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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Office Game

group Shoota 2018-07-24

Carl had, at times, tried to get her to wear some more revealing clothes to the office in order to tease the guys she worked with. She so much wanted for her and Carl to go to the office party so he could meet the people she spent so much time with. When Arie told Carl of her decision to not accompany him on the golf trip but to remain at home during the holiday weekend, he was visibly upset. Carl would go with his buddies and their wives on the golf outing and Arie would attend the office party alone at her managers' house. Realizing your raise or promotion would be determined by the impression your boss had at a party had Arie a bit upset.


First Time Bi

group AcworthBIMale 2018-07-24

It was the first time another guy has felt my cock and I almost wanted to cum right then. It felt good to hold a guys cock and feel the warmth and hardness in my hand. He started licking around my tight hole, then slid his tongue into my hot ass. Lisa pulled my legs up to her chest while Jim placed the head of his cock on my ass. I felt him start to push his cock slowly into my tight ass. It was making me more excited hearing them that once she reached down to grab my cock, she just stroked it once and I started cumming like crazy.


group nnthigpen 2018-07-24

Her hands held my face, cradled like a child, and she kissed my forehead. The first time a man enters a woman, no matter how loving and with how much care, there is a pain that is followed by a strange new pleasure. He stretches and redefines the meaning of woman. Some believe that the great plan is for man to create sexual passion for woman. What if another woman can redefine the meaning of the universe, life, love, blue, green? Pleasure, joy, happiness exist in my heaven as servants of sexual bliss; pain, its only equal. To know the taste of an immortal woman is a shattering addictive lust that consumes like a raging fire.


group denniscarpenter 2018-07-24

As I drove I kept an eye on the mirror – Sally had both of their cocks out one in each hand rubbing them and kissing each of them on the lips in turn, Tom and Terry’s hands were feeling her breasts and I could see both nipples standing proud, I noticed that they were both quite large well above average and getting larger with sally’s rubbing she leant over and took Tom into her mouth sucking greedily on his hard cock Terry was fondling her breasts squeezing then hard which she seemed to love.

My Wife's Twin

group Leenysman 2018-07-24

When I told her that I really wanted a child that was biologically mine, she said, 'Then have Jeremy knock Kerri up, her children will be just like she'd been a surrogate for the two of you.' At first, she thought I'd adopt the baby as if Kerri had been an actual surrogate, but I realized I would hate that idea, if the situation were reversed. A year after that, I changed jobs, and the new company's health insurance plan included 50% coverage for IVF procedures, and Kassy wound up pregnant with fraternal twins on our first try, one boy we named Stan, and a daughter named Lisa, after the last and favorite of my foster mothers, who had made sure I studied hard in high school so I could qualify for the scholarships that let me go to college, which is where I met Kassy.

Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

group Dawn_Summers 2018-07-24

Instead of slowing down, however the group took on some new positions with Slade now fucking Faith while Rose and Buffy licked each other’s pussies continuing as if neither of them had had and orgasm yet and their passion showed no signs of abating. “Oh, damn,” Rose said as she realized what was about to happen and suddenly she turned to dust, Buffy fell on her face in the grass, while Faith fell on her ass and Slade began to shoot his load on the ground where only moments before Rose had laid with her legs spread and Slade had been plunging into her pussy.

Birthday Ride

group WIDuck 2018-07-24

Katie, with her long dark hair flowing down her shoulders, raced her across the fields and then asked if Mary wanted to go down the trail through the woods. Katie led her over to the quilt as she started to pull Mary's shirt over her head, revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples to the open air. Katie continued to explore and pleasure Mary's eager body with her hands and mouth. Katie could easily tell how excited she was from her shuddering pussy, soaking her fingers with Mary's love juice. Katie helped spread her legs as Joe moved between them and then guided the head off his tool to her friend's dripping cunt.

Ballerina Slut Ch.1

group tyra_dahmer 2018-07-24

One day after class the instructor told Laura that she needed some “special training” to become a better dancer. As the 30 plus students watched, Laura began to moan as the fingers went deep inside of her. It was a magnificent site to see her, her slim, tight abdomen on the wooden stretch bar with her DD breasts dangling over the other side, with two men spreading her legs past 180 degrees with a large vegetable oozing out of her smooth, shapely ass. And just when the guys couldn’t take anymore their instructor pulled out another large cucumber and began shoving that one into Laura’s ass too.

The Trip

group 2018-07-24

I had watched the porn vids with the girls like Sherri and Bambi taking it up the ass and loving it, but I thought they were just acting. "It's Hannah Fucked Up The Ass Montana!" said Bruce. The next thing I know, Sheila is on her knees and has pulled my cock, sucking it in front of Bruce. I spread Sheila's ass cheeks and looked at Bruce and nodded. Sheila moans and falls on my chest with my cock in her pussy and Bruce's cock in her asshole. We're lying on the floor of this expensive hotel room with Bruce's cock in her ass and my cock in her pussy.

A Weekend of Reconnecting Ch. 03

group JourneyNbyS 2018-07-24

Only a minute or two after cleaning up from our little threesome masturbation session, Jimmy walked in the door to find Lisa still in the bathroom and Molly and I watching TV, sitting against the headboard, each in our own bed. As Jimmy slowly worked through the channels, Lisa rolled onto her side, with her hand and arm propping her head up to look over at Molly as they talked. As I wrapped one arm around my wife's waist and with the other hand began rolling her nipple again, Molly stood up, looked down to where my throbbing cock was trying to find its way out of the top of my suit and looked back at Lisa.


Should I Buy a Strapon?

group london_james2010 2018-07-24

Once when my husband James finger fucked me as his friend Don kissed me and caressed my tits and secondly when Don nestled his deliciously thick and wonderfully hard cock in the cleft of my bum as he rubbed my clit and James sucked my tits. It was only a short time later that as I was kissing Don and he was rubbing my tits that James caressed my pussy lips as a prelude to shoving his fingers up me and finger fucking me to that first, ice-breaking climax. Don moved closer to James, ran the back of his fingernails across his chest, let his hand wander downwards onto his cock, stroked that and then looking right into my husband's eyes said quietly.

Taylor's Capture Ch. 02

group YelenaC 2018-07-24

The idea of me fucking her from behind while she's got another dude's cock stuffed down her throat and her moaning and obviously loving the situation gets me hard in 3 seconds flat. Do you like that thought?" I saw his hand tighten on her rib cage as he asked the question again, more forcefully. I can feel how wet you are through your panties." She moaned and closed her eyes briefly as Drew continued to talk to her softly in her ear. I looked at her again, taking in the way she had bent over to rub her panty-clad pussy against Drew's hand and cock, the way she arched her lower back like she was in heat.


Ecstasy Threefold

group DarkChild99 2018-07-24

This leaves just the tip of his thick cock inside her pussy, for what seems like entire minutes but in reality is probably seconds. She decides to release him from his agony by bringing her pussy back up again, but this time only halfway up his wet, spent cock. I put up my right leg on the bed for leverage and correspondingly squat lower to remain inside her, until my balls come to rest on his. As if on cue, his hand reaches out, runs the length of the leg I have propped up on the bed, and stops at my ass, grabbing my right cheek tightly and pulling me in closer.

Just an Average Group

group mntnman64 2018-07-24

Each month's party began, as was the tradition, with what was known as "The Business Meeting." A time to sit and go over any announcements, schedules, or problems relating to the group by the couples. Sitting in the center of the couch, Grant interjected..." I thought Lydia and I had a possible replacement couple....but....when it came to their "physical"....they wouldn't fit in." Several people began to ask questions to Grant; the only black guy in the group. Ian then asked the group..." If Joe talks to this fellow next Saturday; and they can make a decision....that would mean we need 2 couples to volunteer for a test-party." After some quiet discussion among the group, Gary and Patty volunteered.


Complex Relationship Ch. 07

group PaulStevens 2018-07-24

Despite this being a first for Brandon he remained calm and positioned his cock head at her entrance and before he pushed in he asked, "You sure about this Katy?" He saw her nod enthusiastically against Mel's shoulder and said, "Okay, then just let me know if you want me to stop or slow down okay?" She nodded again and he began pressing forward into the tight hole. She cried out a bit, but he knew she was not really hurt and just like with Katy the night before, Brandon began slowly working his cock into her until finally he was all the way in.

A Frenchman's Sexual Journey 04

group walterio 2018-07-24

Julian was going wild as his aunt sucked his cock and his cousin fucked his ass. As Julian watched the couple fucking he really heated up and then he felt Pierre rubbing his ass. Julian's clenching ass proved to be too much for Pierre and although he wanted to prolong the fucking of his cousin Pierre felt his ejaculation approaching. The pretty blonde wife continued sucking the cock in her mouth as Julian entered her asshole. Julian fucked the pretty blonde wife in the ass as she gobbled down the cock in her mouth. The dark skinned man eased his well lubed cock into Julian's ass and slowly began to fuck him.


Sweet Revenge

group Dakota Ryan 2018-07-24

Kate's mind was in a blur she didn't think she would be kissing another woman but the feeling was wonderful and her hands went around Sherry, pulling her close she felt her breast pressing against her own and it was driving her passion beyond anything she had ever known. Terry moved to Kate's head placing his cock near her lips, Kate opened her mouth and sucked him inside, she was lost in passion, and she had his cock in her mouth and Sherry's expert tongue licking her cunt. Terry was getting close to orgasm and wanted to cum inside a wet cunt so he moved around behind Sherry, rubbed his cock head around her wet clit.

Work Related Ch. 04

group patricia51 2018-07-24

Spasms ran through my body as my mind pictured Betty's fingers where mine were and her squealing into me from Peter fucking her. His face turned up a bit under her and he began to lick her pussy, alternating long strokes of his tongue with quick, short jabs. I watched Betty enjoy the actions of Peter's tongue and fingers. Betty was uttering soft moans as Peter's tongue ran up and down her pussy. I hope you left enough for me Peter." Betty grinned and pulled a pillow under her hips and opened her legs, bending her knees and planting her feet. Two weeks after the marvelous night with Betty, Peter and I were snuggled together in his bed again.


group 2018-07-24

My husband and I like to swing. He love watching me get fucked and suck off other guys...then for the next few days wants to fuck me like rabbit. It i so hot to fuck in front of him and have a new hard cock in me or do it with a girl after he fucked her!!!!!!!1

Filming the Neighbours

group dsoul 2018-07-24

Her husband came and placed a digital camera on my hand and said: "My wife and I were wondering if by chance you'd care to make a film of us while we're doing it. A while later I came down from the bed and hovered behind them, camera in hand, filming as the hubby grabbed a handful of her ass and went on pounding it. She came into a kneeling position and her husband came and leaned above me, training the camera on his wife's bountiful ass as it went up and down on my cock, all the way down to the hilt.

A Teacher, His Girl,...Ch. 1

group ladybugirl 2018-07-24

"It was all right… honey, I have something we need to talk about but first I have to have you!" Pat makes a mad grab for Katie’s breasts… "You little slut… never wearing a bra! "Well, Katie and I were just sitting here thinking that you never came over for dinner and I know you wanted to help edit the tapes so why don’t you come over?" "Yes, master" When Katie and Pat got to the room she had done exactly as ordered. Katie started to play with the slaves pussy and Pat with her mouth and tits. So Alex got up and started to lick Katie’s pussy until she felt her shudder… While Alex was doing that Pat was mouth-fucking Katie.

Two Conventioneers Ch. 02

group kinbote 2018-07-24

She struck a pose for Kim & Debbie, hands in the air hip cocked, shoulders thrust back to push her tiny round tits forward, then she turned to me and stepped in grabbing me and pulling me close to her. Gail rubbed my bulge with one hand and said "Oh, poor baby!" She turned her head to Kim and Debbie, who were lounging on one of the beds watching us. She lay back, open legs facing the women on the other bed, and as looked back at her and them, began touching herself. We could feel the attention from the other bed, and when I looked up, Debbie was rubbing one of her breasts, and Kim had unzipped her pants and had a hand inside her panties.

Sexual Fever

group Diamond-Dan 2018-07-24

I guess that Carly and Sandy noticed that they were the only noise in the car and saw my eyes watching them in the mirror, and Brent half turned around watching their play as well. Once Carly had sufficiently sucked the nerve endings in Sandy's breasts to full state of alert she spun her facing the bed and shoved her forward, making her beautiful nude body land heavily between me and Brent. In a matter of a minute or two, I heard Sandy squealing in a muffled voice, her mouth full of Brent's cock, then instantly behind her Carly crying out in between her lapping at Sandy's pussy that she too was Cumming.


The Book.

group Sharoninsatin63 2018-07-24

Joanna's tits weren't quite as big as mine, but were more than a handful as Tara said on more than one occasion about mine. Tara introduced the men as Carl and Brian. Joanna and Carl both made bee lines for my breasts, licking and sucking away as Brian worked on my clit. Both Joanna and Tara were busy working on Brian's monster piece of meat. Joanna moved over to my huge pair of tits and began licking Carl's thick gallons of cream off of my tits. Tara took Carl in her mouth and sucked his monster cock. I rested and watched Carl fuck Tara and Brian fuck Joanna before both men returned to me. Joanna kissed my lips whilst Tara worked on my pussy.