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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Designated Driver

group Nothingbutjuice 2018-07-28

"I fucking hope so Suze." He twirled my left nipple as he sucked and licked my neck, Dave was suckling on my right nipple and sliding his hands across my skin. John smirked up at me and parted my folds with his hands, licking and sucking and tongue fucking me, it wasn't long before I was trembling in earnest and at a nod from Dave he and Tom sucked hard on a nipple each as John sucked my clit into his mouth. Dave grinned and began really thrusting into me, Tom worked my clit as John sucked one nipple and twisted the other.

The Baby Sitter

group mischif2 2018-07-28

His wife stroked the baby sitter’s body running her hand down until she felt the large toy the sitter still used. Tanya looked down watching in fascination as she felt the sitter’s other hand clasp hers. Tanya came feeling the cool length fill her she fell to fucking the sitter with her fingers, putting more and more into her blonde pussy. Joe watched the two of them, his wife pushing her hand in and out of the blonde woman, whilst she herself was fucked by their large toy. He felt his cum laden balls being sucked, his ass being played with, his cock plunging into a warm pussy as he was fucked by his wife and the sitter.

“Suck his cock.Jill obeyed

group adel5000 2018-07-28

I managed to look past Jill to see that Tom had pulled his cock out of his boxers and was lazily wanking it as he watched his wife snog me. I took my eyes of Jill’s amazing body and looked over at Tom and said “your wife’s pussy is so fucking tight, it feels amazing!” Still holding Jill in my arms I said to Tom “Jill is so good at sex she could make a fortune as a fucking prostitute, she takes cock like no other girl I have fucked.” Jill looked at me and said “you have such an amazing cock, I think I would like you to fuck Elizabeth!”

My first glory hole with a couple

group AussieBob93 2018-07-28

This story all begins when I was chatting to this bloke online, who said he had a glory hole at home which he recently made. After about 30 seconds of fondling, I felt someones warm mouth engulf the head of my cock. Just as I asked, I felt a smaller mouth wrap it's lips around my cock just in time to take my cumshot. In the husbands really deep voice I hear, "good girl, swallow that cum and thank this young man." She replied in what sounded like the voice of an angel at the time, "thanks for your cum, geez that really was a mouthful." We all had a bit of a chuckle, I then got dressed and left.

Wife's First Time Swinging

group zimabean 2018-07-28

Joe had his hard dick out and was trying to get Barb to suck it, Jim was playing with Barbs ass and sticking his fingers in her bikini bottoms and into her pussy. Barb had both hands on Joes dick as Jim started to move back and fourth inside Barbs pussy. Jim removed his dick and Joe got up so that Barb could lay down on the lounge, then Joe jump right into her and started banging away. Joe got up and Barbs pussy looked very well used and gooey, my dick hurt so bad I stuck it in Barb. I stood up and Joe, Jim and I looked down at Barbs gooey pussy, cum was trickling out.

Anniversary Threesome

group zaza10010 2018-07-28

Abby slid her hand down to my crotch and whispered in my ear, "I really want you." She began to massage my cock and kiss my neck, ear and face. Abby moaned again and began French kissing me again, rolling her tongue around the inside of my mouth. While she was sucking my cock, Bill crawled up to her face and she gave him a deep, hard kiss, tasting the combination of my pre-cum and her own pussy juices from Bills tongue. Abby continued to moan as she lapped up my cum and she and Bill began to orgasm together. Abby got off her knees, totally spent and leaned over and began kissing me and licking the remaining cum and pussy juice off my lips and face.

Inside the Athlete's Village Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-07-28

It contains group sex, oral sex, anal sex, facials, girl-on-girl, and lesbian incest. It does NOT contain significant character development or much of a plot. Some of the press tried to make it into a kind of Cold War between blonde German Anneke and raven-haired Dutch Marika; but then, the last time the Dutch were a military superpower was like in the 1600s. I'd busted my nut down Anneke's throat while watching the sleek raven-haired teenager strip her clothes off and shove two fingers into her freshly-shaven twat. back to the present. Okay, so NOW we're back to the present. I glanced down and realized that the raven-haired Dutch girl had begun rubbing the German girl's clit.


Laid and Bred

group arlene548 2018-07-28

In reality both Deb and Kate were pretty cute normal college girls, but this was spring break on Siesta Key. They roomed together at U-Mass and had decided to head south for what evolved into a total week of partying drunkenness, dating and ...... Kate smiled at Deb, plan in mind, "Are you ready to be a slut, girl?" Unlike Kate, Deb had been known to fuck many guys, so she was more confident in her look and knew how to act. "Gotta go Dude, thanks for the great time." and she gave him a short deep kiss, pulled he skirt back into place, straightened her tee-shirt and gave up quickly on looking for her underwear.

The Bottom Line

group orie 2018-07-28

Joyce, my girlfriend, said she and Devin wanted to go to the beach on Saturday. Joyce said that Devin did not earn the "bitch" name that some women administrators did, but that no one wanted to cross her, either. Joyce smiled and said, "Devin, you also want a guy taller than you, good looking, successful, well-read, super confident and knows his way around the bedroom." "Do not answer that, Devin," said Joyce. Never met a guy who was confident enough to entertain the idea of me fucking his ass," Devin said. "I think you're the one who's all talk," said Devin as she looked up over her shoulder. "That was totally not called for, Joshua," Joyce said as she stood and put her arm around her friend.


Married To An Asian Whore

group English Bob 2018-07-28

It seemed that I had arrived just in time, so to speak; Mia was still dressed but was sat on the bed and watching her two well built lovers as they slowly stroked their cocks in anticipation. Both Mia and her assailant cried out simultaneously as he penetrated her vagina, but her cries were abruptly curtailed by the second man who was sitting at her head as he pushed his cock between her open, painted lips. "Jeez, this bitch can really suck cock, man!" the second man said as he began to push his hips forward and slowly fuck Mia's mouth. Frank gasped as he experienced the tightness that must have surrounded his cock and wrapped his arms around Mia's writhing body and began to play with her hardened nipples.

Body Corporate Chp 18

group northstar44 2018-07-28

As soon as they stopped the service attendant came over to the window and asked the driver what he wanted, with this George jumped out of the car leaving Cindi laying on the seat with her cunt fully exposed to the outside. Since the last guy refused to join the fun this time George told the man that he would give him a buck for every green bean he could put in Cindi’s cunt. George and the driver took Cindi off the roof of the car and stood her in front of the Master who noted all the bugs on her legs and around her cunt as well as the dry banana and cum on her hair and skin.


group JOCA 2018-07-28

"Neither have I, but what if we pull a gang-bang on Pat." "It would be wild!" "Can you imagine gangbanging a twenty-one year old virgin?" "She wouldn't know what to do, and she would never tell." Bob was positioning Pat for another take when he let his hand touch her breast...she gasped but didn't move away, in fact she didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. "Hold her legs wide apart he said, I want to go deep in this bitch's pussy, it's time she got fucked deep and hard." Dick, Bob, and Mike took her first followed by Rob, Dave, Allen and the other 6.

Crystal Clear Ch. 21

group Romantic1 2018-07-28

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. I would catch Crystal, Ellen, or Claire often watching Nadia depart a room, and their eyes were not on the back of her head or pretty form. Ellen came back over the machine and the dildo, and slowly allowed the rubbery cock to penetrate her vagina until her clit returned to the pad of little bumps that had been giving her so much pleasure before. As I stroked my hardness into Ellen's still vibrating quim, I watched as Dan slowly stripped Nadia's clothes away, and Terry disrobed Claire.


For Love of Alyssa

group ucimdboss 2018-07-28

She relaxed the muscles and moved the dildo back to her pussy lips, sliding it in her tight snatch several inches before pulling out and rubbing it in circular motions around it. She pulled his dick up slightly and began stroking him as she licked and sucked his soft, hairless balls, then moved her tongue back up the underside of his dick to his head. The vibration against Sam's cock as she did so made him climax so violently he stumbled backwards onto the couch, but Alyssa moved gracefully with him and sucked harder, causing him to explode inside her mouth. Kyle grinned back and put his hand on Alyssa's head, pulling his cock out of her mouth.


Unforgettable Trip To Hills

group 2018-07-28

It was getting dark suddenly I realized that something is touching my belly under my shawal I saw towards Vikas and he smiled so I knew it was him, slowly his hand started moving up and folding my tits under the shawal, I was loving it but also showing my eyes to Vikas as I did not want Rahul to know what we were doing… he was pressing my boobs harder making it very difficult to control myself, Vikas told the driver to stop the car as he wanted to take out a blanket from the bag.

Ultimate Man's Fantasy

group ErickLand 2018-07-28

Equally pleasurable was watching gay and straight men -- casual acquaintances at best - drop their pants and stand in front of us masturbating in a secluded part of a club or in a living room. I can say that I truly loved the woman I last lived with; my partner was so talented in business and strong and exciting in her approach to life. It surprised me greatly to hear that despite not having serious experiences sexually loving men, I excited him more than any woman he has ever enjoyed. But when my man was transferred about five years ago to San Francisco to head up the western operation, frequent masturbation became an important part of our sex life.


Forbidden Lust Ch. 02

group catherine42 2018-07-28

Callie was able to watch these women pleasure each other for hours at a time, and she wanted to try it. A woman was standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, watching as Adan molested her breast with his mouth. She told me earlier." Then he licked the inside rim of Callie's ear, making her moan in response, even as she stared at the woman, embarrassed by her exposed breast. Adan turned and pulled Callie back against his chest, so he was forcing her to stare at the woman. He pulled Callie's dark hair so she had to look right in her face as she melted from his breath in her ear.

Sarah Pt. 01

group jacquioh2 2018-07-28

"And this is my wife, Sarah, if I can get her away from Bernhardt." He laughed good-naturedly and his pretty young wife turned and looked at me with a slightly bashful smile and wonderfully haunting eyes framed by soft brown hair loosely draped close to her face. It was tentative in tone, thanking me for the day at the spa and "that wonderful shopping trip!" Again, my mind's eye conjured a picture of her bright red sweetheart lips breaking in a smile as she shrugged her arms into the lacy bra and settled her breasts into its clinging lacy cups.


Two Cum Play?

group DeMilo 2018-07-28

"Jedda, this is Nic." Marcus said as he removed his mouth from my now dripping pussy. Without warning Marcus withdrew his fingers from my pussy and, still wet with my juice, brought them up to Nic's mouth, who eagerly sucked them dry. My body shuddered involuntarily as I started climbing towards an orgasm but before it had the chance to break over me; Nic removed his still hard cock from my leaking pussy. The combination of Marcus' cock filling my pussy, his fingers on my clit and now this new invasion behind sent me off on such a wave of pleasure that I yelled loud enough that I knew the neighbours would have heard.

Friends Reunited

group Jake68 2018-07-28

Julie kept thrusting her hips back against Jane's hand, feeling her friend's fingers probing deep inside her. "Oh no, baby, stay please," She said, smiling coyly, "after eating Julie's sweet pussy I need a little cock to satisfy my hunger." Geoff smiled, walking over to his young wife. "You know I have had a lot of cocks, but his is one of the loveliest I've ever seen." Jane smiled at Julie, then took Geoff's cock deep into her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth along the hard shaft. "Oh, how thoughtless of me," Jane said, looking at Julie, "You're my guest and you should have the first piece." Jane looked at Julie, smiling, stroking her husband's hard cock in her fingers.


Thanksgiving Day

group loloishorny 2018-07-28

Jackson and mom are sitting next to each other, daddy at the head of the table, me and Brian on one side and Scotty on the other side of daddy. Brian sees my ass open for his dick, stands over me and slides his big cock deep in my pussy. Brian lays on the floor, I slide my ass on his dick, then Jackson comes over and begins to fuck my pussy. Jackson pulls out of me, Brian holds my waist and fucks me til he cums in my ass. Brian has me sucking his dick, til Jackson cums deep in my ass. Daddy looked at me and smiled, said that he likes the thought that I fucked moms friend without her knowing.

Brighton Cumslut

group kirstymia 2018-07-28

Kirsty looked at him whilst she frigged herself and getting even more turned on, the older chap pulled out a slightly smaller than average penis, maybe just 5 inches and it was hard then he pushed her head to his cock and Kirsty opened her mouth and allowed this total stranger to start to thrust his cock in her mouth, Darren started undoing the zip on his trousers, Kirsty went up to him and as he got his cock out she placed her hand on it, he had a hard penis and it was very smooth to feel, as she wanked him with her right hand Darren moved his face to hers and kissed her, he probed his tongue into her mouth and Kirsty kissed him back.

Vacation In Amsterdam

group MrsCanyon 2018-07-28

By this time, Tracy was holding her tits around the guys cock and the guy in turn was holding Tracy's legs for me and pulling them as far back as possible I didn't know how long this sex show was to last so after about ten minutes or so, I pulled out of her cunt and blasted a huge load all over her hole. Again, as he fucked her cunt, the guy in the booth stood up against the window and jerked off until he sprayed the glass with his load as if he was cumming on her face. As I sat back for a couple of minutes and Tracy just lay there motionless, the Stud gave me the high five and said for me to listen to the other guys.

Made To Submit 2...

group d4david 2018-07-28

Startled I gasped and Bruce cock head entered my oral cavity, I closed my lips around his thick shaft to keep him from going further into my mouth. Than I realized that I was holding Bruce cock, I let go and heard Bruce say 'no don't let go hold my dick and suck it, I promise I want fuck you in the ass.' Daniel chimed in 'hey that's a good move. Bruce clamped my head tightly and shot a huge load of man spunk in my mouth, I started to gag and Bruce said 'you got to swallow or it's no deal'. Finally Daniel stopped and pulled his cock from my lips, looking at Bruce and Charlie, Daniel said 'we gonna fuck this bitch good'.