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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Indian Prince Ch. 07

group sr71plt 2018-07-28

When we climbed out of the Cessna and I saw that the Boeing, distinguished by the Balrampur flag on its tail, was revving up its engines nearby without any help from me, I let Sungar and his niece start off without me and when they turned, I waved, told them to have a nice trip, and let them know they need not worry about me. I'd even tried to tell General Sungar as we were flying into New Delhi that I thought my boss at the U.S. consulate, Roger Allard, might have had an incorrect impression of him—especially in relationship to the Kshatriyas, Mir Yusaf Adil, and if only he'd let me contact Allard .

Bastille Day Ch. 09

group leBonhomme 2018-07-28

When he had finished, he took another drink, passing the bottle again to Marge, and then looked up at the branches above us and said: Anna said a couple of words in German to Marge, who nodded with a chuckle and said: Suddenly Marge snorted with a grin and said something in German, obviously to Anna, who then snickered, grinning back. Marge and Anna smiled at his compliment, giving me a moment to think, then replying: It wasn't arousing to watch them, but entertaining, and they wanted it to be, not just for me to watch, taking turns grinning at me as they more than just washed each other's breasts, chuckling and exchanging pleased ooohs.


Naomi's First Threesome

group happilymarriedguy 2018-07-28

Bob looked on with a big grin and took a last toke on his joint as I unclipped the straps of Naomi's yellow cotton dungarees and lifted her t-shirt and bra so I could play with her generous tits as they hung down. One thing I always liked about dope was the way it made me able to hold off cumming so I was able to fuck her long and hard despite how huge a turn on it was to see her lying beneath me, one hand frigging at her clit as my cock banged in and out of her sopping cunt and the other hand holding onto Bob's balls as he learned that Naomi's greatest sexual talent was her ability to deep throat

Three and Me

group Ed0613 2018-07-28

I was standing there, day dreaming, with my eyes closed and my head back, letting the shower beat on my chest and wash away the cobwebs, when suddenly a pair of arms encircled me from behind. Lets see how good you are at this." With that, she quickly got the towel, wiped her pussy, jumped back onto the bed and sat down on my face in the 69 position. "Yes, Anna." It was unsettling to be holding a conversation with someone while they were fully clothed, sitting on my bed, and I was nude standing in front of her with only a small towel to hide my manhood.


Too Good to be True...Surely?

group ifitsfundoit 2018-07-28

Not only did they host the party, they also invited couples to their home to meet them, give them a guided tour, and to explain a little about the night. The next party was only a couple of weeks away, and I had the feeling that we'd all be there, possibly getting to know each other that bit more intimately. Al on the other hand likes to take a good long while sorting her hair out, shaving her legs and pussy, putting her make up on, and then trying to pick one out of a couple of hundred outfits. As time went by, the number of people in the room slowly dwindled as more and more couples and individuals went off to try the spa and whatever other entertainments they fancied.


Hands Off

group eroslit 2018-07-28

“Just look interested when the conversation turns to school stuff,” Beth said. Soon, Beth saw her boss hold open the door for Susan and Laurel. While on the way to their table, Beth gave her husband the kind of piercing look he had learned to read as “be good or I’ll kill you.” Bill knew from experience that death was unlikely, but his wife could go into a sexual deepfreeze that took considerable effort to thaw. By the time dessert arrived, the young man was glimpsing flashes of black panties as Laurel crossed and uncrossed her legs. “Ah.” Laurel wiped sweat from her neck, then innocently swiped across the tops of her breasts, inside her bra. Laurel took his hands and placed them on the tops of her breasts.

Another Swinger's Party

group Ronnie 1946 2018-07-28

She's an average size 12 (don't know how that equates in the US but here in OZ it means she's about 38 -- 24 -- 36), C cup boobs which still don't sag even after three kids, long shapely legs, cute bum which loves to be fucked and the tightest pussy ever. Anyway, here I am not feeling anything like sex at all five minutes ago, now watching some young stud give it to my wife up the arse, and I'm being sucked off by my own wife at a swinger's party! When he finally blew his load in my pussy, he was still hard in me, so asked him to fuck my arse, you know I love it anally, and he was only too happy to oblige.

My Birthday Present

group Taegul 2018-07-28

"I think Rob is going to enjoy playing with these," she said towards me as she started gently pinching and tugging Nikki's nipples, causing them to harden under her touch. Their lips parted again, this time Steph started kissing Nikki's neck as she rubbed her firm ass. Steph started kissing her way a little lower, down Nikki's neck to the top of her chest. As Nikki watches, Steph's one hand grabs me around the base and balls while the index finger on her other hand rubs the tip and spreads my precum over the entire head. "I just love it when Rob gets this worked up, I like to tease the precum then gently suck it off his swollen head," she explained to Nikki.


Summertime Lust Ch. 07

group Balke7612 2018-07-28

"You're not getting it, Blake is though, oh God he's going to be all over me, and then-" she dropped her voice until it was almost inaudible, sliding her hand up Hannah's flank and on to her breast, smiling as Hannah closed her eyes and gasped at the contact, "and then, Henry's going to be all over you, that big fat shaft of meat fucking your innocent virgin arse." Melissa thumbed Hannah's nipple briefly, noticing her thighs squeeze together. "I'll bet Allison won't let you fuck her arse," Melissa called to Blake, her hand moving away as she saw the look in Hannah's eyes. Inside his tent David listened to the voices, remembering what Amy looked like, his mind told him to get up, go be sociable, but his body refused, he wasn't in the mood for that right now, he wanted to sort things out with Melissa.


Spring's Eve

group Otus de la Nuit 2018-07-28

"Well Angie was going to go with, but she started feeling sick at the last second, so it looks like it'll just be me and the guys." I looked up as soon as she began; just in time to see the hem of the dress flip up and the thong slide into place, covering very little. "Jess, she's even cuter than you said." I blushed slightly, two piercing blue eyes smiling down into mine. Nate's eyes left their spot on his "good friend's" smile and shifted over to study my face. Still, his gaze was steady and comforting, and as Jess looked back and forth between us, a little grin came to her lips.


Day Dream Believer - Two Guys a Girl and a Wet Dre

group therealbk 2018-07-28

I hate to get my new shirt and shorts wet all so." said Twist. Think were going to get into trouble over this?" said Twist. She was stroking Twist cock with her left hand now. Tessa was sucking my cock, then Twist. I looked down to see Twist had moved his fingers in the front of her jeans. He looked up as I started to fuck Tessa breast over his face. I moved her blonde hair in my hands as I watched Twist fuck her really hard. I put my cock in her tight pussy as I started to suck her right breast. Then Twist shook his cock on Tessa red lips. Bring those big cocks and follow me to my bedroom." said Tessa.......

A Dream Come True

group saunderon 2018-07-28

We stood her in front of the toilet basin I asked him to hold her up I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down I helped him lower her down onto the basin at this stage I think he was expecting to have to leave the room, but I asked him to hold her while I went and pulled the covers back on the bed on my return she was conscious he said she had finished which was a relief so I removed her shoes and her panties which were moist I presume from wetting herself at some time.

Saturday at Home

group triphammer73 2018-07-28

I slowed a little and sat up on my knees but kept one hand on her rib cage and one holding her leg up as she sat up on her elbows and looked over at him “I think he is ready for the f****y secret Tommy” she said licking her thin pink lips as my father stuck his cock in her mouth. As he pulled out and I laid down on my stomach Kim took him in her mouth and licked all the come from his dick, then knelt down and cleaned all the come from around my anus and balls then sucked more from my ass.

Wheel Of Passion

group Even_Flow 2018-07-28

Sara spun the wheel and landed on "remove article of clothing, she looked at me and smiled "you loose" and with that started pulling off my boxers that were hiding my hard cock. At this point she stands up and we kiss deeply for a few minutes rubbing at each other then Ashley looks at Sara and says, "you have way too much on." With that I stand up and walk over to Sara on the other end of the couch and slide my hands under her shirt and pull it off. After a few minutes I ask to lie on the couch and once I do that Sara gets between my legs and continues sucking my dick, while Ashley sits on my face and I eat her warm pussy out.

Mixing Work With Pleasure

group Supasized 2018-07-28

Back in mine Amanda and Tom were on the sofa me in the armchair facing we had polished of a couple of bottes of wine and were drinking a case of Koppaberg cider now, Tom heads the bathroom and we are left with an awkward silence I blurt out "you got a boyfriend" "No" "Do you like Tom" "He's alright but...I like you" as Tom walks back in I stand up and sit to Amanda's left Tom sits to her right I put my hand on her knee and run it up to the em of her dress pushing it up her thigh she leans in and we kiss my hand finds her small breast she is breathing hard her hand is on my crotch my cock stiffening up, I take her dress over her head she has a purple vest type top on no bra and a white pair of knickers, within seconds she is naked and my jeans are off too "come on Tom" she says his head goes straight for her tit whilst we kiss my hand runs through her pubes and then it finds her wet and slippery quim it is dripping wet 1,2,3 then 4 finger slide inside her she puts her hands behind her head and holds on to the back of the couch groaning and moaning as finger away my thumb rubbing her clit and urethra.

Scarlet Queen Ch. 12-Epilogue

group angellily 2018-07-28

Linzi decided to burn all her bridges, making sure that Jinx had distanced and protected himself from 'The Keeper'. A week later the accident with Rain occurred, and Linzi knew it was 'The Keeper', though she didn't know why, she just assumed that he was trying to get her attention. Linzi knew that Ellie would find the connection to 'The Keeper' and hopefully put an end to the nightmare once and for all. So we might need 'public deaths', no one is actually going to die, we'll fake it, but we need to make it look real enough so that there's no way a jury wouldn't convict him," Rain said. Ellie paced behind Silver and Jinx, waiting on the results to find out who this mysterious 'Keeper' was.


B's First Time With A Woman

group Stewbabe 2018-07-28

Looking at Sue on the bed B laid down between her legs and started to finger her pussy through her panties. My hand found the other ladies smooth pussy and I started to rub her clit as she watched B & Sue. Looking down I have this great view of my SO's head going up and down on Sue's clit while I continue to suck on her nipple. After a few minutes and not wanting to end the great feeling right away I lift her head form my lap, lay her back down on the bed and slide my very hard, wet cock into her hot juicy cunt.

The Birthday girl

group Zaracuckoldress 2018-07-28

Carmen spreads her legs and started to rub her pussy in a circular motion thinking hard about how she would use her black female slave, Carmen then arched her back and moaned so pleasurably as she reached climax. "Today you're going to be my little birthday bitch girl and you, i have plans for you too" "yes daddy" Carmen said in her cutest ways and the black dude collared Carmen and shoved her down to her knees before leashing her. Carmen squeals moan in pleasure knowing she loves it "oh its sooo big daddy" carmen black slave looked on watching her boyfriend fuck her Mistress. "Michelle go and pleasure Ali, suck his cock!" "Yes Mistress Carmen" the black dude pulled Carmen's hair back to raise her head and then he quickly thrusts his cock in so deep and fast.

Go Green with Jenson Elf

group AmandaGreene 2018-07-28

After enjoying a couple months of normal life on our planet which involves naked Christmas caroling, naked Christmas shopping, naked egg nog wrestling and sitting on Santa's fat jolly cock I receive my assignment to return back to earth. I wanted his wife to lick me to orgasm too but first I needed egg nog on my pussy too. As I came the husband pulled out his cock of his wife's beautiful pink pussy and came all over the glass coffee table while I laid underneath it. Finally the husband placed me on top of the glass top coffee table still sticky from his cum and rammed his rod into my tight pussy. Her husband fucked me hard and waited to cum until both his wife and I were ready to orgasm.

Jill Ch. 01

group caprine 2018-07-28

After a quick and simple lo-cal lunch in the apartment, I packed a camping bag, my fishing gear, basic food needs, several books I was currently trying to finish, and headed out of the city. Fishing naked from the banks of the sluggish little stream in the back wood lot with a good book while waiting for a bite on the hook, seemed a perfect setting. Slowly then, I worked my middle finger into my pussy slit, going deeper and deeper until I reached my cunt hole and pushed into that love tunnel. Now it was time to lay back and relax (relax?) I began rubbing the dildo slowly up and down my pussy slit.


The Picnic Table

group evexxx 2018-07-28

I let out a scream, and tried to reach for my shirt, in a vain effort to cover my body, swearing at the moon for making it as light as daytime, but Jim grabbed my wrist and softly whispered in my ear: Jim kept on licking outside and inside my pussy lips with broad, flat strokes of his tongue, and started using it as a mini cock, sticking it in and out of me. The white young man, exploded all over my tits as soon as I let out the first scream, but Jim's son pushed him aside and forced his cock down my throat, pulling on my hair to bring my head down.

The Neighbor's Daughters Pt. 02

group Urtoy2be 2018-07-28

As Taryn began stroking my sensitive member Karyn leaned in and ran her hot wet tongue around the head. Taryn pushed Karyn back and took my cock all the way into her very hot mouth and into her throat. My cock was so hard it was painful so I stood up while never taking my fingers out of Karyn's pussy I shoved my cock balls deep into Taryn's wet cunt. Feeling Taryn's hot wet pussy sucking on my cock each time I pulled outward was almost more than I could stand. Add to that the suctioning Karyn's pussy had on my cock and the incredibly amazing feeling of Taryn licking my shaft as it went in and out was to much.


Ride Free

group Skyler Marie 2018-07-28

She felt herself grow moist at the thought of his hands caressing her small, firm breasts. She gazed up and smiled then reached out at the man , taking his solid member into her mouth as she continued to get pounded from behind. " Becky, I have watched you grow into a beautiful young woman, a very desirable woman at that, and I never thought that I would witness what I did here tonight, but.... She felt as if her body exploded with desire for the man in front of her, and she deepened the kiss. Slowly he eased his kisses down her body, before coming to stop short of her heated treasure.

An Unexpected Delight

group gmwnkcmo 2018-07-28

Bev nodded at me, and said, "Jo, I will leave if you want, but it occurs to me we could all have a good time together if you wanted. Bev looked at me and said, "We could not leave that restaurant that Friday night quickly enough. Even though I knew that Bev had plenty of experience in 3s and 4s and Mores, I knew she would go along with Jo's rules, which she did: "Ok, fine with me." A moment, then, "Ok, what DO you want to do?" When I started to answer, she held up a hand, "Not you, dumbass, we both KNOW what you wanna do, and most likely you'll get laid. Bev said, "When he answered the phone while he was fucking me, we were doing it doggy style."