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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Swap Meat

group erotiquill 2018-07-26

It was exciting to watch other couples fucking and I wasn't surprised when Elise turned to me and said, "Let's join them." I knew she was very horny; she had been rubbing my inner thigh for several minutes. I know you are attracted to Audrey and I like Walt and his thick cock has me interested," Elise said with excitement in her voice and a huge smile on her face. Walt and I watched the ladies sashay up, it's something I've loved to watch Elise do for years and think it's a super erotic sight but to watch two sets of legs clad in stockings and high heels, two lovely bottoms and two pussies display, spread and wiggle their way up was something special.


A Birthday I'll Remember Ch. 02

group cutandhorny 2018-07-26

I rubbed my dick head against her lips and said, "While Steve is enjoying your pussy, Sue, how about giving me a birthday blow-job?" Steve worked on the fire and enjoyed his cigar, while I enjoyed a lengthy dick-massage in Sue's hot love-box. When Steve eventually emerged from the bedroom, we sat around naked, smoking, drinking, and talking in low voices about how much we had enjoyed using Sue's body in her role as 'Communal Love Slut'. Steve finally said "I want to drain my nuts one more time. I thought about what I wanted to say for a second and told myself: "GO FOR IT!" So I said to Steve, "You know, buddy, I've always been real fascinated with the human penis, and am glad as hell I have one.

I hared my wife for the Bachelor's party

group 2018-07-26

She told me the cost and I noticed she was wearing a push up bra and a name tag that actually said "Bambi" I was counting out the money for her and admiring how perky her breasts were when she looked around and saw the TV with a close up of her sliding a Zuchinni into her wet slash on the DVD. I got back the the hotel and Sheree told me that She had actually dilivered real pizzas for an hour or two while she waited on my order and the Manager, my freind, had been flirting with her the whole time.

New Years with Her Exes Ch. 01

group kinbote 2018-07-26

As she moaned louder, I ran my fingers through her long black hair, and then caressed her breasts, feeling their tautness, and tracing at the pale veins that were prominent just under the tight skin and then I drove my hips upward to meet her, driving myself deeper into her pussy, feeling the swollen cervix against the tip of my cock and the very different, more viscous lubrication of her pregnancy-changed fluids. She was wearing a billowing top over white slacks, and she greeted Gail warmly, pulling her in for a tight embrace which made me smile, and then took my hand and gave me a bro hug which I thought was kind of funny.


group kev269 2018-07-26

She thought of watching Angie while she devoured John’s big cock deep into her mouth and how she didn’t even flinch as he shot a load of cum straight into her mouth. Angie drove her car out to the back roads just outside of town and found a secluded place to park which would give them ample time to finish the joint and their beer before heading on to the party. What an asshole.” Angie thought to herself as she turned her attention back to Tony, who was stroking his cock as he watched Mike shoot his load into her mouth. She felt herself relaxing, nearly dozing a bit, or just so much in ecstasy from her round of cock sucking and began to wonder how Tiffany, Susan, and Amy were doing at the party.

The Prom King and The Size Queens

group Rubirosa 2018-07-26

As Carrie rang the doorbell over and over again, Lance quickly slipped on his dress shirt while Jane did his cuff links and fixed his tie. "Jane, this is Carrie," Lance announced with a bit more excitement in his voice than normal. The girls gave Jane a firm handshake and headed to the door with Lance. However, the two of them wanted their date to be a surprise so both of them listed Lance as their companion when signing up for the dance. Lance couldn't help but admire Carrie as she led her companion on the dance floor. While the other guys had to imagine what the popular girls looked like beneath their fancy dresses, Lance knew them intimately from memory.


The Mirror : Part 10

group bardeen 2018-07-26

With one finger now working away inside my arse she began to scratch my balls using the nails on her other hand. Mika grabbed it in her hand as she straddled me and began to rub the tip of my throbbing cock against her tight young pussy lips. Not enough to penetrate but enough to give her the arousal that she was looking for, each time she pushed down a little bit I could feel my cock going in that bit further. Rena and Dana stopped their love making immediately and looked on in horror as Mika continued to yell “Fuck Me” “Fuck Me Hard “ and drove her cunt onto my cock.

Weekend Orgy

group ltp799 2018-07-26

I looked at Lin and shrugged, then turned to watch both Jessica and Matt pull off their shirts. Jessica grabbed the dice and rolled a 4 and a 5, and leaned over to kiss Matt's chest. I grabbed Lin, pulled her to me, and buried my face in her breasts, kissing each several times as Matt and Jessica watched. Lin and I watched Jessica parted her full lips to allow the thick head of Matt's cock into her mouth. We got a great view of Jessica's ass and pussy lips as she leaned over Matt and began kissing his thighs. She kissed Matt's ass and handed the dice to Lin, who rolled a 3/2/3.


My Daughter inlaw scores and so do I PT.2

group lovealladies 2018-07-26

usually i take both of them places so jess rides in the middle but even thou were alone she still slid over to the middle as i put it in reverse she smiled at me cuz my hand was right against her twat so when we got there my dick was already hard as a rock Frank answerd the door wearing only a robe come in guys have a seat. (Jess) Wells hes not feeling good and wants to know if we can get a front till fri (Frank) HA that asshole owes me $380.00 bucks ill tell you what then he looks at me pull out your dick.

Tell Me You Love Me Ch. 05

group Mister_Shy 2018-07-26

Working a little more wiggle into my hips, I traipsed to the door and opened it slowly, a petulant but ready smile on my lips, almost a scowl but a little more like a "come hither and fuck me until you cum, big boy" stare. I don't remember why it was Sara whose number came up but I'll cut through a lot of wet intercourse and kisses to tell you that we ended up with the phone on speaker near the pillows and the apron stripped off completely, my arms held over my head by Tom's strong hands and the two of us bucking wildly into each other's sexes trying to wring cum out of each other (Tom was winning).


Brad's Road Trip Ch. 08

group SpotInTheSand 2018-07-26

I hoped my grandparents had better things to do in heaven than sit and watch their graves, but it helped to think they could at least hear my silent thoughts. Adam, his grandmother, Stella, and his mom, Sherry, repeatedly told me to simply ignore the other two, even right during dinner where they could hear, and that would have made a lot of sense. Instead, I said maybe two words during dinner, silently debating the merits of slashing two sets of tires in the parking lot versus spending the night in a backwater South Carolina jail.


Game and Match: Jenny's 4 on 1

group blushingjen 2018-07-26

They were in a good rhythm, with Jenny's bobs meeting Erik's thrusts, with his cock pressing just into her throat on each stroke before pulling back just far enough to let her tongue have another lick at the tip. She guided the showerhead toward her pussy, leaned against the wall of the shower and reinserted her fingers as the hot water and her lewd thoughts of Randy, Michael and Steve looking at her with desire made her temperature rise. There was no turning back now, it was way beyond flirting and teasing and enjoying an admiring gaze during some playful skinny dipping — now she was flat-out sucking a cock in front of three other men, letting them watch, all of them knowing it was already her second blowjob of the day.


Superbowl Whore

group No Panty Girl 2018-07-26

"Wow, there's going to be a few guys wanting to score tonight!" Rick said when I flipped the skirt up over my bare ass. A guy had once asked Rick why he didn't mind men fucking his wife? "God your wife loves cum!" someone said as my face begin dripping with the sticky, white goo. With two cocks in me cum continued to rain on me from above until my tits looked like glazed donuts. As I sucked one cock another was rubbing my face with its cum-coated head smearing my eyelids and cheeks with sticky goo. My cum saturated mouth was filled with another load of salty brine just as the cock exploded in my pussy filling me with sperm.


Snapshot of a Memory Ch. 02

group oldercpl4fun 2018-07-26

Mick stands up and rubs his ass cheeks with both hands as his still hard cock bounces around. I breathed deep at the feeling of my fifth cock of the evening and moved my hips in welcome. feel that?" Clare's eyes bug out as her own climax hits and I feel her muscles contracting hard on Mick's cock. His thrusts force his cum out of my own spasming cunt and Clare yells again as he coats her hand with our juices. I can hear her moaning and squealing as Mick holds her hips higher and fucks upwards, almost lifting her knees off the ground. I feel Mick widen his knees to force her thighs apart as he fucks harder.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 14

group lamoureuse 2018-07-26

Looking up at the large mirror that covered most of back wall, Elena caught Dimitri's watchful eye as he glanced over at her, before going back to sweeping the sidewalk and street around them. Adonis pulled Elena back to him almost roughly, lifting her off the floor as he held her, his mouth coming down hard on hers. He groaned each time he bottomed out inside her, she ran her hands along his muscular back, loving the feeling of the tension rippling beneath his smooth, taut skin. He'd removed his clothes quietly and efficiently, and joined them on the bed, kneeling behind Elena as he ran his elegant, strong hands down her body, cupping and molding her sensitive breasts, making her groan from the pain/joy he created.


Fucking Friends

group davidjamie69 2018-07-26

I even think Dave and Troy are getting a little jealous, since they both start hanging around me more closely at the bar, perhaps to keep other guys away. But the only two guys I want to turn on tonight are Dave and Troy, and I think it is finally beginning to happen. Troy keeps rubbing, and occasionally begins to penetrate his wet finger into my asshole, feeling it's tight grip and gentle moving it in and out. Dave begins to get more and more wet with pre-cum, and his increasing love juice is mixing in my mouth with my saliva. Troy comes up behind me and begins to insert his cock head and long shaft into my blazing and dripping cunt.

Friendly Gathering Ch. 02

group Kapricorn71 2018-07-26

"I don't think so – they came back for more?" Rochelle smiled, as Mark puts his arm around her and enveloped her left breast in his hand. "Lean back just a little, so I can get a good shot of her nipple," Carla instructed, then kept snapping pictures of Mark's tongue slowly circling her nipples. From where René and I were sitting, we could see Rochelle's legs opening wider as she moaned the more Mark licked off the pudding. Mark smiled, "We may save some for our private collection." He lowers his head back to her nipple, and Rochelle let out a loud moan. As René and Rochelle traded nods, I felt her cum working its way down my nuts and told Carla to get some pictures of that.


Fixing Hubby's Porsche

group Jazz_E_too 2018-07-26

Sarah rushed into her explanation – making it more of a babbling plea than she intended – telling Kyle how she needed to make it right before her husband got home in three days. Nothing untoward happened other than some subtle leering – Kyle watched Sarah closely, as they drove; looking for clues – to something – and as they neared her home she suddenly blurted out, "Oh, yeah! Realizing her position, Sarah deliberately pulled her sagging body erect, and whispered, "Okay." And despite it all, as she moved forward and dropped to her knees before Jacobs, she felt a glimmer of arousal kindling deep in her psyche.


Dirty drive home

group slyfucker 2018-07-26

I could've died happy right there and then, but luckily they had bigger and better plans for me, I opened my eyes and looked down just as Lucy joined her friend and started sucking on my balls, they went to work on me like two old pros and it didn't take me long to empty my hot sticky cum down Lauras throat. I buried my tounge deep into her hot young pussy while she sucked my whole cock deep down her throat, I was in heaven when all of a sudden she stopped giving me head.....I was just about to ask her what the fuck was happening when I felt her mouth being replaced by Lauras wet cunt!!!!!

Fantasy 01: A Letter

group Lorio7 2018-07-26

I feel the heat of two bodies close...yet, I wanted them closer to me...touching me. "I want to hear you say it." Says the sultry voice of the woman at my lips as she brushes my hair away from my neck and places a kiss there. At this point I am so fucking turned on, I want to kiss back hard, but instead, I follow her lead...our lips touch softly, sending a charge through my body. The guy behind me was now kissing my neck, while his hands move from my still stinging ass around to tease my nipples. "Ooo, you are so fucking wet!" I hear the woman say as her fingers lightly played over the wet spot on my panties.

Quickies Ch. 04

group Lady Malachite 2018-07-26

It was nearly three in the morning, and Andy and his friends had just walked back to Greg and Sarah's apartment to have a couple more drinks before calling it a night. Meagan and Sarah were still dressed in up in their sexy dancing clothing, which did nothing to quiet Andy's erotic imagination. Meagan was wearing a little black skirt that showed off much of her sender legs and made Andy think lovely thoughts about what sort of panties she had underneath it. "Sarah was about to tell Andy about the numbers on the whiteboard," Greg told Meagan as an aside. Whenever I want a little outside fun, I just have it, and when I get home I give my man the details, and we decide how many points it's worth.


Ready for some football??

group 2018-07-26

I told the guys my wife is a dirty slut and can't stop thinking of other men's cocks inside her mouth and pussy. She took their fingers deep in her mouth( the way she loves to take cock) as she gagged and spit makeup ran from her eyes( she looked like a real cum catching slut now). I let the guys tease her by rubbing their cocks all over her body including pressing up against her tight soaking wet pussy. As Mark whipped her pussy, she stroked Joe and Dwight's cocks. They would squeeze her ass and grab her hips and thrust their huge cocks deep inside her soaking pussy. She really came hard on Dwight's cock, thick white cum from her pussy dripped down his shaft.

Great ATV Ride to end Summer

group kycouple265 2018-07-26

Then after a few more minutes of talking about work, everyday life issues, and our memories from the past Jeff began to again talk about how nice my wife’s breast were, and asked her if he could see them again, and of course my wife being the crowd pleaser that she is, it did not take her long to think about it and of course she didn’t hesitate showing off her very nice and perky 36 c breasts. Then after we stopped my cousins Richie came up with a brilliant ideal to keep the sound down, as he walked over and told my wife that she would be able to scream and moan so loud with a cock in her mouth as he began to pull his cock from his jeans.

Dave's side of the story

group seelee01 2018-07-26

I thought it would be fun to have sex with a variety of different people, but most of all, I got hot thinking about watching Sara getting fucked by another guy. On of the girls on the bed invited us to come over and play, Sara looked at me with hopeful eyes, I readily agreed and we went on the bed and started fooling around. At one point the wife of the guy she was sucking on got close and started rubbing on her tits and down to her pussy. His wife was pretty hot and was eating sara's pussy like a true porn slut.