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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hero's Life Ch. 13

group PacoFear 2018-07-23

Coffee was already made and the girls - Heather, Samantha, Lisa and Tracy - were already sipping their coffee cups and lounging around the kitchen. While Sam and Lisa worked Tracy's feet, Peaches crawled her way up to the top of the bed and gently lifted Tracy's head to remove the pillow beneath it. The plan was for the girls to start by slowly working Tracy's long slender body from its outer edges towards the middle. "Wow. OK, I'm sorry, it just never occurred to me that they would actually be real." Tracy reached up to cup one of Peaches' heavy, round orbs with her free hand. By now, Sam and Lisa had made their way up Tracy's calves and were rubbing both of her thighs in long, slow, muscle-squeezing strokes.


On The Town With Jane

group TurboTits 2018-07-23

Well, too late because a group of guys came over and said: "Hey, Jane, we knew you'd bring those big knockers and hot cunt for all of us to play with." One of them grabbed Jane's tits and started sucking furiously. So, strip and let's see what you got." Stephanie hesitated a little too long so one of the guys reached over and ripped her blouse right off. I WANT MORE COCK!!!!" They had to send for reinforcements from all the bars and soon about forty more guys were waiting their turn in the line forming for Stephanie's cunt. One of the guys fucking Jane looked over at the crowd of men waiting their turn with Stephanie said: "Hey, Jane, looks like Stephanie is going to be some competition for you now."

A ROMANTIX Night - Part 1

group biggerload 2018-07-23

To give you a layout of the place, this Romantix has, besides toys and dads, several video arcade GLORY HOLES booths( its private so you kinda don't see who's on the other side, a mix theater( a room with chairs, a couch, and TV showing strait porn), a "gay" theater( a room with chairs, a couch, and TV showing male only porn- thats why its a gay theater but girls are welcome also!), and private preview booths. This time a Guy was just sitting there, and when he saw me on the other said he put his mouth up to the glory hole, You know what that means. I peeked through the glory hole and saw the guy getting his cock sucked by someone on the right booth...

That's What Friends Are For

group PrncAlbrt 2018-07-23

I would be hard pressed to have to decide who was getting the better deal Me with my cock buried deep in Denise's ass or Ben being expertly sucked on by Denise while savoring the delights of this beautiful women sitting on his face. Denise let Ben's hard cock pop out of her mouth and screamed. I completely forgot about Denise and Ben and left them to there own play and crawled over to the sales girl and replaced my mouth with the rubber penis. The sales girl screamed in sexual pleasure, stepped off me, and continued to fuck my ass as I shot load after load of cum into the air.

Sometimes It's All About Him Pt. 03

group StackedAction 2018-07-23

Pretty sure we all slept for a while, Britt rocked by her hard orgasm and Jack spent from shooting his second load in less than an hour. I felt hands on my shoulder and opened my eyes and Britt had woken up and was moving in towards me. "Fuck your wife Jack, yeah, fuck yeah, fuck her hard, pound that pussy she's loving that shit. Britt went on encouraging Jack and he obliged, fucking me hard, picking up a little speed. Britt rubbed us both and kissed our cheeks as we shifted and moved and got into a better position on the bed. Britt got up and brought us both some water (what a sweetheart!) and laid down next us, me in between her and Jack.

The New Neighbors

group PervertedMuse 2018-07-23

Tiffany was the next one to speak up, "It smells like you've been having fun in there this morning." She said with a large grin looking into the open door of my apartment. Tiffany looked at Elise and said, "So what do you think, girl, you up to it?" "This is a pretty nice place, Shane," said Tiffany looking at the paintings on the wall in my dining room. After the laughter subsided Tiffany said, "Well, as much as we'd like to stay here and watch porn all day, I think Elise and I have to take off in a minute, we have a lot of unpacking to do." Tiffany's eyes lit up and she said, "Yeah, actually tomorrow night we're having a big house warming keg party at 6.


Adeline Graduates

group Bakers_dozen 2018-07-23

Carl was looking forward to his time in the hay loft with Adeline but was sad that this would be his last chance to fuck her before she left for the city for good. Carl took Adeline by the hand and walked her away from his brothers." Adeline," he said, "you're a special girl to the men of our two farms. Adeline looked over her shoulder and Liam was spreading quilts over the loft floor while Hans poured four beers into mugs. "Wait!" said Adeline, struggling to sit up with Carl laying on her and Hans pulling at her simultaneously." I want more beer and I want to push out Carl's seed before the next brother fills me with his."


Pool Boy Ch. 39

group BigZeke13 2018-07-23

I let Alexis drop her legs and while still fully clothed I pushed her up against the tile wall and continued our passionate kissing and fondling. Alexis headed back to the bedroom leaving Olivia and Sophia basically drooling over my bouncing cock. She burst out of her chair and crawled across the floor and pulled my right leg to the floor and set her tits on my thighs as she grabbed my bouncing cock and stretched her lips over the crown and pushed her lips down my shaft. She had won the bet and when Sophia pulled forward off my cock and collapsed to the floor gasping for air, Olivia stood up.


Pervert Boyfriend and a Nasty Plot

group FallonPiper 2018-07-23

Taking my mouth off Mark I threw my head back and moaned loudly as I came all over Steve, I was so damn hot with all this going on I could feel my inner muscles working him while I was cumming uncontrollably. Steve pulled his limp cock from my mouth and said that he and the other guy were going to watch Mark and me for a while, after eight or nine deep thrusts into me he grabbed my hips and just started to ram that big ass thing into me. Mark started sucking and nibbling my nipples, a moment later I felt Neil push hard against my ass and a few inches slid quickly in making me cry out.

Adventures with Allic

group VictorL4fun 2018-07-23

Then Allic asked if I would be willing to do a few things with Kate. Allic enjoyed me eating her and finger fucking both her tight lil holes. Kate rubbed her fat furless pussy lips as she watched her best friend orgasm. Just like I did with Allic, once I got her wet and happy I started pushing a finger into her pussy, then one into her ass. As Kate was cumming, Allic said “fuck her, please fuck her, I want to watch you do it… then you can do me next.” Somehow I just did not trust Allic entirely, but being hot and horny its best to go with the flow. I had been played by a teenager so she could watch her best friend get fucked.

Mom Makes The Team

group alparker 2018-07-23

Kevin's mom was facing the TV with her ass pointed at Bob. She bent forward, lifting her ass and then sat back pressing her pussy to the floor. His eyes were closed and he was picturing Nancy Masters kneeling on the floor, without her leotard, waiting for him to fuck her hairy little pussy mound from behind. In the few seconds that Nancy watched, she saw a good five inches of boy cock sticking out from his closed fist when it was at the base. Bob at getting caught and Nancy at the size of his cock. He looked lower and saw the crotch of her leotard had pulled tight against her snatch. Nancy Masters stared at the closed door.


Ashton & The Hot Tub

group spaldan 2018-07-23

The head of my dick thankfully remained below the water as I felt Ashton’s small hands squeeze my hard cock and slowly stroke up and down. The guy’s hand worked faster and faster, slashing the water with his arm, and his girl grabbed him by the shoulder and buried a long, deep moan in his neck. “Hey, I’m not going to do anything we don’t want to,” she said breezily, “but are you guys interested in all at switching?” Ashton quickly shook her head no, a look of astonishment on her angelic face. The guy looked down at her in obvious disappointment, but Ashton removed her hand from his cock and reached behind her back and started undoing her bikini top.

Daddy's Poker Party

group LilAshley 2018-07-23

Mike won the first round "I'll start off easy for ya Hun, how about you just sit on my lap like you were your dad there?" He scooted away from the table and patted his lap. I hopped back onto Charles' lap, his hard cock sliding between my legs again as it rubbed against my now wet thong. I took my mouth off Mike's cock and stroked it as I looked over my shoulder to see Charles rubbing his cock with one hand and my wet pussy with the other. "You want me to fuck your tight white ass while your dad watches you don't you?" I nodded my head yes while still bobbing up and down his thick black cock.

Delilah's Special Weekend Ch. 05

group DeeAnne 2018-07-23

Karen holds John's cock in a tight grip and pulls it up to meet Delilah's full wet lips as they travel down the shaft. Delilah is still holding Karen's gaze as she moves up to kiss Karen passionately and uses her tongue to coat Karen's warm mouth with John's exquisite taste. The feel of John's fingers thrusting deeply into her hot wet cunt coupled with the sensuous contact with Delilah's tight nipples and sweet tongue is driving Karen straight to the edge of insanity. Delilah releases Karen's nipple to moan, "Ooooooo, John, Fuck me Baby....I'm cumming with this sweet cunt." I bet you can't wait to feel his velvet shaft slide into your hot pussy." Karen moans louder at the vision created by Delilah's words.


The Seminar Ch. 1

group Badger 2018-07-23

The evening was drawing to a close - the disco finished and it was last orders at the bar, she didn't want it to end - she'd had a good time and it had been many a year since young men paid her so much attention. Before she knew it she was kissing Dave, not just a little frenchie but a real open-mouthed tongue thrashing, god she must resist she thought before this got out of control, but his hands came from behind her to allow him access to her breasts. He must have read her mind, and pulling the skin back as far as it would go she plunged the purple head into her mouth as a sort of comforter while she ground her wetness onto Dave's eel like tongue.

My Wife's Diary - Book Club Night

group Dreamer971 2018-07-23

As I stroked the warm hard shaft, Ted leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I've been dying to fuck you ever since that day in the park." I shivered at the thought of that, and then shivered some more as Vince's finger entered my pussy and his thumb rolled over my clit. Vince unzipped my dress in the back and Ted's hands went under my skirt to finger my pussy and rub my ass. I watched mesmerized as Ted and Chuck had their way with Penny, who was obviously enjoying her evening of hard, young cock. About the same time as Ted and Chuck lost their loads inside Penny, the young man fucking me came, making wild noises as he spewed his juice inside me.

swingers bar

group mrpeterharold 2018-07-23

i got a good fucking from b and and a hot load in my twat that mary licked out,but im here to write about my next trip to this bar.this time mary and i went here to find new toys, got there way to early, guess folks dont want to party till midnight here.

Turkish massage sex

group DirtyDee41 2018-07-23

The heat was intense and we both started to sweat, Amanda loosened the towel to wipe her forehead which exposed her right breast this got the attention of the 3 Turkish men in the room and one of them said something in Turkish and smiled at us, he then shouted and the large man that had greeted us at the door walked in and replied to him. The large Hairy Turkish man suddenly let out a grunt and thrust faster the jerked threw his head back and came inside my wife's pussy, he remained there for a few more thrusts then I seen his meaty cock flop out of her followed by a flow of both their cum, it splattered on the floor the he turned and walked from the room.

Couple shops in North African bazaar

group XXXNoBounds 2018-07-23

Danny thought it looked more like a tarpaulin thrown over a couple of wooden poles than a shop, but Alice was obviously impressed by the array of shoes and other leather goods that the trader had to offer, so they stopped to look. Just as Alice was beginning to enjoy the attention, without warning, the trader picked her up in his arms and, followed by the crowd of men, carried her to the back of the shop. As he watched the trader release his excitement over Alice's face, Danny had expected the next man to take his place and do likewise, using his wife's mouth and possibly the rest of her body for the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Dream Swing Trip on a Boat

group indianswinger 2018-07-23

Mahesh had shared the details of their last encounter in Scotland with Subir, and ever since then he was dying for an opportunity to fuck the sexy lady for whom he had the hots for a long while. Subir told him that his conversation with Deepa had gone well and she had agreed to join him by telling her husband that she was going away on a trip to Kerala to visit her relatives whom she hadn't met in a long time. Subir was all excited about the two-night boat trip he and Mahesh had planned, more particularly because he would get to experience the real thing with Viju, whom he had been fantasising all along,


The Show

group jim313 2018-07-23

I sucked him like this for some time and then he tapped me on the shoulder and told me to lay back as it was his turn now and he began sucking my balls into his mouth and running his tongue over them at the same time which made my cock jerk in heat and drove the audience wild. That triggered his orgasm and to my intense joy, his cock began shooting ropes of delicious juice down my throat while I was pumping the last of mine down his and both of us kept sucking each other to get the last drops of our cum before we rested our heads on each other's thighs to wild applause by all the gals.

Public Ebony Ch. 02

group therealcrimsoncarmen 2018-07-23

Ebony thrust up violently, hoping to coerce a finger inside her, but Emelda was aware of her attempt and berated her with a spank on the thigh. Mistress Emelda's booming voice flooded the room once more, "Who thinks it's time to fuck this sweet toy?" The group answered in cheers and Ebony's diaphragm leapt with excitement. Her legs were spread, open and ready to allow the hips of a man to ease into the space and settle his cock at the entrance of her pussy. The man continues to tease Ebony's pussy with his cock as the paddle draws sharp bursts of pain from her arse. Ebony moans loudly as the woman lowers her mouth to her pussy and takes a long lick from anus to clitoris.


Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 07

group val wrangler 2018-07-23

Val admitted that the oddest things made her think about Davey's cock, and she would immediately get wet. She's still waffling about it, but I know she wants a ride on my husband's great cock." Picking up the medium-sized one, "This guy is smaller than you, but that's just the right size for me." She looked up at the camera again. Val would tell me nothing about what she and Claire had planned and I got thrown out of the house first thing on Saturday. Claire and Davey chatted for a few minutes about the job he'd been working on that day, and Val managed to get me to come over to the back door for a few private words.


When Evelyn Met Ten

group JMlitero 2018-07-23

So, one night, whilst Doni and Evelyn lay in bed together -- the dorm room empty aside from themselves -- she turned to him with a beaming grin. "Well say like I want ten orgasms," she paused, watching Doni's eyes intently "Then I'd want ten different men to give them to me," she left the sentence open, somewhat anxious to hear her boyfriend's reply. Ebony was a bit curious as to why I was wearing this tonight but luckily Ava stepped forward, assuming I was coming over here to play out a school girl fantasy with you," Evelyn giggled, perching on the end of the bed. With her legs still hanging over Doni's shoulders, he straightened up watching as Evelyn's body twitched, listening to her raspy breaths.