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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 03

group L.Fortune West 2018-07-25

Katie-Anne can’t stop laughing because I’m getting slobber all over her titties. Katie-Anne’s birth certificate may say that she is eighteen, but her face says she’s a tiny little girl on Christmas morning…. It’s called “Big Nasty” Now I’m going to put it in Katie-Anne’s cute little ass…. Katie-Anne lets out a tiny little yelp, now she’s gasping like she’s short of air. If you feel all right with it I’m going to start fucking you now. It’s not just me fucking her, she’s bucking her little hips against the dildo, and she’s closing her sphincter off when it gets deep inside, which really makes the base of good old “Big Nasty” grind right into my clitoris.

The Neighbors Ch. 06

group RiversEdge2010 2018-07-25

Last we saw Lana and Tina together, the forbidden lovers were making love after getting their faces painted in multiple loads of semen thanks to Mark and his very "giving" friends. why is it on the yogurt?" Lana asked, the notion that she had almost eaten cum like it were a delicacy deeply shocking to her, though she didn't know why considering she had ingested much more than that when Tina and her let Mark and his friends turn them into two little bukkake-sluts. When she made sure she had swirled the substance all over last taste bud, Lana dutifully swallowed the mouthful of yogurt, excited that with it went a little bit of Tina's husband with it.


Porn Shoot Ch. 1

group greek goddess 2018-07-25

Anita was one of the world's biggest porn stars, with blonde hair, a toned body with large tits, and a tight ass that would be seeing lots of action over the next week. Here I was stroking my cock to full hardness, watching two of the world's hottest sluts, one on her knees in just her thigh high boots, her face and shoulders pressed against the cream carpet looking back at me smiling, while the tanned brunette patiently slid two of her delicate fingers up the blonde's tight ass. Let me see you fuck yourself on my dick.' Veronica held my cock in position with two hands, while Anita pushed back against it.

Truth or Dare with Dana

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-07-25

Then again, Kara was a very strange bride to begin with, having said nothing about my bachelor party other than to order my best man, Carlos, to "see to it that he comes home safe and happy. Anyway, there I stood with Dana, my wife's best friend and maid of honor, holding me by the waist, when Kara walked up to us and simply planted one on me before brushing my hard-on. "Carlos's turn again, I think," Dana reminded us now as she now breathed hard on my neck, "Truth or Dare?" "I dare you to kiss Saul on the mouth," Dana snickered as she told Carlos that. "Truth or dare?" Dana asked Carlos a third time.


Peggy Sanders, Depraved

group Trevor_Rennat 2018-07-25

The now always available anus my husband's cock was buried in when I had my one orgasm of the night, my tongue on Ann's nipple, my needy cunt humping my own hand under my dress. As much as that gorgeous little slut excites him; as aroused as he gets knowing that he can take her ass (or any other part of her he wants) in front of her husband, in front of me; as tight and hot as Ann's asshole is around his cock, three times in four hours is a lot. Having my right breast out, uncovering my bush, and showing Bob and Ann my bare ass at the end of our times together are the only occasions in the last month that anyone has seen the private parts of my body.


group WizardNDorothy 2018-07-25

Michael continued South away from town and into the darkness as Patricia turned to Jamie and said "It's a pleasure to meet you." Her heart was pounding with excitement and she was trying to start a conversation, or at least break the ice. As Jamie kissed her, she felt Thomas's hands as they began gently sliding up from her knees, across her thighs and gently up to her labia. Patricia could feel Thomas's fingers as he slowly massaged her clit and she also realized that he also had his cock out and was pressing and massaging it against her cheeks. Patricia remained in Jamie's lap for a few moments, gently sucking as his cock slowly deflated.

84% road

Back To College

group ksfunguy 2018-07-24

In the mean time, my wife's hands were all over Jen, on her breasts, down between her legs, rubbing her face. After a few moments, my wife started kissing her way down Jen's body, stopping to kiss her mouth, lick her nipples and down across her stomach. I could barely see my wife's head moving and she slowly licked Jen. Jen only had what looked like a small patch of pubic hair right above her pussy. My wife continued eating her out, she started to lick faster and faster and was rubbing her hands up over Jen's stomach and breasts. Finally, my wife sat up and started to ride Jen's face as I continued to lick that fresh young pussy for all it was worth.

Two Friends, Two Fantasies

group Cleardiamond 2018-07-24

We've discussed this many times before, and he knows better than anyone how much I would enjoy kissing her lips and her beautiful body. As Jules undressed me down to my lace panties and matching bra, I continued to let my lips, tongue, and fingers explore Tony's body. Tony seemed to know what I needed, and he pulled Jules and me off of his cock, and kissed us both passionately. I continued to devour Jules, but I didn't want to preclude Tony from our activities, so I came up for a short breath and pulled his lips to mine. We pulled Tony down on the bed and I climbed above him, Jules positioned his hard cock at the entrance of my pussy, and I sank down slowly.

A New Experience

group fancyface1 2018-07-24

His ass was at the edge of the pool and he led me in between his legs and told me to make him cum with my mouth. I did as was told and he started to go down on me and lick and suck my clit and tongue fuck my pussy. Then he told me to bring my ass closer to the edge of the pool and he then got up on one step and inserted his cock in my pussy again. Then the person sucking my clit and pussy stopped and I felt both hands were on my stomach lightly against my skin gently going up over my breasts.

Golf Prose Pt. 03

group OneSilky 2018-07-24

We stopped to eat somewhere, not as fancy as the night before, but I still got to rub legs and crotches with my toes, and play hand holding under the table, and I could focus the drooling just by staring hard and widening my eyes. I elected to carry my shoes, I wasn't sure I could walk in them, and anyone who saw me would have thought I looked like I just fucked a room full of horny men. The sound of the dryer woke him, and he opened bleary eyes to see a naked red head trying to fix up a little for him and his special night. Maybe over the top a touch, but he did a good job, and I wanted him to feel like he got his share.


The Christmas Party Orgy

group 2018-07-24

Suddenly, Suzette asked Babs for a cloth as her milk was letting down (leaking from her tits.) Nick said don’t bother and lifter her top and started sucking on one of her tits. She spent a little extra time and after having all four ladies sucking and licking my cock and balls, I gave Suzette the final dessert topping. Wade stole the sex cream from Babs and she stole the dildo from Linda who chose a new gift. Half way through, Babs’ tits started leaking so Bill quickly laid down on the floor and had Babs climb on top of him and bend down so he could suck her milk while he fucked her.

Before Work Whoppie Ch. 2

group Highlander 2018-07-24

I started getting the picture that Jade was quite the woman, working hard to establish herself as a writer, while waitressing to keep a roof over her head. I could hear her starting to lick at fingers, but then she paused for a moment and said, "Greg, you know, these are the same sorts of sounds I would make sucking you off. Jade came out of her room a couple of minutes later with a few more of the top buttons undone, so the dress was open almost to her belly button, and left it very obvious that there was no bra restraining her tits.


dance of sex

group 2018-07-24

dance floor, resting her head on my shoulder whilst I concierge, a young black guy, told me about a place We had a lovely time dancing and drinking. in and his cock was now inside my lovely Beth. I still had my finger on the front of Beth's pussy. Cumming inside my lovely Beth. when I noticed the guy who had just fucked Beth, he was the guy withdrew his cock out of Beth, I swung her The guy who was the first to fuck Beth spoke to me. lots of cum in her cunt ain't gonna make much As the barman got off Beth, the first guy who had fucked her said 'Thanks again for the use of your sweet

The Reno

group in_a_canoe 2018-07-24

Having spent much of the day in a state of arousal, I announced I was going to take a shower, and slipped into the downstairs bathroom where I set Adrienne's video on a loop, propped my phone off, and proceeded to give myself release as the warm water washed the plaster dust off my body. She let his cock fall away from her mouth as she turned to me and said "Fuck me slowly." I gazed into her eyes as I lifted my hips up to slide myself in and out of her wetness. Ray said "Fuck her," and I began to press my cock back into Adrienne's hungry pussy.

A Little Bit of Excitement

group AngelTyrael 2018-07-24

The name evoked memories of a few specific moments: her hand resting gently on my shoulder during a lively conversation, the swell of her breasts pressed into my back as she leaned over in the close quarters of a cramped supply room, heated arguments over disputes I can't recall. Wondering what to say to the girls as I head back out into the dining room, I turned the corner out of the kitchen and suddenly I was thrust up against the wall, head pulled down, soft lips pressed against mine as a tongue explored my mouth, teasing and probing. She let out a small, throaty giggle and asked, "Would you like to see more?" My vision blurred as I felt a strong hand pressing against the fly of my jeans, grabbing at the throbbing erection she and Tricia induced a moment earlier.


Nikki Lacy

group johnnieblue44 2018-07-24

I pushed her back onto the couch, placing one leg on the armrest and the other as high on the backrest as she could stretch, and for the next fifteen minutes or so my fingers and tongue and lips and thumbs alternately tickled and teased and assaulted her delicious, spraying quim until we had ourselves a mug if cum and a secr, sorry, administrative assistant who was ready to suck the cock of her boss. Kelly's box felt like a velvet glove gripping my dick with a death-grip, and as her muscles clenched to somehow accept more than several inches of my thick, throbbing pole, she lapped happily away at Nikki's tunnel, who writhed and moaned wide-eyed, watching my impale and stretch her friend's tiny cunt.


Pallavi Joins Niharika and Sheetal

group nihadeep 2018-07-24

She was definitely feeling hornier and Niharika, seeing the liquid on her inner thigh moved her finger along the path of the liquid, then rubbed her slit a couple of times pushing her finger inside slightly, with Pallavi groaning at the act and wetting even more, and gave her finger Sheetal to smell and taste. Taking the opportunity, Sheetal went between Niharika's, legs, opened his shorts, pulled down his underpants, pulled out his hard cock and started licking and sucking. Niharika went and kissed her and poured my cum into her mouth, and the whole scene aroused Sheetal so much and she came so hard that she was convulsing as if somebody were giving her electric shocks.

The Adventures of Julie Pt. 01

group pastmyprime23 2018-07-24

When the black guy she was sucking was getting ready I said, "Now remember, when I take this blindfold off you have to swallow all of his cum." She acknowledged with a full mouth and I untied the blindfold. I pulled the back of her hair and instructed, "Just take a look at the 6 guys you fucked and swallowed." Tears started in flowing in her eyes as she realized she had sucked off 4 black guys and several guys that she had been a bitch to. I stuck it in her mouth and said, "Show these guys what a slut you can be." I repeated the process a couple of times and then finally started pounding her ass.

Public Panty Change

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-24

Before I was prepared, I felt the store manager's cock press roughly inside me, stretching my tight hole. I then heard the store manager moan from behind me as he grabbed my ass tight and his cock began draining its load into my puckered hole. I soon felt the store manager's hot load come dripping out of me, soaking the crotch of the new white satin panties. I'd had no idea he'd filled me with so much cum, and the two men jeered as the hot seed began to soak through the crotch of the panties and drip slowly onto the floor. The two men remained in the store while I headed home, my shaved hole dripping with cum and my panties soaked through.

From The Jukebox: Freak Me

group tamalone 2018-07-24

"You hear this young boy T," Hunny replied, "Miss Cummings, well, I guess that shit is better than Ma'am." She looked me in the eyes, "Young Boy we about to fuck, so no need for formalities. She smiled at me, and it was, before I met Lynn of course, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen."So, is fucking me a fantasy come true?" she said shooting me a sexy look. She looked at me grinning, "You mean that shit don't you with your high, sexy, nice cock havin ass," She laughed taking the joint from me, and took a deep toke, before she put it out in a glass ashtray.


40th Reunion. Unexpected Surprise

group JustJimColo 2018-07-24

I was a little uneasy about that and Karen continued to look at me and said that Jerry knew what had happened earlier. The next time it plopped out, Jerry took me in his mouth for a second before I went back inside Karen. I could get a faint taste of Jerry's cock while I was kissing Karen and just smiled at what a great night of firsts this had been for me and them. I let Jerry's cock slip from my mouth and started concentrating on Karen's pussy. I kept up licking an sucking Karen and out of nowhere I started to shoot my load deep into Jerry's mouth.

Letters to Purvi Ch. 07

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-07-24

Actually, we are just passing the time while waiting for Rajesh to get here so that we can have one of our threesomes – we promised him that we would not start without him, but I got to telling Lali about my stay in Delhi and she was talking about Europe and it is getting increasingly difficult for us to keep our hands off each other. "I have a sleeping pill you will like much better than a hand job," I whispered as I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and placed his velvet cock head between my excited pussy lips. Parvez kissed my neck and I moaned throatily, while he moved his hand between our bodies until he reached my slit.


Catch of the Day

group No Panty Girl 2018-07-24

We discovered early in our venture guys on fishing trips are looking for one thing, a good time! The second cock slid into my wet hole with ease and soon I felt another pair of balls snuggled between my open thighs. Over the next hour all eight cocks visited my pussy and mouth as each guy took his turn emptying his balls into me. The season at Snug Harbor stretches from May until November during which time over a hundred guests get to dip their lines into the productive waters of Georgian Bay and most into Bonnie or my pussies.

Sofa So Good Ch. 03

group Lei Feng 2018-07-24

I reached out with both hands and firmly grasped Charlie's and Alf's hard cocks, squeezed them, and began to pump them in time to Simon's fucking.. As he came inside me I glanced up at the vigorous pumping of Calvin's cock, and this, together with the pulsing of Charlie's orgasm in my pussy, and the sight of his face in paroxysms of pleasure, made me come with intense feelings, once more. Alf kept fucking me, and as I recovered I opened my eyes to watch his face as he reached the summit of the hill and loosed his come into me in any series of spasms that I could feel inside my pussy.