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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gigi Takes All Cummers!

group trumptight85 2018-07-22

The neat thing about having the room to herself was she didn’t have to worry about making sounds and movements in a horny dream that would rouse her s****r in the next bed. Even though she seldom came home, Gigi liked having the bed there because the room was too big without it and it was nice when she had friends over. Hearing her mother cum with a strange man on the same bed only a few minutes ago had her hormones pumped, and even now she imagined she could still feel the heat of the former couple warming her back. Then he was gone, and Gigi was still lying on Meg’s bed, feeling the warmth of recent lovemaking, this time her own.

Summer Affair

group Harleypoohus 2018-07-22

Your aggression has excited me causing me to cum, my pussy tightening around your dick, trying to pull it in deeper, not wanting it to leave. You stop to look at me, you lean in give me a kiss while bringing your hand down to my pussy, touching it gently; this movement causing me to take a deep breath in pleasure. I instantly turn red from embarrassment, my pussy tightens in response and releases even more juices, I start trying to pull myself into you to hide; but you wouldn't let me, you step away then bring me to stand in front of you.

Poker Friday

group Max_Maxwell 2018-07-22

Lily was sitting in nothing but her bra and panties, and she was loving every minute of the eyes – not just mine, but Angela's and Julie's too – scanning every inch of her flawless body. To recap, I was in nothing but a t-shirt, Lily was wearing her bra and panties, Angela was in nothing but a tank top, and Julie was naked. As my wife continued to work her magic on Angela, I slid out of my chair and gently pushed Julie back onto the floor. As soon as my wife hit the ground, Julie was crawling toward her dripping pussy, anxious to lick her clean as Angela looked up at me smiling.

Erotic Oil Battle Ch. 02

group buffbody 2018-07-22

I was totally shocked when Michelle said she wanted to see us in an erotic oil wrestling match, first guy to lose his load loses, winner got to fuck her all night! I looked at Michelle and said "Baby, we are both winners tonight and will double fuck your hot pussy" on top and James beneath with Michelle firmly sandwiched, we looked into each others eyes, without saying we knew it was so pleasurable, James hands moved from my ass and slowly upwards to my back and then to my shoulders and finally to my fingers and they mingled and became a firm lock, like a manly grip, the harder we

Another wild night

group DrunkenOhioWife 2018-07-22

He stripped down and I forgot how hung he was, he wasn't in as good a shape, but who is as they get older, but he was long and thick, 9" and just very thick...So as he was rubbing his cock along her lips I went down on her, when she started grinding her hips I knew she was ready, so I slid in and started fucking her. I was hard again so I slid in her again (felt like a strangers pussy since she wasn't as tight)and started to fuck her, then I pulled out and slid into her ass, she was soaking wet so I went in easily, and shes not an anal person but she was so wasted and stretched I don't think she cared.

Craigslist fun

group niagaraguy72 2018-07-22

Finally I got a response to an add I replied to looking for a guy to come over and suck my cock while my wife watches. Lynda suggested that Brent answer the door while she took Paul & I to the bedroom. As Paul and I crawled up on the bed, Brent came into the room with yet another guy. As i continued to suck their cocks, Brent put on a condom and lubed up my ass. Once he was all the way in me Paul laid on the bed in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth again. Paul put his cummy cock back into my mouth and started to slowly face fuck me.

Amber's Adventure

group Cajun Boy 2018-07-22

I fucked her harder now and finally felt myself losing control so I pulled and climbed onto the table and started cumming all over her tits and face. Amber didn't know how long it was before the guy fucking her filled her cunt but she knew the guy she was sucking was ready so she increased her suction and stroking until he let out a groan and cum started filling her mouth once again. Amber looked around the room and spotted two more guys stroking themselves and order them, "GET UP HERE YOU FUCKERS, I WANT MORE COCK, I NEED TO DRINK MORE CUM." The guy she was sucking stroked his cock harder until she started cumming on Ambers face and in her mouth.

Friends with Benefits

group piekna 2018-07-22

I took her head in my hands and brought her face back to me, licking her lips and staring in her eyes before slipping my tongue into her mouth and kissing her deeply. I turned slightly towards her, spreading my legs as far as they would go and cupping her tit in my hand, pinching and pulling on the nipple the way she liked, kissing her until neither of us could breathe. The last two shots hit my chin and tits and Dave sank down onto the floor as he watched Kristen and I lick each other clean, then kiss his cum back and forth between our mouths.

Dawn & Alexis

group SnEyXmXpXhYo 2018-07-22

They finally pulled onto the road and Alexis and Adam immediately went at it, they were kissing and doing some heavy petting then Alexis finally spoke, "Well I think you're about ready," she said to her boyfriend, "What do you think Dawn?" Dawn sat completely still and just smiled at her friend and nodded. Adam's deep moan directed her thought's back to her friend and she watched as Alexis pulled her mouth off her boyfriend's cock and then take him all the way back in her mouth again, all the time her eyes on Dawn. Both girls knew that Adam was about ready to explode so Alexis offered her boyfriend's cock to Dawn who immediately took the offering and starting sucking him in and out of her mouth quickly, still trying to tease him somewhat.

The Moment Arrives

group BadKitten74 2018-07-22

She moves her hands up to cup my breasts, feeling them through my thin little t-shirt, my nipples already hard from our kiss... I get into a more comfortable position, and kneel in front of her, slipping a finger under the edge of her panties, trying to reach her sweet, wet pussy. With my other hand, I pull her panties to the side, giving me a little peek at her beautiful pink pussy, and allowing me to touch it with my other finger... oh fuck me!!!" I drink her warm cum as it spills into my mouth, still thrusting my fingers deep into her, as her pussy quivers around them...and finally pulling them out slowly, putting them to my mouth to lick her sweetness from them.

Beach House Bash

group biggun76 2018-07-22

Ali looked at Laura and smiled, then said, "He's really hot, I'm sure you'll want to get to know him." When Brett's buddy Brian arrived, I could see right away that Ali was right, I knew he was definitely Laura's type. As we waited for Serena to arrive, everyone began mingling, and sure enough Laura headed right for Brian. I decided that she was followed, in order, by her sister Serena, Serena's friend Lucy was a very close third, then Ali, and finally Melissa who was still quite attractive in her own way. Laura was lying on her back, spread eagle, with Henry's head buried between her legs. Henry was fucking her from behind as Laura rubbed her clit furiously while watching me and her sister.

Alex, Cassie & Jas

group ronmac 2018-07-22

“I’ve told you to never call me boss, Jas. And as for this…” Alex placed Jas’ hand around his dick…”if I need any help getting this thing off, you’ll be the first to know.” Alex began to kiss Jas again. Jas watched his boss’ dick wave back and forth as Alex headed for the cooling waters of the pool. Cassie Lee sat in the co-pilot seat next to Captain Ron. She looked out the window of the plane and marveled at the beauty several thousand feet below her. It’s yours for as long as you stay here.” Alex took Cassie’s hand and began walking up the pier toward the glass mansion on the hill.


Gill's Birthday Bash

group lordrockingham 2018-07-22

As Gill continued her chatter with Sally, she quietly reached across and took my hand, lifted her dress and placed my hand onto her pussy. And so we continued on our way in the taxi; Gill chatting to Sally about nothing in particular whilst I finger-fucked her. You go straight to bed." Sally had her back to us at that moment, and didn't see the lewd wink Gill gave as she said this. Gill was eagerly working her mouth against Sally's cunt and it was difficult to know which of the two women was getting more pleasure. It wasn't a surprise that Sally didn't last long with me working her breasts and Gill licking her cunt.


The Seduction of Penny

group Ronnie 1946 2018-07-22

The kiss seemed to last forever then I vaguely became aware of Megan's hand leaving my breast and dropping down to my pubic mound, her fingers lightly brushing my pussy lips. Three of her fingers went into my sopping honey pot and she began to fuck me with her hand at the same time she lowered her head to my breast, suckling and gently chewing my stiff nipple. As her orgasm began to subside I felt a hand at my pussy, briefly looking back over my shoulder, I saw Kim with a big black strap on cock tied around her lower waist. Resting on my forearms, my cunt being forcefully reamed by the big black strap on, I opened Megan's pussy up with one hand and shoved four fingers into her silky depths.



group purrtysassy 2018-07-22

They went from store to store, Candy picking out clothes and then going to the changing rooms for Asia to try them on. As soon as the dishes were in the dishwasher Candy took Asia's hand and they went in the bedroom to where she left their new purchases on the bed. Marc wanted to put her in the middle to be fair to Candy but she said, "Fair to me is to at least let me be near my husband in bed." Candy began to feel tingling in her crotch and, lifting her nightgown, put her hand down to rub her clit to the same rhythm Marc had going in Asia.


After Our Senior Year

group Johnny_H 2018-07-22

When Kyle finally ran out of jokes, Christy giggled, and added: "Johnny actually does have a pretty big dick." When we got back to the car, I volunteered to drive, and Christy sat up front with me so Kyle and Susan could talk. While I was rubbing her breasts and admiring her body, Christy climbed on top of me, and straddled my hips, touching my dick the first time against her pussy lips. "I never had sex with a guy before, and I think it would be cool to have a guy that I care about be the first one." Christy got up in response, and kissed Susan, and then kissed Kyle.


Treasure & Jewels Ch. 02

group Bonniehart 2018-07-22

It was hot, and I was damp with sleep-sweat, hair sticking to the back of my neck, one arm stuck to Trevor's ribs, and one thigh stuck to Jules' hip. "I have to tell you, Miss red-hair-and-freckles, I-get-blisters-sitting-near-a-40-watt-bulb, that does not look like 'a little sunburn' on your backside. Open-mouthed, my face was pressed hard into Jules' leg, and I know I was clutching his knee hard enough to leave marks. He captured a certain softness to hip, thigh and mouth plus a tell-tale flushing of the cheeks that makes me look like a woman who has obviously just been expertly "persuaded". All this time later, I look at that sketch and I can still feel Jules' fingers on my chin and taste him in my mouth.

Entertaining the Ex

group sycksycko 2018-07-22

Pauline skipped off to the kitchen to make coffee and returned to find the men on the couch, Richard's hand on Mark's knee. "Well, you have to stay with us tonight, you'll spend plenty of time in that lonely hotel room." Mark and Richard exchanged a look which Pauline couldn't make out. She bent over and planted her hands on either side of her husband, ostensibly for balance as she stepped out of her panties, allowing her hot breath to just tickle the purple mushroom head of Richard's cock. She put one hand on Richard's shoulder and the other behind her head to pull Mark in for a kiss.


Ex-Wife Meets Three Guys at the Races

group strycat 2018-07-22

The guys were moving around trying to figure out who first, and where and it seemed a bit clumsy until she said she wanted to suck their cocks first, she wanted to feel their cocks and balls in her mouth and get them nice and hard first, she says they all feel different to her, plus she knew I wanted photos, when everyone was warmed up she got on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and said she wanted to be their slut, but only fingers inside her ass, no cocks, and to only cum on her face, tits or on her ass, she never liked swallowing cum.

The Cowboy Way

group easypete 2018-07-22

We got to Tim’s place about noon and he ask if we were hungry but neither of us was so we decided to take some food with us and some blanket’s for my wife cause she said she didn’t want to just sit on the ground and eat. So then we all start laughing again and he says well if you think you can pull one on me and get away with it your wrong, now I’m gonna have to give your wife a fucking so good that she won’t even want you around anymore except to mow the yard and take out the trash!


Sharing Zander

group mistress630 2018-07-22

Let me be clear, I do believe Zander cares for me in his own way and maybe its more then I realize but he's so mysterious when it comes to his emotions and feelings, a very hard to read man. Amber smiled at me and looked back at Zander as her lips slowly started at mine and made their way down my neck, then my chest until she had my nipple in her mouth. I watched Zander's face I knew he was close to cumming, I wanted him to cum inside of me so bad just like he has many times before but I didn't know how his wife would react.

After Dinner Surprise

group smackmepls 2018-07-22

Mark and I both opened a beer and started talking about the barbeque when Dianne came out from the kitchen. I looked over and was surprised to see Dianne had her hand inside of Mark's shorts. Without a word, Dianne slid off the couch, and undid Mark's shorts and released his cock. Mark was stroking his cock while he ate Dianne's pussy. Mark put his hand on both of Dianne's hips and started thrusting as hard as he could. He pulled his cock out, and Marsha reached down and stroked him hard and fast. When Mark came Marsha let him shoot his load all over the outside of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

Birthday Party for Ann

group theeagles71751 2018-07-22

After a couple minutes, he pulled away and went down between her legs and starting eating her pussy, she was moaning very loudly and John knew it wouldn't be long before the others would be joining them, a few more licks and he stopped, she protested until he stuck his cock in her pussy and she screamed with pleasure. John let Ann suck his cock a few more times, then abruptly pulled away, before Ann could protest, there was a pussy in her face, and just as John suspected, his very bi wife was eating the pussy that Tammy had put in her face without hesitation.

Showing Off

group TessMackenzie 2018-07-22

"Shane," said the guy with his hand inside Kristen. That guy was smiling, but not quite as cute as Shane, and Kristen suddenly she wondered if she minded being perved at by people who weren't hot. "Keep going," Amber said, and Shane looked at Kristen, and then did. Some people walked through the room, talking and Kristen kept sucking, made a point of moving her head up and down to make it as obvious as she could what she was doing. Kristen leaned over and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you, but if you pull up my dress, if you take out my boob, do anything to let anyone see any of me, I'll slap you so hard you can't think and walk out of here, okay?"