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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Party and a Little Bit More

group calebalyis 2018-07-26

The second his underwear came off the girls were all over him heather took his cock all the way into her mouth as Katie shoved her tits into Chris's face. Chris's hand crept around to heathers wet pussy and he slid a finger in her dripping hole and slowly finger-fucked her eager cunt. Both girls soon switched positions and Katie climbed on top of Chris's hard cock. As she came her legs gave way which brought her dripping pussy hard down on top of Chris's face. Chris thrusted his cock harder than ever and felt his mind slip away as he came inside Katie.

Richard's Rules

group highclassic 2018-07-26

After drying off they tossed their towels into the car, pulled on polo shirts, slipped into loafers (no socks), stuffed wallets into the small pockets on their bathing trunks, and headed off to the bars to drink beer and check out the music scene, and just maybe some girls, too. Joel and Eddie liked the band playing that newest rock-and-roll stuff, Frank thought the band in another bar had a cute girl singer with a backup playing Les Paul tunes, and Richard wanted to dance to the music in another, so they decided to split up and keep an eye out for the others during the evening.


A Rewarding Evening

group Justanordinaryguy 2018-07-26

'Wine please and I've had too much to drink already but it was an evening I needed!' I poured a couple of glasses of wine from the bottle I had opened earlier and met Elaine coming back from hanging up her coat, handed her the wine as we went into the lounge and sat down, her on one sofa, me on the other. 'Your nipples look as if they need sucking and I think you need a good fuck,' and I leant forward and put my lips over her nipple, sucking hard and grasping her breast with both hands. 'Share and share alike' she muttered, turned around and lowered her pussy onto my face, leant forward and took my equally dripping prick into her mouth.


Drinking with You and Your Friend

group Fantasy1989 2018-07-26

Your friends goes higher as you spread my legs open his hand is so close to my pussy. When I open my eyes your friend is standing right next to my face, I stare at him, while I do he moves and puts his hard cock right on my lips. I open my mouth and take his cock, I start sucking on it while you lick me. You're standing in front of me with your hard cock touching my wet pussy, you rub the head up and down. I'm looking up at you as I start sucking your hard cock, tasting myself on it, I lick it all over all the way down to the balls.

Argument Ch. 01

group marriedpervs 2018-07-26

Despite this I managed to give him a good sucking, and I was rewarded when the guy suddenly pulled it from my mouth and sprayed my face, tits and hair with a huge load of cum. The second guy positioned himself and then simply stabbed his dick into my asshole, pumping about ten times and then pulling out to spray my back with huge shots of cum. I watched the screen intently as I did not hesitate to fill my pussy with the huge cucumber, pumping it in and out a few times before inserting the huge black dildo painfully (I thought anyway!!) into my ass that was flooded with the cum of the guys who had just fucked me there.


Willing Wife being shared by lucky Husband

group gdhubby 2018-07-26

We treated another coworker to enjoy her smallish pussy.Then after a year of switching between the two guys, We invited the well hung guy to join me and our other friend to party in her pussy.With three guys. all young, all brick yard workers,She was just at the most guys at once she could enjoy.Every 3 months we'd have a kinky weekend and my two friends and me would fuck her nearly to death.I call her My Willing Wife,or Pussy party wife.Over the years we increased the number of our regular guys.And there are 6 that get some a few times a year.The progress to her few Gang Bangs,made for some real sexual adventures,with 15 guys over three days, and as many 9 in line in the bedroom waiting their turn, getting 4th's and 5th's.

Revelations, Lust and Love

group ForTheLoveOfLesbians 2018-07-26

Her hands were busy with their usual wandering, moving seemingly independent of her mind; sometimes caressing my chest, arms, face, legs; sometimes sliding across her own body, rubbing her stomach, cupping and tweaking her perky, bouncing breasts, wrapping herself in a hug; or simply spread to her sides as if she felt like she were flying. The warm water poured over their smooth bodies as Janice' mouth attacked Lily's secret place, tracing her pussy lips with her tongue, seeking out her familiar clit and eagerly lapping the internal juices as they mixed with the soapy taste of her fresh cleaning. The water was getting cool, so Janice turned it off, and helped her weakened friend from the stall and sat her on the toilet before grabbing a towel and taken careful time drying herself and Lily from head to toe.

Nightsong Ch. 01

group EarthSeaSky 2018-07-26

"Indeed I do, just as much as you do John, and he does you - we've known you guys for a long time and we read your marriage as rock solid." Another disturbing strobe of Ann's bare back and John's broad, clasping hands arced at us across the floor. Fay with a confiding look took Ann by the arm and led her towards the palm fringed, red carpeted foyer. The band started up again before John said, "Marius, when the girls get back and we wind it up here, how would you and Ann like to come along to a very private party with Fay and Me?" This was the second time during the course of the evening that I had been thrown an unexpected question.


group alouette_oubliette 2018-07-26

At clit height, she replied to her earlier orgasm with some appreciation and soon she found herself being taken into Blue's mouth whilst the man watched her stretch her tattooed arms out at the side of her, revealing the hardest tightest nipples he'd ever seen. She thought about him watching her, she felt Blue licking her clit: nibbling and teasing each part of her from her rock hard tits to peeling back her layers to reveal the centre of her being. In the corner of the room a strange girl was painted from head to toe in blue body paint; she danced to the gentle ambient tones of a party that had finally broken.

Picture This Ch. 03

group kandie 2018-07-26

Then Janice spread her labia and slid her tongue along the inner folds of her wanting pussy When she did, Amanda gushed fluid and shuttered with excitement. Janice, ignored Amanda's clit for the moment and concentrated on tongue fucking her deep inside her hot hole and enjoying the sweet nectar. Janice's tongue begins to tickle Amanda's clit with increasing fervor as her fingers worked on her pulsating hole. For the first time, Amanda felt comfortable having sex with a woman and her mouth tasted the delights of Janice's womanhood. When she slid her tongue into Janice's hot-hole Amanda felt her own juices trickle down her legs. Roger fucked her deep and hard and followed simultaneously cumming and filling Amanda's pussy with his hot juices.

Gail and Gina and Me

group oldhippie1949 2018-07-25

Where have you been?" I turned to see Gail and Gina walking hand in hand along the beach. Gail and Gina lived down the road from my house. Gina took out a box and began to roll a long thick marijuana cigarette. After a few minutes of this, each took one of my hands and began to massage and work my fingers into limpness. Gail began to rub my neck and shoulders and I groaned in pleasure. You'd better stop or I will embarrass myself further." "It's okay, Ray," said Gail, "you need release...let it go...enjoy it." "I have never seen a man cum before," said Gina, "I loved it!" And she added, "and you taste pretty good, too!" And we laughed.

Discovery Ch. 05

group D H LAW 2018-07-25

Things quieted down, I heard the whoosh of water from the dishwasher, and Jen and Matt joined us a couple minutes later. Matt suggested a dip in the pool might help Jen cool down from her hot day and by the looks of my lawn I might like one too. As she started to turn to go the other way, Matt grabbed her and asked her if she wanted a drink. I walked into the shallow end of the pool, down the steps, and across to stand directly behind Jen. I reached around and cupped her melons, while my growing erection slid into the crevice between her ass cheeks. I grabbed Lisa and sat her on the side of the pool next to Matt but closer to the shallow end.


Author, Author! Ch. 02

group Mercurius 2018-07-25

As Julia approached the fence, she called out in a teasing voice, "Hey, Eric." He looked up smiling, but when he saw her lack of clothes, his eyes widened and he seemed about to say something. Julia quickened her pace stroking their cocks, then moved in front of Desmond to take him into her mouth. Eric and Desmond agreed heartily, fastened their pants, and went to work with a vengeance, both speaking admiringly of Julia the entire time. Eric and Desmond ran to the doorway, only to find that Julia had spread the blanket on the grass a few feet away, and was lying there in wait. She grabbed hold of his cock and opened her mouth, taking him in and starting a steady jerking/sucking motion as Desmond began pumping her cunt from behind.


A Coach's Dream

group BookWurm 2018-07-25

As I slid to the shower floor thinking that it was all over, Mary pulled me all the way to the wet floor, so that I was laying flat on my back on the floor, Judy sat on my face so that her pussy was on my mouth, eat me she said. Well coach it's time for us girls to head out of here, before your wife starts wondering where your at and our parents begin worrying, we'll see you at training tomorrow, as they were leaving Judy said, I told you I could get him to fuck me, she turned and smiled as they walked away.

First Experience

group sexgoddess1981 2018-07-25

As if taking my shift as permission, I feel you run your hand up and down the side of my thigh, curving around my hip, pulling me slightly closer to you. I slide my hands into your hair, pulling your mouth to mine in a deep kiss, my tongue playing against yours. With a little pressure, Ben slips a finger into my arse, causing me to moan around Johnny's cock. Feeling the head of his cock now in my arse, Ben grabs a hold of my waist, while you hold my hips. Wanting to pleasure all the guys at the same time, I start to suck harder on Johnny, while letting you and Ben move me to your rhythm.


Candace's Climber Gangbang

group SquishyRobots 2018-07-25

"Boys, I think her pussy is ready for some cock!" Tammy laughed, and without even looking up, Candace nodded in approval. Hearing my girlfriend being degraded and used like this was an incredible turn on, but the guy slamming her pussy was clearly nearing the edge, so Tammy selected another man to finish the job. As he pressed it inwards, Candace suddenly became aware of how big of a cock she was taking, and tried to turn around to take a look, but Tammy grabbed her hair and forced it back onto her pussy. This force finally brought Tammy to the edge, and Candace's obedient finger work plunging into her pussy and ass sent her over.


Recollections Ch. 07

group Kaadorix 2018-07-25

"Perhaps I shouldn't have even went to my father's funeral," I said to my two wives, Alexa and Merissa, at the unholy time of 2:45am on Friday morning. Following Merissa's screech- and profanity-laced tirade earlier, when she voiced her extreme displeasure for having to skip my father's funeral after Alexa, Cooper and yours truly arrived home from it, she ran off in a huff and barricaded herself in the guest bedroom located downstairs. "Oh my God. Merissa, honey, are you okay?" Alexa wrapped her arms around our wrecked, disheveled wife a moment later, once the door had been unlocked and opened from the inside, and pulled her against her chest.


Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 11

group cactusaur 2018-07-25

We are very serious here about providing whatever a client feels she needs." The tall black man was smiling down at me as the white one handed me my drink, which I quickly started sipping nervously. There were only two pairs of hands working me which started making me nervous, but soon I felt more oil being drizzled over my ass. The massage progressed quickly, and soon the white guy was pulling on and sucking my nipples as the the short black guy licked my pussy. The short black man pulled me so I was bent over the massage table, then I felt his cock at my back door.


Jenna and Joel

group BuckyDuckman 2018-07-25

The first time, just for dinner where Jenna had found Dana and Pete a delightful couple who had looked as much in love with each other as she felt in love with Joel. Sitting naked at her breakfast counter, Jenna squirmed again with needs she wasn't going to indulge as she remembered the thrill of getting naked in the same room as Dana and Pete. Sitting in a booth at Panera Bread, across from the woman she had watched make love to her husband just last night, Jenna found herself smiling, laughing, and feeling something else. "Well, Joel IS my little cumslut," Jenna said, laughing at how normal it felt to say that to this other woman.


Natalie Gets a Check-Up

group hot4bucky 2018-07-25

I have a pretty busy schedule so when I saw that your office was open on Saturdays I thought I'd stop in." Natalie was looking around the room as she spoke, but from the corner of her eye she saw Dr. Fuller checking out her full hips and amazing tits with their rock-hard nipples. It's not uncommon for a patient to become aroused during an exam," Dr. Fuller said in a deep voice, taking as much of her breast into one hand and squeezing her rock hard nipple with the other. Natalie propped herself up onto her elbows so she could see Emily's "examination" while Dr. Fuller stood in the corner, pulling his pants down so the women could see the fabric of his boxers stretched tight over his thick dick.


Imprinted Ch. 01

group darcysweet 2018-07-25

I figured it was one thing to stumble across a naked Mrs. D diddling herself, but it was a whole other ball game to stroke off like some sort of peeping Tom. My dick was aching; it didn't care about the line. Today I want to feel your flesh heat up on my hand," Mr. D said as he ran his fingers across her rounded ass, stroking in slow circles. Filthy little bitch loves it so much she's going to come." Mr. D had worked open the zip of his pants and I could see his cock. That's right, fuck that cunt hard." He'd stopped slapping and now had both hands on his cock.

Double Stuffed Ch. 3

group oddone 2018-07-25

Mary and I quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to the open bedroom door and looked out into the living room to see Eric and Tonya on the couch fucking furiously. We walked over to the kitchen door and, being careful not to block Eric and Tonya's view, we peered around the doorway to see Beth bent over the kitchen table with Sam right behind her fucking her like a jackhammer. She rolled off of me onto her back and, like the previous night, the other two women descended on her immediately, with Beth lapping up Sam's and my cum from her asshole and cunt and Mary sucking on her tits.

The Maid

group jenyes 2018-07-25

You had just lashed my ass with the pony tail whip/plug when the door opened. Turned sideways, I wasn't sure how long she was there as it wasn't until an especially wicked slap at my breast caused my head to fall to the glass. This being my first good, close up, look at her, I let my eyes take in her body as you gesture her in. Just as I cease my caresses, you break off the kiss and bring your hand across to slap her face. I see her eyes trying to follow you and I squeeze my fingers into her cheeks to hold her gaze to my face.


Deer Hunting with Daddy

group cdsexslut 2018-07-25

I was told that I was to be initiated and that my initiation would begin by me getting on my knees and opening my mouth, which I gladly did ;-) All seven guys gathered around me and I happily began sucking on their cocks, licking their balls, a dick (or two) in my mouth, and one in each hand at ALL times! Two cousins got down on their knees and started licking and sucking on my cock and balls while two uncles and two cousins continued to fuck my mouth. The following morning began just like the evening had ended, the only thing that had changed were my stockings and heels ;-) That afternoon, my uncle took the younger cousins hunting while the naughtiness continued in the grownup tent.