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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Working Girls

group jack_straw 2018-07-27

Tom squeezed his rock-hard cock under his pants, fighting the urge to whip it out right then and there as he watched Jessie and Linda perform. After a few minutes of this, Tom was getting close to shooting, but right then, as if sensing his approaching orgasm, the two girls backed off and licked their way up and down his cock with their tongues. Linda crawled between Tom’s legs and took over sucking his cock, while Jessie climbed up on the sofa, straddled Tom’s head and lowered her bald, dripping cunt to his face. As he pressed his face to Linda’s cunt, Jessie moved around to where she could resume sucking Tom’s cock, then Linda pulled Jessie’s pussy to her mouth and the trip writhed and moaned in a true triangle of lust.


New Job Pt. 03

group jasliz 2018-07-27

She had me follow her into a large living room and talked as we walked, "I'm Bonnie, Stacy's mother and this is everyone," she said, motioning to all the women sitting around the room. She never got as much as her mother did, but she seemed to catch on quick and began working my cock in her hot little mouth while her friends watched. After another couple of good thrusts, Bonnie grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Kim. She took it deep in her mouth and sucked all Kim's juice off of me. You've got to see this, come over her dear," Bonnie said, as she watched my cock spread Kim's twat wide open.


9 Stone Cum Queen in the Club

group 9StoneCumQueen 2018-07-27

Imagine a world where girls walk up to you and whisper softly in your ear; "My name is 9 Stone Cum Queen, I can fit three fingers up my cunt. If you slide your cock between my puppies I can squeeze them together and make them feel like a cunt. As ugly as this man is I think about his long cock sliding up my wet cunt. When he is completely finished I pull this disgusting man's cock out of my mouth. I have taken his medium length fat cock out and am wanking it with my hand whilst the other hand strokes my nylon-clad legs. Look at my tits pulled tight together by my bra." Long legs open, black tights and yellow heels.

Vegas Swingers Pt. 01

group SubBiLover 2018-07-27

Robert had moved closer and was sitting on the bed next to Kim, he was watching me eating her pussy and ass, and still commenting now says "eat my wife's wet pussy" "lick her ass" "finger fuck her". Seeing me cum in his wife's mouth pushed Robert to the edge and he announce he was about to cum, Kim pulled her mouth of my cock and took her husbands in her mouth just as he started to cum, mixing his load with mine in her mouth. Back at the hotel, I stripped off my clothes and crawled into bed, falling asleep while gently stroking my cock, while watching soft core porn on TV and thinking of Kim and Robert and what will happen the next night.

A Couple Walks into a Swingers Club

group StackedAction 2018-07-27

The wife reaches over and takes business man's cock in her left hand and sucks and strokes "C" cock. The husband watches as business man presses the round head of his cock to his wife's pussy lips and begins to ease it in. The sweat has beaded up on the business man's brow and he begins to fuck the wife hard and fast, his ass a blur as he pumped his cock into her pussy at breakneck speed. The husband collapses on the bed behind them and the wife takes a few moments to climb off "C", being careful to hold on to his condom as she gets off his cock with wobbly legs.

My First Gangbang

group JanetM1550 2018-07-27

In the body I type " Female, 32, 5'6", 138# would like 4-5 guys for a one time gangbang. Once inside my room, the one named Tom asked me if I wanted them all at once or one at a time. I did this a few times and finally released his cock, looked up at him and said "fuck me". One of the guys got between my legs and slammed his cock in my cum drenched pussy. He got up on the bed and slid his cock in my mouth and started pumping my face. Then Doug got on the bed behind me and started rubbing his cock along my ass. I could feel cum running out of my ass, pussy and mouth.

State Rally Ch. 02

group Ollegio 2018-07-27

You've seen me naked, we talk about sex all the time, and I practically gave you a handjob at dinner." As she spoke she leaned forward and pulled her t-shirt up over her head, treating me to a full view of her completely naked body. "Move that desk chair over by the foot of my bed and have a seat." Spreading her legs, Donna bent her knees up, giving me a clear view of her sweet pussy. Never one to shy away from anything Donna was quick to look at Karen and say "Sounds like you had quite a time last night!" I could tell from the looks exchanged between the two of them that Nate expected his wife to show up any minute and Donna was yet again pissed at the missed opportunity.


Returning the Favor

group StevoHawk 2018-07-27

Pretty soon little Carmen had taken big Grace and shoved her down on the floor and buried her face into the sopping blonde pussy. Seeing the hot redhead who was sucking her clit getting fucked from behind was all she needed; throwing her head back, Grace came with an angry scream. Every few minutes, each of us would stop slurping on Carmen to exchange a long, hard kiss, pausing only long enough to steal a look at my wife, who was slouched way down in her chair and madly finger-fucking herself. She had lips on her clit, fingers in her cunt, fingers in her ass, a tongue on her hard nipples and two handfuls of hair when she grabbed the backs of their heads as they were working away on her.

A Wonderful Birthday Gift

group Anotherusername180 2018-07-27

Spencer ran his hands through Liam's short hair as he began bucking his hips pushing his penis deeper and deeper into Liam's mouth as his cute bright blue eyes looked up from Spencer's penis and into Spencer's eyes. The room was filled with the sound of their skin smacking together as their balls swung faster from the force of Spencer pushing his penis in and out of his tight butt hole as Liam began making noises from the feeling of a long thick penis pushing inside of him. Both Ada and Liam worked their way onto the bed, getting their faces a hair away from Spencer's penis as they both began to lick it running their tongues up and down it again.

It's My Life: Eight

group RebeccaBrowning 2018-07-27

I stuck out my hand and Tony took it and raised it to his lips, kissing it lightly, while I kept my arm down as best I could, since I was still doing the unshaven armpit look at Mike's insistence, and this dress left precious little to the imagination. Mike with his eyes devouring my every emotion, me eating with a dazed look on my face and my thighs quivering, and Tony and Carmela both digging into their salads with one hand while feeling me up with the other. "Tell him Rebecca," Tony said, never taking his eyes off Mike, who was now looking down into his empty wine glass.


Still More Tara

group vixendaughter 2018-07-27

He certainly could, although Georg looked flustered but soon recovered when we got up and joined them in the sitting room where there was a tray of scrumptious looking sandwiches and refills for all the drinks, including a fresh ice bucket. We discussed our options and decided we would both work on Georg as Ari had had a good innings these past two evenings. When I looked up, Tara was letting her drink dribble into Ari's mouth and he was enjoying that. I leaned over and grabbed Georg's arms and Ari took a firm hold on my breasts. Ari gave one tremendous push and I collapsed over Georg, forcing his cock in up to his balls.

Geoff's Fantasy Fulfilled

group julian61model 2018-07-27

Geoff could feel the sexual tension in each girl on either of his arms, they told him that they had been talking about what they wanted to do while he was seeing to Dave. Zoe undressed first showing off her lovely firm tits and stepping out of her pants she was indeed wearing no underwear, God 'I want to see your cock Geoff' she said. Susan had obviously licked pussy before and she was doing a great job on Zoe so Geoff asked her to turn around but keep licking , she murmured 'oh god yes fuck me doggy style please'. Finally, Geoff was sucked off by both girls, Sue gave the best blow job but she liked him to cum on her face not in the mouth.


group ElizabethHemingway 2018-07-27

Carlos stole her breath when he got out of the car, passing through the gated fence and stopping in the courtyard, his hands in his pockets and his eyes smiling behind his glasses. "Millie," Carlos said, "this is Analia Torres." Carlos knelt on the bed beside them, stroking his hardened shaft as Analia removed the toy, helping Millie to her knees. Carlos rode her desperately, Millie sliding her fingers between Analia's open legs. Analia did the same for Millie, fingering her to the rhythm of Carlos' thrusts. Millie's head bobbed up and down as she sucked, Analia's fingers playing with her clit as she thrust her tongue inside of her. Carlos let out a husky groan as he came into Millie's mouth, Analia helping Millie to reach her fifth and final orgasm.


group Sorite 2018-07-27

I finished just in time too because Dave called the scene where the guys were to plan ganging the blonde and they all needed to be on set. After a few takes of the guys fucking the blonde in a similar position to the one that I was in, except she had a dildo in her ass, Dave decided that she should suck on Rick as she pulled the dildo out. (The bowl of jizz was my idea; Dave edits it to look like there were dozens of guys in fucking and cumming on her.) Then Josh and Mark finish the shoot with two spurts on Blondie's glistening face.

The Butterfly Pt. 01

group jaybabylit 2018-07-27

She gently took his balls in her left hand and rubbed the head of his cock against her lips with her right, feeling the soft texture, and loving his smell. Javier had been fucking Christine's mouth with abandon, but when Alex began jamming his cock into her, she groaned, took that cock out of her mouth and began to fist it, so she could talk dirty to them both. I want your cum right in it." Alex had been told to shoot in her pussy as much and as many times as he could, so he saw no reason to hold back. Javier took over jacking his own cock right in front of Christine's face, and shot onto her lips, neck and breasts before collapsing onto the bed on the other side of her.

Forbidden Fantasy Hotel

group Tastisha 2018-07-27

My pussy was on fire and as I continued to suck him off I reached down and began to finger my swollen clit. I leaned down and took her clit into my mouth and gently began to suck on it. Sarita grabbed my ass and pulled me to her face taking my whole pussy in her mouth. I felt the head of Tristan's dick pressing against my pussy lips while he continued to finger fuck my ass. He suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot cum all over my face and her breasts as he moaned loudly just as the first warning bell rang. Remembering Tristan's strategy I quickly took out my card and began asking for names.


RV Travel Companion Ch. 02

group Alex_Ho 2018-07-27

Shelley had been rubbing her clit herself as I pumped my cock into her and was fast approaching her own orgasm and said, "Oh god Jim fill me up with your cum big boy...fuck me baby, fuck me" When we got to Shelley's house, I helped her unload her stuff, gave her a big hug and kiss and then headed home with the promise to call her once I arrived. I felt like a little kid I was so excited about the trip and I think Shelley felt the same way. Sally said, "Well I might be able to help there," and got up and walked over to me, sat on my lap and gave me a deep open mouth kiss allowing her tongue to explore my mouth.


A Political Education Ch. 06

group ILienBagby 2018-07-27

"Don't know where I'd rather put this," he said, pointing the purple head of his prick at Carla, "in your mouth or in your cunt." He had a very big cock. It looks ready for my prick," said the short guy sitting opposite Carla at the table. "Ok, it's time for you to show what you've got," said Carla, meaning their cards, but thinking about their cocks which were all now big, stiff, and hard as a board. "This bitch is one hot babe." "I can't wait to get my cock into that mouth." "I gotta tell you, this young lady has got my vote." "My prick has never been this hard before." "I think I can come ten times into this cunt's mouth." "I think it might be fun to see how many pricks she can take at one time." One by one, Carla took the cocks into her mouth, sucked until they came and then tasted and swallowed.


A Matter of Coincidence Ch. 01

group seat542 2018-07-27

With the house all to ourselves the past two years, things have turned into week long sex fests upon her return. Cindy was the center of attention in a 'gang bang' and I was the only guy who didn't think she was a pig. Guys jerked themselves; rubbing their cocks on her face, hair, shoulders, or any other open spot when her mouth wasn't tantalizing them. Cindy started working private parties and found it mesmerizingly erotic to be filled with cum. Under the guise of going out to dinner to meet some old friends, Cindy told me to stop and pick up the two young girls hitch-hiking.


Moving On Up

group RakenHoe 2018-07-27

I thought this as our host Dick handed Sue a tall glass filled with several different kinds of booze. Sue reached up taking his balls in her hand while taking that long pointed cock head in her open mouth. Becky said, " Dad loves to have a beautiful woman suck his cock and your Sue is surly that." I heard what Becky was saying but my mind was filling with strange thoughts. I knew Becky was sucking my cock and it felt great but my eyes never left Sue and Dick. I was so aroused by watching my wife sucking Dicks cock I did not even notice when I was done and my cock had slipped from Becky's mouth.

Three Hot Cumsluts

group SoftBrie 2018-07-27

I loved painting Gretch with cum, licking it out of her, getting men to come on her, and receiving the same in return." Gretchen broke the embrace for a moment to kiss Trina on the mouth, using her tongue and lips to share the cunt juice taste and smell. Trina shooed away men who were using me, making room for Gretch to squat over me, remove her hand, and splat a huge blob right on my face. She walked over to me, knelt down, licked my cheek, and said, "I thought I was the only one who liked that much cum." Then she kissed me, deeply stirring the cum still in my mouth with her exploring tongue.


Happy New Me

group Friskee_cpl 2018-07-27

Erin though didn't catch what he said and concentrating solely on not scratching her new shoes, held her hand up to him to halt, to hold on and wait, a move Paul misconstrued as an affirmative, the permission to leave. As a petite brunette in a black mini skirt and red halter neck top, she certainly looked like a girl ready to party, not the representative of a Christian church. Phil followed her eyes and turned his head around, "You did tell her what sort of party this is, didn't you?" he asked Dave. "Brilliant thinking," Kim said and lifted up Erin's still damp skirt, "But what about these clothes?"


Mayan Sun - Todas las Santas – Chapter 3

group 2018-07-27

As I came up to the porch and set the two bags on a bench with my coat my old lover and magical instructress, greeted me and addressed me as "papá." I took her hand and bowed to kiss it, then greeted her again with an affectionate kiss to her lips and a naughty grope of her soft paps. I flashed a broad smile at Clara, resting in an oversized chair with her hand already massaging herself beneath the little plaid skirt, as I disappeared through the carved door of the house behind Eugenia, the Seer. I took the same path I had been shown, sixty-one years earlier by an intoxicatingly beautiful Eugenia Seer with tattooed henna on her delicate little hands, and which I had followed monthly for the last thirty-five each month just before the new moon.

A Romp in the Park Pt. 01

group pescaderoblue 2018-07-27

When we had recently progressed to anal sex, Mike had been the active one for the most part, but occasionally he had insisted on reversed roles and he had liked the feeling of his prostate being pummeled so much that he had taken to wearing a big butt plug while fucking me from time to time. Since I wanted to savor his taste I let his dick slip from my mouth a little until its head lay on my tongue which Mike coated liberally with his seed. When I was satisfied that he had given me all I wanted I let his dick slip from my mouth and looked up to him.