed her hand behind his head and pulled him to her mouth for a deep k**s. "I'm not going to hurt you, baby." Anthon pushed the head of his black c**k slowly into her p*s*y. Anthon in a noble tone boomed, “You want my big black c**k in your p*s*y”, "You ready for me to put a baby inside you? Janine was screaming at the top of her lungs, Anthon pushed deep into her bawling “Take this black baby seed” he stiffened as his c**k started pumping his black baby kernels into her waiting womb.

Bed And Breakfast - Our Separate Threesome Experie

group kezza6969 2018-07-29

My hand reached between his legs and grasped his massive cock, felt the hardness of his mighty meat muscle, caressed the big balls in their tight sac. I carefully straddled George’s body, lifted his beautiful prick upright with one hand, fed the hugs helmet at the top of his shaft into my dripping pussy, positioned it just inside the orifice of my vagina. Our afternoon of naked sun tanning, swimming, dinner and movie followed the routine of the previous day; as did Janice and George’s suggestion to again share their bed for some mutual fun and games. The orgasm shattered throughout my body, through my cunt and clitoris, through my thighs to my toes, up along my belly to my breasts and nipples, into my throat and face.

Fulfilling a Fantasy

group jj80 2018-07-29

It was really strange not knowing which of the guys (or girls) had fucked or fingered me but I also decided that I wanted to be more in control for the rest of the party so the blindfold was gonna stay in my bag for the rest of the night. When we arrived in the room upstairs there was a guy fucking one of the single girls but there was some space on the other bed so we went over to it and I sat on the edge. I started to move slowly up and down, each time I went down I felt his cock hit my G-spot hard and soon I was bouncing away.

Abby & Bernardo (A Quiet Night In)

group alexander tzara 2018-07-29

Firmly clasping it with her other hand, she begins to move her head rhythmically back and forth, her lips and tongue moistening Shane's cock as he gently fucks her face. I've often imagined her like this, in my most secret fantasies: on her knees, those puffy pink lips spreading open to reveal her soft centre, pretty little red hairs curling around her glistening cunt. Through the black and white viewfinder I watch as Shane grips his fat cock in one hand and buries it deep in Cat's pink slit, pushing himself hard up against her arse. Shane is moving inside me, now, his hands gripping my hips, my pussy clasping tight to him like a muscle to a rock as he fucks me with shallow strokes.


Becoming a Bi Boy

group cockhound_babaloo 2018-07-29

As I stood bent over the edge of the bed she knelt behind me stroking my spit covered cock and her tongue buried in my ass. She applied more lube to my ass and I felt her press the tip of her rubber cock against my hole. Here I was with my long time fuck buddy burying her fake cock all the way in my ass. "PLEASE STICK YOUR HARD COCK IN MY ASS AND FUCK ME MONICA!" "You know Jeff, he seems to enjoy cock in his ass so much, maybe he would like one in his mouth too." She happily said. Now here I was being powerfully fucked in the ass with a rubber dick, while a bigger and real cock took my mouth's virginity.

e****ting a special lady

group 2018-07-29

they all prick up there ears, and i say " go out into the beer garden , ill see want i can do " i tell her the time has come, out she walks to see 6 men they all look her up and down studying her form ,she lifts up her dress and gently strokes her shaven pussy she lies down on one of the picnic tables ,and says " WOT you waiting for you bunch of lazy wankers cover me in come " out comes a bunch of all sorts of cocks long ones, thick ones, bent ones ,but all hard, as they wank they push against her pussy ,legs,mouth, everywhere,the spunk starts to fly it lands on her pussy, her hair ,her mouth,cheeks, all over .

Three in a Park

group rjd69 2018-07-29

It was a lovely day and I strolled into the park and over to the swings, noticing two young guys, one blonde, one dark-haired, both in a ditch, fixing a pipe nearby. The blonde guy immediately slid his hand in between my legs and started stroking my hot, tingling pussy, while the other one pulled my blouse up and started nuzzling my tits and sucking my hard nipples. Quickly I pulled my clothes off and got on my knees, tugging down the zip of the dark-haired guy (who'd been working on my tits) and freeing his big, rampant cock. At the same time, I slid the dark-haired guy's rock-hard cock back into my hot mouth and sucked its delicious length for all I was worth.

Romance, Trust & Lustful Fantasies

group DreamCatcherPoet 2018-07-29

“Baby please make love to me right now, I need to feel your cock inside of me.” But once again he said, “Shish, patience baby, I have so very much in store for your pleasure tonight, relax, trust me you’ll see it will all be worth the wait.” He then removed his fingers and lifted her even higher putting her ass at face level. She just looked at him puzzled as he scooped her up carrying her off to their waiting bed, following the trail of rose petals leading the way to what she hoped was the end of his teasing, her frustrated impatience, the beginning of satisfying their combined lustful desires .As he laid her down on the softness of the satin sheets he asked her, “ sweetheart do you truly love me?” Ali laughed softly and replied “more than life itself.” Do you trust me?