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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Return Journey

group pink_tulips33 2018-07-23

In fact, it was the common terminus for bus and other passenger vehicles and I was standing in front of the only open counter at that hour of the day. The man at counter had told me in clear terms that no vehicle, originating from the hill town would leave for plains, at that late hour. I made a strenuous journey of 48 hours by train, spent a night in a city hotel then travelled again for 4 hours by road to reach the hill town, popular for tourists, on the previous day morning. Looking up from the spreadsheet, meeting my eyes, he grinned, 'Not really but most prefer window seats in front,' he said to me.


An Older Woman and Then

group qualitywheat 2018-07-23

"Suck it you dirty little bitch, suck your man's cock, your mouth is mine to fuck now isn't it Linda, answer me bitch!" I hadn't really meant to say something like that, it just came out, but I was glad in the end that I had. Then I hit on an idea, "Next time you come to see me Linda, don't wear anything but shoes on your feet, and a long coat, I want you naked, got it?" I told her, I slapped her ass hard for her. I lifted my had and landed a real hard slap on her ass, "When I ask you something Linda, I want an answer, not a nod of your head, got it!" She squealed and begged forgiveness.


Disabled No More Ch. 02

group lesyex19 2018-07-23

The reason that they'd been so willing to allow two teenaged girls to use the cabin without adult supervision was because they knew my family would be moving before the start of the new school year, and knew that it would allow Allexa (my friend) and I the opportunity to create lasting memories. My parents were more than willing to allow me as we lived only a few short blocks from the school, plus it allowed me the opportunity to meet new friends. I'd timed things so that I wouldn't have time to chicken out before the guys came into their locker room; I'd barely gotten the shower started when they came bursting in, yelling loudly and happily.


Everyone's Gone to the Movies

group DJ LaSexy 2018-07-23

As James and I stroked our cocks, the action on the screen began to get hotter. James and I sat there stroking our cocks and watching the action on screen. "Do you like the way I'm touching your dick?" She stroked my cock faster and I moved my hand down to her wet pussy. "Oh yeah," she moaned as James fucked her and she began to rub the head of my dick against her rosebud. I stroked my cock quickly and shot my come all over Julia's pussy lips and the shaft of James' dick where it disappeared into her pussy. Fuck my hot, wet pussy!" She jerked through what seemed like a five minute orgasm and then lay back against me.

Hat Trick

group iconisclass 2018-07-23

Fucking on her daughter's wedding bed meant nothing to me, but Karen had an intense orgasm and didn't want to stop. As I said, Dan's Place isn't the kind of establishment at which you'd expect to find hedonistic orgies taking place, but it is a bar, and people do come in looking to let loose. These two girls were working their happy magic, going off at the mouth about the wedding, speculating what positions the new couple was fucking in right now, pointing to the cum stains on their dresses and flashing tit to whomever wanted to see. Todd thinks the income is going into Cheryl's -- thats my youngest daughter, you've never met -- trust fund, but it won't and he'll never notice it missing."


Making Up is Hard to Do

group NiceyJane123 2018-07-23

Speaking of which, Megan knew she had to get supper started now if it would be ready by the time Alex got there. Megan desperately wanted Alex back, but couldn't hide what had happened between her and Jason just a couple months before. As he saw her, Jason smiled broadly, but looking at Alex (who had subconsciously puffed up like a pit bull ready to fight), his smile faded a little and he suddenly looked very nervous. "Well let's get this party started before we all pass out from boredom." Megan turned and kissed Alex as she patted the cushion next to her for Jason to come over. Megan went back and kissed Alex, spending a little more time and letting her hands trail over his body.


Our First FMF 3Sum

group welikeu 2018-07-23

I think Hope realized this and she started rubbing Ruth's thigh and she put her hand on my already hard cock. Then they switched and Hope sucked my cock while Ruth kissed me and licked and sucked my nipples. Hope took hold of my cock and slowly pulled me towards that hot, wet and swollen pussy. Hope started kissing me and playing with Ruth's tits. After about ten minutes, Hope moved to Ruth's tits and started licking and nipping them. Slowly, I moved around and started kissing and nibbling on Ruth's very hard tits and nipples. As her moans got louder, Hope continued licking and kissing her swollen pussy. As soon as I left, Ruth moved in and started eating Hope's pussy.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 03

group Dlicious_49 2018-07-23

Bob joined us and after a few minutes of chit-chat, Val left us, saying, "Have fun you two, I think I'm going to give somebody head." And with that said, she walked into the dimly lit den and up to a younger couple sitting on a sofa. Don't know what she said, or to whom, but within five minutes of joining them, Val was on her knees, between his spread legs, giving him what appeared to be a world-class blowjob. Finding Sue talking with a couple, Val took her by the hand and, without a word to Sue or the couple, walked up the stairs with Sue and I in tow, heading for the same bedroom in which I had just fucked and sucked my brains out!

Playing Cards

group NJharls 2018-07-23

"I'm writing down what the winner of each hand receives." Having finished, I turned to Kira and asked, "You still want to play?" Kira's head started to bob up and down as we watched Aaron's penis slide in and out of her mouth. Aaron finally collapsed on the bed and Kira withdrew his penis from her mouth. Kevin and I watched as Jeff's penis would come almost all the way out of Kira's pussy before he would thrust it back in. Kevin and Aaron watched as I slowly pushed my sloppy cock into Kira's rear. Kira then sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs slightly, This had the effect of parting her lacy robe so her bare pussy came into view.

A Story about Gwen

group Lady_Guenivere 2018-07-23

Brad's eyes lit up and he grinned from ear to ear, making him look like a kid in a candy store. Gwen, pulling away from Luke's kiss, reached out for Brad. As Brad's hands ran up and down his wife's body, over her breasts and down to her ass, he felt himself getting more and more turned on. He readily obliged and while he slipped off her boots, pulled off her skirt and unclipped her garter, she watched Brad remove the rest of his own clothing. She had pulled her mouth off Brad for fear of hurting him and used her hand to fuck his cock.

Museum Trip

group Toolmo 2018-07-23

Not to be outdone Kristie crawled up and pressed her tits to my face gripping my head and rubbing them all over me before backing up to kiss me. They took turns slipping their fingers between each other's legs, I could see Lisa had a trimmed pussy and Kristie was shaven bald. I took time to pull one hand to my lips and lick it clean, before doing the same with the other, after returning my finger back to the wonderful wet hole from which it came. I pumped hard and fast into Kristie's hot wet pussy and slapped her ass several times, each time I could hear her let out a muffed scream, muffled because her face was in Lisa's lap, eating her pussy.


Triad Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-07-23

They were all sexy, and as we told her while we had a couple fuck with Abby and me (at the Cape) and masturbation by Anna (in L.A.), and were on FaceTime talking dirty to each other and egging each other on, we were having fun and keeping close to each other. Anna started her second week away getting a short video from us with me getting a blowjob, and the next day Abby's mouth full of my cum before she drooled some out the corner and down her chin, and then swallowed. One day, we only sent an audio recording of Abby and I fucking; we had the mic as close to her pussy as possible, so it recorded all the skin-on-skin slapping plus squishy sounds we were making as well as our comments, that included our wishing Anna was with us.


Carrie's Threeway Ch. 2

group DeeJay 2018-07-23

I don't remember how long we were in this position but I do know that I had an orgasm pretty fast but I tried to subdue it for Les' benefit, but then I felt Frank's cock getting even harder and longer and I could feel those little spasms that told me that he was going to cum......God! His cock was actually hurting me a little, but it was a pleasurable pain, but when he started cumming, I thought he was going to totally fill my entire body. Frank started pumping me faster and I was numb....I rocked back against him.....wanting like crazy for him to be the first man to ever cum inside my ass.

Two Swedish Girls lose the bet

group 2018-07-23

Two married Swedish women, in town for a good drinking session, two free spirits on the prowl for male company, a break from the drudgery of marriages, having gone stale and sexless, we were experienced and knew what we wanted, no questions asked, just a bit of raw fun, and as if to reinf***e our intentions, Louise threw a packet of condoms on the bed, a rather large packet, 'Shit', I exclaimed, 'we only have three nights', and we laughed, 'They're mine', she added, and we both fell about in fits of laughter.

Australian Gathering

group lovespa 2018-07-23

I felt a little uncomfortable when she talked with Geoff, for she loved to touch people as she spoke with them, and then I remembered our conversation upstairs and realised there would probably be a lot more than that happening over the next forty eight hours, and then I relaxed. After all I'd been looking after my body pretty well, and even though nobody but Geoff had seen me naked for a long time, I felt really free and relaxed as I took my robe off and lay down for him. 'I felt so young and free to be acting like this, and as Geoff rubbed the massage oil onto my stomach he told me how much he loved me and how much he was looking forward to seeing me enjoy myself with each and every person there.

The Birthday Present

group Sweet Emily 2018-07-22

Looking upwards I could see Loren taking about half of Dave's cock in her mouth as she continued to suck and lick him hard. I stuck my tongue out licking Loren's pussy lips gently, with one hand I started to rub her clit. Dave got in behind Loren and started to rub her pussy with his fingers, he coated them in her juices and then licked them clean. Loren was continuously moaning as she licked me, Dave was driving his cock deep into her pussy as he started to fuck her a little faster, pushing his cock into her a little more forcefully. I started to run one hand through Loren's hair as he continued to eat my pussy, all the time watching my boyfriend fucking her hard.


Passing Through

group DavidFun 2018-07-22

When the third button was free there was enough slack for Cherie's hand to slide inside Kelly's top and Kelly gently bit Cherie's tongue in response as she felt the fingers against her bare nipple. She pushed her tongue into the darkness wanting more until she felt the small mouth on her neck, and then it started kissing its way towards her other breast. As she sucked Cherie's juices from Cherie's own fingers, Kelly felt Cherie's small mouth take her nipple in between her teeth and roll it with her tongue. Kelly caught the strong smell of her own come a second before David kissed her, then she and Cherie turned and licked Kelly's juices from his face, their tongues caressing his lips and chin, and each other.


The Beach House Ch. 09

group artiepuy 2018-07-22

I tried to put the vision out of my mind, of Kyle, his long, hard meat withdrawing from within Marly, being driven back into her, continuing instead my exploration of the wet pussy positioned just above my mouth. Her hands holding tightly onto the top of the bed to keep me from driving her right up into the headboard, her soft breasts bouncing up and down with every one of my powerful thrusts, her head held back, her mouth open in soundless screams of passion. It was only when I lifted my hand to her face, pulling it sideways for a kiss, that I realized it wasn't Marly who I held so tightly in my arms, whose wet, willing pussy my cock was pushed up against.


The Evening Train

group Dirty_Deeds 2018-07-22

Your blouse is wide open and my hands were roaming freely across you abdomen, detouring north occasionally to feel and knead your soft breasts. My left hand slid down to your legs and then worked its way up between them, eventually reaching the thin material covering your pussy at the junction of your sexy thighs. The rail-thin guy stepped into my place, his cock was very long, but thin. You must have enjoyed it because you started grunting and thrusting your hips back at him as he fucked you, that fat black cock pumping into your little white quim. Your eyes snapped open and looked directly at me; face contorted with the unadulterated pleasure the black cock was inducing within you.

They Compete To Get Their Man Ch. 02

group denverboy 2018-07-22

She told me "I love the way your big dick feels in my mouth." Well Jackie would not be out done and took her tongue out of my ass and placed her arm around my waist to grab my cock. Jackie then said "I love holding you dick while another slut sucks it and I taste your ass." The situation along with the dirty talk has not has me ready to cum. Then Stacey, who feels she is loosing since she didn't give me a rim job, cups Jackie's face and gives her a deep kiss. After she licks off all the juices she tells me how good my cock and Jackie's ass tastes.

No Promotion For Jim

group quutoo 2018-07-22

"Now don't want to do anything hasty, " Jeff Payne said, "Especially after what just happened with my wife." I looked at him and realized that he knew that Gloria was going to try what she did before hand. The other four men there laughed and said that they wanted to see the little snob suck a cunt..."Hell Gloria...I'll suck your cunt for you, even if I've already had it a thousand times." Jeff took his cock out and had his wife suck him as he drove.


Living With Libby Ch. 01

group kewtieboy 2018-07-22

Her wide slit and ample clitoris presented itself to me and my tongue went into automatic slurping and licking mode while she cursed and swore, "lick my cunt, finger my arse, I want your big cock inside me and your cum on my face!" She took me without even a gasp and as I fucked her I gripped and sucked each tit in return, and placed my free hand between her legs to feel my cock slurping in and out. I don't think the guys realised we were together because the one who started it looked and saw me watching, he then stood back and took my hand across so that I could cop a feel too.


New Dimension

group OLDER AND BETTER 2018-07-22

I could put the pressure on Wally, Dan, Harry and Stan to allow me a crack, so to speak, at their wives, not to mention getting a piece of my wife's ass. Lana asked the men to go with her to the back room where she had a surprise for them. When I nodded my head in assurance, he shouted, "Let the orgy begin!" as he pumped his cock in and out of my wife's cunt furiously. I watched, transfixed by the sight of Stan's big black cock moving in and out of my wife's pussy. Dan's cock had slipped into my wife's ass and Stan's huge black cock was pummeling into her pussy with long, deep thrusts.


She's the Boss

group DreamingofJennifer 2018-07-22

Yet I knew the time for my first real taste of a man would be here soon, so I turned to Mark's cock and gave it a quick lick before I turned back to Steve's and engulfed it with my mouth. I began to suck Steve's cock, moving my lips up and down on his erection, making sure I ran my mouth all the way to the base before moving back up toward the tip. I wanted to tease him first, so I pulled off of him and moved my lips to kiss around the base of his cock, blowing gently on his lower abs and crotch while keeping my hand moving up and down on him to keep him nice and hard.