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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cunt Caning Carnival - Chapter 2

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-24

Pulling his cane from cunt's ass, he took aim and delivered a hard stroke to her right cunt lips. Pleased with his achievement, Richard took aim for the second time and succeeded in striking the left cunt lips. Re-positioning himself, Richard momentarily dragged Serva's hair to keep his dick in her throat before caning the underside of cunt's left tit. Placing the cane on Sheila's body Richard removed his prick from Serva's mouth and told her to get astride the cunt. Tom and Henry took an ankle each and lifted them so that her legs were spread wide and her cunt raised to a suitable height for thrashing. Richard pulled his cane from Sheila and told Serva to call the strokes.

HotWife Amber: The Clients - The Finish

group Wife4AllOccasions 2018-11-24

Jesse looked at Mark and commented, "Fuck, I knew she was going to have an awesome pussy." He looked down at Amber laying on the conference room table, her legs spread, her pussy exposed. Jesse rocked his hips back slightly and the tip of his hard dick slid into position against the entrance to Amber's cunt. Jesse continued to push forward and with each inch of his hard dick that entered Amber's tight hole, Jesse moaned and let Amber know just how fucking nice it was to be inside her cunt. Amber's thighs pressed into the edge of the table as Jesse's hips pressed against her ass, his cock deep in her pussy.

The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.1

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-24

From restaurants to bar-hopping, I crisscrossed the East End. The money was very good and the tips were even better but, for me, the best aspect of the job was that I could be alone for several hours quietly editing and revising the novel I have been working on for the past few years. "You're a good guy, Ray." I turned off her car, got out and opened her door. I worked a few more days on some small drives when I got a job to pick up a vacationing couple, June and Peter, from Los Angeles renting an oceanfront mansion on Flying Point Road. "Yeah, that's right, suck his cock...I want to see him cum all over your face, Petey...suck up his cum." She kept these comments coming as she pushed her clit between my lips.

Black On Black Pegging: Foursome

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

Lying on his back on the king-sized bed, he stroked his thick, uncircumcised ebony cock as his wife Nadine's best friend and former sorority sister Claire worked him over with her glistening ebony strap-on dildo. Claire Gregoire took her eyes off Thomas for a moment and looked at her best friend Nadine Moines as she whipped and flogged Claire's own husband Eric Magloire. Claire Magloire, born in the City of Jacmel, Republic of Haiti, and raised in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, met her best friend and soul-sister, City of Montreal native Nadine Moines at the University of Calgary in September 2006. What Thomas Lemieux and Eric Magloire didn't know when they married Nadine Moines and Claire Gregoire, respectively, is that their wives were lovers in college.

Cock Race

group slut_alice 2018-11-24

Out of the corner of my eye, I see The Dodo stroking his long hard cock as he watches the Owl-Tattoo Man thrusting deep and roughly into me, keeping my hair pulled taut so his wife's sweet pussy could torment my mouth. I gasp as the man slips his large hard cock in me from behind, forcing me to lean forward with my arms wrapped tightly around my legs to support me as he thrust so forcefully, I can feel him hitting the back wall of my pussy; my pleasure is building swiftly through me as he pushes faster and faster.

On the Job Training Part Five

group JuicynSweet00 2018-11-24

As soon as my mouth was full of hard, hot cock my eyes closed in pleasure anyway, and I knew Mr. Decker was right, I could do this. When he pulled out, my eyes were watering and I barely had time to catch my breath before my mouth was once again full of cock. My mind drifted as I sucked and was fucked hard, until finally I could feel my ass being filled with warm semen. I soon realized why, as a second man climbed up behind me, pushing me forward to allow him to slide his cock into my ass. But not full enough, as a third man stepped up alongside the bed, turning my head to find his long, hard cock waiting for my attentions.

Two cocks are better than one

group Sallytheslut2 2018-11-24

Jeff was good looking but just hadn’t come alive in bed the way I liked. For a moment, he just looked at me there on my hands and knees with Jeff slowly fucking my pussy. I looked up into the big man’s eyes and said, “Evan, I want to suck your beautiful cock.” After a while, we paused to change position, with Evan laying down and pulling me on top of him to ride his thick rod. From the corner of my eye, I could see Jeff stroking his cock back to life. As Jeff began fucking my bum, Evan moved his hips to slide his cock back and forth in my pussy.

cuckold lifestyle 54

group woreout 2018-11-24

Neither John or I knew who they where, I looked and saw my wife climbing out of the boat with a towel around her. One dude bowed up and said I'm going to kick your ass straight at John. John said come here baby, my wife walked over to him and he hugged her tight. John said dude, you going to eat the cum of those guys out of your wife? They fucked like that for about five minutes then he picked her up , he was standing up holding my wife in his arms and his cock burried in her, he said open that windshield to me, I flipped it open and he walked threw it to the bow.

My lesbian house warming orgy

group DanielleX 2018-11-24

They were making that beautiful wet sound as they kissed and Aisha seemed happy for Samara to fondle her tight little body. Everyone was poised, Aisha with Ashlie and Gemma with Laura as I turned the clock round to five minutes and pressed the button to start the time running. She lay on the floor with Laura sitting on her face, while Ashlie and Gemma sucked her boobs and Aisha and I took turns licking and fingering her pussy. I kissed her deeply as she came with Gemma thrusting three fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy and Laura, Aisha and Ashlie in their own little daisy chain.

Holly Learns to Peg

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-24

Jennifer had helped Holly with the leather harness that left Holly’s pussy and ass open for access and the new six-inch life lifelike cock drooping from the harness like a real cock. Jennifer and Jessica began providing instruction on what to do next, plenty of lube, condom on the dildo, going slow, remembering to think about how you love to be fucked and how your lover uses his cock on you, and more. Jennifer told Holly, “Now, like I said, before you ease the butt plug out, place one of those condoms on your cock, then lube yourself up. I felt more lube being applied and the head of the cock begin to enter my ass when an “Oh My” erupted from Holly as she slowly began to ease into me.

Our First Threesome

group CoupleInspired 2018-11-24

I was so horny and turned on by our threesome I knew I couldn’t last very long if she kept sucking me like this so I pulled away and moved over to the sofa, leaving the two of them alone on the bed to play. Rob put his mouth between her legs and gently licked and breathed on her pussy while I stood behind her and played with her arse and legs and kissing her neck. We laid either side of her and she turned to her side, facing Rob. They kissed while I took Diana from behind, holding her arse cheeks while I pumped her pussy. I couldn’t take any more and was ready to come, so Rob moved back and Diana lay on her back and lowered her body stocking, revealing her breasts for me.


group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-24

My mouth met hers for what I expected to be a short peck in front of Dave, but she threw her arms over my shoulders and pulled my head down to give me a deep, wet, luxurious tongue tussle. My eyes were open and I saw Ellen peek sideways at Dave and kiss me more deeply, groaning into my mouth, making yummy sounds as she ground her hips into mine. She gagged a little and I held her head down as Dave groaned, his cock buried deep in my girl’s mouth while I lined myself up. I grabbed her face, kissed her slack-jawed open mouth, spearing my tongue into her as I speared my cock, feeling Dave thrusting alongside me.

Cock hungry and bored

group fetishdoll 2018-11-24

I thought she was about to hit that until she looked at me and said, "Don't you want to have a try?” and looked back at Matt and said, “You don't mind do you Matt?" Alicia moved her wonderful full ass across Matt's body until her dripping moist pussy rested right above Matt's face. "Just watching TV!" Matt yelled back to his father at the top of the stairs as he slowly moved back around the corner so his father couldn't see that he was wearing only a T-shirt.
I turned to Alicia and asked, "What the hell!?" I always make a lot of noise and his fucking parents can just come down and watch!" With this Alicia walked over to Matt and started rubbing her ass around his cock.

Furniture Anyone?

group carolinafun 2018-11-24

I started to slowly walk toward them thinking that Krista had had her fun and we'd now buy something, go home and fuck like two mice stuffed in a wool sock. I followed as well but stayed far enough away as to not be a distraction or threat to Rob. Krista turned and pulled his polo shirt over his head as they arrived at a nicely displayed king size bed. As Sam finished licking the drops from cock she started to stand and I turned to see Krista bouncing wildly on Rob. Our eyes met and I knew she could see what was happening with me. Rob kept pounding at her cunt until Krista raised up one last time and sent a huge flow of cum all over his cock.

It Happened In Khatmandu Ch. 02

group sahebji 2018-11-24

'Sahebji, meet my cousin Nusrat,' Shazia said introducing the girl with the big boobs to me. 'Please darling, open your legs,' I said, kissing her and moving my lund (cock) with my hand between her now very wet cunt lips. Yes that's the way...faster move faster,' I said placing my hands on her head and moving my cock in fuck motion. 'No Nusrat, today Sahebji's cock is all yours but from tomorrow we'll share it equally,' Shazia said. 'Nusrat, you order the bubbly while I dance with Sahebji,' Shazia said pushing her chair back. As soon as we got on the dance floor Nusrat said, 'Did you enjoy sticking to khala and Shazia while dancing?'


The Photographer: Part 2, The swinger party

group xhardx13 2018-11-24

"I wasn't offended, Irv. In fact the thought of you taking my picture fucking Tony turned me on, and I had at least three really powerful orgasms. I shot video of the Polish woman giving head to the Asian lady while the black guy fucked her from behind. At the pool, each woman took turns giving a man blow jobs until they sat on the edge of the pool with open legs inviting them to screw their waiting pussies. I started packing my gear when Crystal came up to me and said, "Before your go, Irv, I'd like to try your junk. When she came up for air a second time, Crystal said, "We could use a man like you.

P90sex Party Games for Adults Only

group p90sex90 2018-11-24

“This is Kim and Nadia from my work; Nadia’s husband John; and this is Andre and Allie that I have told you so much about," Natalie said. “Your fellow participants of this activity are: Allie, Nadia, John, Linda, and Andre," Natalie said replacing the ornaments one more time into the bowl. Andre leaned over and took his wife’s pussy into his mouth as she continued grinding on the vibrator with Kim. He poked and prodded at her clitoris with his tongue and moved over to give Linda enough space to do the same on Kim’s clitoris. Linda was feeling so good and so appreciative for what Allie had done that she reached over Kim and took Allie’s face into her hands.

Our Neighbor's Daughter

group Banes1 2018-11-24

“Oh Thad, I can tell what you think.” Steph said, staring directly at the bulge, straining to escape the confines of my swim trunks. “Good answer, Honey.” Mandy said as they turned and walked away, leaving me to deal with my hard cock. Besides, I have wanted you ever since I turned sixteen.” Steph replied, letting her hand slide over my rock hard cock.” Mandy and I watched our neighbors leave, Steph turned her head, blew a kiss and seductively licked her lips. Mandy came up alongside her, took Steph’s cum covered fingers from my shaft and brought them to her lips. Steph took my cock in her tight pussy as Mandy and I were kissing.

One Lust Filled Night-Part12

group gubica 2018-11-24

While she was finger fucking my pussy, she had spread my lips open wide and was sucking on my clit. As Becky started to suck my clit, David moved up on my body and was sitting on my chest. I started to shake my head, but he took hold and eased forward, pushing his cock between my lips. Becky's fingers went deep into my pussy and when she wiggled them, I tried to scream my way through an orgasm, but I could not utter a sound. My pussy was wetting Becky's fingers as I felt my body shake. I felt my swollen clit throb as Becky held it between her lips, her fingers rubbing my g spot, sending me into a frenzy.

Two city girls visit the country (4)

group EvelynLi 2018-11-24

Tessa and I exchanged glances and I knew exactly what she was thinking: Jack had told us his little secret and now Megan was about to tell us hers. “The mood had changed so much that by now all the others wanted to try their own little strip-tease dances and before long the room was full of young girls discarding all their clothing. “It wasn't long before all the girls were naked, and I felt a bit overdressed in my sweater, which I promptly removed, letting the others see his hands groping my tits. “My god, Aunt Megan, you are such a horny bitch,” said Tessa, who was so aroused by this little tale that she had taken my hand and held it close to her pussy.

Big Booty Urban Bitches 01

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

I've known Tina Washington since my days at Brockton Community High School. Tina Washington, the short and skinny, dark-skinned chickenhead from Jamaica wasn't really my style, but a horny man will fuck anything that moves. I said three little words that women have been falling for since the beginning of time. A light which is as bright as Tina Washington's asshole is dark, folks. Five minutes later, Kassandra Noorse was on all fours with her plump ass cheeks spread wide open. My good friend Samuel, a bisexual writer I know, says that big women's assholes are tighter than those of other women. Man, there's nothing better than fucking a freaky woman in the ass while drinking beer and watching professional basketball on TV at the same time.

What a Winter Wonderland

group peachbuta 2018-11-24

Dan pushed his dick back into my mouth and this time grabbed my head just like Matt does. Why don’t you let Dan try your ass?” Matt said. “Sounds good to me.” I said as I crawled across the floor to Matt and started to suck the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting myself on it, wriggling my ass invitingly at Dan, wondering if I could even handle his enormous cock. Do you like swallowing down my cock while Dan fucks your ass?” Matt asked me. I want you two to cum in me together.” With a triumphant smile on his face, Matt pulled my head back down onto his cock and started pumped harder than ever.

Indian Couple's Erotic and Loving Threesome with Husband's Close Friend MMF - Part -2

group iloveall 2018-11-24

She pulled Anil’s buttocks so as to push his cock between her lips and started licking and kissing the tip of his hard and huge shaft lovingly. As soon as Anil’s cock touched Neena’s pussy lips, Neena shuddered and rose up just a little, throwing Anil off balance slightly. Neena looked at Anil’s shaft in amazement; just as Anil had looked at Neena’s love hole, a little while earlier. With her fingers guiding Anil’s cock; Anil gradually entered her the first time; pushing in slightly and pulling back a little. Anil’s cock must have been gripped so powerfully by the walls of Neena’s pussy, that I knew Anil would experience extra ordinary sensual pleasure.

Lucky at poker

group woreout 2018-11-24

I like the look of the thin black straps holding a high hill on a stocking covered leg. I looked up to answer her and when I did I saw her eyes where on the TV and her legs had fallen open with out her knowing . She looked down at the way she was setting , then she smiled and spread her legs wide open showing me her always shaved pussy. Her legs started bouncing a little while she said that any time he calls she always goes to see him. She smiled and said you know dressing me up like this is only going to lead to some guy fucking me.