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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naked Speed Dating

group exquisit_taste 2018-07-24

I watched her pull open her delicate robe, her natural blond sex bare with the exception of a sexy round patch of long, bright and curly blond hair, the size of a half dollar, way above, not even touching her puss lips. He held his cock as he shifted his hips in the chair, gripping hold of his sex urgently, "Oooooooooo ooooooo ooo, Miss Eleven" he moaned openly and no longer kidding, both hands holding on to his very engorged cock, he stroked himself helplessly then tried to stop himself by gently tugging on balls as if to help hold back his arousal somewhat or distract his inflamed gun, the candle light reflected the shiny bubble oozing from its tiny opening at the tip.


Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-07-24

"My turn, sugar," Lisa got on all fours and made an undeniable offer of her body and all holes, "pussy this time, to knock me up, just like Aimee here." The additional sensation of Sam's flesh against his own while they both pleasured Lisa made it so much harder to resist cumming hard and fast inside her cunt. As Lisa came down, first Jeff and then Sam exploded with their jizz inside her drenched pussy, making it even messier from the two loads deposited there at once. When Lisa clenched down hard on Willie's dick, the poor man couldn't hold out and he shot his load far enough inside her that the others wondered if he wanted his swimmers to catch up to those of Sam and Jeff.

Take It for the Team

group elinrose 2018-07-24

He happened to glance at the mirrors in the dressing suite and caught Sandy's bright, blue eyes watching him stroke his cock while she flicked her tongue across Bethany's clit. Bryan moved up the edge of the bed with his legs on either side of the two of them and slipped his cock down between Bethany's ass cheeks and across her wet, warm pussy. His wife's pussy, hot and wet on his cock and another woman's tight round ass to look at while he fucked her. He thrust deep and hard into his wife several dozen times and then moved pulled out of her to push his cock back into Bethany.

Our UK turns out better than planned

group bryan5151 2018-07-24

I knew after some time Alan was about ready to blow his seeds, I could feel him grunting and trying to hold off, I whispered in his ear, fuck me and flood my womb with your cum, that was it, he went wild, his cock ramming so deep he pushed Luke out of my mouth, then with an almighty groan he let fly, his ball sacks as big as his cock were full, as my womb got a direct hit, hot sticky cum filled my body, and I shot into another huge orgasm to finish him off.

A Part of Us

group Eviant 2018-07-24

She accepted Derrick's relationship with Sam for what it was...two best friends that grew up together who were like brother and sister. "Mmm, it's like that, is it?" Derrick ran his hand up her tiny body and tweaked a nipple before sneaking into her panties and rubbing lightly over her clit. Derrick quickly removed her panties and his boxers and moved so that he was over Annie, looking into her eyes. The following weekend, Annie used her key to enter Derrick and Sam's apartment. Annie looked into Sam's eyes and then focused back on her lips. He looked into Annie's tear-filled eyes and tried to work out what he was feeling. Derrick looked for Sam behind the bar, but found Ben instead.


Angels in the Park

group AngelSaint 2018-07-24

Her mouth is hot, you know because she's just began to suckle roughly on one of your nipples through your shirt while her hands still maw at your large breasts. However he gets bored quickly and replaces his hands with his crotch and grinds his hips against you, his hard cock pressing against your soft ass. He pushes the thin plaid panties to the side and slicks his finger up with the juices you're dripping, making sure it's very wet, before he slips it between your cheeks, beginning a slow rhythm almost in time with the bites her hot mouth is running over your neck and the way she pulls your nipples.


group Tepin 2018-07-24

Now there's just no way that two people can shower together without touching, and we both got in our share, getting both of us quite hot. For an answer I got a long, hot kiss as her left hand came around to stroke my erection which by now was standing totally clear of my jeans. "Look after our guest for a minute, will you?" I asked, and got up and popped the movie out of the VCR and slid in one of our porn tapes. It was a bit trickier with 3 of us moving, but we finally worked out the movements so that as she came back off his cock, she took mine up her ass.


Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True - Chapter 7

group crystalwaters69 2018-07-24

Ron was beside him, his hands tied behind his back, naked with his dick semi-hard, looking at Kim's and Shego's naked bodies. Drakken, with Shego out of the picture, positioned Kim on all fours and started fucking her doggy style. Shego was having a good time, with Drakken fucking her ass and Kim sucking her pussy. But this time, the combined stimulation of Drakken's dick in her ass and Kim's tongue in her pussy was doing the trick. This move made Ron's dick slip out of Shego's pussy and landing on Kim's face, and starting unloading its cargo. Kim caught with her tongue as much as she could reach and then started sucking Ron's dick clean of Shego's juices.


group veronicaslut 2018-07-24

Your concentration wanders – now you are watching that thick, hard cock driving forwards and backwards – now you are feeling me entering you from behind, an almost disembodied penis, existing only for your pleasure – now you can almost feel the sensations of the woman’s body, the rubbing against her pussy lips, the pressure on her clitoris as he pushes in to the limit. Then you move forwards once more, a little further this time and I too lean closer until my face is only inches from yours and I can see every detail – the veins standing out as they criss-cross the length of him, his ball sack gathered up tightly now and appearing to writhe under the gentle massaging of your left hand, your soft, wet lips drawn tight as they struggle to take in his full girth.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 04

group meraena 2018-07-24

Papi knew he only had one more orgasm left and made the most of it by having the girls take turns sucking his cock to hardness to assure that it could stand one more round of fucking. As he did so, another girl knelt over him and began to suck his cock to help keep it hard and wet for when the time came to fuck that tight ass. The girl working the vibrator in her ass moaned over and over as I licked and sucked her clit and wet little pussy. The girl was having an orgasm as well from the combination her pussy pushed in tight circles against his hand and fingers and his cock slamming into her ass.

Jamie's Pool Party Ch. 02

group Lillian2Yung 2018-07-24

Kissing Jamie infront of the window for the entire campus to see was something Sonja had been planning ever since she’d found the diary open on the bed. I’ll be reachable on my cell,” George said, made a smacking kiss sound and hung up the phone just as Jamie felt Sonja’s hand reach up to take off her panties. “You can have Miro before me when hell freezes over but then again I always thought that the moment I did eventually fuck Miro hell would freeze over anyway,” Jamie said, sliding her wet pussy towards Sonja’s mouth a little more so that Sonja’s lips were touching it again.


Mark Has a Threesome Ch. 01

group AngieGS 2018-07-24

He smirks while thinking, his hand rubs his cock through his work trousers, making it come to life. He lowers his head to her legs and pushes them further apart with his hands. He grabs her shoulders and pushes her against the door, taking her wrists, he places them above her head and kisses her passionately. He slides his tongue towards her entrance and grabbing her thighs with both hands, he pushes her legs further apart and buries his tongue into her cunt. She opens her mouth to speak, probably to protest, but he places a finger on his lips and takes her hands in his. Her legs are pulled over her head and spread apart, not too wide, and tied tightly to the headboard, so that she can't move.

Jack, Jill and Jon

group Angel_Daye 2018-07-24

You glance over this time and see him whispering something in her ear and you watch her hand make its way to his thigh - before you know it, you tell your friend to go ahead and you are walking towards her. Both of you fix your clothes as best you can and as you get back off the elevator in the lobby, you leave her behind, standing there, and you tell her to make herself available to you at any time you request and although she doesn't say a word, as the elevator doors close, you know that is exactly what she is going to do.

Fantasy Party

group camerlla 2018-07-24

However, every time I spoke of her, Sarah would laugh and inform me time and time again that Cheryl only dated black guys. Sarah informed me that Cheryl was there and anxious to fulfill my fantasy. Melissa, Courtney, Amy, Jenny, Stacy, Sarah, and Cheryl unbuttoned, unzipped, and unsnapped every layer of garb the two men had on until they stood proudly before the hungry white females completely nude. Courtney, Sarah, Stacy, and Melissa collected themselves with Andre while Amy, Cheryl, and Jenny grouped up with Derrick. Courtney and Stacy were already naked and busy kissing and caressing Andre’s powerful black body. Melissa continued to jerk Andre’s cock as Stacy and Courtney took turns sucking its head.

New Couple

group northparkbi 2018-07-24

We joked a bit about their experience at this, and about some of the others the'd played with while we pulled pillows from the sofa, and then, when she went to the kitchen to refill our wine glasses, I dropped to my knees, and took his cock in my mouth. She took her time, and started by licking the head of my cock like a lollipop, licking up and down the shaft and around the head, and only gradually began to take it into her mouth, slowly beginning to bob up and down on it while using one hand to circle it, and the other hand to support herself, while I played with her wonderful tits.

Dee, My friends slut wife

group mickyflyn 2018-07-24

Jay and I both started moving that way and taking off our clothes, Dee was on the bed necked waiting on us, “You first” she said to me, as she pushed Jay back on the bed and got on all fours and started sucking him, I took my place behind her and rammed my cock into her hot tight pussy. Dee straddled my face placing her pussy on my mouth and took both of my legs and pulled them back toward her exposing my ass to Blondie, who immediately drove her long tongue into my ass again.


Never Enough Ch. 03

group Sweetcheekss 2018-07-24

I didn’t see Carl right off but did notice the white stretch limo and a bright red semi truck parked near the overhead door. “You mind working with Richie on the limo scene?” He asked. I thought maybe I’d discuss the truck scene with Carl. I walked back to Carl, trying to think how I wanted to approach him about the girl doing a scene with me. I held Richie’s hard cock in my hand and started working my tongue up and down the shaft. I told her about Carl wanting me to perform a threesome scene with the driver’s girlfriend. How was he going to pull off a scene where the guy didn’t even touch one of the girls?


A Night of Firsts

group DarkrSide 2018-07-24

Alicia swatted his hands away from her breasts and slid slowly behind Anita, helping her bounce a little faster on Bobby's cock. "You want to taste her pussy, don't you Alicia?", Bobby asked from against the bed post, staring at their bodies. Anita whimpered as she closed her eyes, feeling Alicia's tongue sliding across her small breasts. Alicia opened her mouth, slipping her tongue inside Anita's warm pussy. Anita crawled over to Alicia, kissing her deeply, tasting her own cum in her best friend's mouth. Anita crawled over Alicia to kiss Bobby, sliding her cum stained tongue into his mouth. Alicia began kissing Anita as Bobby knelt between her legs, aiming the head of her cock at her belly and breasts.

A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 4

group chrisfromlondon 2018-07-24

Gladys removed the top and bottom of her bikini and stood proudly at the top of the hill with her arms in the air, revelling in the cool breeze on her body and the increasing warmth returning between her legs. They continued until both were satisfied, then returned down the hill hand in hand with the broad smiles of women whose bodies were satisfied and whose minds could look forward to a whole new sexual dimension in their lives. Using techniques handed down over many generations by her family of concubines to the Chinese royal dynasties, Chi-Chi began to work on him, starting by using her whole body to massage him back and front until he felt looser and more relaxed.

Ch. 04: Suckfest

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-07-24

She stopped for a moment and said, "If my arms stay cuffed up high around my head, you could stuff a pillow under my head to give me a little more movement." They obliged her the pillow support, promising to release her hands later if she continued to be as cooperative. She never stopped her attentions to the cock in front of her, and the man in her ass withdrew his cock, saying, "I want to save my jism – I'd love to see this bitch take buckets of cum all over her face and chest, and lick it up like a kitten licks milk." He slipped off the condom he had on. When she encountered a hand stroking along the cock in her mouth, she hungrily sucked on those fingers as well, shoving as much as she could possibly fit into her mouth.


Mountain Getaway

group kevj0607 2018-07-24

She shifted her weight, straddling his leg and took his face into her hands kissing his soft mouth...slowly at first, the passion intensifying. Jennifer spun around, her face glistening with sweat and Stephanie's sweet pussy juice. The girls took turns caressing each other and he couldn't tell where Jennifer's moans ended and Stephanie's began. Kevin then noticed the sheets moving and realized that Stephanie had buried her face in Jennifer's cunt. Stephanie was gently kissing Jennifer's pussy lips. She felt Kevin's fingers enter her pussy that was soaking wet from eating Jennifer's wet cunt. He slowly removed his fingers from Stephanie's pussy and offered them to Jennifer. Kevin and Stephanie took turns sucking her clit in their mouths.

If It Feels Good Ch. 02

group Jaywesal 2018-07-24

My cock had returned to normal size but as I held the sleeve in my hand I felt it begin to stir in my boxers, and going up the stairs to Jan's I tried 'willing' it to go back to its normal state, but didn't have much luck. OH FUCK!" Jan moved one hand off the headboard and pushed Jim's head back onto the pillow. Jan smiled softly and reaching down I felt her fingernails gently scratch my spent prick, and then her hand closed around me and Jim's turgid manhood, holding them tightly together. Jan lifted off Jim as she bent forward, moving closer and closer to the two cocks she held in her hand.


Camp Chronicles Ch. 01

group silent_night 2018-07-24

Since it was going to be a tough call, I decided the only fair way to do it was to set up some sort of challenge and let the best people fit for the job. Then whoever wants to go first can have the shower." I was going to need every one of those five minutes to crank one off and get the thought of these two vixens being naked in my bathroom out of my head to I could walk around with out having to hide my ever pulsating erection. I toweled myself off as Lacy continued to shower behind me then wrapped the towel around my waste and walked into the living room to find Amanda on the couch watching a movie.

Growing Up College Ch. 2

group FreshPeach 2018-07-23

She turns me on, too." I saw Liz's smile before I saw Paul's look of complete horror. I could see the white and red heart boxers I had bought him from the GAP as a gag gift for Valentine's Day. Liz and I smiled at each other as we freed Paul of his shoes, socks, and pants. I felt Paul's eyes on me, and looked up at him one moment before I moved to him, and licked his glistening head and then bobbed my lips down, taking his entire rigid cock into my mouth. Liz looked up and caught my eye, and followed my gaze to Paul's rod. I smiled and pulled myself back, watching and enjoyed the show as Paul, indeed, fucked Liz faster.