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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Heaven and Hell

group StoryScott 2018-07-23

"I'm going to finish getting ready," Ella sighed and left the room. Collette's husband wasn't embarrassed to look at her or Ella. Before I'd turned to lock the door, Collette pushed past me, holding Ella's coat that she hadn't managed to get on. "We were going to put our keys in her coat," I said to Collette as she stepped back outside. Collette handed us each a cocktail she had poured from a punch bowl that had been made to look like another cauldron. He too was sucked by Collette as she continued to serve them as a room full of people watched. As the fifth man stood before Collette, I left the room to search for her.


The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 05

group PenLightStories 2018-07-23

When Tera reached the front of the sofa, she slung the bag off her shoulder and onto the floor and sat on the open cushion next to Carla's head. Max threw duffle bag strap over his left shoulder and slung his right arm around Carla's neck and pulled her head close to plant a quick kiss on her head. Sharon and Erica grabbed opposite corners of the large blanket and Carla moved away from Max to help. Once the blankets had been stretched out on the ground to provide places to sit, Max handed off the duffle bag to Tera who pulled int into the small circle of shade on the blanket positioned under the tree.


Fucking Buddies

group Frolicking_Lass 2018-07-23

Ralf had undone my skirt and it was puddled round my feet as he teased his hands across my bum crack, my legs pressed together by my half down knickers, Charlie clasped my plump front lips through the fabric while Lee stood behind me and pulled down the sides, the pressure was wonderful and my knees started to buckle some. I was spent and sensitive and felt delightfully whorish as I rested my eyes and curled up tight, forehead leant between Charlies humping shoulder blades and vibrated my already shaking finger just against the top skin surface of her clit and held her boobs together in the other hand feeling Ralf pinch the nipples I had balconied over the top of my hand as they came too, and Lee slapped and held my butt cheeks apart making vicious hand prints and grunted at his own end.

Service Meeting

group No Panty Girl 2018-07-23

Fred Pierce, the dealership's bookkeeper, was scheduled to present a pep talk at the next meeting to promote the mechanics up selling work. Fred had asked me to attend wearing a bikini with five-dollar bills pinned over it. "O.K. guys, making money is as easy as picking it off this beauty." Fred started his pep talk. "Haven't you guys heard of condoms?" I asked as Bruce's cock squished in and out of Herman's cum. My lips sealed around Giesler's shaft as another in my soaking wet pussy replaced Bruce's cock. Giesler's cock began throbbing in my mouth and I knew he was going to cum. It begins around the head of John's cock and quickly shoots through me like ten thousand volts of electricity.

Bi Encounter with Thai Couple Ch. 01

group maenadik 2018-07-23

After my shorts slipped off and my erection sprang out, I held her chin with one hand and used the other to rub my cock on her face gently. At this point we hadn't showered yet, so I was still quite sweaty, and being unshaved I enjoyed knowing that Kelly was tasting and smelling my sweat in the tropical heat each time I pressed her face up against my bush. I rubbed the tip of my cock again and this time Jack sucked off the pre-cum from my finger. I felt Kelly's breath fall on my chest - she was squeezed and pressed up against my chest as Jack and I compressed her with our bodies while kissing.

Business Negotiations

group Clohi 2018-07-23

Barry moaned and grabbed the chair arms as I slid my mouth down the length of his cock, twirling my tongue is slow circles around his thick rod. Fucking me on the conference room table, Barry slid his cock in and out of me slowly, ramming his cock all the way inside my tight pussy. Bracing myself against the table, I moaned as Barry slowly guided his cock into my ass. Suddenly, Barry pulled out of my ass and slammed his cock deep inside my pussy. Standing just inside the conference room door was Ian. I smiled at him, still stroking Barry's cock. Pushing my skirt up, Ian rammed his hard cock deep inside my sensitive pussy.


group HawkGirl15 2018-07-23

Eve tried to reach for me and called out my name, Judith, but stopped when I held my hand up and gave her the look; the look that told her I knew what was going on between her and Jax, the look of a woman betrayed by her own sister, her twin none the less. "Make sure you pack them in newspaper," My Mom said I loaded up my car with my Dad. We rolled our eyes as we put the already newspaper and bubble wrapped China in the back of my grey Ford Escape. By the time dinner came around, I was ready to leave and head over to Catherine's house to cool off and relax and get away from my mom.


TGIF Dinner Treat?

group scubasam61 2018-07-23

When Sam felt that Dawn was ready for him to enter her asshole, he had her get up on the bed doggy style, meanwhile Marie was asking Lisa about how it felt to have her hymen torn away and what it felt like before and after. Dawn's sphincter muscle were very slow to respond to his 8-inch penis so Sam took his time and asked Lisa to start licking Dawn's pussy and Marie to lick her tits. Dawn started bucking her body, knocking poor Lisa off the bed but bringing Sam's full 8-inches into her asshole. Meanwhile, Dawn noticed her friend Marie was playing with herself, so she moved away from Sam to start licking Marie's pussy lips and clit.

What Really Happened on That Trip

group LadyFrederika 2018-07-23

Pastor Samson was the best-looking pastor we'd ever had at Plainsview Evangelical Church: tall, late 30's, a former pro soccer player, great smile, light brown hair, a little bit like a young Robert Redford. "Thanks to the generosity of Bill Withers from Christian Vacations Unlimited, Suzie and Frederika will be joining my wife Linda and I on a special five-day trip next month to acknowledge their efforts," said Pastor Samson. You see, Suzie and I had been fucking and sucking Pastor Samson and his wife Linda for more than four months before we won our special prize. Even during the ride, the pastor had his hand up my skirt, and Linda was telling me what Suzi was going to do to that "delicious, tight teenage asshole" of mine while her husband fucked me.

Party Dream Come True

group ziller 2018-07-23

She began feeling and touching, and her nipples got rock hard, which was another turn on. The next day, Shane, one of my guy friends, was talking about how his parents were going to be out of town for the next week, and how he was having a party this Saturday. We played some more, Shane kissing me, Kelly kissing Derek, everyone kissing because of the game. Kelly smiled, and said, "I think it's hot." I was so relieved, and the red from my face went away. I kept on riding until I was about half way from cumming, and then he took me off and we moved into a doggystyle position. I gave Kelly back half of the cum this time, and swallowed the rest.

Rancho Las Palmas Ch. 07

group Daveindenver 2018-07-23

I snuck a peek over at Molly just in time to see her blouse unbuttoned and one hand feeling her own breast, the other up her short skirt. Molly and I began kissing, and I felt something warm on my hard cock. Molly's tongue felt good in my mouth as well, and we got after it. Open mouth, sucking tongues, licking lips, kissing like they really did care for each other. "Vanessa, I want you to lick Molly's very tasty pussy for me. "There's no more cum left, and I can't take any more." Fortunately my cock started to soften, and slipped from her well-fucked pussy. Immediately Molly began licking and kissing my cock, cleaning up my cum and swallowing it. "Vanessa," she asked coyly, "could I please lick the cum from your pussy?


group Alainn 2018-07-23

Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand. "You always know what pleasures me, Mark." She smiled back at him, and then nodded at Cyrene," And I think my friend here could use some JD in a very large glass." Mark couldn't see her face anymore - she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying - but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.

Sharing Ch. 01

group Abelard7 2018-07-23

Ronnie drew her up to a standing position and kissed her on her spunky lips, probing Abi's mouth with her tongue, as if trying to recover her partner's spent semen. As Ronnie began sucking my cock, I held her face with both hands and said; Ronnie kissed her way down Abi's body towards her wet, gaping cunt and placed her mouth over it. Ronnie began by sucking my cock back to full erection, Abi performed a similar service for Rick. I took Ronnie's clit between the forefinger and thumb of my right hand, pushed two fingers of my left into her gaping cunt, and pushed my stiffened tongue as far up her arse as I could get.


Dot Com Convention

group bradley_stoke 2018-07-23

"I know you're trying to be romantic or some shit like that," said Lisa, who detached herself from Simon and made no attempt to hide her pale breasts or her crotch where his semen left a thin sticky trail across the thick brown pubic hair. "You just don't understand women," insisted Lisa, arching her head and flicking back her long black hair so that Simon's tongue could more easily twiddle with the ring that pierced her nipple. But what interested Lisa most, what she primarily viewed of the vast resources of the internet that spread like a thin slither of shared culture over the entire globe, was Ting Dot Com and its webmistress, Virginia Falls.


The Right Kind of Girls Ch. 01

group DeceptiveSpeed 2018-07-23

At the end of the song, Carrie and I look over to see Jack and her friend Amy making out fairly heavily for a public place at one of the tables. Carrie and I crept closer and with the shower curtain not completely shut we could see Amy leaning forward with her hands pressed against one wall of the over sized shower stall, her large breasts heavily hanging down and swaying back and forth. I'll be good to go in a couple." She leaned forward to kiss me, then hopped off the vanity and took my juice covered cock into her mouth for a quick second. "Well I guess its my turn to keep the boys occupied," Amy said and after taking another pull from the bottle of Captains, she hopped up onto Jack's bed.


Erotic encounter.

group Pastrylover55 2018-07-23

As Jane was telling the story she had slowly spread her legs wide apart and started rubbing her clitoris which was now swollen and red, spreading and stretching her pussy lips with her other hand she smiled and telling Sasha and Rick how much she liked people who appreciated watching her perform, she masturbated her shaven pussy and squeezed on her breasts getting very worked up. Jane moaned loudly quickening her tempo she was sliding up and down like it was a piston inside her, her nipples stood out hard, a squirt of her love juices found its way out from her fanny and sprayed out in a fine jet as she slid right down on Rick's massive cock she cried out in ecstasy and climaxed, Rick cried out as he exploded his cum (inside the johnny), Jane slowed and looked elated.

Quite Day On Sand

group guitarsteve 2018-07-23

Phil moved close and tentatively reached out with each hand and start to explore the bodies of his new beach sluts. Sharee moved forward and reached out with her left hand under the water and grasped his shaft firmly, pulling him closer as he started to fondle Julie's wonderful breasts. At the shock of Gracie forcing her way in, Julie jumped against Phil and started to get push against him by the waves, building her steadily towards a climax. Phil turned to the stunning Gracie, "I think i owe you an orgasm babe" and knelt between her legs and started to suck on her dripping pussy and clit. "I want to taste you cum baby" Sharee whispered mid moan as phil started to pound her harder and deeper.

Sex Prisoner

group joesal 2018-07-23

Joey tried to look away from his b*****r head as it slid up and down the old mans cock but the guard grabbed it and held it in place. The leader began to thrust in and out of Sam's ass when he looked up at Joey and said "you wish to save him fom my dick?" Joey nodded "Then suck the guards cock!" "No Joey" said Sam butit ws too late the guard had placed his cock in Joey's face an he took it. Butit was too late the leader wrapped his hands around Joeys head and began tofuriously face fuck him and sure enough, after a few minutes the leader began to arch his back "Yessssssssssssssss" he moaned as he jolted and shot his big load into Joey's mouth.

Two Blondes Ch. 02

group StoryTeller07 2018-07-23

Like her, Louise hadn't had a man in a long time, so maybe that explained it. Sandra pressed her belly against his hard cock with Louise pressing against his bottom. Jeff lay there feeling Sandra's hot breath on his belly, inches from his throbbing cock. He was aware of the inexpert sucking Louise was giving his rock hard cock, compared to Sandra's steady light touch. Jeff breathed rapidly around Sandra's tongue, sucking in air as he pushed upward, with strong hips and legs. Sandra grabbed hold of Louise before she fell, letting her flop beside him, to snuggle close. "It's our lovely man here, he wants to buy us each something special," Sandra said.


Lesbian Turns Into Threesome

group pooja 2018-07-23

Sheetal was licking her lips and I sucked Sandeep's cock until he got hard again. Both of us started moaning when Sandeep talking dirty "Suck that beautiful bi-slut's cunt." He told Sheetal. Suck your bi-slut friend while I fuck your asshole bitch!" Sheetal moaned into my cunt, and Sandeep's words echoed in my ears, taking me the the very edge. "I'll fuck her tight ass while she sucks your dripping wet slit." Sandeep said and then "I'll cum in her tight ass hole while she's drinking your slut-juice! Sandeep was thrusting hard and fast, and then he moaned and shoved his thick cock up Sheetal's butt, shouting " I'm....CUMMMM MMMmmmmmmminnnng!" Sheetal gasped and she came too, shoving three fingers deep inside my cunt and making me come with her.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 06

group jim313 2018-07-23

I really didn't want him to pull his gorgeous cock out of me but the thought of sliding my cock into his tight ass brought back a flood of memories and I got up eagerly and as soon as he showed me his tight anus, I rubbed the copious amount of precum that was flowing from my penis because of his fucking, into his anal opening and pushed the head inside to his gasp of pleasure as he told me how good my cock feels in comparison to the dildo that Cory had inside him a moment ago.


The Lesson in the Sauna Ch. 03

group Sexysmith76 2018-07-23

Her whole being tingled at the memory of how she had just been pleasured and at the last kiss from the woman, her hands gently tweaking Willow's taught, erect nipples. The man sat down on the bench and kissed her, letting his hands play along the length of Willow's smooth, naked body. Willow began to rub, teasing the other woman's pleasure zone with one hand whilst pinching Sally's right nipple. Sally worked the soap into a good lather and began to clean Willow's breasts, gently tweaking the nipples as Willow relaxed, enjoying the loving caress of Sally's soft gentle hands. Willow stood up and looked down at Sally, lying naked in David’s arms, a smile of sheer pleasure on her face, her eyes closed.

Fantasy outside

group 2018-07-23

Being single for sometime found pleasure in more kinky ways to stimulate sexual highs a favourite is to crossdress mainly in lingerie, stockings, suspenders and high heels. Entertaining more attention slipped off the plastic coat and reclined the seat opening up their viewing of my lingerie clad body,i felt so dirty exposing myself this fully for the first time to strangers, very aware they could see my shaven crotch in these panties. The intense staring somehow bored into my skin letting senses know exactly which part of my body was being scanned every erotic second. Relatively relaxed about exhibiting my virgin flesh by now felt the sexuality of my audience grow, one guy put his head inside the car so close I felt his breath brush on my skin giving me goose bumps all over.

Friends - And More!

group vangelsdorp 2018-07-23

'I'll admit that if I didn't know you and if Jill wasn't married to Mark, I might have tried my luck,' I said cautiously. Jill and I looked up to see Mark and Sally grinning at us. However, there I was with my hand up the dress of my friend's wife – and she with my prick in her hand – while a few feet away, Sally had bared her all for Mark and seemed impatient to give her all as well. After the first fuck, in front of each other in the lounge, we drank the lukewarm coffee and then Jill took me off to her bedroom while Mark took Sally to their spare room.