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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife Gets Gangbanged Ch. 02

group Clansmansco 2018-07-28

Sue turned to the guy on her left and their lips met, the other guy, on her right, moved his hand all the way up her leg to her pussy and pressed his fingers into her over her panties. She let out a sigh as their lips parted and the other guy moved his mouth over her left breast. I could see that Sue's hold ups had been laddered as they had been pulled down to her ankles as the other two guys on the floor got off on kissing and groping her legs. Moving in a circle around the table, she had one cock to suck, her hands on two others while the rest mauled at her tits legs and pussy.


Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 06

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2018-07-28

There on the carpeted floor of the luxury car, amid the heaps of spent clothing and shoes from the two limo drivers; Annette and Anika frolicked with Ted and Fabio. Annette and Fabio actually stopped their shagging long enough to watch the spectacle of Ted holding Anika's hips steady as the blonde Scandinavian bombshell with her piercing blue eyes attempted to impale herself upon what amounted to a highway cone of flesh attached to a pair of meatballs. A few minutes more of this and the men once again swapped-out women; with Ted now taking up a position behind Anika, and Fabio plunging his dong deep into Annette; the difference now being that it was the women's pretty pink ass-puckers that were being split and sheared by the two veiny cocks!


Frat House Fun

group amethyst69 2018-07-28

The guy who was fucking me pulled out and rubbed his hard cock between Christy's pussy and my mouth. I had fucked two guys whose names I didn't even know, and had eaten pussy for the first time in my life. You ate my pussy, and gave this guy a blow job, all in front of a room full of strangers who were more than appreciative. Well, Christy got on her back and took a guy in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. I took one guy in each hand and told another, "Hey, fuck my face!" I moaned like crazy and bucked like a bronco, which got them all going.

From Nerd To Stud In One Month Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-07-28

Henry placed his hand around the base of his shaft and then eased his cock into Melissa's very shapely ass and fucked her slowly. Carol entered the family room and smiled when she saw both of them naked and Anna on her knees sucking Henry's massive cock. Carol felt her body positioned so that Henry could continue to fuck her in the ass while she ate Anna's pussy. When Anna sensed that Carol was close to another orgasm, she fastened her mouth on Carol's pussy and sucked the clit like she would a cock. Then Melissa took the cock from her mouth and Henry watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick.


The Double Date Ch. 01

group FredAstaire23 2018-07-28

My wife Anne and I had talked about something like this several times, gotten lap dances together, flirted with single women and even couples at clubs, but this was the first time a plan was actually in place. "Well, here, here, sit back down." Jake took the seat at the stage next to me and Britt went around to sit on the other side of Anne. Our wives had attracted a couple older men that they flirtingly danced with before Britt would pull Anne's attention back to her alone. Over Anne's shoulder, Britt grabbed my head and pulled me forward to plant a passionate kiss on me while Jake sucked at her neck.

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Ch. 02

group Archer2050 2018-07-28

Our minds working as one, Sara and I dashed to the bathroom, passing right by the closed door to the bedroom where Cheryl was stirring. But when I turned to her and saw her standing there, naked, hot and bothered by the door, her hip thrust to the side as she leaned against the sink, her long blonde hair a frenzied mess, her big, full breasts sitting high and heaving with each breath, there was nothing I wanted more than to experience more of her. I grabbed the hand towel from by the sink, wiped the beads of sweat from Sara's forehead, then really started fucking her mouth.

My Addiction to Foursomes

group kb4addct 2018-07-27

My roommates' names are Chris, Andy, and Red. We all met at the gym in our school and bonded over our obsession with fitness and sports (that's right I like sports!). My luck got much, much better in the coming hands, I got Chris and Red naked, and Andy only had his boxers on. So I positioned myself on top of Red and Chris came up behind me on his knees, Andy was on his knees near my face. It seemed like as Chris pushed himself inside me he was in sync with Red and Andy. Meanwhile I could feel Red pushing at the bottom of my stomach and Chris somewhere deep inside there too.


At The Carlos Hotel

group bigtunaman 2018-07-27

"Don't you ever spread your legs like that unless it's for me." "Now get down and do me." Gin Gin quickly knelt in front of Trixy-Lee and slowly ran her hands under the older woman's skirt. Trixy-Lee finally came down from her ecstasy and turned her attention back to Ving who stroked his hard cock as he sniffed her panties. Suck me, please?." Gin Gin reached down and took her panties all the way down and began to entertain both Trixy-Lee and Ving with an outrageous masturbation show. Trixy-Lee was on her knees lapping between Gin Gin's cheeks and she reached behind her and spread herself open for Ving's pleasure.

Two Heads are Better than One Ch. 02

group kandie 2018-07-27

I know you can't wait to see him fuck me." She blushed and giggled as Kandy pointed at John's dick, "It looks like your cock agrees." Her mind was screaming, "Oh God, she couldn't wait to kiss Cedric and show him what a real woman feels like." John and she were talking when Cedric walked into the restaurant and looked around for Kandy. As Cedric devoured her cunt, John moved up on the bed and knelt beside Kandy's head. Cedric continued letting his tongue work his magic on Kandy's clit as two fingers were inside her hot hole. As Cedric watched, Kandy concentrated of sucking John off. Cedric licked his lips and pulled at his cock as he watched Kandy play with her hot nipples and cunt.

An Erotic Fantasy Made Real

group marie5555 2018-07-27

 "As I told you, Jan, I will be right there with you all the time," Beverley reassured her, "and nothing bad will happen, unless you count having more cocks in one afternoon than you ever dreamed of as being bad."  "Relax, sexy Jan, " Janice told her, "you will enjoy it," and then kissed her long and deep, one hand on her bottom pulling her closer so their bodies pressed against each other. Two more decided to try Jan naked and spread-eagled, both lasting long enough to force her to come two or three times each for them before they came deep inside her twitching cunt, then two others pulled her around until she had one cock in her pussy and another in her bum-hole.

Birthday Surprise

group incrediblysensual 2018-07-27

He slowly kneads her breasts with his hands, sucking on her nipples, lightly biting them, pulling on them, squeezing them...even slapping them a little while he's playing with her breasts, her boyfriend starts caressing the insides of her thighs, and her ass...staying away from her pussy though just teasing and tormenting...sweet, sweet torture! She's getting close to coming again...just before Gus fills her ass with his juice, her boyfriend reaches down and starts rubbing her clit so that she comes at the same time afterward...out comes the ice again...two in her ass...a couple in her cunt...and a whole ice pack placed directly on her entire crotch!

Au Pair Action Ch. 1

group Di34 2018-07-27

She smoked, which bothered me at first, but I soon got used to it (and even learned to enjoy it myself by the end of the summer!) John, the husband, was about 45, and a little bit over-weight (in addition to having the gold chain and tan look!), but was extremely friendly towards me at all times, and was also extremely generous. She was slowly smoking her cigarette, and after a long exhale she looked me directly in the eye, told me that John thought I was gorgeous, too, and wondered if I would be willing to put on a fashion show for him when we got home.

Nikki & Jonathan's surprise Big Black Coc

group 2018-07-27

With that, Tyrone grabbed Nikki's hips, and started pounding her little white pussy relentlessly with that huge black cock. I hesitated, and the black guy to my right grabbed my robe and shove-pulled me off the chair and onto the floor at Tyrone's feet, where I looked up to see his massive balls, coated in Nikki's spit and pussy juices. Right as I thought that, Tyrone buried his cock to the hilt in my wife's once very tight white pussy, and sent a shocking amount of cum pumping out of his massive black pole. Nikki grinded her pussy on my mouth as she sucked those cocks, and I continued my thorough search for more drops of Tyrone's Big Black Cock Cum to eat out of her pussy.

Sue's Quest

group Tombone 2018-07-27

One of the girls was reaching her climax and the room began to fill with her moans of ecstasy as the couples thrashed on the bed in front of Sven and Sue. He stopped and paid particular attention to Sues' magnificent tanned breasts, gently kissing and sucking them, fondling them is his huge hands, making the nipples erect with his touch. Sven continued to softly caress her outer lips with the tip of his tongue, gradually penetrating deeper and deeper into the recesses of skin until Sue could feel him way up inside of her. Her heaving breasts were now in Sven's' face, and he began to kiss and suck, lightly biting the nipples, making Sue moan in return.


Rita's Lascivious Trap.

group Ovid71 2018-07-27

Rita removes herself from your face so you can see Mrs. Jessica sucking you off like crazy with her big juicy Latino lips, and Brittany standing next to her, with one of her hands grabbing Mrs. Jessica's hair, pushing her head down as far as it can on your rock hard cock. Brittany takes her other hand and grabs your balls and gives a gentle squeeze, she looks up at you with her big blue eyes and smiles, she begins to caress and massage your balls and you feel them start to refill with cum. Mrs. Jessica is staring right in to your eyes, she starts to really shake her tits, moving up around your cock and you now feel the cum pulsing up your hard shaft.


Action Movie

group DavidFun 2018-07-27

I slid my thumb inside Cherie's panties to keep exposing her cunt to my wife's ministrations then I stroked Kelly's slick fingers with my fore and middle fingers, smearing them in Cherie's sticky juices. I felt Kelly move and a tongue lapped at my cum covered fingers and Cherie's nipple, then my hand was pulled away and two mouths started sucking my fingers clean. It seemed to work as she rubbed her cunt harder against my face and slid back to give me better access to her clit while the mouth that stayed on my cock felt like Kelly's more often than not. Kelly pulled her breast from my mouth and slid down to kiss me at the same time as Cherie lifted her red, panting face to mine.


Life With s*s: Pt 20

group 2018-07-27

I got up close to one of them and reached my hand down to his cock, I could feel it hard through his pants, at first he looked like he was going to get mad, then he saw me and smiled, I returned the smile. At first he jumped when he felt my hand on his crotch, then when he saw it was me he smiled at me and shook his head know, I shook mine yes and unzipped his pants, he looked a bit startled, but didn't stop me from pulling his hard cock out and start to jerk him off, I just love a hard cock.

The Office Slut

group Jackie2 2018-07-27

As Josh's kisses were getting more passionate the hand got higher until it was stroking my very wet slit. It felt so damn good having a thumb up my ass and a finger stroking my clit. Kathryn said she wanted to play too so it was decided that if she was closest she would get the head now matter what. He fucked me fast and furious like he wanted to cum before the time was up but Greg called time everyone groaned. I know she was loving it too and then that damn Greg said "time" much to chagrin of everyone. Greg spun the wheel as a formality and when it came to a halt with my ass closest to Jack everyone cheered.

Why I Liked School Ch. 3

group freedom666 2018-07-27

I was scarred someone might hear her, but either Anna had the same thought, or Anna was still horny, but she went and sat on Ali's face, so Ali began eating her out. I came inside Ali, giving both of us an incredible orgasm, but I saw that Anna wasn't pleasured yet, and as my dick was still willing, I decided to put it to use. I went over to Anna, who was facing the other way, and I pushed her forward. Alison raised her upper torso, to continue eating Anna out, and I positioned my dick in front of Anna's ass. Anna walked over to Ali and they began showering themselves clean, Anna began licking my cum off of Ali's body, which just got me horny again.


group studly_hungwell 2018-07-27

it's hard with my oily hands and lick along the inner cheeks, just close enough to make you try to move to the side so my tongue can hit that exact spot... Ohh, that tongue is circling and lick that ass, that thumb is like a phat cock drilling you so gently... Ohhhh, you are cumming on that monster in you again, feel like he is breaking his dick off in your as he fucks you deep, slaps that ass and almost stands up with your body suspended in the air so he can get leverage and long dick you. cum for me baby as he unleashes another heart stopping load that boils inside you and drips out with it new spurt from that glorious cock and thrust of those pounding hips.

Stacey Goes to the Ball Ch. 01

group sms41280 2018-07-27

The other four sitting upon a sofa and another chair...two of them early to mid 30's, around Viktor's age -- one man, Yosef, already beginning to go bald, while the other, Justin having a few grey hairs at the temple -- the rest seeming just a bit more mature than the others you just met, but still young -- Johnathon with a small goatee and moustache...but his palms are just a bit too moist for him to be truly comfortable with this as he loosens his grip...and Rikov, his long ponytail cascading over his shoulders, his hair slicked back...he seems the most comfortable with this outside of Viktor, taking my hand eagerly and shaking firmly as he never breaks eye contact.

Spring semester college life 19

group ab8715 2018-07-27

"Noah, you better have a bunch of air mattresses like you said but it looks "I guess I'll wake Corey up and run grab some donuts," I said and finished Everywhere I look there is sand," Corey said. "Noah, how far is it to the beach?" Corey asked. "It's Corey's first time to a beach," Noah said. Kris, Bryson, Alex, Colt and Jess and Corey Corey, Scott, Garrett, Noah and I were left to "Noah, is it like this during the summer?" Corey asked. "I do, thanks to Matt here," Corey said. "This is right up Kris's alley," Corey stated walking. "Man, you got some sun, Garrett," Corey said. "Just how I like you," Corey said, taking off his board shorts.

My Wife Karen Part 3

group alex_wd 2018-07-27

That night as I had my head trapped between her thighs feasting on her sweet tasty pussy, I lifted my head up and asked, "How'd you like to have Rick's big dick stuck down your throat right now?" Her hips rose off the bed, pushing her crotch into my face. "Yeah, I'd like his big cock sliding in and out of my mouth while you eat my pussy." Her other hand was squeezing her breasts and pinching her erect nipples. "I want you to fuck my mouth and feed me all your cum" her lips trapped his moving penis and she thrust her face right up against his crotch, moaning in ecstasy as he grabbed her head and again began fucking that huge cock in and out of her sucking throat.

Ecstasy In Vegas

group dmwriter 2018-07-27

Just before I got to the registration table, I felt a hand softly touch my right shoulder and a somewhat recognizable voice announce, "Hey, good lookin', it's me again...Sally, remember...the limo ride?" I turned around and immediately recognized that angelic face that had been so indelibly burnt into my brain. I noticed it was almost 10 o'clock, as did Sally when she asked, "Are you about ready for round 2?" She must have had a good idea that Tammie would indeed show up, and sure enough, we soon heard a tap on her room door.