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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 06 Pt. 2

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-24

Ray reached out to the both of us, taking our hands and pulling us closer together, the three of us; he put an arm around the both of us, and we sat there for a long time, the silence broken only by the sounds of night from the woods behind our house. Sitting, I watched with interest and with lust as they loved each other, as they touched each other; Ray looked at me, raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner, I simply said, softly, "No, baby, not yet, I'd like to watch for a while if that's okay," my hand already running through my pubes, the dampness barely felt but there.

My Boyfriend's Little Surprise

group CandySkulls122 2018-11-24

Her lips tasted like strawberries and her tongue wrestled with mine while she massaged my tits. My boyfriend came up behind me and started to remove my shirt and I turned around and just pushed him back on the bed. "Let's play a little game, we'll take turns putting our dicks in your mouth, you try to guess who is who," my boyfriend said as he smiled and blindfolded me. "All in good time my dear, you know I love to lick your ass," He said in a such a sexy way that made my pussy tingle. My boyfriend started pounding my ass which forced me to slide up and down on Gianna's cock.

My Dad's Company Picnic

group nataschaslut 2018-11-24

It wasn't long before my dad got busy and started to organizing groups of people for volleyball and other games, leaving me to chat with two seriously good looking guys, Alex and Pete. No doubt any one that looked our way just thought we were playing, but I was so hot for Pete I just let him fuck me right there in the water. As I walked out of the changing room my dad waved me over to his table, it was filled with most of the guys that had just fucked me, Alex and Pete, Vince and Hank, his partner and even his wife was there.

Center Piece

group RejectReality 2018-11-24

Both women whimpered when Autumn pinched the blonde’s nipples and Summer cupped her friend’s sex, pushing one finger tight into the cleft. She felt soft hands on her knees, and had just enough time to see Lisa flip her red curls over one shoulder and slip between her legs before Summer blocked the view by sucking a nipple between her lips. Autumn let out a high-pitched moan and lifted the bottle to her lips, knowing Roger was most likely going to have to wait his turn behind Lisa and Summer. “You know you want more,” Lisa said as she sucked two fingers to wet them before returning to Autumn’s clit.

Adventures with a Sex Therapist

group angieseroticpen 2018-11-24

“The first thing I asked you to do when we came in here was to sit next to each man and talk to him and also touch him if you wished.” Liz said. Moments later she too was on the mattress, kneeling down at the other side of Don. “I think we will add some sensuality to the proceedings.” She said as began placing a black silk blindfold over Don’s face. Helen copied Liz’s actions; in all the years of their marriage she had never touched him in this way, “Now cup his sac with one of your hands.” Liz told her. “Well Don I don’t think you will be complaining again about lack of oral sex from Helen.” Liz said looking up at him and smiling.

From Babysitters to Swingers. The Preliminaries.

group Meggsy 2018-11-24

We undressed, and Sam and I immediately started with the Jan and Judy kissing and having oral sex. I had my arms around Tony’s neck as he worked at fucking Sam. Obviously, he was doing wonderful things to her as I could feel her sort of moaning as she was licking me at the same time. I came and after a few minutes to recover I started on Jan. That was another amazing experience and after she came, we kissed and rested. Both Judy and Jan were so much like the two of us, they loved having sex, and I don’t think it mattered if it were men or women. Both Jan and Judy had always been so reassuring.

My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 11

group LuvitAll 2018-11-24

  I put my hands on my guys arse and pulled him into me while I pushed my mouth on to his cock and pressed my nose into his hair. My guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me roughly back into the car, reached under my dress and pulled my pants off.   I wanted to have a good play with his cock and balls first so I told him to pull down his jeans.   He pushed and held me up while he slipped a hand between my legs and ran his finger around the edge of my cunt where his cock was sticking into me.

cuckold lifestyle 36

group woreout 2018-11-24

She said yeah he has been trying to get me down there so he could share my pussy with some of his buddys, but I couldn't think of a way to get out of the house for a full week. Wow that's a nice one, she said yeah Carl had me model it in the store in front of at least eight guys buying stuff for their wifes. I looked up, you said Carl had the butler fuck you? He said OH yeah very....but I do want to buy you some sexy things to wear when we go out, back home. I looked up from my dinning place and asked, He let the help fuck you?

Cottage Swinging

group gracesnowpaw 2018-11-24

It was relatively early when Dean asked if my hubby wanted to go for a ride on the ATV's and try fly fishing on lake further back from their cottage. Dean's tongue probed my mouth and his hands grabbed my ass firmly as he massaged it roughly. Dean sucked on my nipples and breasts, his hands grabbing and opening my ass cheeks. The wetter my mouth got, the harder he started fucking me until his cock slowly pushed its way down my throat. Fully expecting to take a big load of cum down my throat I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. It only took a couple minutes and Dean was moaning like a wild man with his cock buried in my throat shooting his load straight to my belly.

cuckold lifestyle 32

group woreout 2018-11-24

I caught the tail end of several guys talking about how my wife looked and when and how they had fucked her. I came back from getting a beer from the house and saw my wife setting in a friend of mine's lap. I saw them out and when I came back around back there she was in Greg's lap and this time there was actually a line of guys standing waiting their turn . Then she would turn facing her new hardon and pull her skirt up just high enough for her to straddle their legs and then she'd set down on the hard dick. She said I want to thank all you handsom guys and your beautiful hard dicks.

Plantation Porn

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

Introducing a strong, mature Black woman named Mathilda Jean to the joys of Race Play and Interracial Lesbian BDSM. I just never thought my best friend and former lover Christine's mother Mathilda would be one of my Black Female Submissives. Her daughter Christine Jean, a slim, short-haired and absolutely gorgeous young Black woman, has been my best friend for a while. The big and tall, busty and big-bottomed, mature Black woman clearly didn't think Christine and I were just friends. Did this conservative Black woman know that I spanked her daughter and fucked her with my strap-on dildo? I told Mathilda that I was a dominant Butch woman and I handled Christine the way she liked to be handled.


You Just Never Know

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-24

I did get to see her body at times, like in the bathroom showering and such, but she never felt comfortable spreading open for me and any thought of oral sex was out. Diane was topless in panties, it was Jack, Rita's husband, who got her bra off and he had a great time licking and sucking her nipples. Then Jack spun and Lisa got her bra taken off as I watched Jack hungrily kiss and lick and suck my wife's nipples. Lisa sucked him for a few minutes as I watched, knowing how good she is sucking a man's cock, then Brian twirled the wine bottle which ended up pointing to his wife, so he spun it again.

Sex With Mary My Son's Girlfriend - Part Four

group Mysteria27 2018-11-24

I moved my hands up and down my shaft and held my balls while I heard Mary and Mia begging to get their asses fucked. Mary was licking Mia’s pussy making her very excited. I bent down and spread Mia’s ass and tongue fucked her asshole. Mia was playing with her pussy and licking Mary’s cunt. I pulled out of Mia’s asshole and both girl's got up and got on their hands and knees and took turns licking my cock. Both Mia and Mary got on the pool table. The girls were bucking and squirming on the pool table while they both tongue fucked each other’s pussies. I pushed them into Mia’s asshole and fucked her asshole while she licked Mary’s pussy.

Melissa’s Photo Shoot

group DarkSide 2018-11-24

With Pete on the sofa, Steve asked me to kneel next to him and to hold his head to my breasts but not so close as they touched. I pulled Pete’s head into my ample chest as Steve clicked away, and I pushed my arse backwards in the hope of getting Robert’s hand to contact with my bare arse. “Right we have fifteen minutes left, let’s get some raunchy photos,“ said Steve, “Robert I want you to lie on the floor here, Melissa can you straddle Robert and Pete, I want you to position yourself in front of Melissa.” I had decided that Robert was being left out and with my left hand I reached down and pulled his cock free of his toga and held it upright.

Jo makes my first group experience great

group LASARDaddy 2018-11-24

I'd pulled it up like a skirt and was close to coming, watching some stranger as he looked, staring at her, listening to her slobbering all over my cock and balls. She moaned softly then and said, "let's move to where it's a little darker." As I danced us to a corner I'd seen my friends looking at us, big smiles on their faces, knowing what was going on and happy that I was getting lucky. It's been something I've wanted since Dave asked me to do this." Then reaching harder and staring wide eyed at Steve's huge cock she said, "I've never had a cock that big before."

Happy Valentine's Day Eve

group jcfrgb1 2018-11-24

First Cindy influenced Yvonne, then Yvonne influenced my wife and my wife has influenced Kathy, a beautiful Asian girl who will have her first gangbang on Saint Patrick's day weekend. Her friend Cindy, a busty beautiful redhead, likes to gangbang as much as my wife does and carries cockrings with her whenever she swings . Then it was Kathy and Laurie doing the same, masterfully coordinating the movement of their tongues up and down my balls and the shaft of my cock.With a cockring on, a guy can stay hard for 3 or 4 hours. For a little more than three hours, my wife and her girlfriends licked and sucked my cock and balls and we fucked and fucked. In that time I joyously fucked all the ladies and even had a couple of daisy chains going.

Her Enormous Son Ch. 08

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-24

Suck my pussy juices off his big dick," urged Shelly, as she lightly probed Monica's shoulder length dark reddish hair with her fingers. Shelly moved her tongue up and lapped at Monica's open wet womb as it slided down my big dick. I pulled Monica's sweaty body closer to mines, feeling her huge wet melons sliding up and down my chest while my cock thrusted in and out of her cum-drenched pussy like a jackhammer. His giant dick nearly crippled Monica and myself," Shelly teased, as she grabbed my huge cock in both hands and stroked it. Snake loves big dicks," Monica said, as she grabbed my giant balls and bounced them in her palms.

Fun with Sarah

group vangelsdorp 2018-11-24

Cindy guessed why I gently pulled her up and away and, with a wicked grin, climbed onto the sofa, straddled me and lowered her cunt towards my face, Grabbing her ass with both hands I alternated between nibbling her clit and licking her cunt with broad stokes of my tongue. I've always thought Sarah was possibly the hottest and wettest woman it's been my good fortune to fuck, but Cindy just had the edge and it went some way to explaining why she and Ron enjoyed swinging so much.                 'Sarah, I can't tell you how amazingly erotic it was, watching you fuck Ron. And when you told him that he didn't have to be so gentle, that you weren't going to break and that you wanted him to fuck you hard – him with his dick buried in that sexy ass of yours .

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

group mrsterygor 2018-11-24

I was ready to get hard, see some boobs, pull some panties down, eat some pussy, shove my cock into them, and cum all over their bodies. Jenny gasped as I pressed the head of my cock directly against the skin of her pussy lips. Emma let out a loud scream as semen shot right out of my cock, and I ejaculated all over her flawless ass and pussy. I groaned as I emptied my cum all over Emma's fine cheerleader ass and inside of her pussy. Dani took her right hand, collected my cum, and slowly licked it off her cheerleader outfit. As soon as Emma's car was out of sight, I held up Dani's skimpy cheerleader panties and gazed at them.

A New Years Threesome

group PunkDiamond 2018-11-24

  then taking him into my mouth, i start running my tounge up and down on his shaft as i start sucking on his head, Rich moans and pulls harder on my hair, making me moan onto his cock.   I run my tounge up him and swallow his cock as much as i can, and suck hard, this sends Rich into orgasm and cum shoots down my throat.  after I suck him clean, we get dressed and head out for some fun. Jodi starts screaming as her orgasm hits her, she floods my face with her cum, as Rich floods my pussy with his.


Fred and Martha's Cruise Adventure

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-24

For Martha the only time she is able to accept this reality is when Fred is fast asleep a she gets out her dildo and allows herself a few minutes to indulge herself by considering such a scenario in a sexual fantasy that she regularly uses to arouse herself while she uses her dildo. Martha decided that she was not going to ‘jump right-in’ to use the vibrator but instead she was going to enjoy the fantasy of having sex with one of the men that she saw on deck earlier in the cruise. Now Martha goes through a rush of feelings from Fred will understand, to imaging what his cock will feel like once he enters her, and finally she experiences fears since she has never done this before.

A Little Stinger

group MissAnonna 2018-11-24

I felt a twinge at the top of my head where he made contact with the gauze and the brief pain made me take a deep breath and then a burning sensation had me grabbing his legs and pulling his crotch right into my face. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around the base and pulled it back down to my mouth, popped the head in and let it sit there while running my tongue underneath and slid my hand over his taught testicles that were sporting quite a number of grey hairs. Tim pulled his staff out of my mouth again and I covered the top of his head with my palm, pushed my lips against the bottom of his cock and ran my lips up the shaft just to the lip of his helmet.

My Initiation Into the Society of the Black Swan

group calandrianekane 2018-11-24

As soon as I expressed pleasure, I felt a slippery middle finger switch out from the pinky and then I was red faced and ashamed but full of lust as the finger fucked my ass. I then felt hands work their way to my nipples, and another hand move between me and the man who was fucking my pussy. The last guy fucking my cunt was crying out as I felt all the hands all over me again, rubbing the hot juices into my body. I don’t know from where, but finger emerged and quickly rubbed at my clit, I came one last time as the last man groaned and sank himself deep inside me to fill be with hot cum.

A Vignette..Happenstance

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-24

"Bobby and I aren't married anymore but we still, you know, party, as a couple with other friendly couples from time to time," Jeri explained further while grasping my hand and leading it to a spot on her leg, past mid-thigh, "Ree and I thought it might be a fun thing if we all went to Bobby's house after the last race...whatd'ya think?" Just as I pulled up to and parked in front of Bobby's place, Jeri suddenly pulled my hand from between her legs, saying, "That was fun...wish I could stick around but I need to go, give Bobby and Ree my apologies," and quick as a wink, she jumped out of my car and into hers, which was already parked in front of Bobby's house, driving off as I watched her do so, open-mouthed and somewhat confused.