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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True

group TittieGirl4Fun 2018-07-25

But, he’s trapped behind the table and I’m hungry to play with a cock right now, so when I feel a hand on my ass and turn to see a grey haired guy in his 60s, handsome and definitely still works out, I give him a big smile. The first guy’s tongue works my cunt hole then back to my clit, I start riding his face, begging him to stop as the second guy holds my hands tight, calling me a dirty slut. I wank his cock hard as the first guy pushes two fingers in my hole and starts fucking me deep inside, his mouth working my hard clit.

Darla's Games Day 05

group Panthergirl 2018-07-25

So, soon enough that was forgotten and we were talking about the workout this afternoon and Farin laughed at how sore Julie and I were going to be. Julie was quiet when I had pushed, like she wanted to say something, but couldn't or wouldn't in front of Farin. "Good morning Rebecca." Farin waved at her and finally left our side for a moment while she rushed off to talk to her. It would have felt almost normal except for the fact that my pussy wouldn't stop leaking, my nipples stuck out like bullets poking through the ribbed shirt and I had to be careful with every step to be sure my skirt stayed in place.


Bound 4 trouble

group Jll178 2018-07-25

About a month ago, the guy I see now and then said he had a friend that would like to meet me and possibly "get to know better". My friend pulled out his dick (8.5") and started rubbing it against my pussy. After a little while they switched places and his friend started going at it with me. My friend asked me if I loved black dick and I said yes. My friend came back in and put his dick back in my mouth. Then my friend came back over and slide his cock back into my pussy. As I was laying there, I started to wonder about the other guys and got a little worried.

Dorm Room Orgy

group MikesKitty 2018-07-25

Kristin and Julie began to trace their fingers lightly over the extremely sensitive area behind his balls as Amy ran her tongue over the head and underside of his cock. The sensation and the sight of three gorgeous girls kissing and sucking his cock was too much for Justin, and he moaned, “Oh, yessss, girls…” as he began to cum all over their still-intertwined tongues, his cream filling up their mouths as it continued to spurt and spurt from his spasming cock. Her perfect lips shaped into an “O” as she moaned made his cock throb and he growled, “Ohh, Amy, I’m gonna cum!” He thrust up to her pink tongue as she tightened her tits around him and he suddenly lost control, shooting his cum all over her smooth, tan chest.


The Secret of a Happy Marriage Ch. 01

group kewtieboy 2018-07-25

As my cock slid out, the young guy next to me slipped his fingers back into Kate and then lifted them to his lips and licked my spent cum off them, almost theatrically, to show me he enjoyed it. "To be honest Kate, I love looking at big cocks anyway, but ones that you were going to have would be ten times better." Kate opened slightly to give access and he started to use his tongue to lick her clitoris and my pounding cock and the same time. "How would you feel watching a guy with a big cock fucking Sue?" "I don't think Sue might like the idea of a strange couple watching her being shagged by two black strangers with an audience of 3 and a film crew," I said.


A Trip to Vermont

group MaxLongfella 2018-07-25

The next thing I saw on the screen was Lauren's mouth on Kara's big perky tits, licking and sucking on her erect nipples. Kara's head was moving down Lauren, and she began to slide her tongue up and down her best friend's hot slit. Every thrust of my hard cock drove Kara into Lauren's sexy little slit, both of them moaning with pleasure as I felt Kara's warm, wet pussy envelope my throbbing pole. Too much sensation for her to handle, Lauren took her mouth away from her friend's lips, and started screaming "LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY!! As I laid back into the bed, I watched as Lauren descended upon her friend, licking up my come so they could kiss and share some more.

Sylvia Pt. 02

group Wally3218 2018-07-25

After having her work on each of her breasts Sylvia pushed her head further down her body, as she held her legs open Bec started kissing and playing with Sylvia's cunt, she loved how her cunt lips looked and hung there, pushing her finger inside it felt so much different than her girlfriend's years ago, she soon had two fingers pumping in and out of Sylvia's cunt, being told to add another finger and another she was pumping her four fingers into the wet sloppy cunt. Wally began fingering her tight cunt, moving her legs Mal lined up his cock with Bec's cunt with a push his cock entered her tight hole, Bec's hand moved and Sylvia's screamed.

First Threesome

group wicked_annabella 2018-07-25

Even so, I cannot deny that I totally envy Kyle's body and the effect it has on Bella who stares, eyes wide open and mouth agape. I know from experience that Bella LOVES to suck cock and even as the sight of her gobbling Kyle's monster meat stabs at me like wicked, thorny spikes of pitiful jealousy, I must also admit it's about the hottest thing I've ever seen. Bella braces her hands on Kyle's hips trying to keep him from stuffing his big dick all the way into her throat. Her panicked, muffled mewling fills the room as Kyle continues his pursuit, slipping more and more of his giant cock into Bella's gullet until finally, her face is pressed tightly to his lower abdomen.

My wife , a old friend and new cockhold who is me

group 2018-07-25

ben told me to have four cups of coffee on the table and sarha to be dressed and ready for a day of hard core fucking . I crawl over to ben and start sucking , I hear voices and I hear sarha laughing my uncle walks in and he has just a T-shrit and shoes on and sits at the table. then i hear a voice a think i now say " are you sure it's ok" and sarha said here and started to suck who ever it was is dick from the sucking and slurping sounds, well that help because a few min's later i heard sarha's ooo fuck me, fuck your tight pussy whore and a grunt he cummed in her fast.

Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 2

group Rocket 2018-07-25

They traded kisses across the head of Andy's cock, before Debbie slid her tongue through its seeping groove; gathering his pre-cum and trailing it into Bree's eager mouth. "Do you want all of his come in your mouth?" Bree did; but wanted something else too; wanted to feel that big cock in her arse, and crawled forward for it, almost knocking Debbie out of the way. Bree welcomed it back with a deep sigh, so close to coming she closed her eyes, and tried to blank out the delicious new feeling as her spread arse came to rest against the hand Debbie had wrapped around the base of the shaft.

First bi and group experience - mmf

group wearimus 2018-07-25

I got the call to pick up a couple at their home and they were going clubbing. Apparently he noticed me looking at his hard 9" cock going between Debbie's perfect tits. Debbie reached over and started undressing me while she pushed my head down on Mikes cock. While Mike was pushing his cock down my throat, Debbie was hard at work on my shaft. With that Debbie jumped off my cock and came up to me where I was in front of Mike. Mike pulled his dick out of my mouth just as he was shooting his hot load all over Debbie's and my face. After we had cleaned up Mikes cum, they both went to work on my cock.

Pam's Adventure With The Team

group Tomray10 2018-07-25

His cock started to blow come down her throat and Pam was buzzie swallowing the load feeling like a cheap slut and loving every minute of it. Chris was fucking Pam to the point that she was bucking her hips like a piston moans of passion coming from her with every stroke that was pushed into her cunt. Gary fucked her slowly at first and Pam loved the feeling of his cock in her arse he tried to push his cock in a little more each time. Peter then moved into position and pushed his cock into her cunt the two guys could feel the others cock inside Pam as they were fucking her.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 06

group PenLightStories 2018-07-25

When Max reached the romp room, the door was open so he stepped down into the soft white carpeted floor and looked around at the sofas pushed up against the walls. She held her hands in the prayer pose in front of her breasts again and seductively dipped her hips more like the belly dancers Max had seen perform in Atlanta than the traditional Indian dance she started with. Ken and Tom had reached to top end of the pool, so they sat directly facing the house, flipping their robe bottoms out so that they weren't sitting directly on them and letting their legs dip into the water below.


A Second Life Ch. 07

group Mang0nel 2018-07-25

Rather than kiss her lover, Melanie look Zach's good hand and slid it under her top and rested it on her left breast, telling him that she would miss his touch while he was out of action. Julie's stroking had reached the point where a steady stream of pre-cum had started to dribble from the end of Zach's hard cock and run down her hand. Once Melanie had sucked and licked off the last drop of his cum from the tip of his penis she leaned over the bed once more and offered her lips to Julie for another deep passionate kiss that lasted several long minutes as they both exchanged his sticky fluids back and forth and delighted in his taste.


This Old Cock Ch. 07

group GentleGeorge 2018-07-25

He remembered that Diane had always fantasized about having a threesome, with the thought of a cock in her pussy and one in her ass, or being fucked while she sucked off another dick. Finally, Diane said, "I need my nipples sucked on." In unison, Ted and George got off the bed, went to each side of Diane, got on their knees, and began sucking on each breast. George could not resist, he moved closer and began to lick downwards from Diane's pussy to Ted's shaft to his balls. Diane then moved to a sitting up position, and ordered Ted and George to bring their cocks for her to play with. Diane and Ted started to kiss, while George began to play with Ted's cock and balls.


Punishing a Husband Ch. 02

group schilders74 2018-07-25

The men must have been enjoying the show and looking forward to what was coming because a moment later the tab was paid and we were in a cab headed to the hotel that Sandy and I had checked into earlier in the day. Opening my eyes for a moment I saw Brad behind Sandy doing the same thing and I'm sure he was as hard as Steve was. A few moments later Sandy was on the bed next to me, with Steve between her legs. I looked at Brad who had started ramming his erection into Sandy's mouth faster as I was cumming. Steve needed a few minutes before he'd be able to do anything again so he lay on the huge bed watching Brad and Sandy.

vacation 16

group hotandhard007 2018-07-25

As an afterthought I reached between her legs and pushed four of my fingers as deep into her sopping cunt as I could, pulled them out, turned, and walked out of the room, grabbing a handful of towels from her cart on my way by. She would start right on the redhead’s rosebud, obviously applying a fair bit of pressure as the tip of her tongue would disappear into her ass before she would begin a long stroke up, through the middle of her widely parted pussy lips to finish with the flourish of a circle around her clit before moving back down to her ass again. Shortly after the camera zoomed in on the anal action as the redhead moved her hands from her tits to pull her cunt lips wide and she began to shower the lucky girl below her in lovely stream of piss.

The Mystic Adventure

group smugmug 2018-07-25

Then, as time slowed to a crawl from her looking at her pass and then shifting her eyes to me, I found myself wondering - is she really the girl next door type who will actually be as nice as she looks or will she turn out to be a stuck up snob. I was feeling sorry for myself earlier but when you said hello and just seemed so happy - looking forward to whatever came your way, it put me in a much better mood. I can't imagine turning down an adventure like that in favor of more time on my Blackberry but I guess some people just don't think the way we do, do they?"


Caught Spying on a Friend

group Toolmo 2018-07-25

The girls looked up and giggled, then the one that was getting her pussy licked crawled to Shari and sucked the strap on cock clean. Reaching out, she took my hand and led me into the house to the room where Shari and the other girl were waiting. My eyes went wide and with that, Shari took my hand and turned to leave the room. I sat there tied to the chair watching the girls as they kissed and played with the cock Shari was sporting. Both Beth and Peggy worked on Shari, removing the strap on and they took turns sucking her pussy right in front of me.


A Visit to My St. Louis Friends

group BilyumQ 2018-07-25

As she began to cum Joan closed her eyes and scrunched up her face, turning her head slightly to her right, she held the vibrator hard against her clit as her body jerked and she cruelly twisted her right nipple with her left hand. Jane's inner lips appeared wrapped around the plastic phallus as she quickly slid the side of the vibrator she held in her fist up and down the length of her pussy, her fist slamming against her pubic bone each time she moved her hand down, her head raised slightly, her eyes tightly shut, her teeth clenched saying "mother fucker" over and over as she came.


Between Operations

group Amourbkqueen 2018-07-25

Dr.Robert, the head surgeon was sitting next me scrubbing his face with his hands in frustration. "Alice!" Robert growled out as his hands suddenly grabbed my hips and he roughly bit my nipples through my shirt. Suddenly Robert plunged his finger into my hole and my hips began moving on their own volition, riding his finger. It is much easier when you are not so tense," Robert said soothingly as his fingers slick with lube penetrated my virgin hole. Robert finally thrust his dick completely into my ass and we all stilled, experiencing the fullness of both my holes. "I'll be there in five minutes sister," Robert shouted out a reply and lifted up off of me, disposed his condom and began putting on his clothes as if nothing had happened.


group readcarefully 2018-07-25

As thoughts bounced in my head about who else wanted to fuck Marcellus or me, I was interrupted by a sole set of footsteps and the sound of keys I heard almost every night. I knew his beautiful dick was teasing her and it had been a month since I tasted him, so I said, "Rosa, I would like for you to circles his balls with your tongue and work your way up to his head in your mouth." I slowly walked him towards Rosa and explained, "I don't know why I don't want to fuck you right now. And at that moment I reached around and shoved Marcellus' throbbing dick into Rosa's wet, bouncing pussy.


Eve and Ryan's First Swing

group honey28 2018-07-25

Ryan had caught her eye while he studied one of her paintings: he was perhaps an inch or two shorter than her 5'10" frame and of average build; about the same age, maybe a little closer to thirty than she was; short, brown hair, and, of course, he had good taste since he seemed to be enjoying her work so much. While being led onto the floor, Stephanie's gaze lingered on Ryan as he exchanged a look with Eve before pulling her away from the bar. After swallowing their drinks, Stephanie stepped closer to Ryan and brought her hands up around his neck. He slipped a hand under the fabric of Stephanie's dress, rubbing his thumb across a tight, erect nipple, sliding his tongue teasingly along her lower lip, then into her waiting mouth.


The Tease Ch. 01

group sexykitten69 2018-07-25

Before she even got the chance to use the vibrater, Blake walked over to her and began to kiss her body. Kelli then got off of Blake and Trisha climbed onto the bed. Kelli moaned and screamed wanting to release all the frustration she built up, but Trisha didn't let her. Blake started to move his fingers around, trying to give Trisha pleasure, but she said, "Stop. Kelli took the vibrater, turned it on high speed, and ran it across Trisha's nipples as Blake ate her out. Blake then reached up and began to finger Kelli while he continued to please Trisha. Blake took his fingers out of her and Trisha licked all the love juice off of them and said, "It's my turn.