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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time Threesome

group mercuryskies 2018-07-27

Suddenly her hand was there on my pussy, stroking me through my panties, her fingers massaging my swelling clit as she continued to lick and kiss my breasts and proudly swollen nipples. She started to thrust her tongue in and out of my tight little pussy like a cock and before long I felt her slide a couple of fingers into me, replacing her tongue with them. She told me to start wanking Jerome into my mouth and to just flick the tip of his cock with my tongue. Karen then asked if I wanted to feel what having a cock in my pussy would be like and I told her I would love too.


group jus8tine 2018-07-27

You can walk around naked all you want, spying on the neighbors." Jeff's hand sank a little lower, until his fingers finally made contact with the top of her panties. Chris eagerly gripped the thick shaft while Jeff's hands returned to her clit and breast. Jeff rubbed Chris' erect clit with two fingers, feeling the young woman's body shudder from head to toe. Chris pulled her head away from the cock and moved her hand up the shaft so that she was stroking the entire length of it. Jeff moaned loudly as the first shot of cum burst out of his cock and splattered against Chris' chest.


Got A Job Ch. 7

group Linda Jean 2018-07-27

It worked because the man started shooting his sperm into my mouth, I took a deep breath, I gulped and I pushed forward as he began to come, I wanted to feel his cock inside of my throat, I wanted to feel it pulse in there as I worked my mouth down his lovely cock. She wants it as bad as you do, be nice and you’ll love it, be anything but nice and you’ll leave here with a broken jaw.” I heard a guy ask “Can I fuck her in her ass?” Ken said “Hell she loves it there as much as she loves it in her cunt or mouth, when it is your turn, do what you want only be nice to her, got it?” I heard a bunch of guys say, “Got it.” I heard footsteps walk in and the bed move as one person got up for me to suck him off and another got between my legs.


A Midsummer Night's Dream Ch. 03

group VF_0079 2018-07-27

And the pool is perfectly safe and clean otherwise no female swimmer would ever have children," said Laura in a sheepish tone, trying to appease her mother. Just like I always tell you when I go diving," said Laura with a laugh. It was already past high noon and both girls where feeling a bit hungry, so when Laura suggested that they buy an ice cream, Alice readily agreed. Josh would stay behind to cook supper, while Natalie would go to the swimming pool hoping to meet Laura there. Seeing the Thai beads pop out from Laura's bag had certainly been an eye popper for Natalie, but then again she couldn't help but smile at the poor girl's plight.


Buddies, Helen's Surprise

group luvzcock 2018-07-27

"Oh damn!" Tony exclaims as he reluctantly pulls his mouth off his wife's gorgeous tit, "That gave me a fucking hard-on!" Grabbing her hand, he leads her to the sofa. Tony moans as his cock slides easily in and out of her soaking wet pussy; his balls slap against her ass as he starts a quick rhythm. Helen slides on her hubby's cock and still has a small smile on her face from Tony's comment as David grabs the back of her head and guides his dick back in between her lips. Tony stands and walks to the armrest where his wife is moaning and mumbling out as David's meat continues sliding in and out of her ass.


Kimberly's Diary IX

group kimberlyswallow 2018-07-27

Mister right, not to be outdone did the same, his hand sliding up my thigh and slithered its way inside the leg of my panties. Of course my friends were still kissing my mouth and chest, so I was quite busy with all the divine sensations, taking little notice of a different-feeling explorer smearing my slipperiness all over itself. He liked playing with my little titties, still sticky from my cummy drool, as I moved my hips like a rolling wave, He was already well on the way to an eruptive finish before I had mounted him, and suddenly squirted his own orgasm inside me again. Now, I'm not that interested in watching guys pull their puds, so I sat on the coffee table between them, took one in each hand, and started to work on their stiffies.


Hotel Truckstop Fun

group Funloving62 2018-07-27

i made sure my pussy lips spread against it and my clit got vibrated as I rode it and yesI let my coat slide open to reveal myself to the two truckers that I was nude under the coat .They smiled and moved over to watch me enjoy the ride and even one took pictures of me as I moaned for then and cam just knowing i was being watched. I watched a few of my new friends walking back to their trucks then I went to the shower and cleaned up and go in bed boy what a night...

In The Dark

group Archer2050 2018-07-27

Gavin weighed the options of going with his sister, who, especially after that long flight, he could use time away from, and the possibilities Jim was offering. Gavin sat in the dark in the study as he tried to ignore the sounds coming from the guest room, where Jim and Cindy had disappeared five minutes ago. Surely they would seek out Jim. And they would find Gavin, and how would that look: A stranger just sitting in the study, buzzing and horny, listening to the sounds of sex in the dark. Carl and Angie moved out of the kitchen, coming Gavin's way but going out of sight to do so.


Used Girlfriend

group Sugar_Daddy 2018-07-27

"Are you getting horny thinking about that guys hard black cock?" I could hear her breathing get faster and I grabbed her tit and squeezed it. I was so turned on, but I didn't dare touch my cock or else I probably would have just blown my nut in my pants watching my hot girlfriend getting used by these two black men in the back of my car! My girlfriend walked over to me, kissed me with those lips that had so recently been wrapped around a black dick, and said "I want you to eat my pussy while I suck their cocks".

After The Dark

group Sexyframez 2018-07-27

Once Mrs Edison was lying face down on the bed, Trisha took a hair clip, lifted up the long blonde hair hanging down her back and pinned it neatly on top of her head. Mrs Edison was smooth, her flesh was warm to touch and, as Trisha leant forward, her own sex was rubbing against the girl's lower back effortlessly with the help of the oil. Trisha began to deepen the massage, pushing the tension out of the girl's body only to replace it with sexual electricity. The girl began to moan at every touch of Trisha's expert fingers; Mr Edison was doing quite some groaning too and looked as though his head would explode any second.

A Darling Harbour Experience

group CafeExtreme 2018-07-27

I really started to feel comfortable with a couple called Alison and Martin who were 28 and 29 years old respectively. Once again, I was the filling in this couple's sandwich as Alison pushed herself against me and started kissing me, deeply, thrusting her tongue into my receptive mouth. Alison quickly started to respond to my efforts, pushing her vulva up towards my mouth, and squeezing her own breasts, pinching her nipples hard. Alison had moved her hands to my breast and started gently caressing their outer sides, all the while now staring deeply in to my eyes.


Apples Fall Not Far... Ch. 03

group Stardog Champion 2018-07-27

From his position to her right, Peter could see Melanie's eyes bulge comically each time the massive head of Asad's cock plowed into the back of her throat, not to mention the way the muscles in her neck and shoulders worked as her clear and slick drool oozed like a leaky faucet all over his dick. Tracing his free hand up and down Melanie's spine as she rested face down on the now crumpled sheets, Peter's pulse rate quickened substancially when he saw his Girlfriend begin kissing the slightly older woman back, in the process swapping Asad's seed from her mouth to his Wife's.


Enacting the b*o Code (F/F/M)

group juniysa 2018-07-27

One time I got lucky and David began going out with a girl named Becky. I rubbed my fingers back and forth while I was still licking Becky's nipples. I kept playing her pussy while David pulled out his cock and began pressing it against Becky's mouth. Once I had enough of eating Becky out, I pulled away and began wedging a finger inside of her pussy. I pressed my left hand on Becky's pelvis and curled my fingers inside of her. I want to see." David pulled his cock out of Becky's mouth and faced me. "Good girl, take all over his cock." I rubbed and pinched Becky's nipples. However, David's hand grabbed Becky's head and guided her in between my legs.

Old Friends Make Three

group ubready 2018-07-27

James met Amanda in their Jr. year of high school. As the two men began suckling and caressing Amanda, James's fingers found the edge of her swim suit bottom, sliding it down, past her knees and over her feet. Slowly James turned Amanda around and with one hand traveling down from her breast, down between her thighs -- slowly lifted her legs. Turning her head, finding Tony's face -- a face of softness, love and compassion -- finding his lips, soft like James's, eager to search her lips. Amanda now sitting fully on Tony's member, pounding ever so hard with every heart beat deep within her. As the two men's excitement grew stronger, Amanda's body, trembling from excitement, shock waves of climaxes rushed over her.

Scarlet Queen Ch. 00-01

group angellily 2018-07-27

It sounded quite paranoid to go to the extremes that she had just to avoid being found by one man, but Rain de Guerre, also known as 'Rainier de Fortenot, Viscount de Guerre' was a perverted fiend who would take over Ellie's life, given half a chance, and there was absolutely no way she'd let that happen. Dante lifted his head off Rain's chest to look at him, "I was going to cancel that contract as well but when I spoke with the representative from Enigma something struck me as odd." Generally, their findings were only made public if it was a major break, but, in the circles of the rich and famous, Enigma and the detective would gain plenty of prestige for a case like Rain's.


Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 04

group SplendidSpunk 2018-07-27

Kyle was starting to ram his cock up into my pussy as I came down on him and Todd had grabbed my head and was literally fucking my face. I know a reserved mid-thirties mother should not have been in a beach house with three cocks using her body at the same time but who always did what they should. I guess because of the erotic level of this threesome the guys in my pussy and ass came fairly quickly and the feeling of two cocks spurting at one another with only a thin membranes separating them was more then enough to start me off again.


New Year's Celebration Ch. 03

group AlwaysStiffScott 2018-07-27

I was trying my best to be a good host, but couldn't knock the images out of my head of Gloria and Kent on the pool table, and Alison letting me impale her tight little body in the garage just a moment ago. Watching this I could hardly believe all the gorgeous women at this party, I already knew Ann, Tina, Alison, but Sally from my office looked fantastic, John's wife Bridget was dancing with Sara, my neighbor from next door. My cock nearly ripped through my pants I was so hard looking at her perky tits, topped with her tiny pink rock hard nipples, her slender hips, and tight little ass.


Sex With The Ex

group Tepin 2018-07-27

My wife, Carol and I had separated about a year ago – thankfully it wasn’t one of those nasty, ‘I hate you’ kind of things, we’d just gotten to the point where the love was long gone and we both needed to find someone to love, not just have sex with. Things felt a little tense all of a sudden so I said jokingly, “I’d love to show you what it looks like to fuck a woman’s ass, but I don’t think Carol would be up to having her ex show you” I’m not sure who undressed who or in what order, but soon we were all naked on the couch with Carol bobbing happily up and down on Franks cock while I searched out her asshole with a well lubed finger as I teased her wet slit with my tongue.

Through the Years Ch. 02

group Syd649 2018-07-27

It's just Tim made me answer the door like this, I am so horny thinking about him shaving my pussy and being naked, is all," Wren said. I will give you a little sample of what you been thinking about going in that sexy pussy of yours?" I said as I stood up and walked away so Wren could get in front of Syndy. Wren moved her lips to Syndy's mound and I ran my swollen cock in between her legs and on the lips of her pussy which was like a river at the moment. Syndy finished with the clippers, and got the shaving foam and squirted it in her hand and then spread it on Wren's pussy covering her all across the front from her navel to half way down her thighs.


Moni growing up

group MoniLapa7 2018-07-27

The guy rubbing my pussy moved his hand uo and slid it past my hose and panties for a better feel, when he slid his finger in me I let out a little squeal which made my b*****r look back I just smiled at him and he grinned back that it was ok. I heard the other guy unzip his pants but I actually didn't consider was to happen next more out of just being a little naive, but he got up as I was not looking and slid his cock in me, I was not on the pill and tried to move forward to pull out from him but being squeezed between them with cock in mouth and pussy I couldn't move.

A Seclusion Renounced

group Bubba402001 2018-07-27

As he looks into my eyes he tells me" I am as beautiful as he had imagined from the pictures and how I described myself." With that said he softly kisses me causing little shocks to go thru my body as our lips touch. His mouth closes over mine again as we kiss more and he feels his way along the bottom of my breast cupping them, his thumb lightly touching my nipples causing me to suck in my breath this time. My body quivers and thrust up toward his hand as I feel him slip two fingers in and bite down on my nipple harder. Tim slowly starts to work his fingers thru her lips stroking lightly on her clit.


The Apt Ch. 01

group timjac2 2018-07-27

Later that day as I was starting to get my place in order my caretaker came and knocked on the door, he asked if I could move my truck as I had the parking place next to the door, and there was another couple of people moving in that day. Monica in the meantime, was getting out of her clothes and when she had gotten completely undressed she came over to me and started to kiss me. She leaned in and started to kiss me, Monica licked me and got me hard again so that Lisa could fuck me. After I got my fingers really juiced up, I reached up and started to work my fingers into Monica's ass.

Meeting Lady Anna

group ladie_lover069 2018-07-27

Melissa was surprised at herself...she intentionally held the flame low so the woman would have to lean just a bit more to light her cigarette, revealing a bit more of her lovely breasts. In the back seat, Anna was pushed right up against her, one breast rubbing lightly on Melissa's arm. Dana turned to look at Melissa, her hand sliding up Anna's chest to cup one of the woman's large tits. Bella's hand was now rubbing the inside of Melissa's thigh, quickly making its way up under her skirt. "So nice," Bella said and took a nipple in her mouth as she pushed Melissa back down to the couch. Dana's hand was down by her own pussy and she had three fingers pushed into Anna.


The Birthday Surprise

group msxxl 2018-07-27

Over the next year I went to a few BBW dances with Martha and I even had a fling that lasted a little over a month which unfortunately was not very exciting, and a couple one night stands which were quite a bit more exciting but I always felt sort of guilty afterwards, I got to do some of the things I wanted to try all those years. Matt said he was going to go down on me and he wanted Chris to tell me how sexy and wild I looked as I got all turned on and to not let me look away or close my eyes because he wanted me to realize what a sexy woman I was.