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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her Unexpected Demand

group ctyankee264 2018-07-26

I want you to suck my husband's cock, and swallow his cum." My mind wasn't working fast enough, between the wine and her hand, which now gripped my cock loosely and was stroking me slowly. I felt a hand wrap around mine on Sal's cock, and recognized Laura's fingernails. I started sucking faster and harder, twisting my mouth back and forth as I drove it up and down Sal's cock. Before I could move, though, Laura took my head in her hands and pulled me off Sal's softening cock. She pulled me back and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth, lapping and sucking the remnants of Sal's load out. The one thing we do every time we get together to play is suck Sal's cock together.

my young girl friend was curius about sex clubs

group hotguy111111 2018-07-26

and it was off i watched sat eh gout her on hier hands and knees and dog fucked her and made her blow his friend and then switch and then they laid her on the edge of the bed and told the woman to suck on NOras Cunt. sp she stood there and dropped her skirt and took off there bra and they guys were complementing her on what a nice odd she had and she unsnapped her ba and let her litle tits point at all of us and then when she hesitated i said go head show em our pussy u love being a litle hwoe you just cucked to of there buddies you might as well fuck these guys tooo.

My first bi MFM threesome

group MIKEBBCBULL 2018-07-26

They thought letting someone watch them would be a good start to opening her up to playing with others. While she was changing, the husband said to me, “I told my wife today, you know, once you go black, you don’t go back”. After a few minutes of kissing and touching she dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. Almost before that thought was over, her hands had worked their way around and now she was stroking my cock inside of my underwear. At one point he pulled my cock out of his mouth and said to his wife, “you like it when I suck cock, don’t you”. I slowly worked my cock inside and began shallow thrusting.

Dinner for Eight: Fourth Course

group AndiAnders 2018-07-26

Rob's own hands surrounded Ann's creamy breasts. Watching with wide eyes, the guests saw Ann slide away from Rob's dripping spoon, only to end up with her back against the table. With Mark holding her breast so tightly, and the sherbet balanced on top of it, Traci couldn't turn to see the head of the table. Shivering as Mark licked the drips of sherbet off her nipple, Traci saw Jim lovingly spooning lemony bites into Ruth's mouth. Ann leaned from her seat on the table, holding her bowl of sherbet over her husband's head. Rob tried pulling Ann's hands farther apart, but she kept the sherbet, wobbling in its bowl, on its course.

Staff Meeting

group Temptation 2018-07-26

Marcy was so out of it that she didn't realize Tommy was going to fuck her in the ass until she felt the head of his cock pushing into her puckering hole. The men continued their assault on her body, the room filled with the sound of Tommy's balls slapping her ass and her pussy juices slurping as she rode Jake's prick. Marcy came twice before she felt Tommy tense, so she began riding Jake even harder in hopes of making them all cum together. Tommy's rock hard prick hit it like a magnet, and Marcy cried out in surprise as she felt not only a cock filling her, but Andi's tongue lightly poking at her clit.

Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 1

group Carlanna 2018-07-26

Checking to see that I hadn’t stained my dress, I wiped my thighs and pussy with toilet tissue, stood up exited the cubicle to an empty room, washed my hands and returned to the booking hall and went back to the seat opposite the old gentleman. I saw Carl visibly stiffen, not just his gorgeous shaven cock, but his whole body, his right hand gripped the arm of his seat closest to the aisle. Anna put her face close to Carl’s and said,” She’s looking at us in the reflection of the window, she’s getting quite turned on by the way she is squirming her sweet little pussy on her seat”.

XMAS 2004 PART 3

group 2018-07-26

Sharon meanwhile was still stroking my cock, using my middle and forefinger I parted her fanny lips and inserted both inside before withdrawing and inserting again and finding her clit with my thumb, as the tempo in my fingers increased so did the movemement of my thumb, her fanny was getting wetter and wetter, and soon started to feel her juices dripping off my hand. I stepped out of my jeans and boxer shorts and dropped to my knees and parted Sharon’s legs as I positioned myself between them and holding her bum cheeks apart I parted her fanny lips and took a long slow lick of that delicious sweet pussy, going all the way down to her bum hole, and swirling it around before slowly moving up her fanny to her now protruding clit.

Michelle Double Creampie Anal BBC Adventure

group nvision 2018-07-26

Mac then told Michelle, “Ok, now I want you to sit on my dick.” I pulled out of Michelle’s ass and Michelle facing away from Mac, squatted over his massive thick cock and started lowering her soaking wet pussy onto the thick head spreading her lips. Then Mac said “get that ass occupied.” I moved in behind her bobbing ass slapped it once and told her to “stay there” and got in position with one knee down and one up.” I located her wet, loose bunghole and slid the head in and starting fucking her ass as Mac was ramming his thick cock into her pussy.

Dances in Erotica Pt. 06

group ShaeLeeTanner 2018-07-26

Meg's head rocked forward and back slowly, her eyes closed and mouth open, moaning softly, as I licked and sucked my way down her chest and belly, while I pinched and rolled her nipples in my fingers. My mouth came to the edge of Meg's lacy panties and I used my teeth to pull the hem down the front and brought my hands to her ass and caught my fingers in the elastic ribbon and teased them slowly over the curve of her cheeks. I turned and saw Meg standing behind Brian, locking her arms around his neck and stroke his chest as they watched me start on Ken. I smiled at them and then turned my attention to Ken. I bent down and put my hands on the floor and raised myself slowly into a hand stand.


A Change in the Weather

group vickiandnorm 2018-07-26

While I did everything possible to bring Vicki satisfaction with my oral skills, I fingered Heidi's crotch, just touching and stroking her pubic mound. Heidi was rubbing and kissing Vicki's breasts, occasionally looking at our genitals and glancing at me with sheer lust in her eyes. I had gone back and forth between Heidi and Vicki numerous times and brought them to a couple of orgasms each, but I was getting close to coming myself while I was pushing into Heidi's clenching snatch. Once I got started fucking Vicki again, I felt the pressure increasing in my balls and the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm. When Heidi started to insert her fingers into Vicki's pussy an amazing thing happened, Vicki squirted!


Ten Years Later

group Kethandra 2018-07-26

Her long-fingered hand left my face, drifted down her front, toying with her collar, the open placket showing scattered freckles, before dropping down to her side. I was surprised at the force of the green simmer of envy that I felt gurgling in my gut, hearing that the lovely Ingy - Ingy with that intoxicatingly scent I was already missing - had a 'friend' named Max. Internally, spectral hands crumpled up a sheet of imaginary paper, a paper freshly scribbled with Ingy's initials and mine, separated by a plus sign, fueled by the coincidental timing of her knock on my door and my ironic prayer to my namesake St. Valentine.


Taylor Fulfills A Fantasy

group oldhippie1949 2018-07-26

I met Ray in the chat room and I must have sounded like a gushing fan the way I went on but he was very cool with it and appreciative of my compliments. Ray and I both complimented him on his good looks, great body and sensational cock, all eight or so inches of it. Ray looked at Jonas and then down to his cock. Ray's hands rubbed and squeezed Jonas's cheeks as he pulled the dick further into his face. They reversed positions and now Jonas was sucking Ray whose hands were behind his knees. "Unh...unnh...ohhhhhhhhhh." I opened my eyes to see Ray pull his cock out and shoot ropes of stringy cum into Jonas's mouth.

I Was Powerless To a Tribal

group 2018-07-26

He came close , grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on my wrist.”this is how they greet a lovely lady in the west,dont they??”. Pleasing our guests,”he said that with pride and a smile on his face.” my name is a little big,you can call me alan,the name I got when I studied in goa. “We dont get married,” he said.”if a man is attracted to a woman he performs a ritual describing his need to bond with the female. “In the end,”he said looking into my eyes.”the women has to touch the mans feet,accepting him mentally and sexually. I brought down my hands.”you are a a****l,” i teased as i grasped for breath.” then pet me ,”he smiled.

Playing With The Workers Next Door Ch. 02

group sjl1701 2018-07-26

I soon felt his balls moving close to the shaft, I maintained the pace of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Mike soon moaned loud and his cock squirted his load of cum into my mouth. I was amazed that having a man pump my ass with his hard cock could feel so good. I soon heard him moan and take one last deep thrust into me as his cock unloaded his cum into my ass. I was tired too, but while I hadn’t cum while Mike was fucking me, my ass had a nice feeling and I still liked the feeling of his slowly softening cock in there.

Memories of Harry Ch. 10

group Sensualist2 2018-07-26

Sure, I read about how in the Far East, women would put a string of beads in their vagina or their anus and pull them out at the appropriate time, adding to orgasmic joy, but I'd never tried it until Harry talked me into it. On the other hand, I knew several swinging couples who were in long-term relationships or marriages and having super times, because both people were more than okay with the sharing scene. Three tables had been set up under umbrellas for people who wanted to play cards, there were lots of lawn chairs scattered about and the big pool sometimes was crowded, sometimes not.


Tricked my gf into a gangbang (True story)

group Joey111 2018-07-26

As she sat there talking with them she began to feel more comfortable with them and slowly stopped trying to hide her body with her arms and began to sit in the back seat exposing more of her body so they could get a good look at her ( later she told me she got off knowing they were looking at her)and they began to talk about how she ended up doing this and she told them everything and they commented how hot that was that she did this at this point she starts to put her hand on Johns shoulder and becomes a little flirty so he jumps in the back seat with her and tries to finger her but she pushes him away telling him she has a boyfriend and that she doesn't want to do anything with him and he backs off (later he tells me her pussy was sopping wet when he touched it) Now it's about 3 am and Larry says again that it doesn't look like I am showing up and that maybe she should go back to his house and get some of his gf clothes and he would drive her home and finally she agrees and they start to drive back to the house .

Helping Linda

group ickric 2018-07-26

"Secondly, Linda will need to be ready as I don't fancy having to force entry" I said in the politest way possible, "So Jim'll have to pull his finger out!" I didn't realise the poor terminology at first. "You want some cock, you've got some cock" I whispered to Dawn and Jim began to enter my wife. Linda moaned in pleasure and she was approaching an orgasm as my nipple nibbling continued, my other hand stroking her inner thigh area, my hard throbbing cock gently rubbing against her nicely flat belly, her bushy pubic hair was nice and dark in total contrast to the ivory skin below her bikini line.


Fucked Between the Shelves

group PussySlut_28 2018-07-26

I finished putting the books on shelves, and left my shirt on the top floor as I headed to the last shelf on the last floor. I gasped when the man behind me started to rub my ass in soft circles. When the guy in front of me heard me scream, he placed my panties in my mouth. "I bet she loves sucking cocks." Another said, and I was pushed to the ground. "Suck on it." A cock was pushed towards me, and I immediately took it in my mouth. "Yeah, you love sucking dick, huh?" This guy came too, and I started to rub the other two with my hands. I let every man fuck my in the pussy, ass, and my mouth.

In College Next Morning

group oldercpl4fun 2018-07-26

Kathy laughed at her predicament and answered, "After you danced on the table you did a striptease and said you didn't need them anymore." Jane looked a little shaken at the information. "Your turn, Jane, and then we'll fill you in on all the sordid details of your escapades," Kathy said. We'll let you know how your day is going to turn out after we finish negotiating," Jane said patting my leg. Jane laughed at her gently, prying her hands away from the red face Kathy tried to hide. Jane disappeared to the kitchen while Kathy looked at me with an impish grin. Kathy was silently giggling at Jane's outrageous story but she used a serious face to scold me for my indiscretions of the previous night.


Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut. Part Two

group neilmc123 2018-07-26

True to form, the second Dave left, I nodded at the guys and Harry, Ross and Mike were back over at my table, knowing full well they’d already helped me remove my lace back thong, had played with my freshly waxed pussy and filthy talked me to such a state of arousal that I had told my husband to leave me at the hotel to enjoy a night with three cocks pounding and pleasuring me. We walked the short distance with me holding Mikes massive cock, Ross fingering my naked exposed pussy, leaving Harry to open the door to his room. Ross knelt at the side of me and Harry, resting his long hard cock on my panting lips as Mike began a nice steady rhythm fucking my ass.

Couple play

group jetboater1959 2018-07-26

the time laying on one of the beds, always a room with down her pussy lips, making herself nice and wet. knees would bend as she slide her fingers in her pussy Her finger went from inside her pussy to her clit, then back inside again, the and moved to the bed and layed beside her and watched legs with my cockhead right at the opening of her my cock as I rubbed the head up and down her wet pussy down on her and slide my two fingers deep inside her I slide up and slide my cock deep inside her and she will go as she would wiggle and I start to rock on

My Birthday Bash: Final Chapter

group rocket96 2018-07-26

"Since Tammy and Andrea have drained that cock of yours pretty good, I think it's going to be a a marathon fuck this time. "OK Tammy here's your treat" and with that I rub the jelly around her butthole and slowly insert the plug in her ass. Now I place Diane on all fours between Andrea's legs and command her to suck her pussy. "Oh yes I'm cumming honey, don't stop sucking Mommy's pussy" and with that Tammy explodes in her daughter's mouth. Tammy reaches under at the same time I'm cumming and rubs Diane's clit and brings her off at the same time. She removes the butt plug and as she brings her finger away from Diane's pussy it is covered with my cum.

Dave & Amy

group joesallybuck 2018-07-26

We got to their house, and as we sat in their family room talking, Amy sitting next to Dave and Sally next to me. Sally paused and told Dave that she didn't want him to cum in her mouth, Amy told me she likes it and I was welcome to. I wasn't able to see Sally and Dave, so I paused for a moment and turned my head to watch them. Sally's got her fingers in Dave's hair and won't let go, her legs are over his shoulders and she looks like she's in heaven!!" Amy continued to ride my mouth as she described what was going on only a few feet away.

Night Noises

group sophia jane 2018-07-26

A surprised smile spreads across Renee's face, and Scott, further aroused by me touching myself while I watch them, comes. I want to taste Renee, to know what it feels like to lick her pussy. And I want to know what Renee and Scott taste like together, what they have together. Renee kneels down between Scott's legs and touches her fingers to his balls and her thumb onto my clit. The feeling of her mouth and fingers is so intense, especially combined with Scott fucking my ass, that their double attention completely overwhelms me. I feel her begin to shudder with her own climax, so I tongue her clit more firmly while my fingers fuck her pussy and her ass.