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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

After The Party: Dana

group Quiet_Cool 2018-07-22

I watched her for a few seconds, then let my head roll back on my shoulders, trying to break my attention from what she was doing, afraid that if I didn't, I would come right then and there, just looking down at her bright blue eyes shining back up at me as she sucked. She pulled her lips away long enough to give me a quick smile and run her hand over the saliva saturated shaft twice, then went back to work, sucking the entire thing down again, making my eyes want to roll back in my head again.


Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 04

group sothickwidit 2018-07-22

Making a popping sound by quickly removing and then inserting the thick head of his cock into my mouth again, I teased him. Brent slid his hand under Giselle's dress and I'm sure he was getting a feel of her beautiful, shapely ass. "Come undress me" Brent said to Giselle. I walked into the living room to find Giselle, her legs bent into a squat position and Brent fucking her mouth. I saw her fingers jamming into her pussy as her tongue swirled around Brent's cock. Brent inserted two fingers in her pussy beneath the water and she moaned. "Giselle, I'll come get your ass tomorrow" Brent yelled from the living room.

My Masquerade Birthday Party

group RedVixon 2018-07-22

These balls and butt plug were doing a great job, I could feel my pussy juices on my thighs and I need Chance's cock deep inside of me. The girl got off of my face and I saw a cock going inside of Chance's ass. He spread my legs a little bit more and then as the tip of his cock nestled just inside my pussy lips, he reached forward, hands gliding along my body to my shoulders and said in a sexy voice, "Lean forward Julia onto the floor, then I am going to take your hands and pull you back. "Damn Julia, this is fucking sweet!!!" His tongue was deep in my pussy and then all I felt was a kiss on my lips and he was gone.


Kashmira Was Down

group Mystic Ireland 2018-07-22

Her body clenched and her juices erupted over my face and hands and I was more than happy to clean up the mess while Jen helped me, she was one of the sweetest tasting women I knew. Sam stood up and started taking off his pants he said, "come on Kash lets see if you can suck cock as good and Jen licks cunt". I took his cock right in my mouth just to show him what he was up against, I must have been good cos he said "shit she can too" Jen just smiled I can bet. Bobbing up and down on his cock I run my tongue around the head and took a breather long enough to get Jen to come and join in the fun.

Friendly Competition

group thestoryman24 2018-07-22

We could not hide out satisfaction with the way things were going and after some discussion and some convincing to win over the more reluctant Tegan and Laura, Matt and I were left to rearrange the furniture again to make space while the girls went into discussion over how it was going to work. I felt bad for Laura who had trouble with just a couple of inches and we all got a little giggle when Matt groaned as Amie took in almost his whole shaft. Amie took over measuring and stopwatch duties from Prue as she stepped up to take her place in front of Matt and Tegan in front of me.

The 19th Hole

group skywayscribe 2018-07-22

Michelle especially loved hearing about how Sissy would dress up with her heals and slutty underwear, so that Chuck would get a hard-on instantly while they were in public. At one point, Sissy pretended to be searching for something under the seats, when she loosened Chuck's belt, unzipped him and sucked his cock hard. Michelle and Sissy sipped the spicy bloody Marys that Chuck had made and let some of the pepper stick on their lips. Michelle leaned into Sissy, who was wearing all sheer white lingerie, and flicked her lips with her tongue, getting all of the pepper. Sissy told me how you like to fuck her in the ass and that's what I want you to do with me.

An Honorary Degree

group Selbryth 2018-07-22

It was so easy to imagine what she looked like naked, and just as easy to imagine her on her hands and knees with me right behind her, and so damned easy to imagine the head of my dildo pushing her slick ring open—just a little at a time. I took hold of her hips and really started tonguing her deep and fast, and Joan simply held her ass out at me, letting me do it! Rotating my hand gently within her, I could feel the silky smooth interior walls of her rectum, and when I stopped to actually look, the sight of my wrist disappearing between the girl's gorgeous ass-cheeks was more than enough to make me orgasm right along with her!


An Observed Threesome Pt. 01

group harryflashman1970 2018-07-22

I saw his room number earlier when he got his keys out of his pocket when he answered his phone." Michelle giggled half dragging Claire to follow their erstwhile teacher. Michelle opened the door of the room again silently and Claire felt her heart beating like a drum and her ears pounding with excitement. He was watching what Claire guessed was a porn film, one hand stroking his angry, hard looking cock (thicker and a bit bigger, she noticed guiltily, than Richard's) whilst the other held his IPad. His face, lit by the white light, was in deep concentration.

My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 04

group Plato 2018-07-22

I sped up slowly, pulling all the way out and plunging back in over and over never letting her quite know if I was going to bottom out or pull out as Gayle began to revive from her orgasm and started to beg me to "Fuck it harder!" So, I jackhammered for a while, my strong cyclist's ass moving up and down like a piston. After she came I knew it was my turn now, I was ready after rubbing the sensitive head of my dick on her clit, I spread her legs again and went in deep, my hips and ass pumping like I was riding my bike on a sprint, for an old guy, I was a blur of motion.

Sean and His Women

group SierraSprite 2018-07-22

Tina said, "Like a lot of things, Sean, you hear about the bad experiences, not the good ones. The sun was hot and he was on his way to a nap when Tina squeezed him hard and said, "This is very nice but we will get in trouble having sex on the float." She kissed him and rolled into the lake. Terry had her own slippery hands in Lucy's crotch, her eyes wide with appreciation at the size of Sean's erection. Terry groaned out, "Sean, your mom will kill me for this, but when I saw that big cock flopping around in the tub, I just had to have it. Terry said, "We can't deprive her, Sean, she needs sex as much as I do."



group BigHotMama 2018-07-22

He pressed himself against Chamēl's ass and began kissing her neck and worked his way towards the mouth that was hungrily lapping at Cathy's sopping pussy. He concentrated on not cumming as he worked the tight pussy around him, when suddenly, Cathy whispered in his ear, "Jerk her cock Mark." She laid light kisses along side his mouth, ears and throat while steadily chanting "jerk her cock" along his skin. Oh shit Chamēl, feels so good!" Cathy was sawing two fingers in and out of his ass and time with Chamēl's mouth around his dick. She held her breath when Cathy parted her ass and started licking at her pussy and asshole at the very moment Mark took the tip of her dick into his mouth.


The Wedding Party: Threesome

group Imstillfun 2018-07-22

Pretty much as soon as we got to our room Jen stripped down to her bra and panties and started to get ready for the party. Sean, never the one to feel bad when caught looking at another girl, replied, "You bet, double feature," and gave me a huge grin. I didn't need much else, after all, Sean was my boyfriend and Jen had seen me in my underwear lots of times. When I came out of the bathroom Sean and Jen were laughing. "Well, I'm going to get out of this dress and bra too," said Jen as she grabbed something to change too and headed for the bathroom. Since Jen was straddling Sean and kissing him her ass was almost touching his cock.


Mercy is a Warm Woman

group JulianDelacourt 2018-07-22

Sara stepped up to me and said, "I can wash your clothes while you're in the bath, if you'd like." Sara took her place at the open refrigerator door and said, "We have left over turkey, string beans, mashed potatoes-" I leaned back and closed my eyes, feeling like a Japanese feudal lord sitting in a hot bath on a cold night being catered on by women. Look," she said, turning the phone to share the pictures with Bree. And the girls now braless in t-shirts and panties, with Sara's bare legs urging me to come, I followed my instinct, closed the door, and hopped into the warm bed with them to pull up the puffy goose down duvet.


Four Fuckers Fucking

group Dr S Crow 2018-07-22

The number of times I have wanked so hard thinking of that scene and cumming imagining her desperately rubbing off that black cock into her face so as to be able to taste and swallow his spunk... After a few minutes I tell my fuck-slut to come back and to slide onto my rampant erection and to watch as the black cock pushes between my wife's spread legs and to see how it pounds into her. You start rubbing at my hard cock like the depraved, married bitch on heat you are, squeezing my balls, sucking at the head, swallowing the cock then wanking it furiously, your open, drooling mouth just above it. My black-used wife comes over and I raise my legs so that she can get oral access to my arsehole, sucking and tongue fucking it.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 23

group FinalStand 2018-07-22

"I don't want to sleep with Barbie Lynn, Zane," Vivian replied. "Vivian, I don't like to talk about my relationships with other women but I think Barbie Lynn would understand," I tried to explain. "Damn it," Rio snarled, "you can't give my room to that Jesus-freak!" By 'my room' she really meant my (Zane's) room and 'Jesus-freak' was Vivian...who was eight feet away looking at her. "Rio, if you two would agree to abstain until I got back, I'd be willing to let you stay, but you are the King Kong of bedroom antics and Vivian needs the space," I explained. She's far too nice to break it or kick me out." Oh yeah, I cannot begin to describe what Jill's reaction to a Mercy-Rio lesbian love-fest at 2:00 in the morning would be like.


Sharon Does the Swing Club

group Friskee_cpl 2018-07-22

Lisa grabbed one of the guys and with wine in hand took a quick walk around the club chatting to the admiring hoard of men. With her usual charm and elegance Sharon shuffled a bit backwards and in a scene reminiscent from a few nights earlier, she looked up at him causing a bridge of precum and saliva to hang from her mouth to his cock. Lisa came out of the main bedroom with two guys and was about to head upstairs to the group room when she noticed that everyone was beginning to gather around Sharon. This time Sharon held Lisa's head back and they began to kiss and swap the cum that had been deposited, but not swallowed, into my dirty wife.


Ceremony of Rebirth

group Acal 2018-07-22

She was panting as they pulled her back from the altar and tenderly stroked the oil over her back, their cocks throbbed against her legs as they finished the preparation, reaching down they tormented her with tender strokes rubbing her ass and her lips, a gasp slipped out as Cadeym squeezed her clit sending a hot buzz of pleasure through her. Cadeym's hands trembled as he slowly lowered Cael over his friend, he wanted to go faster and shove his cock inside of her clenching heat. Cael panted and groaned, Brenhin's sweat slicked chest and throbbing cock imbedded in her made her want to buck against him but she knew she had to stay still for the ritual.

Always Learning Ch. 01

group mogrull 2018-07-22

Looking about all I see is the groups in conversation, Mark and Tom talking about cars with Erica standing by looking bored and Rachel, Brad, Darren, and Natalie talking fitness. Slowly sliding them down her legs, she fully shows off the ass that looks even better than when I peeked on it at work, especially with her slightly glistening lips just showing through as she got the panties to the floor. She starts to work my cock in her mouth in time with her hand, occasionally stopping to lick all down the shaft and suck my balls gently one at a time, then to come back up and work the head with her lips again.


Oh Danny

group patricia51 2018-07-22

She leaned forward as her hands ran down her legs and Danny's cock twitched harder at the sight of her tight puckered opening as it winked at him. As Lisa reached the bed Mary let go of Danny's cock and slid back down the bed, allowing the other girl free access. As Danny braced his hands on the bed to thrust upward he saw two hands slide around Lisa and under the brunette's hands. Taking her hips in a firm grip he entered her, to sounds of great appreciation and near awe at his love-making abilities and reach of his throbbing cock. On the other side of town Lisa Grafton sat bolt upright in bed, her eyes wide open with a look of panic in them.

The Jiggle Hut

group riverboy 2018-07-22

"So, I gotta say Tammy...what the fuck!" Marcus says, looking bewildered. It makes a strange kind of sense I guess," Marcus says, and Tammy leans over and kisses him on the cheek. okay," Marcus says, slightly stunned again as Ashley gets up on her tip-toes and kisses him on the cheek. "So, Tammy want's you in one piece, and Ashley can't wait to see you back home," Bilbo says from behind the wheel. "You've got a nice cock Marcus," Tammy says, looking at it glistening with saliva in her small hand. The long tongue Marcus and Bilbo saw Ashley use to lick her own tit snakes into his mouth, and her hand gently caresses the growing bulge in his pants.


Dani's Den Ch. 02

group cotton03 2018-07-22

Gwen is probing Shannon's cunt with her long tongue, trying to swallow all of the copious fluids emanating from the woman's fiery depths. As Matt watches the two women, he strokes his now ready cock and lubricates it with the precum before he presents it to Shannon's back door as Gwen continues driving her tongue as far into her cunt as she can. He immediately tells the unknown man, Jeremy, to let him taste his cock with Jen's juices all over it. Dani slurps on Michael's member and watches in amazement, along with everyone else, as he takes more than 3/4 of it into his throat. Just as he closes his lips around the last inch of cock, Michael erupts into Dani's hungry mouth.


group 2018-07-22

Copying us, Mark freed his cock and Sara took it in her mouth as Vicky and I watched. Vicky was sat on the couch between me and Mark, Sara was on her knees on the floor, still sucking hard on Mark’s cock whilst running her hand up and down his shaft. Vicky then started feeling my bulge through my trousers whilst watching Sara work on Mark’s cock. Sara and I looked on as Vicky stroked Mark’s cock into her mouth and licked the pre-cum from his helmet. Sara then leaned over towards Mark and Vicky and, placing her head right next to Vicky, she then took over sucking Mark’s cock.

Hitchhiking part 2

group experimental92 2018-07-22

At first Jess made a big deal out of rubbing her small tits and toned stomach against John's back everytime I fucked her, but by the time Mary had found a deserted spot to pull in to, Jessica was looking back at me with a half expectant, half bored stare. I found myself rolling my head back and moaning one long loud moan and staring against the cheap interior of the camper van as I felt John slowly pulsate against my body, his strokes getting longer and harder as he pulled his cock further and further out of my ass and slamming it back in until only the tip was left in on the outward motion and he was pounding me as hard as he could.

blind folded night

group asiansex2012 2018-07-22

recently my husband asked me that he's been super horny and asked me if i wanted to do some fun things with him. we took some photos of my showing my vagina and some boobs hehe, then we went to the pool and went into the steam room where i finally got to give my husband a blowjob that he deserved before someone almost caught us hehe, then it was my husband who stuck his cock in and worked me really good. i was squirting a lot, and then he kept alternating between dildo and cock and he came inside me. and a part of me want more different cocks, and next time with no blindfold hehehe