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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Geek's Sex Games Ch. 03

group SexyGeek 2018-07-25

"Oh," said Faleesha, "so that is what I ride!" She moved to the couch and straddled Jose, and as her wet pussy slid over his cock Nostradamus started that implacable count. But then one finger turned to two, rolling her nipple between them before they left and trailed down across her light pubic hair again to rub down her slit, then come back up and wrap around her clit and roll it back and forth, and then the two fingers entered her cunt and began a rapid twisting in and out that caused her to grind her hips in pleasure again. For the four minutes this went on but when Nostradamus said TIME, Jose pulled his tongue out of her pussy quickly and backed up, leaving her moaning and straining her hips forward.


Ski Trip

group NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-07-25

Gary looked at Mark and said, "Don't worry, we all have past lives and lovers. I decided to lay off the booze and opened a bottle of water before I sat down in the chair facing Gary and Mark's double bed. Mark must have seen it because he let go of Gary and said to me, "would you like a taste?" Gary looked down at me and said, "You are great, but I want to fuck my man now." I moved behind Gary and took his nuts in my hand gently massaging them as he fucked Mark slowly but deeply. Gary laughed, "I'm not but when Mark asked me, sorry, begged me to fuck you, I went along.

Is a gangbang a gangbang if it is my three brother

group 2018-07-25

I was giving Karl a moist hot blow job that lowered onto Karl's tasty, uncut hard cock when out of the taking a chunck out of Karls dick with my teeth. tounge on his balls while I had Andy's dick in my mouth. Then I felt that fimiliar feeling on my pussy lips. OOOOH, it had to be Mike working on my pussy like he had start shaking, moaning and pushing his hips into my face. upturned ass and was pushing his super hot dick into my It did not take long for Karl to be hard again. start for our sibling sex life that is still going strong today. That reminds me......Karl, Mike, Andy hey boys it's time to

Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 5

group nigosheeater 2018-07-25

My pussy was sore from all the fucking I did tonight and now this guy with a big cock shows up. He stepped up on to the mattress, smiled and said, "Don't worry whore, you’ve been fucked enough tonight to enjoy this big cock by now". Ok act cool I thought so I just smiled back at him and replied “nice size cock you have there” Then he said “open wide bitch and suck on this big cock” I sat up and knelt right in front of that monster cock of his and began licking it at first top to bottom. I could not wait to feel that monster big black cock pound into my stretched pussy.

Hairomatherapy Ch. 1

group belab 2018-07-25

The routine starts with my giving them a body massage though the crotch is duly covered but often enough the massage is very sensuous and the male organ mostly stands erect in a matter of seconds when I do the inside thighs. I do not touch the organ itself initially but often enough the look in the eyes of the man or when he tugs my hand towards his cock starts off the sexual activities. Lisa too is stretched out her heavy breasts and erect nipple was very enticing and her bushy underarms looked very furry as the jet–black underarm hair stretched out from her unshaven armpits. She took his glans inside her mouth, not without considerable difficulty, and started to suck on it while her hand pulled on his shaft.


group REWinslow 2018-07-25

Ray couldn't see anything and while waiting for Steve to thrust again wondered if the girls were impressed by his rock-hard cock bobbing away at their feet. After a second round of slow, deep thrusts, Ray began to notice the head of Steve's cock swelling. "I wasn't that worried about him," Amy answered, wondering quickly what her brother looked like getting a blowjob. Leslie spoke again, "Ray and Steve, turn around to face away from us. Leslie, knowing he would be slow, snapped Dave's thin long belt on Steve's quivering ass causing him to jump forward falling face first into Dave's stiffening dick. Just as he felt he was going to burst Ray pulled back and at Leslie's command began to suck Will's musky balls.


Claire and Sarah Ch. 01

group creamofsomeyoungguy 2018-07-25

After catching a glimpse of Sarah in tight shorts and a sports bra, sweat glistening down her abs, I found myself imagining how great incredible her little body would feel under my weight as I drove my cock into her vice-like pussy. Luckily, Claire's parents would let her hang out with Sarah all the time. As I kissed Claire I let my right arm explore around Sarah's body. Sarah did not need any warming up as she had ample time to ponder her turn as she watched Claire and I making out. While I had always been more physically attracted to Claire, Sarah immediately impressed me with her warm mouth and probing tongue. I continued to switch between Claire and Sarah, enjoying my first kissing experience with both girls.

Hot tub soccer Mom

group imornery81 2018-07-25

For the last two weeks, once we finished our soccer training, Jim, John, and Steve would come over and we would all strip down and soak in the hot tub and drink a couple of beers. Jim took the tray and set it on the edge of the tub while John wasted no time with niceties and grabbed the breast nearest him and covered my mom's mouth with his. Steve looked over at me like, "What the hell?" and I just shrugged as I watched Mom pulling Jim's face down next to his b*****r's and they both began sucking like nursing babes. Jim shot his load across my mom's ass and when John came he roared like an elephant.


The Bridge Club

group glasgowjimmy 2018-07-25

Kathy Harris, the hostess for today's party, snuffed out her cigarette and replied, "Seriously girls, I think we all miss the feeling of seeing and touching a big cock for the first time, or the excitement of seeing a young man strip off his clothes and expose his hard pecker as well as a muscular body!" "Here, here," chimed in Abigail, "Just remember how exciting it was to see your lover's cock all big and hard just for you, God I miss that!" Everyone was quiet for a few moments, while Jen shuffled the deck and dealt out a new hand.

Another Reunion with an Ex Ch. 02

group JamesSD 2018-07-25

She kissed me tenderly on the lips and whispered "I haven't had good middle of the night sex in a long while." She slid up off of my still hard cock which was slick from her pussy. Emily held her mouth wide open as Isabella pursed her lips, squeezing the last bit out. Emily finished eating and watched us for a bit before deciding to start washing the dishes while Isabella continued multitasking. I guided Isabella's still rocking hips with one hand and placed my left arm on Emily's left buttock, squeezing it and pulling her in close to us. I wondered what Emily had done, but since her tongue was still stimulating my cock I surmised she must have started playing with Isabella's clit with her hand.


Island Girl

group LazerGuided 2018-07-25

As Erin moves down past your breasts she once again sits up and asks if she can straddle your body with her legs now, it is going to be embarrassing if she has to have your face between her legs wile she works on you. You feel you probably only have one more chance so this time you slide your tongue between the lips of her pussy and went straight for her clit, hoping the stimulation will counteract any thoughts she has of backing away again. You let go of her tit and wrap both of your arms around her waist and hold her pussy tight to your face as you run your tongue over her clit and into her love canal.


Colton's Special Birthday

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-07-25

The sight of Danielle bouncing and the feel of her hot, wet pussy on him was almost unbearable, not to mention the sight of Toni's tongue alternating between Danielle's firm ass cheeks and his balls as she finger fucked Danielle's ass and Dani rode his cock with a vengeance got him closer and closer to exploding. Within seconds, as Danielle cried out her own climax, Toni felt a hot liquid being spilled deep into her as Colton shot streams of his cum into Toni's well-fucked pussy as he thrust his cock the hardest he could as he came, until the last shot went inside her cunt and her body stopped shaking from her own orgasm.


Just Desserts

group Cromagnonman 2018-07-25

Drinks were poured and we sat around having a good time and talking about all sorts of stupid crap, I was sitting on Jason's lap and I could feel his hand creeping up my skirt, and do you know what? I thought, if it's okay with you, that we could go back to my place and discuss this and, if you didn't feel like going home, I have plenty of room and you can stay the night." "I'd like that." I didn't know what to think, sure being prepared for Monday was beginning to worry me and it would be good to get things sorted before the inevitable, but being invited to spend the night with him was right out of left field.


The Works Course

group SlutKathy 2018-07-25

We got up from the table and went to the elevator, once in their hands were all over me, the top of my dress was pulled down freeing my tits which Dave went to work on with his mouth, whilst Mick pulled the bottom of my dress up to my waist and was fingering my smooth shaven cunt. I was fucked over and over again, one minuet I was on all fours getting cock from both ends, next I was sat astride one of them with cocks in both my hands shooting their cum over my face and dribbling down onto my tits, other times sucking three cocks one after the other while I rode another guy, my cunt filled with his hard cock.

Maggie's Wild Night

group inconspicuous_fem 2018-07-25

His friend had already agreed, but Aaron wanted to keep tonight's activities a secret from Maggie. When Aaron and Maggie got to the basement, they saw David behind the bar grabbing a beer from the fridge. "Don't you think she looks sexy with these glasses and her hair pulled up like that?" Aaron asked David. Aaron laid Maggie onto the floor and slipped his hand into her jeans. David undid his jeans and pulled out his big thick cock. Aaron looked up from her glistening pussy to see his friend being blown by Maggie. Aaron moved David away from Maggie's hot mouth and sat him on the couch. All of Aaron's friends came to know Maggie just like he did.

Video Story: Hope Gets a Girl-Girl-Boy Threesome

group LitTV 2018-07-25

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. In this video, Hope Harper tells how she'd longed to watch her boyfriend fuck another woman. Her longings become reality one night, and it's even more satisfying than she imagined. Enjoy Hope's video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments! Hope Finally Gets Her Girl-Girl-Boy

Apprehension, then the Satiation

group randomescapism 2018-07-25

Just after eight o'clock, Angela said "Alright boys, clear the table and let's hit the tub for a while." The moment of decision, thought Mary. David started gathering dishes and said "Sounds good, it's a nice night for it." Mary held her breath for a minute, then said "Okay, I'd better get changed." Before long, Angela was writhing on the sofa and yelling "I'm coming, oh my God, I'm coming, don't stop!" Ben then climaxed, moaning loudly and thrusting deep inside her, bringing her to another orgasm at the same time. She opened her eyes just in time to see Angela move between her and David, taking his cock deep into her throat, then pulling it out and guiding it gently back inside Mary.

Her introduction

group oursex186 2018-07-25

I casually watch her, I know she is exited .my wife turns her head to look at me, her eyes trailing over the girl in excitement over the young lady between us.. The womans eyes widen as my wife shamelessly fuckes me with her I fuck her ass, she feels like nothing I had ever felt before..we both are incredibly turned on by her watching us.. My wife's hips are motioning in a humping movement, the woman has now allowed her knees to fall to either side of her body., her hands moving furiously upon her pussy, we all listen to the erotic sounds of wetness her body and mind are producing...

How Many Women

group Tidewater1347 2018-07-25

Well Karen also got fucked while still blindfolded and thought it was our host, when in fact it was a black guy and she later gave in and she sucked him off in front of three white couples. It was about a year later when Karen was at home when a guy calls and said he was a friend of this black guy and wanted to know if he could come over and visit. By the time I got home she was on her hands and knees with his very large cock up her ass and another guy’s cock in her mouth while a black girl was taking pictures.

The Ache Inside Us All

group mtt_rdd 2018-07-25

For a long stretch, Angela teased, "Look, he's wearing a wooly jumper and shorts!" Melinda directly fired, "Did you travel with any women?" In addition, Aimee smirked, "He hasn't touched his cup." While she had an adorable face, something like you'd see on a fairy, her sexiness came from three places: the softness and curve of her long neck and elegant shoulders and upper chest, her intensely delicate eyes, and the confident gentle nature of her direct words and actions. My cock already raging hard, her ass soaking wet with Amanda's saliva, Aimee sliding her face under Melinda's pussy, I put my hands on her small waist and pulled her against me.

A Hard Day's Work Ch. 01

group EDI2222 2018-07-25

My ladies, Jordan and Lex had short red mini skirts on and a white halter so thin I could see their pert nipples through the fabric. James started cooking a nice dinner while Jordan and Lex accompanied me to my room and helped me undress. Lex picked a nice skirt and tank top for me to wear while Jordan went through my lingerie and selected purple lacy ensemble that I hadn't worn in awhile. It was Jordan's favorite as the black leather skirt, and red top was Lex's. Lex picked one up, dipped it in the cream and fed it to Rafe with exquisite slowness. I turned around to face Jordan and Lex while Rafe and James began caressing my backside.

Heather Ch. 14

group maudecardy 2018-07-25

"Yes, but they're such pretty panties aren't they, Heather?" said Isabelle, "Just see how tight they are over her bottom!" and she moved forward and began to stroke Joan's bottom cheek. Joan let out a sigh: "Oh, Andrew, is that you?" but I carried on stroking, saying nothing but feeling amazingly aroused as I felt her nipples harden, and felt myself harden too, watched by Isabelle and Heather, whose eyes seemed glued to my hands stroking their friends breasts. Heather was flushing more now, but giving in, as Isabelle moved my hands off her, and began a more focussed stroking of her breasts and panties, then reached forward to kiss her open lips.


Her Fantasy

group millhouseBob 2018-07-25

My arm around her waist holding her tightly, my leg pressed between her legs, she looked up at me with her beautiful smiling eyes and I knew we should be heading home. I smile at her and nod, my hands still on her breasts, holding her tightly, my cock still insistently thrusting into her pussy, making sure she knows that I am in charge. I can feel her body tighten, her eyes pleading with me, but when she doesn't push away, the hands unfasten her bra and then slide forward until they have taken my place cupping her full breasts. I pull back, sliding out just to the point where the head of my cock is caught in her pussy and then, as I thrust forward, he pushes.

Cheeleader Whore Takes Cum Bath

group SexWriter 2018-07-25

Shows the whole gang bang, right down to me drinking cum out of a giant margarita glass. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard.His dick went deeper inside me on each stroke. "Hey Billy Ray, how many cocks you reckon she can take?" Ricky asked. "I don't know," Billy Ray said. Ricky ran out of the room and came back with a margarita glass the size of an oil pan on a 1970 Camaro. "You just hold this right here and open your mouth," he said, shoving the glass into my chest. One boy slapped me across the face and called me a dirty slut. When the last guy squeezed the last bit of jizz on my face, they boys formed a circle around me.