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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Blowing Off Steam pt. 1

group Sexy_Belle_4U 2018-07-29

After agreeing with a nod of her head, Abby turns back to Samuel and asks if he and Jacob want to go home with her. While the guys were getting into position Abby and I slowly slide off the bed, letting our robes fall slightly open, revealing our matching red leather pushup bras, red leather thongs and black garter belts, along with black silk stockings. Abby stopping in front of Samuel, she takes his cock in her left hand and slowly starts caressing it. Glancing over I notice that Abby had mimicked my actions and is sucking on the tip of Kevin’s fat cock, while her hand is gently pulling on the head of Thomas’.

With Wendy's Consent

group ScottieDog61 2018-07-29

The final's half my grade." She turned and leaned over to kiss me, opening her mouth too briefly, even as she patted my cock with her free hand, letting her tongue pass between my lips with a quick promise of more later. We came at the same moment, a trick we'd managed only once before with me inside her, and Wendy had immediately bent down to take my still spurting cock into her mouth, sucking the cum out of it, nearly making me shoot again seconds later. A bowl of cereal and some apple juice on the side table, I flicked on the remote, and started watching TV, my mind completely off the shopping channel I settled on, and on Wendy's naked body, and how we would celebrate her final, and her birthday.


My wife and friend fuck at his new hot tub...

group 2018-07-29

She was loving this so i stuck my foot at her pussy and realized that he was fingering her already and as i did that she started to moan "oh yeah I wanna be fucked" So the made out and discussed for a minute or two and she realized she wanted to get fucked laying out in the grass on towels. She was screaming again saying that she really enjoyed it this time while my dick was fucking her cum filled pussy. I squished her little g**** shaped g-spot and she started to quiver again and yell oh god and her pussy contracted onto my fingers and shot a lot of her sweet juices along with cum particles into my mouth.

Reunion Magic

group WhisperingWinds 2018-07-29

It won't be any different than when we left field trips in school." Karen took Martin's hand in hers as she moved up to press her tits against his arm. "Anything and everything Martin." Frank said moving up behind Karen placing his hands on her hips. Frank moaned into Karen's mouth as he felt her small hand encircle his shaft and start to pump slowly up and down. Frank looked up from Karen's pussy long enough to smile knowing he had them both where he'd wanted them for years. While Frank continued to fuck her pacing himself slower then faster, Martin's fingers found Karen's clit and began teasing her.


Hot Summer Day

group 1970man 2018-07-29

Cupping my ball-sack with one hand, you wrap the other around my shaft as your tongue emerges from your mouth and, pointed, licks at the end of my knob, sliding into my piss-hole. Reaching between your legs, you grab hold of my cock and lower yourself onto me, your warm, wet pussy sliding all the way down my shaft. As you slide up and down with athletic precision on my raging cock, I see the last drips of Anjali's orgasm drip from her hands as Gary slides from her cunt, lays his big cock across her arse and unleashes a fury of bright-white, sticky cum across the sweat-soaked, caramel skin of Anjali's back. Anjali wipes my cum towards her mouth and turns to where Gary is now standing and engulfs his cock.

Weekend At John's Ch. 2

group Chatomana 2018-07-29

I got both of them even hotter, for Anne moved up to Rob's head and straddled his face, while Sue got on top of his cock. As I watched, I knew that Rob was near as Sue got off of his face and Anne fucked him harder, while moaning and grunting as her own orgasm was getting closer to a climax. "I almost blew my nuts apart when Sue sat on my face while fucking Anne." Rob grinned. "I know what you mean, I didn't last very long when I started fucking Sue as she was eating Anne out." I said as I stretched my legs out.

Come with Me

group rydia57 2018-07-29

Putting it to my ear, I then heard, "Try not to start without me, ok?" I smiled and hung up. "Take those things off, he said pointing to my panties, or I'll rip them off." Almost trembling from the surprise and fear I felt I groped down, doing as he ordered. "Alex, said Steve, his arms akimbo. Smiling to myself, I watched as Steve quickly undressed and gripped his stiff cock. I continued to massage myself with the toothbrush as I felt Steve nuzzle my ears. As I heard myself moaning quite loudly, I was still able to hear Alex gurgle and splatter his sweet cum all over... As he lay there, I looked over at Alex, now fast asleep, then Steve lying across me.

Cinderfella Pt. 01

group RonCabo 2018-07-29

"Anyway, tomorrow is Jamie's eighteenth birthday," Ella reminded, placing her hand caressingly on her twenty-one-year-old sister's thigh. At that moment, their mother walked in and was not surprised to see Ella's hand seemingly about to touch Emma's pussy. After the tragedy, Ella and Emma had constantly attempted to cheer up their mother, and it wasn't until they caught Sally masturbating one night and "helped" her that they started regularly pleasuring each other. Ella was content to watch and play with her sister's tits, as well as fondle her mother's ass and pussy with her fingers. Emma drove a third finger inside her mother and used her thumb to rub her clit, and this time, Sally had a more powerful climax.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 08

group meraena 2018-07-29

We took a taxi to the center of town, kissing the whole way, Papi's hand occasionally slipping up my dress to rub my pussy. I began to kiss down his chest, stopping to lick and gently suck his nipples, making him moan as the camera man and the crowd surrounding us continued to snap pictures. Papi's head was tilted back, eyes closed, as he lost himself in the pleasure emanating through his body from his cock, forgetting about the crowd and the camera man surrounding us. Leaning over, I kissed Papi deeply, slipping my tongue into his mouth as I slid my pussy onto his cock all the way down to the base.


Miranda's Fantasy

group vixen_deb 2018-07-29

"Oh, no Miranda, I was going to make it twenty-five, but your nasty little mouth has made this just the beginning", Amos told her as the brush came down harshly and he heard the croaking voice a short distance away pushing to whisper, "twenty-five". Hugh's eyes just about popped out of his head as the request to pull out his raging hard-on registered but Miranda's previous okay and slight smile had given him all the impetus he needed to comply. Hugh leaned over very aware his penis was sliding along Miranda's cheek as Amos placed his hands on Miranda's vulnerable hot ass, fingers dipping into the crack, "Good, now spread her for me, and keep her nice and tight and open."


Stepping Out Ch. 08

group RonCabo 2018-07-29

Todd and Tina sat at one end with Mark and Jackie next to them and Joseph and Kendall on the foot of the L. Tina explained, "After Todd talked with your mothers and he told me about it and we discussed it, we realized that was what we needed in our lives: another stepsister and stepbrother to have a friendship with who would understand what we've been through and not treat us like we had leprosy. Wanting in on the action, Jackie reached over and cupped Tina's exposed breast while Todd pulled her top down to release her other tit. While Mark started planting kisses on Jackie's shoulder, Tina's hand found her stepbrother's hard cock bulging in his pants.


Smoking Hot Cherry

group LadyAria 2018-07-29

Alone, she slightly spread her legs to feel the cool air swirl up her skirt to lap at her wet pussy. "I think Cherry wants fucked doesn't she?" he groaned pushing two fingers in deep while grinding his thumb into her clit. Her erect nipples rubbing against the soft velvet, being fucked at an impossible speed, the cum spilling down her inner thigh, she screamed out when Johnny's hand covered her mouth. Feeling Johnny's hand against her mouth, hearing his words, she struggled to take every inch the rod as she exploded in soft moans. Going limp as a rag doll in his arms, she felt the dick begin to spasm as he pulled out to shot cum on her ass crack.

Sin Sity Singer Club in Sydney

group 2018-07-29

The Jacuzzi beckoned but the ladies both preferred to continue their conversation at the bar so I went in by myself, and the surrounding mirrors allowed me to exchange smiles with the girls as I enjoyed the soak in the bubbly warm water. “You naughty girl”, I said, “have you forgotten something?” She looked me in the eyes, took my hand, and put it up her skirt so that I could feel her shaven pussy, naked under just a few inches of cloth. I let the tips of my fingers loose upon her body, running down her tense legs and her straight back, and then I took the bottom of her dress and pulled it up as she raised her arms so that I could pull it over her head.

Fridays at Two

group kicky1000 2018-07-29

I love the feel of your big cock inside my tight wet pussy. I wanted to be with men who loved pussy, who knew how to give a woman pleasure, who knew how to fuck. I was having a good time, and in a little while he would shoot his thick white load into my pussy, and peel off five one hundred dollar bills on his way out. "Yes. He told me," Ronald said. "So do you think you're gonna be able to help Jack's son?" he asked me. And then I asked my friend Al if his daughter had said anything to him about Rusty, and he told me that Gladys didn't want to see Rusty anymore.


A fantasy come true for my sexy slut

group curious_30s_couple 2018-07-29

She carried on sucking us off 1 by 1 and at one point tried to cram both of us in her mouth at the same time, moaning onto our cocks as Scott was licking her pussy and bum hole. As he got behind her she reached round with both hands and pulled her chubby ass cheeks as wide as she could, looked at me and said “can he put it in my ass please baby, I want this strangers big fat dick in my tight ass”. After we had used that dirty slut like that for some time she told us that she wanted to feel each 1 of our cum deep in her pussy which turned me on like fuck.

Amber & I Ch. 04

group BradentonLarry 2018-07-29

I felt Helen slowly letting my cock slide out of her mouth then kissing it, before she said, "Mmmm, that was good!" I pulled her hair back and to the left, both so that I could see Amber watching us and so that I could lean down and kiss the side of Helen's neck. I continued to suck and lick her nipple for a moment, reaching down to run the fingers of my left hand through Helen's hair too. I took the hard shaft of my cock in hand and rubbed the fat head of it up and down between her lips, toying with her clit for the briefest moment before pushing it slowly into her.


Unseen Pleasures Ch. 03

group jenyes 2018-07-29

A series of tensing assists the cum in exiting the woman's pussy and her mouth. Laying face-up with her head held firmly, the woman rocks her hips and rubs her pussy upon her face, making it wet and shiny both the exposed mouth and the chin and nose covered by the hood. This brings the woman to her climax and she floods her face with new cum. As the kiss continues, the woman's hand slides down and finds her throbbing clit. Collapsing back onto the bed, she sucks in large gulps of air and allows her body to continue its release. A soft click, a wet and cold spray over her mound and the weight about her shifts again as the hands gripping her knees let go.

88% orgy

Gone From Virgin To Slutty

group kttysbehind 2018-07-29

Moving quickly to you and licking your nipples my hands caressing your tummy as Jordon leans down and runs his tongue over the head of your cock, you moan and raise your hips slightly. As his hot wet tongue glides over the glands running down your cock Jordon works his finger deeper into your ass. Jordon's reaches out and grabs Jack by the hair telling him to suck your balls as I slide a finger into his virgin ass. Your looking back and forth from Jordon's throbbing cock, to me with my fingers working Jacks ass. I look up at Jordon as I thrust two fingers into Jacks tight wet ass.

All Piper's Friends

group Sarishepard 2018-07-29

Piper hummed and squinted, tightening the clasp of her lips around Elliot's girth as Sergei hastened his pace, packing her youthful pelvis with lustful cadence. Elliot offered his elbows as Lindsay and Piper stepped up on each side. Piper dropped her skirt and knelt shoulder to shoulder with Lindsay, then thrust down Elliot's shorts to free his bone-hard phallus. As the girls sat their buttocks on their heels, Piper took hold and pointed his pole toward Lindsay's tantalizing smile. Piper kissed Lindsay's bulging cheek, then licked down Elliot's shaft and flicked his balls. Elliot snatched them with his left hand as he offered his right to Lindsay, helping her stand.


Lessons Learned

group slipperyblisses 2018-07-29

My hand stopped half way up her leg and Karen tensed up, one of the loft stairs had made a sound. She explored under her breasts and along her rib cage and just as it looked as if she was about to lift the night shirt over Karen's head, she let it fall back down. The two women drew in closer and Karen took her time to slowly edge down the dark haired woman's panties. After a few more times, their two bodies began to move in concert, the stranger was close and her hands began to lock in on Karen's hips and pull them up against hers. Karen grabbed my hands and interlaced our fingers, locked in her grip and pressed her body into mine and her face into the stranger's sex.

The House Next Door

group Kindisbest2 2018-07-29

Oh, it feels so good!" In just a moment Susan was wracked by a hard, panting orgasm and her pussy juice flowed out into Eileen's mouth and down her chin onto my leg. Keeping her finger hard up Eileen's ass she slipped her head between us and began to devour one swollen nipple while I slurped the sweetness of the other. I watched as they embraced and Susan slowly kissed and licked Eileen's face and neck and breasts. As she licked and sucked the hard clit I took the full breasts and imitated Susan's treatment of each nipple using both my mouth and fingers.

Poolside Gang Bang Slut

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-07-29

He squeezed my tits while I started bouncing up and down over and over on the cock stuffed in my cunt as another guy that had come in and was watching Mr. Big Cock and I getting it on reached from behind between my legs and rubbed my swollen clit as I rode the dick under me until I came all over both his fingers and the cock and balls of the stud under me. Then the girl that Johnny and Steve had fucked earlier came over and straddled his face, and amazingly, the lifeguard ate out the cum that had been dripping from her own openings as she and I kissed and rubbed each other's tits and her fingers working on my clit as I continued to ride his cock and she grounded down on his face.

Come Chinese, Leave Mexican

group Diego_da_Silva 2018-07-29

Joe stands up, brushes his dress shirt, extends a hand to Esme and smiles at her, "Hey beautiful, let's dance a bit, okay?" Esme loves to dance, and her legs were getting restless from sitting all night. As they leave the table, Joe quickly picks up Esme's orange drink and hands it to her, "Hey, this thing cost me 20 bucks. "Hey beautiful, I left my drink at our table." Joe rolls his fist into a ball, sticks out his thumb, and points over his shoulder towards the bathroom, "I'm going to finish it, then use the bathroom, okay?" Esme nodded. A tall Asian man dressed in an expensive suit walks up behind esme and looks down at Joe.


Cum Sail Away

group stlucialover 2018-07-29

David, immediately stopped talking to Mike, walked over to me and gave me a long, wet kiss. David was pulling on his shorts when I walked over to Jenny and gave her a kiss on the mouth. She pulled away and said, "Let me see you suck him like you did to David last night." Then Jenny came over and started licking and sucking David's balls as he fucked my mouth. As I began to move, grinding my ass slowly in rhythm with Mike's thrusting cock, I felt David's familiar tongue on my pussy lips. As David and I were leaving I walked over and gave Mike and Jenny long and penetrating kisses, thanking them for an unbelievable weekend before climbing back up onto the pier.