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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

College Daze

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-24

I told her that sounded good and she began shampooing her hair and we were soon rinsed off and I turned the water off and we dried ourselves and slipped our things on and went back to the room. I knocked first saying it was me and heard Kaitlin call out for me to come in so I opened the door and looked over at our bed where she was moving up and down on a guy I recognized as living down the hall. Anything I want, huh?" She looked around the shower room, then asked, "Well, could I see what I might be getting?" so I took my towel away and stood there with a good erection.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 13

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-24

It didn't take long before Jessica was dressed and sitting on her bed, recounting her entire day's activities to Charity, who was obviously both impressed and envious. Like any school dance, it was a little cheesy and uncomfortable, but as soon as Nick and Paul got Jessica and Charity out on the dance floor, Jessica started to relax and have fun. "More like a prelude to amazing sex." Mr. Flood winked at her and then pulled her in close, changing his steps just enough that they could dance for a moment with their bodies pressed together, before he spun her out again. In some ways it happened so fast that Jessica almost wasn't sure how she' d ended up back in Flood and Fire's room with both of them.


Black Cuckolding Universe

group Samuelx 2018-11-24

I rubbed my big butt cheeks against his groin, knowing that with his black dick in a chastity device, he'd feel nothing but pain every time he got hard. I made Raphael wear a chastity device while I forced him to watch a sex tape I made with my ex-boyfriend Santiago Ramirez, a burly Hispanic construction worker with a big dick. When it comes to that fetish, most people envision a limp-dick white guy watching a big black stud fucking his horny blonde slut of a white wife. You should have seen the look on Raphael's face as he watched helplessly while I rode Santiago's hard dick, berating him the entire time. Santiago smiled as, with a resigned look on his face, Raphael knelt and sucked his dick.


The Poker Game

group mranonymous7 2018-11-24

After three or four sucks Paul reached down and said, “Here, pull the skin back.”  Then he put his hand about halfway up the shaft and pulled it back, I felt the foreskin being pulled back leaving a super smooth cock head. “Man that was hot, fuck I could do that all day,” said Paul as he shoved his cock back into my mouth so I could suck the remains and clean it off for him. I knew he was going to blow his load soon so went ahead and gave him a good fast sucking, letting him set the speed of the mouth fucking. I only nodded as I felt Barry push a little harder forcing his cock between my lips and into my mouth.


Chapter 2 - What A Pleasant Surprise

group Secraske 2018-11-24

Lindsey slowed down and got off of my face, letting my cock out of her mouth, but kept stroking it with her hand twisting it slightly. With a devious smile she sat back and I saw Heather on the bed completely naked in between my legs with my balls in her mouth and cock in her hand. Lindsey freed my hands and I watched as Heather rolled her head side to side sucking my cock. Heather let Lindsey have my cock and took my balls in her mouth. They moaned in unison as I ate Heather out and began pushing my hips up grinding my cock into Lindsey’s wet pussy. Lindsey started grinding her hips around letting my cock swirl around inside of her as she ran her hands all over Heather’s body.

My gang bang

group tie_me_up_ 2018-11-24

I am still trying to suck Dan’s dick when Chris shoves my hand onto his cock. I am pumping him and sucking Dan when I feel another cock being shoved into my other hand. The next thing I know, I feel Chris behind me shoving his dick in my pussy for a few strokes, I guess to get it lubed up. As Chris starts to pump in and out, Dan keeps shoving his cock down my throat and gagging me, and I have Eric and Dave, one in each hand, pumping furiously. Eric says he wants to cum in my mouth, so Dave walks around behind me and shoves his dick in my sopping wet pussy.

After Club Pure I was not so pure...

group jillinjulie 2018-11-24

Brian moved up so I could suck his cock while Kevin started licking my ass because he knew it turned me on. Kevin let Brian fuck me first doggy while I licked and sucked the beautiful cock of his that I had missed. Kevin got behind me as soon as Brian flipped me onto my back and his cock was inside me pumping hard and fast, like he knew I liked it! Gary noticed my nipples were rock hard from Kevin and Brian. There were 4 boys who were seniors in High School got off the elevator who thought they had won a lottery seeing me bare-assed naked before Brian opened the door.

Riviera Rave Sex Vacation (Part 1)

group Lisaberich 2018-11-24

Karine and I had a similar moment floating together and watching the water cascade down Tom's naked body and off the tip of his cock as he stood to jump back in from the rock. Karine had no problem coming up to me or Tom and hugging on to stay afloat as we all trod water, legs entwined, occasionally wrapped, our bare chests casually bumping and touching. Tom's arms enveloped her and his big hands looked huge as they ran over her bare body and small breasts. Then, she'd lean back into me, push her ass tight against the hilt of Tom's cock, hug my pussy to hers with her legs and stroke him even faster, masturbating my clit in the process.

The Youth Group Party

group fetishdoll 2018-11-23

"Come on you guys, don't be such hard-ons." this one girl said and looked at me uncomfortably. "No, you guys shut up." she said and looked back over at me pleading for me to stop but the dare had already been thrown out and I was desperate to take this party into different territory. I had just turned to see if Sasha would expose her petite little body when this one guy came running in and started spraying everyone with beer and laughing. I turned my attention back to Sasha and I let my tongue run through the light covering of hair and to her sweet pink little lips. Sasha looked back at me with her eyes half closed and Greg really pushed it into me hard.

Help from my Friends (A New Year's Eve Parody)

group ImaSeductress 2018-11-23

our bodies will fit like a glove. Put your tongue here and kiss me, my dear, I sing out like a voice in a choir. Your sweet loving I want to steal. Let me kiss you and suck you right here, Gonna cum with a little help from my friends. Gonna cum with a little help from my friends. Gonna cum with a little help from my friends. Gonna cum with a little help from my friends. Get some with a little help from my friends. Get some with a little help from my friends. Get some with a little help from my friends. Get some with a little help from my friends. Mmm, cum with a little help from my friends

A list of my cuckold experiences

group woreout 2018-11-23

My wife's face was inches from the window as she rode Tim's hard cock. That guy was named Eric and he fucked my wife from the time I got on the interstate near Atlanta all the way to the Alabama state line. That night was the first time she told me to lick her pussy clean after Mike filled it with his cum. My wife once sat on a guys hard cock while we camped. I laughed, she said they went into a stall and after she pee'd Tim fucked her as guys looked over and under the stall. Tim also fucked her on the way home in the back seat as I drove.

What best friends are for

group tommie 2018-11-23

The speed of Chelsea’s circling fingers increased, rubbing urgently over her clit, until she felt her orgasm hitting her, her legs giving way as she sank down to the ground, producing a high pitched squeal in the process, before putting her hand on her mouth, muffling any further sounds that could give her away. When the scare had worn off, adrenaline was still surging through Chelsea’s body and together with all the lustful, plain horny feelings she had felt the last few days, it took just a second to realise her brother was knocked out and Tom was alone downstairs. Phil had started rubbing her clit with his thumb and together with his hard fucking, Tom’s tweaking of her nipples and the taste of her juices mixed with his cum, Chelsea was losing it quickly.

I want to kiss both of you

group silverseeker 2018-11-23

She had never married, although she had a daughter back in Oz. Wanda had large breasts to go with her big belly and bottom, but she didn’t wear her excess poundage like a Caribbean woman might. Lin smiled and leaned forward slightly, so I leaned towards her, put a hand around her head and kissed her gently on the lips. “Now, the natural thing to do,” I said as the blood surged into my cock, “would be to go to bed, all of us.’ I was talking to Lin’s chest and then my gaze shifted to the emerging nipples behind Wanda’s dress. Wanda had removed her clothes and was lying beside us, one arm over my back, before Lin raised her arm and took Wanda’s hand.

First Swingers Party

group JamesandHaley 2018-11-23

James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim’s boobs. We moved closer to Jan and Kim and I could see James had reached over and was feeling Kim’s amazing boobs. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs.

The Rock-Hard Club

group a1wh1pk0 2018-11-23

Well, Momoko suggested one day that it wasn’t really enough, just meeting boys our own age and stroking and kissing their cocks and letting them come all over us. They had nicely developed bodies, and were obsessed with sex the way girls should be, but were still eager to learn more from men like me. But it’s no use closing your eyes and thinking of something else: you have to hold your erection as hard as possible—just don’t come.” I even allowed myself to daydream about Sachi, the little sweetheart who loved giving head, imagining fucking her at a sex-party until I was exhausted, and then lending her to my friends until I was ready for her again.

Bank Holiday Camp Part 5

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-23

I moved to the other side of them all and watched as Eric began pushing the engorged head of his cock into Dan's arsehole. Eric was circumcised and just where the head of his cock meets the shaft was a slightly thicker rim, and as this disappeared into the rear passage it was pressing against, Dan let out a soft moan. “You had never been sucked by a guy either until tonight hun, and I would love to see you fuck Dan,” Mandy said with a devilish look in her eyes, as she licked the last of the remaining cum from her lips. Mandy had a hand on my ass pushing me in deeper with each thrust, and then she sucked one of her fingers and I felt it probing my own butt ring.

Helen 3 - The Horny Little Nurse

group blackvamp1 2018-11-23

She soon had her whole hand inside her; the woman grabbed her arm, pulled, and pushed it as though she were masturbating with some giant vibrator and with the persistence of an oil drill, while Helen paid continued to pay attention to her clit. Helen was totally out of control now, as these two men pounded her between her legs; she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me!” as Sandra was also working herself up to a climax. Helen opened her mouth and thrust out her tongue, and as the warm wet liquid of the man’s ejaculate flicked against her face and tongue she felt another climax coming and she knew with utter certainty that she wanted to do this again.

Why Black Guys Love Black Women

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Right after ditching Nicole and swearing never to date white chicks again, I hooked up with this fine-looking Jamaican brother named Saul Jones. She had been watching me for some time, the handsome Black college football star whom all the chicks on the UMass-Amherst campus wanted. Elisa was totally into bisexual men, something I found shocking since most Black women I know don't like Black guys who swing both ways. Fucking a Black woman in the ass, now that's many brothers unfulfilled dream. Elisa liked getting ass fucked more than most gay and bisexual men I know. For the remainder of my college days, I played football and had some seriously hot sex with Saul Jones and Elisa Blanchard.


Our adventure continues (part 2)

group Fantasypenman 2018-11-23

It was the first cock other than mine that you’ve had in your hand since we’d met 8 years ago and from the look on your face you aren’t disappointed. I’ve always said that you give the most amazing blow jobs and as I look at you now, my own cock throbbing deep inside you, I can see why. I look down to see your juices are flowing freely down my own rock hard member and over my smooth balls as I continue to slide it as deep into you as possible. As the last few inches finally slide out you close your eyes and turn your attention back to the job in hand.

Truth or dare 02

group DanSouthwest 2018-11-23

I realised my fantasy was coming true as I held on to Camila's ass as she sat on my face, making it easier for me to continue my ass-worship as Sophie expertly held on to my cock and started sucking me.  I knew what Sophie would do next, so I held on to Camila's hips and continued kissing her bung hole as my girlfriend inserted a finger inside my own asshole and massaged my prostate and milked me dry.  "I honestly don't think I can walk tomorrow, but man was it worth it," said Camila with a smile as she used her hands to close her asshole and started tip toeing to the bathroom. 

Fantasy: Coaching the Team

group SugarTits16 2018-11-23

Now remember, especially with younger or smaller girls like Kendall, you should go slow and judge her responses before going deep or building up to faster speeds." Coach gently pushed his long dick into my wet pussy and I tried to relax my muscles to let him in. "Your instincts may be to slap her ass or pull her hair and some girls are into that, but you can please her even more if you grab her shoulders and massage them or reach around and cup her breasts, massaging her nipples." Coach gave my tense shoulders a rub while fucking me, then began playing with my breasts and I began to cum so hard, my whole body shaking.

Bisexual Men in Brockton

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

I am a tall, good-looking young black man of Haitian origin living in the city of Brockton. I hooked up with this fat black woman named Veronique Marianne Angeles in the parking lot near our town's very own Home Depot Store one warm night. Veronique knelt before me and began to energetically suck on my eight-inch, thick and uncut black dick. Veronique was a natural when it came to sucking on big black cocks. Looks like it would serve me well with my anal sex encounter with this big black woman. This big black woman took it like a champ. I smacked Veronique fat ass as I fucked her. All I did was fuck that big black woman in the ass!

A Bisexual Haitian Christmas

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Right now, I'm having some fun with my lady Samantha Luther and my special guy friend Joseph Constantine. This five-foot-eleven, busty and big-bottomed, chubby and sexy Black Canadian chick of Haitian descent simply took my breath away the first time we met. I sucked on Joseph's dick while Samantha went down on me. Yep. Another thing which only bisexual Black men like myself know. I sucked Joseph until he came, and moments later I came as well because Samantha basically milked my dick with her hungry mouth. And just like that, I began fucking my sexy, big-bottomed Haitian girlfriend in her tight asshole. As I began drilling my cock into Samantha's asshole, Joseph began working his dick into my ass.


Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 2

group silkpantygirl 2018-11-23

As Madison continued, Alicia smoothly slid up to Kimberly's right side and began to kiss her breasts, squeezing, fondling, sucking the hard nipples. As Kimberly realised another girl was touching her, she gasped in pleasure, and slid her hand down Alicia's bare back, under her skirt and into her panties, feeling the round softness of her ass. Madison moved her hands up to softly stroke Kimberly's belly, and Charlotte let the vibrator slip out, and gently pried open Kimberly's vice-like grip on her nipple. Charlotte's arm moved even faster, and Alicia gave out a little series of cries as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, and her pussy tightened so much that John could barely move his cock.