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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Spaghetti Dinner

group Sexy_Nymph 2018-07-22

Your hands move and untie my robe then move to cup my breasts lovingly, your thumbs rubbing over my already taut nipples, pulling a soft moan from my lips. Your words, your breath against my ear, and your hands stroking my breasts making me moan again and press my body back against yours, feeling your hard cock press against my ass. I whimper as I tell you I'm coming seconds before my body tenses in orgasm, my pussy milking your cock, you moan my name as you come holding your cock deep inside me as you fill my womb with your seed. Again you begin to lead me and gently sit me on the bed, you push off my robe and ask me to lie down so I'm comfortable.

Skylar's Class Reunion

group Mr Thick 2018-07-22

He put the bottles on the table next to the bed, and then knelt next to her legs, kissing and sucking on the other breast, as he let his fingertips play just a breath away from her pussy lips, while Jake continued to kiss Skylar. Jake then moved his hands lower on her ass, pushing his thumbs on either side of her anus, and pulled it open, as he continued slowly fucking her pussy. Ty grabbed a handful of hair, and having heard her pleasurable moan, pushed his cock further and faster, in and out of Skylar's mouth. When Jake's dick was hard enough, Skylar pulled him closer, pushing his cock deep into her throat one last time before moving him in front of her.


group 2018-07-22

She would be taught to suck cock and swallow the cum and ass fuck and get her pussy licked and her tits sucked and man handled. As she sucked his dick got harder and when he was ready to cum he pushed her head tight to his body and held it there and filled her mouth and throat with his warm cream. When he had got a good fix on nipple sucking he would have his hand put on a pussy and shown to rub the clit and then finger fuck the cunt. After getting him hard again she would push his cock in her cunt and told how to fuck her hole till he filled her with his cream.

The Order of Things

group MilesEms 2018-07-22

Marla sat down at the table and lifted her beer while Robin broke off and went toward the ladies room. I felt something on my leg again, at first believing that Marla was getting feely once more, but soon I realized that Robin was holding her beer in her left hand. We walked out in the order we sat together, Robin on my left, Marla on my right and the regular crowd watched with a questioning eye. I pressed my fingertips inside Robin's bra like a teenager and she pulled herself to me just as Marla sat down on the couch beside her. I took Robin's hand and placed it on Marla's leg and was surprised when she didn't move it.


I Wanted Him Again

group deepemerald 2018-07-22

"Take your clothes off," he commanded me and I did as I was told, feeling confident that I'd have his cock inside me within ten minutes, finally relieving the sexual tension I'd felt since we last fucked.. My guy was pinching my nipples and pulling my tits in opposite directions as he started slamming in and out my generously lubricated cunt. Eric stopped fucking my ass long enough for my guy to pull out of my cunt and get in front of me. Eric pulled out slowly and said something to my guy about getting cleaned up. As Lonnie played with my tits he started eating my cunt and I cried out with joy when I felt his tongue between my pussy lips.


Anniversary Trip ch.3 Paula's Turn

group magas911 2018-07-22

I wanted to pull my panties up into the slit of my cunt and let him see my pussy lips. He was telling me spread my legs even wider, right there in the club while sitting beside my husband. First, I crossed my legs and only after the guy was almost begging me did I pull my skirt up to expose my thighs. He never took his eyes off of my cunt and his hand never stopped moving up and down his cock. He pulled it and my cunt throbbed harder as I felt the thin stream of liquid sliding down my thigh. Your wife's ass and cunt are being fucked, Honey.

The Introduction

group BigMeanie 2018-07-22

I opened it quickly and read that they wanted to get on webcam now, but apologized that since they hadn't been awake very long and hadn't put on any makeup, I needed to forgive their appearance. Annie smiles, gets on all fours with her hairless pussy pointing at the webcam, and then buries her face in Suzie's pussy. I think to myself, "Is it getting hot in here?" I send back a question, "Is that what Suzie wants?" Annie moves to the side so I can see her tongue starting to work into Suzie's asshole as she fingers the glistening pussy just below. After working both nipples mercilessly, Suzie releases them, leans forward more, and starts pulling on Annie's inner pussy lips.

Tommy's 18th Birthday Present Ch. 02

group leBonhomme 2018-07-22

It didn't look like he understood what I did from Sue's remark, remembering our loose talk the previous week, that we girls had all sucked cocks. After we had taken the last bites of our salad, Tommy grinned and raised his glass, looking at Ann and Sue and then at me, and said: Sue's hand looked like it was about to reach out and grasp his cock, but it waited until Ann lay down next to him. Sue hummed with a smile and looked up at his face and said: "I always wanted to hold one like yours; it's just made for doing this." Sue's hand then wanted to hold his cock, and Ann's let it.


Becoming an International Slut

group walterio 2018-07-22

As I sucked him deep I heard Sevi say, "Get him hard and wet Tess so he can fuck your sweet cute ass. What I sight I must have presented to Sevi with my hips arched in the air to receive Natasha's tongue in my ass while I sucked her lover's cock deep into my mouth. Herman then pulled his wet cock from my mouth and moved behind me as Natasha made one final plunge with her tongue into my anus. Natasha moved under and licked my pussy as Herman's cock sank ever so slowly into my ass. I started to ride his cock in front of Sevi, Natasha, Herman and even Sonya who was now in the room.


Avignon - A Hidden History

group docfantasy 2018-07-22

April had awoken to find passed out and taken the time to tuck me in to bed. I send off a message to let them know that we made to Paris in one piece and we are settling in for our task at hand. April looked liked she need a real good night's rest. The next morning came with the promise of a new start of a love affair from last night and the excitement of meeting the rich and powerful benefactors. I asked April if she wanted anything thing to drink like coffee or tea. I had spent some my time in some hell holes getting some important artifacts, but when a chance comes along like this, I am very grateful.

Amy at the Bar

group theponds 2018-07-22

I wrapped one hand around the base so it wouldn't go too far in and began fucking her mouth to the slow, steady rhythm of Dana's fucking of Amy's ass from behind, which she was eagerly meeting to ensure he got all the way inside. Amy slightly raised herself more vertical so that Tom wouldn't accidentally slip out as he began thrusting up to meet the rolling motion that Amy was doing so that she could rub her clit on his pelvis and also work Dana's cock. She reached up with one hand at the same time and gently pulled on my balls as I shot my load, which Amy happily swallowed, in about 5 powerful pulses as Dana also took his final deep thrust.

Birthday Gang-Bang

group poisy_rose 2018-07-22

My boyfriend then stated the ground rules: I could only take on up to nine guys at once - one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth, one in each hand, one between my tits, one rubbing his cock on each nipple, and one between my feet, or any combinations I could think of. As soon as he was finished massaging his cum into my nipples with his cock, the next guy took his place, rubbing his boner all around my tits before he settled it into my cleavage. My pussy, ass, mouth, hands, and armpits had never been stuffed by so many cocks; my tits had never been sucked and screwed by so many cleavage-crazed, cum-spurting boners, and my nipples had never been covered with so much cum!!

Coyote Girl

group Nyissa 2018-07-22

Standing with the girl against the table, Sarah resumed the kiss, entangling her fingers in the girl’s long hair, pulling their heads closer together, driving her tongue deeper into the girl, tasting her. Their lips parted, allowing Sarah to groan as the girl began driving her fingers in and out of her pussy, her palm grinding on her clit. One hand pushing her legs open, the other holding the g-string to one side, Sarah delicately licked the girl’s pussy. The fingers inside Sarah began pumping deep into her pussy, his other hand finding her clit, rubbing it hard. Sarah slid her finger into the girl, tapping the inner wall of her pussy as her tongue beat the rhythm on her clit.

Diary of A Cum Queen

group ADOM 2018-07-22

Bill stood to our side and Wendy took his swollen cock in her mouth and sucked him as we fucked. I sent this dirty old man feedback and told him how Bill got me into swinging and fucking guys while he watched and jerked off. One guy yelled, "Take 'em off whore!" I started to dance and go through the motions taking off my top letting my big tits swing free from their bondage. These guys had been perving at me for months and I told my husband how I liked to cock-tease them wearing short skirts and flashing my cunt and tits. Each guy fucked me hard in front of the audience, some of whom (including my husband) had their cocks out jerking off.

Happy Anniversary

group jamieannreid 2018-07-22

I waited just a moment until my wife's fingers and tongue drove Lisa into a wild orgasm and then halfway through I shoved my hard cock deep inside her ass. Well I couldn't find one I thought we'd be comfortable with so we had to settle for a couple of divorcees." With this she pushed Gary to the bed, got down on her hands and knees, and took his quickly hardening cock in her mouth. I fucked Lisa with my cock and Julie with my tongue for as long as I could hold on and then I felt myself slip into orgasm, shooting my load into the pussy of my wife's best friend.

Judg Not, Want Not

group chdblvz 2018-07-21

"Uh uh baby" Shandra said as she pushed Nicholas away, "I asked Bethany to come over for dinner and a movie. Shandra looked at Nicholas on the couch and smiled as his eyes locked onto Bethany's ass. Bethany acted oblivious to his situation and said "I'm going to help Shandra with the pizza." as she got up and walked out of the room. When Nicholas went back to the living room the girls had turned the lights off and Bethany was sitting crossed legged on the floor with Shandra behind her on the couch giving her a neck rub. She purposely cut it short and then went back to work as Bethany's long, soft tongue expertly worked her pussy inside and out and her hands continued to tease Shandra's tits.


Sex Dares and cheating

group massivepenis21 2018-07-21

My GF was dared to kiss one of the guys which I didnt like the idea of, but it was only a dare so it didnt really mind but it went on for a good minute and i started to get annoyed and jealous. The worst dare came, when she was dared to get fucked for minute by this guy with the massive cock...I was upset as I watch my GF expose her boobs and pussy and gently sit on this huge cock as all these guys were watching. So the dares ended and we argued a little, then went back into enjoy the party. I went back upstairs and gently pushed the door open to the dull room to see my GF get fucked in the ass by the guy with the huge cock

Anything for Kimberly

group brothermarcus 2018-07-21

I started sucking the nipple and eyed Steve watching Kimberly as the twins rubbed his body. Within second it seems Tricia was over suckling on the exposed breast like an infant, and Kimberly began to moan softly as I inserted a finger into her and probed her folds with my tongue. I sat down on the couch and she slowly sat down on my cock, riding me slow as Steve sucked on her breasts. Steve sat on the couch and Shelly sat down on his cock right beside me and Kimberly. Kimberly and Shelly began kissing and caressing each other as both Steve and myself drove our cocks up into them.

After Work

group BlueSugar 2018-07-21

Your girlfriend whimpers, and asks who it is, and you reply that it is a friend, she tries to respond, but at the same moment the girl wraps her arms through your girlfriend's legs, her hands now on her thighs, and places her mouth over your girlfriend's sex, tonguing it softly...your girlfriend trails off into a soft moan. She tastes different, but still pleasant, and she is getting wetter for you by the second from your sweet manipulations, you switch from rough to soft, shaking your head slightly and then backing off to barely anything, you insert your finger and touch spots that make the girl moan into your girlfriend's sex which in turn, turns your girlfriend on more and more until you are sure that the people downstairs (if they were home) could hear her.

Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Sunday Ce

group rampage86 2018-07-21

I sat up, and threw the covers off of me, shouting back, "Yes momma." Walking naked to my bedroom door, I opened it and walked out into the hallway, My b*****r Paul was standing there, smirking as he watched my firm, young eighteen year-old tits shake as I walked past him, saying "What's the matter, never seen a naked girl before?" Aunt Mary laughed "Yeah, Betty has the right idea, making him spend two nights a week in bed with some of the older s****rs." She sighed, adding "I do believe that I'm going to send my boys through the same training, once they turn s*******n."

Slutty Sue's Company Picnic

group raidernation25 2018-07-21

"I hope I'm not being too aggressive," I stated as I took his hand and placed it on my tank top covered right breast. George leaned over and he kissed my erect right nipple. "Hey George looks like you're ready." Before I could say anything else George penetrated my ass with his now hard cock. I'm cumming!" I screamed and my cunt had spasms and acted like a vice grip on Dave's cock. Sorry Sue I didn't mean to make a mess on you," George stated. "Well lets just say if you dress like you did today at the meeting, you're going to be a big hit." "Thanks for a fun day," George said as he walked me to my car.

Marine with Twins Ch. 01

group Stealthy21 2018-07-21

Tom turned on the TV, and Marine lay down beside him on the couch, pressing her head into his chest. Tom kissed Marine on the top of the head, and Marine took his shaft in her tiny delicate hands. He kept coming, and he pulled out of her mouth, and Marine started to take it in the face. Marine started to feel Bill cumming, judging from his face and how hard he felt in her throat. He pulled away, and Marine sat up and fell into Tom's arms as he continued to pump her pussy with his hard cock. Bill was standing up, stroking his cock as he shot loads of sperm onto Marine's naked chest, face and legs.

My Fantasy Night

group kitiara 2018-07-21

Before entering the limo Jane turned to John and whispered, "Hold this." In his hands where two panties, one white thong with a little bow and one black thong with clear sides and looking very much like leather but feeling like satin. Jane sat playing with herself and watching Kitiara with her dress still pulled up and swallowing John's cum. As soon as they are in the limo, Kitiara grabs John and begins to kiss him hard and passionately. Jane leans over and pushes her breast in John's face as she is eating out Kitiara. Once John's hard cock was full of Kitiara's juices, Jane got on all fours and guided John's shaft into her ready and wet ass.



group ishouldbeworking 2018-07-21

Amber and I were grinding together on the couch, Amber on top of me grinding in the cowgirl position pushing my face into her firm breasts as I nibbled and licked and sucked at her very sensitive nipples, my hands inside her pants squeezing and pulling apart her sculpted ass cheeks and playing with the puckered rim of her anus with the tips of my index fingers. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer, so I lifted Amber's legs, shoved the index and middle fingers of both of my hands into her soaking pussy at the same moment I shoved as much of my tongue into her perfect ass, I thrust my cock into my wife's expert mouth and unleashed a huge load.