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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The House Of Robles Ch. 13

group CorvusTurrim777 2018-07-21

It was taking all of Pablo's effort to keep from reaching out again, from running his hands over the young girl's thighs, or further up to grope at her breasts. The reason Pablo's words were cut off was because Tami's hand had reached out to grope his crotch. "Ya wanna fuck me?" Tami sang, her voice and body moving in tune with the rhythm of the song, while her eyes stayed locked on Pablo's. The way Tami's eyes were riveted on his, the way her teeth pressed down on her bottom lip and mouthed the word 'Fuck', and even the look of her dark chocolate skin, were bringing Pablo to a rigid peak.


A Birthday to Remember

group ErickLand 2018-07-21

Prior to the time Lizabeth fell under the spell of girls and especially Janice, she flirted sexually, to a point, with boys in high school. For years afterwards, Janice, the bi-sexual, occasionally bedded men or toyed with them; a few times with Lizabeth watching. Though sympathetic to her attraction to a man, Janice, a well-known woman in New York City lesbian circles, disliked this turn of events. In my imagination, I can see Lizabeth and Janice in a bedroom of the New York City apartment or country house, each undressing in preparation for sex. Now and then, I've wondered what was in Janice's head as she looked down on Lizabeth each time they began to make love.


The Business Ch. 09

group Harryandsally 2018-07-21

Tara went on top, holding Sian's lips apart so she could work on her better. "Sorry to keep you down there so long darling!" Tara said to Sian, finally letting her up for air. Both girls took the man anally and vaginallly before Sian made him come in her mouth, sharing his seed with Tara before they swallowed it. He said that he had between 20 and 30 men lined up, and wanted them all to fuck the girls, then come over their faces. Joe and his crew were filming happily filming as an ever growing line of men filed through the room, dumping their loads all over the girls.

Kim Lazenby's Resumé

group PrimalRoots 2018-07-21

She was incredibly concerned with her personal appearance, and anyone she considered to have a large circle of friends had the power to make her insecure only by saying, "Your hair is looking a little frizzy." Her response would be something along the lines of, "Fuck you, I don't need to be perfect." The next day she would come to school with straightened hair, and it would stay that way for some time. As part of it, each party would go in order of the group name, Pam, then Garry, Sarah, Olive, Fred, and finally Ted. The parties would be quite large, so my presence wouldn't be noticeable until I made it that way, and after that I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference because my name isn't Lyle Drummond.


Beer for Breakfast

group MoiBien 2018-07-21

Sal was sitting next to the bed watching in silence, as Jim and I fucked. Jim pushed my legs up higher; my willing body almost folded in half. Sal's eyes still burned into me, reaching deep inside and fanning the fires of lust higher than I had ever experienced. Jim's fucking of my body became a backdrop to the ravishing of my mind, as Sal's eyes explored all of me. I did watch Jim's cock begin to harden, just a little, as he watched Sal and I. My hips continued to fuck Sal's cum spewing cock. Jim moved towards my head, a semi hard cock aiming at my mouth, as Sal rolled off of me.

Lena's New Life Ch. 24

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-07-21

And Lena's fingers touched a wet, open slit, felt the lips part; she felt the woman squirm, and then John was pushing Terri away, and Lena looked up to see; no, he was turning her, turning Terri to Lena, and then Terri threw her arm around Lena, pulling her into a kiss. As she watched Terri's lips wrap around the head, expanding to let it pass, sliding down the shaft, Lena's pussy gushed from the thrill of feeding her husband's dick into the other woman's eager mouth. The excitement of having her mouth filled with cock while a woman licked her pussy overwhelmed her, and her finger pushed into his ass as she came, her orgasm making her mouth open and cry out, and she howled her delight with John's cock rubbing lightly on her lips and face.


Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor IV

group SweetLipz 2018-07-21

Thats what you call it?' Todd asked Monique getting turned on by her play on words. Like what?' Monique took a deep breath and began to list what she called masturbation. Mo chuckled at the thought of when she never quite understood what Grandma Dori meant by that saying, but now Mo understood that Grandma Dori was talking about fucking.'Your Grandma is a wise woman...' Todd said as his hands got even closer to Monique's lips. 'If you wanted to take me on a date then you should have let me put some clothes on.' Monique said with attitude. Todd pulled out a black tie and tied it around Mo's head, covering her eyes tight so she couldnt see a thing and lead her inside.

Vacation's End Ch. 03

group wanderermtn 2018-07-21

As her breathing quickened and she prepared for an explosive orgasm, Sandy suddenly stopped and took her in a hungry embrace, Marilia tasting her own sweet juices on the other woman's lips and tongue during the long, deep kiss. As I watched Marilia and Sandy's hands caress and squeeze them, I couldn't help but wonder what they would feel like in my own hands, in my mouth, and especially around my cock. As I buried my self in Marilia's tight hole over and over again, I realized how truly lucky I was to be watching her ass cheeks quiver slightly as I slammed my hips against her, my balls slapping against her clit while another beautiful woman squealed with delight and gobbled at both her pussy and my cock.


Walk in the Park

group ajgrifdog 2018-07-21

Miranda and Justin suggested ways to carry me up the stairs, and while I don't particularly favor the wooden railing, it sounded a little safer than anything they were going to try. As it started to get dark outside the apartment, Justin and Miranda closed the curtains as I helplessly tried to hobble to the kitchen for an ice pack. Turning the cards over, Miranda had the best hand, and Justin had the worst. Justin shuffled the cards, "I like this game and all, but I think the cards are getting in the way." Miranda giggled and agreed. Justin groaned as he watched her play, Miranda reaching across to do the same to my other tit.


Fun with Friends

group sexontheside82 2018-07-21

He sits back on the bed stroking his cock and responded with a laugh “Any other time my cock is out you are all over it, sucking cock is something you love to do and you know it, Tina." Cody laughs and makes an agreeing noise, as he starts kissing Rose. Then Ron lay down on the bed next to Rose and started to fondle her chest with one hand and taking my hair in his other hand and putting my mouth on his cock. Your going to make Tina taste you right?" Rose then kept putting her hand in my hair as Cody fucked her; Ron’s cock filled my mouth. She sat on my face and Cody started fucking my pussy and Ron stood on the side and Rose sucked his cock.

The Beach Bum

group fantasyhunter2 2018-07-21

As my house was just two blocks from The Shack, Jill and I had walked and Susie lived right next to the bar so Brad had the only vehicle. I smiled at Jill and Brad as I ran my fingers deftly over the small strip of material covering Susie’s sweet, hot kitty. As if acting in concert Jill walked up behind Brad and took his tight ass in her hands pushing him forward and Susie reached for his twitching cock. Jill took a break from sucking Brad’s balls and cried out, “Oh yes fuck Susie’s sweet mouth stud! I grabbed her hips and forced her down hard onto my cock and Brad pulled her head toward him burying every inch of his monster that Jill was not holding in Susie’s face.


My hotwife at the nightclub

group 2018-07-21

Mandi, Leigh, Ryan, Travis and another couple ended up stumbling out of the bar and piling into Travis's car. The two guys were alternating between fucking my wife and leigh and getting head. At one point Travis was on his back Mandi on her back, his meat burried in her box, Leigh facing her, and Ryan nuts deep in her. Finally at about 6 am they drove back to the bar to get Leighs car, according to leigh, Mandi and Ryan were still fucking around in the back seat at 6 am. The girls got out and kissed the guys goodbye, Mandi looked at Ryan and said "hope you liked this married pussy" She said his jaw dropped!

Outside Sissy Slut

group patkneels 2018-07-21

His thick cock was hard and he impaled his cock past my gag reflex which did not allow me to breath.  He had me do this several times.  Finally he grabbed me, stripped my sweat pants off to reveal my black stockings, white garter belt and pink floral hi cut nylon panties with lace trim.  He had me bend over the couch then spanked my panty ass, calling me "fucking cunt", "faggot" "slut".  "You know what happens to sissies that dress like a whore, they get fucked.". I couldnt believe me, just a normal guy but now dressed as a sissy slut and depite the humilation, I craved being fucked like a bitch for a real man.  "Yes cunt, take my cock you fag, lets put a show on for the guys." He pounded my ass deep as he pull out every now and then and spank my ass.

Teacher's Pets Ch. 3

group Jenne64 2018-07-21

She turned to David took his hand and guided him towards the woman sat on the sofa, legs spread wide. Her pupil sat nodding occasional, listening to her words, watching her actions as she demonstrated her skill, listening to her friends reactions as her tongue and finger explored her pussy. She continued this action for a while, then just sat on his cock, it buried deep inside her as her friend began to lick his balls. She sat up and began the actions again, taking him deep inside her pussy then releasing it once more so that her friend could use her delicate tongue on the tip.

Sorority Initiation

group MrDeviant 2018-07-21

He was about 5' 3" tall and was enjoying taking Shakira's pussy, especially as she was quite filled with the cum of numerous other men. After Jai was done the next person in line walked over to Shakira, straddled her carefully and thrust a huge 11" cock down her slutty throat. He kept at it, fucking her and watching her take his horse cock deep inside her throat for the better part of an hour before he let loose and filled her mouth to overflowing. With Jai then straddling slut's face and licking her pussy Henry then inserted his suddenly hard for the second time cock and shoved it down deep into slut's pear shaped ass.


Got A Job Ch. 6

group Linda Jean 2018-07-21

He said Hold on buddy I think my secretary has Linda now, I’ll let you talk with her.” He got up and moved around his desk phone in hand, the guy that was kissing me had moved away standing there as I had a firm grip of his rock hard cock inside of his open pants. Do you know what time you’ll get home tonight?” I said no I don’t dear, maybe like last night 1 or 2.” Peter was working the cock in long strokes, he would pull it all the way out wait a second and then slide it all the way back inside.


Tammy opens up

group Johnnytames69 2018-07-21

We were all sitting pretty closely and I looked her in the eyes and told her she was amazingly sexy, she blushed but didn't blink at all when I moved in cupped her breast with my large black hand and kissed her deeply on the mouth. We were still touching her hard naked body and I was kissing her mouth, thankfully I couldn't taste Leo's cum. We were still touching her hard naked body and I was kissing her mouth, thankfully I couldn't taste Leo's cum. She worked her mouth as she used her hand on the bottom of my shaft, she had listened to Leo's coaching and after only a little practice wasn't a bad cock sucker.

Hot Teachers 4somes with VWE Teens

group Heidilovescock 2018-07-21

I had put together the shortest, lowest cut, tightest, sluttiest outfit I could find and squeezed my lovely 34-26-34C body in to it with no underwear on, as I looked in the mirror I felt so horny I could feel my closely shaved pussy get wet, a few minutes later I left the house looking and feeling like a dirty slut and loving it and headed to the bar I knew would be full of young guys. After about 5 minutes of nervous chat I stood up and leaning forward so they could all see straight down my top poured a glass of wine, before I had finished I looked up to see each had a huge hard cock in their jeans, I couldn't wait any longer and as I sat down opened my legs for them to see straight up my tiny skirt to my moist pussy.

A Learning Experience Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-07-21

I felt Mary Rose behind me, running her hands all over my naked body under the water while I slipped a finger into Sandy's snug pussy and she moaned softly. Sandy was soon behind Mary Rose, helping me work her swimsuit off and, when her hard nipples came into view, I lowered my head to lick and suck them. I took an ass cheek in each hand as I started licking Mary Rose's pussy again while Sandy positioned herself over my cock and lowered herself onto it. My cock throbbed as this time I was able to witness Sandy's tongue lapping at the smooth skin around Mary Rose's pussy.

Chrissy Gets Carried Away

group Rod Hardwick 2018-07-21

After teasing her for several minutes, biting her nipples, sucking on her neck or tongue, pulling on her hair and sliding his hand up and down her thighs, Alex finally made his way to her cunt. Alex picked up the pace, first pumping now pounding his hand into her cunt and tugging hard on her hair, and Chrissy bounced and writhed in her seat, grinding her pussy into his fingers. The bartender was still fucking her pussy with the bottle, men swapped off sucking her tits, and nearly every guy in the place had a hand somewhere on her body; some groped her ass, and others licked and kissed up and down her slender legs, which were still spread obscenely wide to make room for the bartender and his beer bottle.


First Foursome

group RedBones 2018-07-21

Becky, being half drunk, said that Sophie had told her that I liked to eat creampies and that I had a big amount of cream I could put in the pie. I ask Sophie if she is enjoying Gary’s thick cock and she tells me yes and she then told me she wanted me to eat his cum out of her pussy when they were done. I kept looking at Sophie fuck Gary’s thick cock and it drives me over the edge and I tell Becky to get ready for my big load of cum. Becky starts to milk my cock with her pussy, she tells me she can feel my cock head getting bigger and she knows I'm about to cum.

Wild point in my life

group iVixen 2018-07-21

His wet moist tongue felt like heaven on my throbbing clit he suck my wet pussy until I started to tremble and right as I was at the edge he stopped. it hurt but it felt soooo good he then pulled out and starting rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit. I start and it felt so different from solo masturbating but It was a naughty good feeling I was getting wetter as I made circular motions on my clit with my index "Hmmmmmimgoingtocum" I said I started contracting on his shaft "Ohhhhhhhgod' I cried as as nutted I felt a squirt inside me and he pulled out and started cumming on my stomach.

More Fun at the Rally Ch. 04

group Biker_Type 2018-07-21

"We may not have as long as last time to shower, looks like there's a line for hot water." I warned Mandy as we got closer. I soon found out as she was jacking my cock while licking the head, her free hand found one of my nipples and that combined with seeing Mandy still working on Bud's 10" pole sent me over the edge. She felt it starting and quickly covered head to catch every drop in her mouth, she held me there as we looked next to us to see Mandy unloading Bud onto her 46ddd's with her hand while they watched us. I want to see both you guys shooting at the same time again!" Mandy gave the dick in her hands a couple fast strokes and the squeezed the base.


Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 05

group uvlas45 2018-07-21

She pressed her tongue into my mouth while very slowly I started circling my hands, massaging her very smooth ass, then, opening her cheeks, feeling her wet pussy, moving slowly upwards towards her ass hole. Well I think I would love to be sucked a little.' Instantly I finished talking, Sandra went down on her knees and took the whole length of my hard cock into her mouth while Joan moved around my body and with the smooth palms of her hands started massaging my firm buttocks until one of her fingers started pocking for my anus. 'I am sure a bit of your pussy juice can make miracles,' I answered while enjoying the sensations of Sandra's great mouth sucking and licking my hard cock.