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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty d***ken Claire Part 1

group claiirre 2018-07-27

Then hubby said waitress get me another can I’ve run out so off I went thinking how to get him back so I formulated a plan and went back in with his can and I knew he was going to feel my pussy again so stood there handed him his can as his hand went up the front of my apron and slipped a finger inside me and said fucking hell she is so fucking wet you missed out you queer to Steve, I stepped away and turned to Steve are you ok for a drink sir he said yes thanks and I walked over to him and grabbed the can from his hand to feel if there was plenty in and said oh yes you have plenty and as I handed him his can back I sat down on his lap and said I hope you don’t mind sir thought it would be easier for you to feel how wet I am smiling at him before giving hubby a dirty look.

A Taste of Heather

group gary170123 2018-07-27

Heather lightly brushed her fingers across her thighs as she remembered how Jeff's large cock had felt as he'd slipped into her from behind, bent over the edge of the bath tub, her d-cup breasts pressed against the cold white porcelain. "Jeff," Carol scolded playfully, "is a major league fucking asshole and you, little lady," Carol said as she patted Heather's cheek, "are not to think or speak of him for a full 24 hours. I mean, big tits and nice tight asses." Carol cupped Heathers breasts through her tank top and jiggled them playfully as they laughed together. In the corner of the room farthest away from her stood a large dressing table with a red velvet covered stool and an oversized oval mirror.


Blue Seduction

group RonClarkeson 2018-07-27

Milly and Gerry look at each other and Jillian waits for them to explain. 'So we were off with me in charge, John doing just as he wanted with me and Gerry taking the video.' 'Gerry has been wonderful about the video sessions and I want to do a session with John and his friend!' Gerry strips for Jillian Milly moves out of camera and begins hand held video using second camera if one is available. Jillian stands stock-still and does not help Gerry one little bit as he fumbles to get her out of her clothes. 'Ok Gerry come fuck me while Milly sucks my clit.'


Dawn Ch. 03

group Turpitudismo 2018-07-27

Having already laid a out a few snacks on the garden table and switched on the low mood lights in the garden, Ant was looking forward to a drink and a chat with Jim as they waited for Dawn to make her appearance. As Dawn was now being pulled towards Jim, Ant started to slide his hands over her thigh and up the back of her leg. Dawn pushed herself onto Jim's face as Ant continued to work his cock in her mouth. As Ant entered the bedroom he was greeted with sight of Dawn sitting on the edge of the bed with Jim standing astride her legs with his cock halfway down her throat.


Stress Management

group ALittleDevious 2018-07-27

I spit on the other cock putting some lube on it for my hands, looking up I smile and say "You can't cum until you are in my mouth." Turning back to the first cock I deep throat it and suck on it again. "Mmmm, how I have missed having a cock in my ass." And start to push harder against it, his ball slamming into my clit each time. I push the guy back a little wanting some room but feel his cock start to spew into my mouth. "I will stick your cock in my ass and you " pointing to the last guy "will fuck my pussy hard and fast."


Seeing Double

group RogerArcher90 2018-07-27

My cock got picked up by fingertips, and lifted to point straight upwards, and trapped between Lauren's tits, becoming squashed between them, soft and warm, hugging my rigid member as they began to stroke it, glide over it. I sped up as I began to masturbate to the images in my mind of Lauren's beautiful body, her 34DD breasts wrapped around my cock, her nipples poking through her fingers as she squeezed them together. I threaded my arms around her waist, and pulled her into me, my cock pushed up against me, between my groin and her ass, my head resting on her shoulder as my hands ran up her stomach to cup her breasts, and knead them, squeezing the flesh, gently pinching the nipples, forgetting that I was supposed to be "helping her wash".


Indian Wife taken in

group muneerkasri 2018-07-26

“So honey, is Rob going to pick you up?” Shashank slowly wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her towards him. Come on, suck it.” Rob moved his hand behind her neck and slowly pulled it on his cock. Shashank was surprised at the ease with which Neha was roaming around naked with Rob. She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. ” Rob placed his hand under her ass and took her tit in his mouth and started licking it. Shashank doesn’t have any hair on his chest.” Rob moved upwards and kissed her lips hard. “Oh Shashank, come darling and lick my cunt.” She asked her husband as she felt Rob coming on her.

The second day after...

group timea87 2018-07-26

I recognized David’s voice who said “She doesn’t like too much of the in and out, she wants it deep and hard, she needs digging” upon which Nick put his arms behind me and pulled me farther down. He didn’t have to dig long, I came almost immediately and couldn’t hide it, the shivers of my orgasm went up and down all over my body, I groaned and heard the others comment on me, felt them touch me as if they could take the temperature of the fire in me… It was one of the long and strong orgasms, but when it started to cease, Nick was still there.

double play

group rangerdee 2018-07-26

He putts it in your face and the other guy pulls his dick out of your mouth.And he puts the butt plug in your mouth and works it in . The other guy come over and starts to put his 8 inch cock in your soaking wet pussy . They stop and the guy fucking your pussy trys to stick his dick in your ass too. The guy with the whip comes up from behind you and pushes you over and stick his dick in your ass. He pulls out and pulls you off the other guy and pushes you to your knees and shoves his cock in your mouth and you suck it so hard and drink every drop cleaning your ass off his dick.

More of our adventures!

group blrmkr_2000 2018-07-26

After our wild "accidental" night, Kathy and I invited Rick and Jill for supper the next weekend with the hope that they would spend the night. I didn't want to just start grabbing Jill; we were still on a kind of "date" basis. I guided her onto the sofa and sat next to Kathy, pulling Jill into my lap. Anyway, I got down to business, licking and sucking till she became juicy as hell. In between all this, she would alternate by licking my balls and pulling them into her mouth for a good suck. I honestly didn't think it could get better than this when Jill started rimming me!

the club

group 2018-07-26

I looked out at the club again, watching the people dancing and noticed some of them moving off into another room. Celeste turned and looked in the direction of the other room and smiled, licking her lips. I watched her eyes as my finger slipped between her legs and gently touched her shave pussy lips. I looked around the room and watched a woman getting fucked from behind by a large black man. As Celeste sucked on my clit, pulling it hard into her mouth, I closed my lips around the tip of this man’s cock and sucked hard. As I sucked his cock, the man moaned and pushed deep inside my mouth. Celeste squeezed my breasts and kissed my neck as Marielle pushed her cock deep inside me.

Mandy (Part 1)

group johnxxjoseph 2018-07-26

The second time he did she responded, and placing his coffee cup on the floor he ran his hand lightly along her thigh... "Hold yourself open!" he suddenly gasped, and while she did he tongued her deeply, his hands reaching around and inside her t-shirt, 'cupping' and caressing her her lovely, firm breasts. Moving back to stand beside her he eased a finger back inside her while she leaned towards his penis. He fucked her ever faster and deeper, probed his tongue inside her mouth, then moved his hands to hold her breasts. After a short time she removed them and, taking this as an invitation, he eased his penis against her opening...

My New Job Ch. 03

group marriedpervs 2018-07-26

She'd always dressed nice for me when we went out and when we fucked, but to see my sexy long-legged wife walk out the door in high heels and a hot outfit for work was H-O-R-N-Y!! I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Dee was kissing me on the cheek and her hand was snaking it's way inside my trousers as I lay on the couch! Her left hand then snaked it's way around and she inserted a finger deep inside her ass. Stick your fat cock in my hot cum soaked ass and fuck the shit out of me". Without saying a word, she pumped my cock with her ass until all my cum was trapped inside her butt.

Three for Dinner

group Meka 2018-07-26

A moment later, another message from Sean arrived, describing the scene in his mind: a woman kneeling between my thighs, licking at my clitoris while he sucked on my nipples. I felt a smooth cheek against my thigh and knew it was Sue. Sean kept sucking my nipples, but all of my attention was directed to the expert movements of Sue's tongue. Sean noticed that I wasn't paying attention to him and moved behind Sue. I couldn't see what he was doing, but all of a sudden I felt her moan against my labia. The next day, as I kissed Sean at the gate to his departing plane, he thanked me for "a dream come true." I promised him that I (and Sue!) would be ready for him the next time he came through town.

The Poker Party Ch. 04

group tv46 2018-07-26

Once again Lucy felt an orgasm building as she pressed her clit hard against the base of Arthur's cock while Jim's thumb did it's magic in her asshole. When Lucy started her downstroke on Arthur, Jim's cock easily got past her relaxed sphincter, and slipped all the way into her ass. Lucy waited for Tom to pull his cock back, then began a rhythm of rising up on the cocks in her ass and cunt at the same time she pushed Tom's cock in her mouth, then back down on Jim and Arthur as Tom pulled back, allowing her to catch a quick breath before Tom's cock was back down her throat. Lucy collapsed in a heap on top of Arthur, unable to keep her head up and on Tom's cock, and feeling Jim's cock slip out of her asshole.


Doctor Visit Ch. 03

group windwriter 2018-07-26

It wasn't too far from me so I headed that direction thinking if I could get to the cabin I could outwit all of them and wait for their arrival after the hunt. I enjoyed the sexual aspect of the hunt, but I also secretly wanted the time to pass so Steve could come find me in the woods. I saw the dark haired doctor walk by glancing around his surrounding looking for signs. Turning I saw the dark haired doctor standing in a very commanding stance, legs spread slighting with his hands on his hips, staring at me. Forty-five minutes remained in the hunt but my mind wasn't on that, it was on the dark haired man I just sat and talked with.


Surprise Package

group gimmie_your_load 2018-07-26

You see, John, rather than take matters into his own hands, so to speak, decided that a trip to the Great North was a far better way to become intimately acquainted with the cock-hungry Lucia. Lucia felt her legs quiver with a mixture of lust and anticipation as she seated her butt back on her heels, kneeling on the floor in front of John and the window. Lost momentarily in her own little world of pleasure, Lucia jumped slightly when she felt John's cock being slapped onto her large bottom lip. With one lightning-quick pull of her hair, Lucia felt herself literally lifted in mid-air by John's surprisingly strong fist. Lucia felt John's alluringly soft lips on her mouth once again, and sighed as she shuddered.


Sorority Road Trip

group phillygirl01 2018-07-26

Kimmie threw her leg over Jeff and kneed his crotch, “You don’t have to watch Danielle.” Jeff couldn’t help but pull her closer by her firm ass. Jeff caught Carly’s eyes and angled his head to Danielle, she looked over the seat and grinned. He then took his finger and handed it to Danielle, “Would you like some sweetie?” She looked at Kimmie, “Go ahead” she urged her friend. Danielle leaned forward as Kimmie pressed against her clit, and then she took Jeff’s soaking wet finger in her mouth. Kimmie and Carly squealed as they watched Jeff and Danielle cum. He turned his head slightly to watch Carly and Kimmie sucking on their fingers that had been in Danielle’s ass and pussy.


Nightsong Ch. 04

group EarthSeaSky 2018-07-26

Natalie lay on her back beneath the swing where not only did she have an engineer's view of Tako's beautiful, big, golden balls and his long, thick drive shaft, but also she had access to both Wolf's and Tony's lonely cocks upon which she wasted no time sucking on one, while she jacked off the other in rapid rotation. "Oh honey, you are such a hot, wet Bitch!" I slid my hands under her arms and gripped her shoulders - thrusting from side to side inside her, pulling her hard onto my aching cock - faster, faster, I couldn't stop but just kept fucking this beautiful woman that responded so perfectly to each and every stroke.

Of Saturday Nights and Sex

group darkerbelle 2018-07-26

She allowed her eyes to close, and she wasn't sure how long his friend leant against the windowsill before deciding that she and her boyfriend had it right, that the bed was the best idea in the world. Her orgasm seemed out of reach for so long, and she grabbed at her boyfriend's arms, biting desperately into his forearm to muffle the sounds beginning to slip from her mouth. For a moment, she thought he meant to slide down the bed and suck his friends dick but when she looked up again her boyfriend's cock was gasp from her mouth. Her boyfriend kept fucking her face, occasionally slowing down to let her breathe, sometimes just holding his cock at her lips.

Night of Many firsts Ch. 01

group DonAbdul 2018-07-26

Dawn is determined not to turn into a slut, but then the freak in her has to be satisfied as well, so whenever her array of sex toys fails to scratch her 'itch' satisfactorily, she got a man (life dick as she calls them) from her army of pussy worshipping freaks. It seemed like forever, and Dawn was in agony wondering what it would be like to run her hands over his hard sexy ass body, to feel his thick fingers probe her moist crevices, or to feel his expert tongue flicking her erect nipple sized clit. When she opens the door, there he is standing in his 5'10" well built physique; he has a sweet smile on that touch his sexy brown eyes and show off his perfect set of teeth.

The Office Slut Ch. 03

group Lady Grey 2018-07-26

I quickly grabbed it and pulled it back, but then after some more persuasion from his friends I sat there looking very nervous and let him pull it open to display my body in just my brief revealing underwear, the six guys leaned forward to get a better look at me and I found myself staring into six pairs of lusting eyes. Of course spending a day drinking, gambling and been accompanied by a attractive young lady who they knew was wearing very little clothing got all the guys in a relaxed and jovial mood and by the time we returned to the car for the journey home they were ready for some more excitement.

Cooling Off with a Vistor

group Azuldrgon 2018-07-26

She immediately got on her knees and began to slowly lick the head of his cock before allowing her tongue to lick the underside. She started teasing him slowly as Tony sat there smiling at her until she took just the head of his cock into her mouth. As Tony withdrew his cock, Shari turned to see Mychelle bent over in front of Jared and his dick sliding into her ass. Shari walked towards her and sat before her mouth a Mychelle's tongue found her naked pussy and began licking. Shari basked in the attention her Latino neighbor gave her as she watched Jared pull his dick out and shoot all over Mychelle's ass.

Two Heads are Better Than One

group texblondie 2018-07-26

Brad would thrust in, deep and hard, smacking against my ass as he did, his balls swinging against my clit for added sensation, and as he did, my whole body would shove forward, forcing Steven deeper into my mouth. "If you think that's good, wait till you fuck her in the ass." Brad stepped down from the couch, and I wanted to protest that it wasn't fair to talk about me like that right in front of my face. I screamed and moaned and writhed beneath the two of them until Brad shoved his cock back in my mouth, like a giant pacifier and began following Steven's thrusting motions with thrusts of his own, fucking my mouth.