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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Club Heaven

group Clohi 2018-07-29

I looked out at the club again, watching the people dancing and noticed some of them moving off into another room. Celeste turned and looked in the direction of the other room and smiled, licking her lips. I watched her eyes as my finger slipped between her legs and gently touched her shave pussy lips. I looked around the room and watched a woman getting fucked from behind by a large black man. As Celeste sucked on my clit, pulling it hard into her mouth, I closed my lips around the tip of this man’s cock and sucked hard. As I sucked his cock, the man moaned and pushed deep inside my mouth. Celeste squeezed my breasts and kissed my neck as Marielle pushed her cock deep inside me.

Lasting Friends

group moondreamer 2018-07-29

Both boys were writhing and moaning on the couch when Blake suddenly stopped and looked over at Chelsea. Jason looked over at Chelsea and she shook her head furiously, somebody had to suck that cock and do it now. Chelsea was resting against the back of the couch panting, she turned as Jason reached around her and gave Blake some of his own cum. Blake was coming back to attention so she started sucking him off as he began giving Jason an even better blow job that the one he just received. Chelsea continued to suck on Blake's cock but she could feel the need within her crotch again. Chelsea felt Blake start to shrink inside her and new that Jason was entering him.

Kelly: The Beach House Ch. 02

group O Rang 2018-07-29

Kelly liked watching Monica touch herself in the shower, but she craved Corm's cock. Kelly marveled at the way Monica's body had no beginning and no end from her own; how the very absence of hard lines could be a joy in its own right; how the sway of a hip or the arc of a full buttock could stir a powerful, almost subconscious response, one that conjured up a primordial yearning. Kelly brought her right arm up, constrained as she was by Monica's tight embrace, and caught up the brunette's left nipple, gently rolling the turgid bud between her fingers. Using the copious amounts of natural lubrication generated by Corm's, she pushed two fingers into Monica's ass, savoring the way the brunette let out a choking gag that turned into whimpers of pleasure.

Nightmare Squad: Four-Poster

group TonyDowse 2018-07-29

Anyway, it seems that as it had been the main bedroom they went to a bit of extra trouble; made their first night in it a bit more romantic by taking some candles and wine up with them, that sort of thing - and only some little time later actually got down to the business of starting to properly 'christen' it.' The captain was as good as his word and by mid-morning the following day the three chosen couples, plus food, drink and a fair bit of electronic equipment, were heading in their separate vehicles for the address of the old house. 'I think I'd better find out just how much.' he said, letting his fingers move slowly but deliberately up and down, feeling the silky stuff that covered it getting wetter as her pussy responded.


Two Tantalizing Tomboys

group Irish Moss 2018-07-29

As I felt Carolyn starting to ride me, I raised my head and began to lick Terri's pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing copiously. I had one hand resting on Carolyn's lower back and one grasping Terri's ass while I pumped my cock in and out of Carolyn's hot pussy and my tongue explored Terri's mouth. I leaned forward over Carolyn, first playing with her small tits as I humped her ass, then slipping a hand back between her legs to play with her clit as I had when I'd been fucking Terri. Carolyn's pussy felt so good as I was fucking her that I finally couldn't hold out any longer and began to pump my load into the condom.

My Mom part 3

group 2018-07-29

“Yeh now start wanking your juicey cock for me and use these” she then threw me her filthy knickers.I took a deep smell holy fuck they smelled amazing.She stopped pissing and start rubbing her cunt hard while I wanked.”You wanna taste my piss soaked fingers baby” she said.”Yes please mommy”.she then put her fingers in my mouth while the other hand start wanking me off,Oh fuck I was so close to cumming.

The Next Room, Next Night

group silenceup2nogood 2018-07-29

We were sort of the point men on the marketing campaign here in the States for both companies, so getting to know each other face to face, as opposed to tele-conferencing had seemed like a good idea. Chien-Lee and I had traded small talk for about ten minutes, watching the dancers on stage and our co-workers have fun. A couple of times, a dancer had come by the booth and asked if one of us would like a table dance. She gave the leash she held in one hand a little jerk and the blond in the angel costume walked meekly forward and knelt at the brunette's feet.



group RelentlessPerversion 2018-07-29

As the conversation begins, I realize that Wendy is very likely the complete opposite of Carolyn in every way. We are sitting in the living area, Carolyn and Wendy on the couch next to one another as Paul, James and I use up the remaining chairs. It looks like Carolyn is going to up and leave, but Wendy puts a hand on her arm, still giggling. Time slows down a bit in that moment, as I look into Wendy's slightly bloodshot eyes, her blond hair sticking slightly to her forehead. Wendy knows the trap is sprung, and uses the opportunity to press her crotch over Carolyn's face, muffling her protests.


Letters to Nicole 04

group derek33 2018-07-29

"Oh sure, we sat together at lunch with him two weeks ago remember?" Felecia gave Jon one of her famous flirty smiles, the kind that I noticed she gave every cute guy, and the kind that she gave me when we met! I almost lost it when C.J. looked right at me and said, "Ya' know Nance, you're quite the talk of the guys' locker room!" C.J. reached out and touched Felecia's knee, " we want to get to know you a little first." Felecia rubbed C.J.'s hand lightly and said, "I think I would like that! C.J. and Ricky both looked so lost and deprived, just like two little boys who've been told to go to bed without any dinner!


Jennifer Ch. 10

group Mark Singer 2018-07-28

Jennifer smiled at her friend and followed her moves, soaping up her own hand and joining Shannon at Dan's throbbing pole. Randy soon followed, and when Jennifer saw him slide his hand inside the waistband of his suit, she slipped her hands under her top, fondling her naked breasts in front of the boys. When Dan and Steve saw what was happening, they both followed Randy's lead, pulling their suits down and stroking their exposed cocks in front of the two girls. Shannon closed her eyes for a moment, lost in the feelings of approaching orgasm, then opened them again, instinctively, as she heard a long low groan escape from Steve's lips.


The Winner

group Ronald Thurman 2018-07-28

After a quick scan through the smoky darkness, looking at the other waitress-dancers, Quincy determined that the tiny brunette on the stage was the pick of the litter, with the long legged redhead a close second. Jenifer pressed her firm breasts into his chest as he reached around her, stroked his hands over her tight, round ass and pulled her tighter to him so that the shaft of his throbbing cock pressed into the crevasse of her pussy and rubbed against her hardening clitoris. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tight while the waves of her orgasm swept through her body, as the spasms of her velvet glove pulled stream after stream of hot seed from Quincy's throbbing cock.

Friendly Skies

group MmmmPerfect 2018-07-28

Truth is, I was ready to stay home, sit on the sofa and watch hockey on television but, moments later, I found myself blindfolded and sitting in the passenger seat of my wife's sporty convertible Mercedes-Benz. Seated around me were my two best friends, Will and Sean, and their gorgeous wives, Jana and Nikki. She lowered her face between Jana's legs and, positioned underneath Jana in that way, my wife's mouth accepted an occasional stroke from Will's massive cock. My tongue alternated between licking Jana's fingers and rimming Elle's ass. I pulled out of Nikki's mouth and inserted myself into Elle's trembling pussy. What I remember most is the contented smile on my wife's face, lost in her own thoughts as she buttoned up her silk blouse.

Bath House Bi Fun

group niagaraguy72 2018-07-28

He told me that there was a gentleman at the counter with his wife, and they wanted to come in to the Bath House. She looked at her husband and said "well Stan, get over there and suck that cock!" I smiled and Stan came across the sauna, bent between my legs and started to suck my cock. She told me she loved watching her husband suck a nice fat cock. She laid in the bed and her back and Stan got between her legs and ate her pussy. My cum cascaded down her ass all over Stan's limp cock. She thanked me for the good time and told Stan that they better hurry if they were going to make their lunch reservation.

A Symphony In Seduction

group freeman64 2018-07-28

Lucy had asked her to come home to spend an evening as Jill was new in town and had no friends yet and Lucy's friendliness and invitation sounded warm and welcome. He asked Jill to sit on the couch and spread her thighs and prepared to devour her swollen pussy made wet by a ravenous Lucy. As he opened her lips with the thumbs of both hands, Lucy licked her lips made moist by Jill's juice and prepared to eat her too. While the man tongued her opening, Lucy sucked her clitoris. When the man withdrew from Jill's filled cup, Lucy bent forward and licked Jill's overflowing opening as Jill wiped her clean in an arousing 69.

A Visit

group HornyReba 2018-07-28

But I was enjoying Cat. Her tits swung in a seductive and sexy way and oh my god her lips. "No. Join the party." I gave him a smile as Cat sent waves of pleasure thought my body by slowly easing her finger in and out of me. I leaned, down bracing myself on Cat's hips, ready for Patrick's huge cock in my ass. I moved my hips on Patrick's dick while also managing Cat's vagina. I went up and kept playing with her tits while kissing her, both of our juices mixing on our tongues. I smiled and started fingering her faster, her juices added to the array of sex sounds in the room.

Stoned and Fucked

group ptsteve 2018-07-28

She heard herself say like a zombie, “I guess so.” Bob said “Okay then massage your breasts for us.” She watched the video and she saw her hands go to her naked breasts, her fingers rub and twist her bare nipples, she heard herself moan and groan with each twist and her body sort of slouched a bit as she massaged her breasts. Bob withdrew and turned her head forcibly to Marc and her in turn grabbed her hair and jammed his cock in her mouth, fucking her mouth as he said “Yeah bitch suck my fat cock, deeper damnit, yeah that is it suck it” Bob was tweeting her nipples hard making her groan around Marc’s cock….She could see Tim as he fingered her red asshole, the camera capturing the entire scene.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 23

group Silverfox0551 2018-07-28

Ever so carefully so as not to wake him, Terri lowered her open mouth over her husbands hard cock and slowly and gently sucked the swollen head between her lips and began a gentle sucking action. With his tongue, Mike parted her cunt lips then licked inside her as far as he could reach then drawing back he searched for her clit and finding the swollen nub he licked then sucked it tenderly causing Terri to moan and push more of her pussy on to Mike's face while she continued to suck on his swollen cock. "I sure would like to fuck you in the ass baby?" Mike said not letting up his thrusting inside her pussy.

a young couple and a old farm house

group nicecock56 2018-07-28

you will get to fuck her but remind who's pussy it is .jack says lets go me, dee, ear, jack went up to our room earl said get your recorder boy were maken a lot of movie's a lot, with that there overall's hit the ground and dee was pushed onto the bed jack put his cock in here mouth his bot belly hitting her face and her sucking hard earl said give the camara to jack I did. earl push's her over on her back he said boy get behind me hold my ball's I did he was fucking dee hard and long sweeting and grunting who pussy is it slut pussy daddy earl ans pussy daddy jacks sir.

Naughty Games

group EZ_CUM_EZ_GO 2018-07-28

Sucking on the strawberry, which coincidentally was large enough and perfectly shaped like a head of a man's cock, I licked it, teased the very tip of it with my tongue, and once again slowly sucked it inside my mouth where I made sure my cheeks sucked in so that Bruce, as well as Mike could see and tell exactly what it was that I was doing to it….and in a sense, could be doing to either one of them as well. To my relief as well as delight, instead of turning around and leaving like I was sure moments ago he was about to do, Bruce instead reached out and taking one of the kitchen chairs, pulled it away from the table and immediately sat down.


An Educational Field Trip

group ThothAcolyte 2018-07-28

This place is perfect!" As if to accentuate his point, the sound of a door closing and Mrs. Beckett humming from the entryway caused the other two to jump into the closet with Link. Mrs. Beckett was a perfect 10/10, with a slender waist, wide hips, DD breasts, long toned legs, well-tanned skin, green almond shaped eyes, and long, golden hair. Mrs. Beckett was currently sizing herself up in the mirror, her back turned to the closet, and her round, perfect ass pointed right at her voyeurs. "Dude, what the hell?!" Hissed Tom, as Andy started rubbing his huge, throbbing cock while staring at Mrs. Beckett. The door was yanked open to reveal Mrs. Beckett, fully nude and standing over them imperiously as she inspected the three terrified boys, hands on her hips.


The Three Graces

group Nicola_Italia1 2018-07-28

The three sisters –Margarita "Rita", Magdalena "Maggie" and Maria were known together as the Three Graces in their small town of San Fernando. Rita's beauty, Maggie's taunting ways and Maria's sweetness made them the envy of all the women in Rancho San Fernando. Rita and Maggie crept in, bashed the young man over the head while Maria waited with the reins. "Now you can call me a little whore, Cruz." Maggie spoke as she moved her peasant blouse down below her breasts and they jutted and bounced with her movements. He would take the little Rita on her back, the whore Maggie in a doggy style position, and Maria would do fine sucking his cock or eating her sisters out.

Unknown and Unknowable

group sassypanties 2018-07-28

I am shaking a little as I press my hands against the wall above my head, feeling my body respond like a cat stretching. My pussy lips are spread and fingers slide through the juices, my face is turned and the coach is kissing me deeply, our mouths mating and playing with delicious sensation. I begin to crest and as my body bows I hear his grunts and feel him lose cadence as he spends himself inside me with a few hard shoves, pulling my whole pelvis into him. He fucks the cum up into me and I feel the other eyes on us, hear the hands stroking and the breathing quickening.

A Valentine's Day Surprise

group kimbelina 2018-07-28

Josh's silence was deafening, and I felt more and more like a cheap slut as I stood there, hair mussed, sticky with sweat and cum glowing in the candlelight of the beautiful night at home he'd obviously planned as a surprise for me. I took Tom's hand and led him into our bedroom, motioning for him to sit down on the bed as Josh came up behind me and began fondling my tits. I climbed onto the bed, turned my back to Tom so that I was facing Josh, straddled Tom's cock, and slowly lowered myself down onto him until his entire length was completely buried in my pussy.

A Night on the Town

group SlutKathy 2018-07-28

The women also used the whip handle and some vibrators to wank me to a climax with, and some more of the men decided to have second helpings while I was tied up and fucked my ass and cunt again hanging on to my tits as they did so. One of them taking me to a piece of waste ground nearby and laying me face down on a dirty old smelly mattress, yanking my head back by my hair and fucking my ass hard, then after he had cum telling me to suck his cock clean.