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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Christa Spends an Evening in Heaven

group 97Heaven 2018-07-21

I was soon to start dating a woman that had a strong desire to experience a MMF threesome before she was 40 years old and she brought me along for the ride. Christa actually didn't respond to that message although I'd later come to learn that my response had temporarily rendered her powerless since upon reading it she had flushed with sexual excitement at the thought that she'd found a kinky guy with the heart of a swinger. In fact, in the coming week of text messaging I sent her a further white lie and told her I'd been in several MMF threesomes in my life time.


Shelby's Bukkake Ch. 01

group Sweetdesire049 2018-07-21

Rex grabbed the back of her head and began to skull fuck her mouth, spit splashing out as he penetrated her throat. Troy slowly penetrated her tight warmth, and Shelby moaned, feeling every inch inside of her. Troy, lets show these boys how to treat a woman." Rex said confidently, and he relieved the skinny mans position. Shelby could feel her face stretched as Troy and Rex began to fight over space inside her throat. Shelby pushed through the crowd towards the door before Rex grabbed her shoulder. "Shelby, Lovisa is going to fuck you like no tomorrow." Said Troy before reaching over to kiss Lovisa. They flailed tongues with each other, and as Troy pulled back Lovisa eyed Shelby lustfully.

She's Incredible. Or Insane. Ch. 02

group tevyus 2018-07-21

On the couch, Donna put my hands on her breasts. "Bev told you not to cum this week, right?" Bev had a little trouble getting those pants off over my aching cock, but it was worth it to see Donna's face. We were face-to-face, I could grab her ass if I liked, and because I had my waistline against her thighs, my weight was sort of on my cum organs. My Bev had big, lovely breasts, and Donna's were more modest (as you'd expect in a model) but they sure did the trick for me! Bev said "He's close!" Well, yeah -- firm muscular thighs clamped around my cock, plus the smell of hand lotion, I'm only human!

Fun with Stephanie & Mark Ch. 04

group Raze18 2018-07-21

For what felt like hours, Stephanie was worked over by the four cocks fucking her come filled holes as she had dick after dick sliding back and forth between her tits and in her armpits. Suddenly, Stephanie felt a heavy gush of warm come deep in her pussy and ass, she sighed in pleasure feeling the unspent dicks continue to slide back and forth inside her as gobs of semen flowed out of her used holes. Before long the cock in Stephanie ass swelled and shot out a large blast of thick semen, this triggered the dick in her pussy to pound a few thrusts before emptying inside her.


Lights, Camera, ACTION! Ch. 03

group cashNcarrie 2018-07-21

Closing her thighs tightly, trapping Kenny just where she wanted him, she now had the best of both worlds, a mouth full of thick black cock while her husband licked her pussy obediently. Laying his head back on a pillow, he relaxed to the sounds of Kenny licking Karen's pussy while she sucked his black cock. Looking down at the blond head bobbing back and forth on his cock, he could also see Kenny, his face buried under Karen's thrusting pussy, with a clear view of his wife sucking black cock. Oh God Kenny, lick my pussy good hun, make it nice and wet for his big black cock."


Neighbor with benefits

group wetchin54 2018-07-21

her legs are spread wide, one hand plays with her clit, the other sends 2 fingers into her hot wet pussy. She had me lie down on a table, just above her husband and straddled my cock, taking me inside her pussy. Soon I felt the strap on enter her ass and timed her in as I was doing my out, we got a good rhythm going and Sasha was soon convulsing in the throws of multiple orgasm. Then she says fill my pussy with your cum, we're going to have my husband clean it out after you fill me up. Sasha moaned as her husband started lapping my slop from her pussy.

CAUGHT BY s*s: fantasy

group mike1949 2018-07-21

This was becoming better and better, my cock changed mouths, and I lifted John’s cock from my lips and slipped it back into my s****rs waiting hole, I continued to work on her clit and with my hands I started To rub John’s ass and balls, I slipped a finger close to his asshole, he jumped forward into Becky, her mouth clamped down on my cock and she groaned, John joined in the vocalisation, and spread his legs wider to give me more access to his pink winking hole. Dad was in her balls deep, and reaching over to me, took hold of my leg and pulled me away from Sid’s Mouth and gently closer to him, I slid in close and his big finger moved to my wet pussy and started working on my clit, sometimes slipping into my cunt or rubbing the outside of my bum-hole.

High School Friends Ch. 02

group tonyl65 2018-07-21

Gerry started to scream out as he opened his mouth wide and tilted his head towards his cock. I shoved the rest of my middle finger into his ass and reached around him with my other hand to find a hardening cock, "Oh I think we found another little secret you've been hiding. I think you like getting your tight little boy pussy fucked don't you slut?" That was so fucking hot that I shoved my other hand in my pussy and started to cum myself. Gerry wasted no time getting off the bed, standing behind me readying himself to push his cock into me. I let my head fall to the bed as I started rub the top of my pussy, "Don't you dare cum slut.


Absence makes the cock grow stronger part two

group neilmc123 2018-07-21

She wasn't showing any signs of remorse as she revealed the previous night’s sexcapades, even wearing the outfit he had fucked her in during our Skype chat and then closing our session down early as lover boy was pulling into my drive, to enter my house then enter my wife. A part of me could not blame Dave as Becky really is a hot piece of ass and the night of the dish-washing she was wearing a tight black waistcoat type top which displayed her breasts to perfection and a pair of skin-tight shiny black wet look leggings. Should I confront Becky on our next Skype tell her I know it’s Dave she’s fucking or should I just play along and see how things progress.

Swing Set! First Time Full Swap!

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-07-21

He got little shy and went to walk back out to the other room when Mandi said come here and she pulled his dick out and started to suck his cock. Rick came up to her and i backed up and let him step up and Mandi grabbed his cock and pulled him in and went to work on his, so i went behind Shannon and dropped to my knees and started to lick her ass a little then spreading her chicks so i could get to her pussy and started licking it like a lollipop.

Terminal Seven

group edcrane 2018-07-21

So she didn't do anything, except open her mouth a little bit when Julian gently placed his index finger between her lips. This little bit of muscle memory that pushed her ass into Alex was exactly what made him slide his hand into her open pants and begin massaging her clit and then push her distressed jeans down further until they were around her ankles and she felt closer and closer to Julian which made her heart beat faster and body writhe. As Alex's thrusts continued to push her onto Julian's cock, he nonchalantly replaced the shot glasses on the table and began refilling them, carefully bracing himself against each tremor. Alex was none to aggressive, and allowed Julian's pace to control Tiffany's mouth.


Ultimate Dream Come True 2

group headlover9 2018-07-21

Needless to say, I was MORE than willing. She goes down for a couple minutes, then, 1 by 1, she has her friends come up to me and practices on my cock. She finishes me off and after she swallowed, says "when he recovers, your all gonna have a taste of his cum." I wound up getting blown again, but I came on her face, so the others could lick a little and get a taste. When I was coming, they all dropped to they're knees and I came on their faces. Needless to say, I couldn't even get a hard-on for a day after that but it was a day I will NEVER forget

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 11

group SteveWallace 2018-07-21

Jane broke into a smile, "You know, this whole arena about sex, and you, and love, is so stimulating and interesting, I sometimes wake up and I just want to scream with joy and do something to burn off some of the excitement I feel." As we leaned towards each other, Jane said in a low voice, "I'm sitting in a not very lady-like way right now, but no one seems to have spotted me." I agreed after shifting my gaze to the window, focused not on the outside darkness but on the diners behind me. As Jane adjusted her position to start eating, she pronounced, "Oh, dear, I bet my legs are just too far apart, but I'm comfortable and I'm enjoying how things are drying out up there from the slight breeze I feel."


Living in Cockington part 2

group 2018-07-21

They thrust deep and hard making her groan and gag as they fucked her some more until the guy in her mouth pulled out and gestured to his mate. They hammered her ass and pussy for several more minutes making her groan louder and louder as they fucked harder and deeper and then finally they thrust hard and deep together once more and Hilda let out a big scream as her orgasm hit her. I hadn't taken my cock out for anyone else since before I married Veronica, so at first I was kind of unsure but as Hilda crouched smiling at me covered in cum, I just couldn't resist so I quickly pulled out my hard cock and me peter quickly rubbed off in front of his wife.

The Idea Ch. 04

group niteowl2003 2018-07-21

When Sandie turned up, she handed me a black case and said "These things went missing two weeks ago from where I work and have not been missed so you may keep this for future endeavours!" I checked them out, there were Stethoscope, three different Speculums, two boxes of latex gloves, a box of surgical masks, plastic spatula's as used in the real clinics. Cassandra led by Sandie entered the room, was assisted up on to the Examination table, her legs were placed in the stirrups and her gown discreetly pull up to display her cunt. As Sandra lowered her head towards Cassandra's cute cunt, Cassandra slipped her left hand off the table and came into contact with bare flesh. Sandie was now busy probing Cassandra's cunt with her tongue as Bob began sliding his prick into Cassandra's mouth.


The Professionals

group MikeAndJan 2018-07-21

"Keri," Jan spoke softly without even looking in the young couples direction, "come over here and give me some help on this beautiful cock." Keri quickly crossed the short distance to where Mike was standing and knelt beside Jan and began to lick Mike's cock as it slid in and out of Jan's mouth. "Jeff, I could sure use some nice big hands on my tits and pussy." Jan spoke quickly between gulps of Mike's cock. Jan continued to climax for several long minutes as she felt Jeff's cock fucking in and out of her pussy with his mouth sucking on one of her tits. Mike was so hot that he knew it wouldn't take long, but when Jan reached over and took his balls into her hand while Keri's tight pussy was fucking him he began to explode.


Literacy Enhancement

group EroticDiscovery 2018-07-21

During dessert, the PR woman pulled out her smartphone and passed around a video of her getting fucked by two young black guys in a hotel room at a Barbados resort while her boyfriend watched and jacked off. "It's just like Annika and I always tell you: the woman's pleasure comes first," Heather said. "I'm going to fuck you on your hands and knees so that you can play with your clitoris while I'm inside you," Mario said. "How does it feel to have your big penis up her cunt, Mario?" Heather said in a loud voice. "Do you like seeing her asshole from behind while you fuck her?" Heather asked Mario, rubbing her clit vigorously.

Transcontinental Swap Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-07-21

Dirk flew home to the west coast on Friday morning, and judging by the pictures and a short and very pornographic video I had in my email, he and Russ turned Jo about every which way but loose the entire weekend. As Russ drove us back to Jo and Dirk's home, I wondered how we'd been so lucky to find such a similar couple to ourselves -- people that complemented us in many ways, people that were delightfully different, yet had just the right sex drive to keep each other satisfied. I marveled at how different they tasted compared to my own that I'd sampled from Russ and Dirk's cocks after being fucked, or from Bree's juices when we made love.


My Life's Return

group creepyrj 2018-07-21

I used my new knowledge like an assassin and in seven short months I landed five major contracts and got five of the yuppies above me fired for various reasons. She got up looked over at me and I was able to turn my head away from the grand spectacle of her body. "Seems as though you know where the place is..." I started then tossed her the keys and she caught them wide eyed, "why don't you drive us there." I said smiling. I had gone a long time without relief and she saw the tortured look in my eyes.



group Jon Ridge 2018-07-21

"What I'm trying to tell you, Tracy, is that even if I HAD lied about being in love with you - which I did NOT - I wouldn't have to lie about it now, and doesn't that mean something to you? I'll let you in on a little secret, Michael, that anyone with a heart not set on mendacious auto-pilot already knows: Love doesn't strictly revolve around sex, even though, admittedly, we had it real good in that department. Men tell you they love you, you're their best friend, this is it for them, it's right, they've never felt like this before, and all of it is aimed at either getting you into bed, feeling momentary security that they are wanted goods, or to protect themselves from something.


Kindred Sluts Ch. 05

group sexagenerian66 2018-07-21

I could see Mark was thinking it over so I added "Mel and Wendy and I were talking at some point last night and the phrase just sort of came out. Mark appeared to get the steaks and went out to grill them so I decided to go out with him, even if just to think about what Donna had said. 'Whatever you got goin on in that mind of yours must be pretty deep to be so quiet over there." I wasn't sure if he was asking or just making conversation. "I was thinking about what we said before about being able to help other people like us." I looked at Donna and she was looking at me.

The Dark

group HoneysLustfulDreams 2018-07-21

She had it lifted all the way up, covering her head, just about to pull it off when she suddenly feels hands grab her wrists and pin her to the wall. She parts her lips, slithering her tongue out between them and starts to lick the tip, working her way around the smooth head, gathering up the pre-cum that has formed in the slit. She parts her lips and starts to take in the thick hard cock into her warm wet mouth, slathering it with her tongue as he pushes his entire length in. She hears all three mean gasp then groan loudly as each cock explodes in her, their thick ropes of cum filling up her mouth, her cunt and her ass.

The Speeder

group Cajun Boy 2018-07-21

I begin applying pressure on them and say to her, "You like having your nipples played with don't you my little slut." She looks into my eyes and says, "Yes, I do." I apply more pressure on her nipples, knowing she feels the pain of me squeezing them. She turns around and says, "What in the hell is going on here?" I tell her, "Calm down now, you are finally going to get your reward since you handled your punishment so well." With that, I moved my hand under her legs and my fingers find her pussy. She lowers her head and takes him into her mouth again and begins sucking him while herr hand moves up and starts stroking him.

The Supermarket Ch. 02

group LitRiter 2018-07-21

Steve got to his knees and pulled his cock out of his pants, and as soon as it was near her face, Annie grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, surrounding him with her mouth and sucking as she ran her tongue over him. Pulling her face from Steve but continuing to stroke his shaft, Annie looked down at Willie. When Annie sucked off of Steve again with a loud slurp and let out another wildcat scream, Willie felt her cunt explode, or implode rather, and as his cock was grabbed and stroked inside her, he knew his cause was lost.